Five Things We Learned from the 2016 iRacing Peak Anti-Freeze Series Suggestions Document

titleMuch more than a pointless official license tie-in, iRacing’s NASCAR Peak Anti-Freeze Series is the highest level of oval racing available in the popular online-only racing simulation. Offering a $10,000 prize for the top 50 drives on iRacing’s oval side to chase over the course of an entire year, the series has recently run into a bit of a rough patch regarding presentation and officiating issues; some of which we’ve covered before here on

Currently, the roster of drivers have virtually no say in how the series operates, which is a pretty big deal, as 50 of the best sim racers around the world are dedicating a large chunk of their time competing for a video game championship, a series that operates with a level of legitimacy no greater than your average rFactor league. Given that the events act as an ambassador for competitive online racing as a whole, and legitimate sponsorship deals are involved, it’s vital for the long-term success of the series that every effort is made to go above and beyond the petty issues of private sim racing leagues.

This is their attempt at changing all of that, as suggested by the drivers themselves.

tocThis document has been sent into us numerous times by several iRacing members competing in or assisting the operations of the Peak Anti-Freeze Series, and the entire document can be downloaded here to explore at your own free will. To cut right to the important bits, we’re going to point out the five most important things we’ve learned from this document.

broadcast#5 – Broadcast Announcers have been making things up during live race streams.

The drivers committee is calling for a total revamp of live race broadcasts, starting with an open Google document allowing for each driver to submit their own storylines and biographies before the upcoming race. According to the document, basically none of this has been happening beforehand, and whoever is tasked with commentating the race are simply creating storylines and false information on the spot throughout the duration of the broadcast. The truth is, the guys in the booth have no idea what’s going on 99% of the time, and are no better or worse than private leagues streaming races for the fun of it with whoever felt like announcing that night. Given that the Peak Anti-Freeze Series is heavily advertised by iRacing and the ultimate goal for any serious racer on the service, now’s not the time to have someone’s Teamspeak volume out of whack, or talk about nothing of value during a fuel run.

pitting#4 – Pit Stops skew the playing field in an unfair way.

Currently, iRacing generates pit service times based on a random chance number generator, one which drivers obviously cannot control. As iRacing is a video game, and there are no physical crew members changing tires or putting fuel into the car who are prone to making mistakes, it is unfair to the drivers to leave an integral part of oval racing up to a random number generator. The Drivers Committee are calling for a pit stop system which rewards drivers for how accurately they can stop inside the box, instead of one which can fuck over somebody’s race for no reason at all.

penalties#3 – There isn’t a way to prevent intentional wrecking.

As with all competitions, whether they’re out in the real world, or taking place on a computer screen, tempers flare up, and people want to hit each other. Occasionally, within the confines of the servers, this results in intentional wrecking, and there isn’t exactly a way to undo somebody’s car being sent into the catch fence. In real life, obviously everyone lives with the threat of being hurt, but in a video game, there is nothing stopping someone from intentionally hampering someone’s shot at $10,000 by plowing into them under caution. The Drivers Committee believe the best way to curb any ridiculous behavior in a professional setting is to withhold everyone’s prize money until the end of the season, allowing officials to step in and hand out penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct.

rules made up#2 – Officials and Stewards don’t bother to communicate with the drivers.

Painting a rather grim picture of official emails and pre-race instructions, the Drivers Committee asks for a much more professional relationship between competitors and race officials. Peak Anti-Freeze Series drivers politely state that formal emails are poorly written, rule changes are made without consulting any of the competitors, and the entire operation is essentially run like a private rFactor league with a country club atmosphere among those in charge. Complaints like these should not arise when $10,000 is on the line, and you are representing an entire genre of competitive online video games.

the shannon rules#1 – iRacing’s Best Drivers don’t trust the Staff Members.

A tin-foil hat conspiracy theory once reserved primarily for readers of, NASCAR iRacing Peak Anti-Freeze Series drivers have outright confirmed our stories of ridiculous bias and childish behavior behind the scenes at iRacing headquarters, calling for an outright overhaul in the way staff members police the virtual race track. The Drivers Committee believe iRacing’s staff members and stewards are inconsistent in handing out penalties, and have tendencies to make completely wrong decisions when it comes to handing out punishments for both on-track and off-track behavior. Currently, iRacing staff member Shannon Whitmore is the sole steward in charge of the Peak Anti-Freeze Series. In extremely politically correct terms, the Drivers Committee want to be able to appeal his decisions, as well as establish a third party appeals board entirely separate from the established appeals board also consisting of iRacing staff, indicating an extremely large amount of bad decisions have been made by official iRacing stewards regarding previous incidents.

iRacingSim64 2013-05-25 15-42-56-10Take the time to go through the ten page PDF file, as there are several portions I left out altogether. You will basically never get a glimpse into the inner workings of a professional sim racing league like this, so enjoy this unique opportunity.

Edit: Originally, I mentioned that the series is occasionally broadcast on NBC Sports. I swear I saw someone talking about the 2015 Chicago race being aired on television a few days later on a late night Arena Football-like tape delay time slot, but I can’t find any proof of this. My bad.


41 thoughts on “Five Things We Learned from the 2016 iRacing Peak Anti-Freeze Series Suggestions Document

    1. Yes I tend to use 540 with 900 in game and 12:1 to get what I think feels more realistic, many run 8:1 steering ratio at 900 degrees instead for more linear feel, and the old school guys mostly run 200-360 with 1080 in game no FFB just centering spring but everyone has there own tendencies. It is a fact though that making the steering non linear is an advantage as long as you are good at saving the tires


    1. Like I have said before iRacing has many fundamental problems with their engine which are now becoming a severe limitation on the sim. Seems like the whole engine was copied from old NASCAR 2003 and now they are severely limited by the amount of detail the engine can produce.

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      1. Just because you say something doesn’t make it true, I’m pretty sure I have much more of a legitimate basis to judge what is realistic on iRacing considering I actually talk to RL drivers all the way from formula 4 to NASCAR Sprint Cup and the fact I race myself in Latemodels, You really think that a game engine doesn’t evolve over time, the iRacing today is completely different then it was 5 years ago much like rFactor2 is very much different from rFactor one yet being on an evolved version of the same engine.

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      2. “Isn’t that what everyone here does implying opinions as fact including you authors in articles, so he fits right in.” Actually we constantly bring facts to our articles you people just choose to ignore them so you can spout your idiocy in the comment section as usual while ignoring the facts presented.

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  1. iRacing is nothing but a constant pull on your wallet. Looks good at first but when you get nothing in return from them unless you pay for it. After three years of constant big event server crashes and nothing ever given back to its members days can’t recommend hard enough people staying away from it. Graphics are par with Race 07 with small improvements, not something I would expect in 2015.

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  2. i love sim racing, but this titles does not do anything for me, Ive had it for several yrs spent $100’s of dollars just to rent digital content that i dont even get to use once my membership expires.
    The game is outdated graphically and is missing many features that modern sim should have like day to nigh transition and rain. FFB is decent tho the physics in some cars are quite questionable.

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  3. I have to say that after talking with dozen of sim/racing veterans I have come to the conclusion that rFactor is still the benchmark when it comes to accuracy of physic simulation and tire model. AC, iRacing etc. is just not the same grade honestly.

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  4. After a year with the Iracing service I see now why its flawed. There racing steward can’t be objective and will be rude to you if question him (I don’t know about you but when I spend almost $1000.00 for a game and all its content I don’t want iRacing’s people to be rude).

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  5. This kind of shit always makes me laugh. This is the epitome of taking video games too seriously. But iracing seems to lend itself to that. I can’t see how anyone justifies spending the money that this title demands…unless you happen to be the kind of person that takes all this pretend driving too seriously and have delusions of being a real racing driver, having never quite gotten over that fantasy as an 8 year old.

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  6. outdated physics,ffb,graphics and overpriced assetto corsa feels far better than this.great multiplayer though.but as ive already said way over priced


  7. I like when people bring facts to the board and people bring comments like “get your dick out of your ass” damn that must be a big long dick to do that. Are you giving them a complement about the size for there dick??? or are you saying there gay and like to put stuff up there butt???? Either way the comment is dumb and bring nothing to the table other then the person writing it is an idiot

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    1. Because saying things like “tire model is broken” isn’t exactly convincing. More support would be nice, yet a lot of people just bash iRacing for what seems like no real reason, other than iRacing is expensive.


  8. Wow comments section really boiling down to fucking teen twat meme’s and stupid net slang and so called insults, several ppl calling other ppl “children”, the fuckwits have settled in, starting to sound like one of those weird net cafes packed full of “cool” kids, throwing memes and cool one liners seen on youtube around like “players”, bunch of fucking fatherless spoilt fucktards, give me QUF or Associator anyday over these fucking dull hipster wannabe idiots, at least they talk about sim racing, unlike the majority of comments here.


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