Reader Submission #53 – Kunos now allowing conversions of official Assetto Corsa content into rFactor 2

Not much of an opinionated Reader Submission to start off Halloween weekend, but rather a really killer news tip that other sites haven’t picked up on yet. reader BN97 has done some digging in the official ISI rFactor 2 forums, and found that URD has been given the thumbs up to convert Assetto Corsa premium DLC into rFactor 2, and it will be released for free.

rFactor2 2015-09-19 16-00-45-06Hey PRC.

Kunos is allowing URD to port a lot of their DLC cars into rFactor 2. The news mainly comes from this thread in the ISI forums. Basically Kunos have said to URD that they can convert the cars they want to (yes they have been given official permission) as long they wait 60 days after the car comes out in Assetto Corsa. URD have utilized this already with the Corvette C7R GTE, and are now in the process of converting the BMW M235i VLN, the Toyota GT-86, and they are waiting to convert another car from the second Dream Pack DLC, though we haven’t been given a name.exconeYou guys are good at having varied opinions, so I thought you might like this story. It might stop those trolls saying that you guys hate every sim in existence.

Do you guys think its good for developers to allow conversions like this? Do you think this is a method of combating half-assed converts from Russian modders with shoddy physics?

Stay awesome.

6c10d13561c3ee25e1d71953fb1f9aaeWell, for one, it’s great that URD are behind the project, as I think the only payware mods I’ve ever bought have been from URD. I mean, I hate payware mods, I think they’re stupid and have no place in racing sims, but the quality was so good that it was equivalent to buying official DLC for rFactor 2. The Toyota GT86 is the Japanese Pontiac Solstice, but obviously stuff like the BMW 235i and any future race cars will be well received within the small rFactor 2 community. It’s no secret that rFactor 2 is a much better platform for leagues than Assetto Corsa ever will be, so from a player’s perspective this is a pretty sweet deal.

I know Sev is hyped for the M235i, as he drove in the controversial RaceDepartment league earlier this year featuring the car and found a few physics oddities that will be rectified in rFactor 2…

m235i…but it all depends on what cars URD chooses to convert in the future. People want race cars and the occasional super car. However, I’m on the fence as to whether Kunos made the right call from a business standpoint. I think it’s a phenomenal venture to display the camaraderie between rival racing sim developers, but if the first few cars are extremely successful and it sort of kickstarts activity in rFactor 2, you’re looking at a future where people slowly leave Assetto Corsa.

c9d72e3e15301a559a3be5ad923e55beThink about it: two games with increasingly similar content, yet one has more features and functionality. You’re gonna go with rFactor 2 if you’re a smart consumer. Bizarre, but entirely possible that Assetto Corsa URD rips sell copies of rFactor 2, because Assetto Corsa’s roster of cars is unique enough to enhance the library of content available for rFactor 2.


34 thoughts on “Reader Submission #53 – Kunos now allowing conversions of official Assetto Corsa content into rFactor 2

  1. Assetto Corsa got the most glowing reviews from unqualified journalists while it’s lacking essential simracing features that pre-rFactor/rFactor/rFactor2 had for many years, if not more than a decade.

    -Aerodynamics that takes proper sideslip/alpha into account
    -Properly handling stiff suspensions
    -Properly working AI
    -Properly working netcode
    -AI during multiplayer
    -Brake temperature
    -Oil temperature
    -Water temperature
    -Dynamic day/night cycles
    -Drivers swaps during multiplayer and singleplayer
    -Dynamic weather with rain
    -Proper race/flag rules
    -False starts
    -Rolling starts
    -Safety car
    -Proper damage
    -Pitstops in singleplayer
    -Visible tire deformation
    -Animated marshalls

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  2. Kunos must have paid out TeamVVV, BSimRacing, and VirtualR since they only praise Assetto Corsa in and advertise new DLC content while the game is broken.

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  3. As I have already proved before, rFactor 2 is the simracing benchmark, so people who say otherwise are spreading major disinformation.
    rFactor 2 is the first consumer simulation with a thermomechanical tire model that simulates proper tire heat transfer and truly dynamic track conditions which most simracers aren’t familiar with. You have to adapt your driving to real-life situations.

    rF2 has one of the best UIs in simracing and the package system allows for auto syncing/downloading of mods during multiplayer, so there are no mismatches.

    No one is competing on the AI and physics front with rF2. Remember that rF2 had many improvements in all those 7 years, among those an advanced package system for auto-syncing of mods during multiplayer, resume from replay, totally revamped AI and race rules, chassis flex and many more

    Nobody will be competing with rF2’s thermomechanical tire model anytime soon, which took more than a decade of research.

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    1. Oh shut the fuck up already. You do realize that you’re a grade A loser, spending all your time impersonating someone you hate, and doing a shitty job at it to boot? Get a fucking life.

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  4. ayy to be clear since the submitter wasn’t, this is cars that Kunos paid URD to create. So it’s not carte blanche on “anything in AC dream packs may become RF2 stuff”, pretty much just the ones they mentioned and whatever ones they’re doing in future

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  5. Surprised to see that URD modeled the GT86. Usually their work is stellar, but that car is horribly inaccurate, bordering on rFactor 2 stock content quality.


    1. Sure you don’t mean mod content in rF2? Tried the demo?
      If you honestly are saying the FR3.5 and Cobra are shit models…I don’t even…


      1. I own the sim, the FR3.5 and Cobra are vastly inferior models compared to the free AC mods, and most rFactor 2 cars are worse than that. The DW12 is hilarious.


    1. I have friend who is working on a car for AC and the owner of the real (he knows physics related stuff and is also planning to redo his suspension geometry) is convinced the virtual car drives just like the real one. He did complain about things tho, like AC mot simulating everything it needs to and how Kunos’ tyres aren’t done properly. Both of us massively enjoy the game even with it’s shortcomings. He already contacted Aris once and mentioned him the physics problems he had, amd got an answer “don’t worry, physics are fine in AC”.


      1. “He did complain about things tho, like AC mot simulating everything it needs to and how Kunos’ tyres aren’t done properly.”

        What car is he doing? Because if the car uses systems different than any car officially in AC, then it means only Kunos can add new things through programming. That’s what they usually do, when a car needs new systems or physics, they added it to the game for that reason, because of a new car in the game.


      2. I highly doubt your friend has the M235i Racing version of the car, since you aren’t allowed to change anything on the suspension of the car if you are planning on actually racing it. It’s a spec series car, so there really isn’t much to change on it “legally”. Unless you are speaking of the damper/spring upgrade BMW gave out to teams last year after teams complained about the fact that even the current softest settings was way too stiff for the Nordschleife


    2. No, I only learned about that little “trick” after I was done with the league. As the Anon above me states, if you drove the car with the realistic spec tire pressures, it felt extremely realistic, almost 1:1 as to how it drove in real life. I don’t know what the issue was with Kunos’ tire model that you could just put in the lowest pressures and wreck every track and laptime that didn’t have long straights. Consequently, if you put in the highest tire pressures on a track like Monza you gained 10-15ph in topspeed on the straights without losing too much in the corners. I suspect it has or had something to do with tire temps not correctly affecting tire pressures, or something like tire pressure simply equalling the amount of tire patch you got instead of being variable with tire temps together.


  6. you’re looking at a future where people slowly leave Assetto Corsa…lol…yeah sure.AC will be just fine ..rfactor2 is not perfect either..when they go up on Steam..the Negative comments will slowly build up too.


  7. I don’t see a single reason to go to RF2 from AC. I tried RF2 as well and didn’t like it at all, mainly the visuals and force feedback.


    1. If you want an actual “sim”, you shouldn’t really care for graphics that much unless it’s important for your immersion into the game. I agree with you on the FFB however, it definitely requires a lot of tweaking to feel right


    1. What? You´ll never lose 10km/h down every straight because of tyre pressures unless you´re running them almost flat you moron. Nothing inside the correct range will have such an effect.


      1. Being offensive to others helps your argument? Or makes you feel more potent? Prove your point with arguments or evidence if available, not by being offensive with the person you’re discussing something. I don’t care if I’m wrong on what I said and someone else proved it, but the rest with offenses is senseless.


    2. Yes, tire pressures are supposed to give you less top speed, but not in the range of 10-15kph. The effect was way too exaggerated with the M235i. In open-wheelers for example you always run with the lowest allowed pressures, because you only maybe lose 2-3kph topspeed (even in a 200hp car…), but the increased tire patch you get under braking can improve your laptime but a lot. It shouldn’t decrease your top speed by that much because of the centripetal force “stretching out” your tire on a straight anyway.
      To show what I mean in a much, much more visual way than you would ever see on a circuit racing car, watch this video. The same happens with tires on any other car, but obviously not to such an extent than here. At the start of the run the tires are very underinflated, but at the end of the run (skip to end of video) you can see how much more stretched out they are, with a way thinner contact patch to the ground thanks to the centripetal force.


  8. Just to clarify: URD were working together with Kunos to model some of the DLC cars for AC, and it’s only those URD-modelled cars that are going to recieve conversions to rFactor 2. It’s not as if they are free to convert every car from AC to rFactor 2.


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