Reader Submission #54 – Assetto Corsa Console Details

acs 2015-11-01 14-06-34-70The final Reader Submission to close out the weekend on is a fairly interesting information leak, as a reader who wishes to remain anonymous has shared with us some very interesting details about the upcoming console version of Assetto Corsa. The information comes from a friend of a friend, who’s currently a community beta tester for Assetto Corsa, and obviously that might be up in the air with some of the info we’re about to publish.

acs 2015-11-01 13-45-54-44Hi PRC.

My friend is one of the community beta testers for Kunos Simulazioni, and we have been reading your site since the article you posted about Zandvoort not being laser scanned. It made us laugh. I bookmarked the site and kept returning. My friend eventually told me a lot about what it’s like to be a beta tester, and all of the things he knows about Assetto Corsa.  We decided it was a good idea to send the information he knows.

I have included screenshots of the beta testers only forum as proof. Please do not post that screenshot.

It’s cool, there’s gotta be an NDA involved with a project of this scale. – James

Assetto Corsa will be published by 505 Games. I don’t know much about the publisher, but I know that they are not urging Kunos to finish the game for consoles. It’s a really weird strategy they have. They want Assetto Corsa to release however it is in 2016, and don’t care about bad press. They just want the game out there. It doesn’t matter to them if people like it or hate it, they still bought the game, and it is more money to develop Assetto Corsa 2. It is a franchise now like Project CARS 2.

They want gamers to think “well, if you don’t like Forza or Gran Turismo, there is this new game called Assetto Corsa you should try,” and that’s how they will get their sales. Anytime somebody complains about the game, they will be told “well, this was just their first attempt on consoles so don’t be so harsh, Assetto Corsa 2 will be much better!” I am sad that we are falling into that loop again.

But the proof of this game being a console cash grab comes from Kunos, not 505 Games. Marco Massarutto owns the company, and the Assetto Corsa brand. It was his decision to put the game on the new consoles as a way to create sales and “brand awareness” so Assetto Corsa 2 could happen. Not everyone inside Assetto Corsa agreed with the decision, so some of the developers and coders are dragging their feet. That is why you see so many tire updates and nothing for new features. There are some new cars coming like the Toyota and Audi prototypes, but not features.

There is uncertainty with 2016. We are very sad that this is happening. Please do not post our names, my friend still works hard to beta test as there are not bad people in this project, only bad decisions.

acs 2015-11-01 13-59-29-23Well this aligns with stuff I’ve been told previously. The moment I heard 505 Games had been involved with getting Assetto Corsa on consoles, I knew things were going to get extremely rough. 505 Games aren’t exactly the most reputable of publishers, opting to consistently push out shovelware titles that fail to earn even a passing grade on Metacritic.

505 GamesMy knowledge of 505 Games boils down to two of the titles mentioned above, Backbreaker and Payday 2. My buddy from work is a big Payday 2 player, a first person shooter centered around online co-op bank robberies. Recently, the developers held a huge community challenge week, where cumulative statistical goals were set for the entire playerbase to achieve over the span of ten days. Upon completion, the developers would unlock a secret in-game reward, and of course the community went hard in the paint trying to unlock the special prize.

The reward for their efforts ended up being micro-transactions, after the developers explicitly said the game would never have them. Take a guess who was behind that call.

A title I’m more familiar with out of the stable presented by 505 Games is Backbreaker. Released in 2010, the game was an attempt to capitalize on the declining quality of EA’s Madden NFL series, by creating a football game powered by the Euphoria physics engine. As American Football is a full contact sport, and most sports titles rely on motion captured animations, a problem with the Madden NFL games was that not every physical interaction made sense, and dedicated Madden players could abuse certain tackle animations for their benefit. In theory, replacing the exploitable element of the game with a live physics engine would not only make for an extremely realistic football simulator, it would eliminate any exploits whatsoever.

The game flopped, and was released in a state similar to Assetto Corsa. When it worked, it was unbelievable. It just didn’t work often enough to be the Madden killer football fans had hoped for. Like Assetto Corsa, firing up Backbreaker was a complete dice roll. Sometimes, you’d get an extremely competent alternative to Madden. Other times, you’d get occurrences like the ones displayed in the above video.

acs 2015-11-01 13-56-15-10Unfortunately, those sort of games are what 505 appear specialize in, just by going through their list of titles on Wikipedia. Their name alone should be enough to worry the diehard Assetto Corsa fans, because historically 505 Games haven’t cared about the quality of what they publish. With no concerns about quality, and profits as the sole motivation behind the company, you have to wonder if the game has been placed in the right hands.

As for the insider info about what’s going on over at Kunos headquarters, it’s something that sort of makes sense. The abrupt end to Stefano’s coding livestreams, the hostility within the forums leading to contributing community members being banned, and a lack of any real development aside from constant tire model revisions… One must wonder why such minimal improvements are being made to the game when it’s getting close to crunch time for consoles, and why there’s an interesting vibe surrounding the Kunos team on the forums as of late.

acs 2015-11-01 13-42-16-44


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  1. Yes because bad reviews (and make no mistake, they will be very bad, from both journalists and players) will be certain to inspire interest in subsequent titles…since when is that how the world works? What are these people thinking? Does anyone really think this game will be polished enough to compete with Forza or Gran Turismo? Or even Project Cars? And why does it need to be a franchise when the first game isn’t even finished? If Kunos is trying to commit suicide as a company, they’re on the right track. This is just shockingly bad judgment.


    1. Make no mistake, there will be bad reviews. Terrible, completely fictional reviews. That’s just the shitty state of sim community – it doesn’t matter what’s true, only what pulls in the replies.

      Really the only way to improve things is like that guy on RAVSIM said – stop tolerating these assholes, ignore them, ban them, whatever you have the power to do. Demand a level of civility and good faith from your communities.


      1. Absolute nonsense. “The shitty state of sim community” wtf…

        People (aka paying customers) are entitled to demand at least a certain standard of the sims they’re buying. Negative reviews aren’t fictional, just because you disagree with them.

        That whole RAVSIM nonsense is pure BS. Let’s all just pad the devs on the head and tell them they’re doing a stellar job… fuck no. That’s a bunch of mellow BS if you ask me. Criticism should never ever be censored. The shitty state of sims today is due to the fact that people are afraid to speak up.


    2. Does anyone really think this game will be polished enough to compete with Forza or Gran Turismo?

      Forza and Gran Turismo are first-party titles and gain all of the money and support that that label provides. If you look at Forza Motorsport 6 for example it is one of the most polished releases on Xbox One, and runs at a near-perfect 1080p60. I can’t think of any other game on the console that hits that outside of Halo 5.

      Because of these 2 titles, us console gamers are used to a game that has hundreds of cars, dozens of tracks and significant multiplayer support. Yes the PC crowd can look down on them as “sim-cade” but these games are still the benchmark on console both in terms of sales and overall features/performance.

      I have heard many good things about Assetto Corsa and the few times I’ve tried it myself at events it has been fun to drive, but there’s no denying that to succeed on either platform will be extremely difficult. Project CARS had an open goal when they launched and missed, now that the current generation console have their big racing titles (Gran Turismo Sport is on the way, Forza is out now) any third party racing game is going to need to be very damn good to have any chance of surviving.


      1. Not true. They’re second-party. They get a certain amount of support, sure. But both are developed by outside companies, not internally.

        Assetto Corsa cannot in any way compete with GT or Forza Motorsport, though, I think we agree on that.

        From the perspective of “is it competitive with Forza/Gran Turismo,” Project CARS is much closer, and still not a great competitor.

        Frankly I’m continually disappointed that the “much better” platform for racing games, PC, has nothing that can remotely compete with Gran Turismo. Sure, we’ve got better physics, better AI–but not one *game* that even comes close to those two.

        Some people are fine with that, but I think it’s a fucking joke, as do many others.


      2. “a fucking joke” ? It simply comes down to having the resources to hire people in charge of designing the game, and then people to create all the content/assets/interface.
        Otherwise you simply get a “simple game” where you select the cars and tracks you want, and race.

        Sector3 (their dtm/adac experience packages) and Codemasters (F1 games), and maybe Iracing, come closer to simulating the motorsport experience, on PC; with the features and regulations from real life.

        I think Gran Turismo Sport will also be one of those, but just on PS4.

        But it isn’t “a fucking joke”, because really simulating the real life motorsport experience of some series or in general for all is a complex job, maybe as much as creating the realistic physics part.

        Above all that, several of the sim racing developers didn’t intend for their games to be how some people want them to be, and they’d be need to start the foundation that way, because later is more difficult to expand and recreate a real life motorsport experience, when all you wanted initially was a simple game where the main interest was the cars and tracks. But then some people miss things they saw in console games or from games 10-15 years ago, and call this game shit. But that’s unreal to judge that way.
        Is like me calling you shit because you aren’t a doctor and I want you to be one, when in reality your path went another way. Is that “a fucking joke” because you aren’t a doctor when you never intended to?

        But of course game devs can learn from their other games, but generally sim racing games are a journey of many years, whereas a game on console or certain games on pc, are made on yearly or two year cycle, then of course is easier to change several aspects and improve the user reception. But even then, is hard to make users stay with your game weekly, and several times console games are dropped out by the users while some sim racing games are still played and the console game is already on its nth iteration.


      3. To add to what I said above, I don’t think simracers want what console gamers get in their games. But we want the experience, “features” and regulations of real life motorsport races.

        You don’t need to come up with brilliant ideas for this, game devs only need to watch F1 races, Blancpain, Cup race series, Regional series with their regional cars and tracks and their regional tyres (for example formula vee and several other types of lowered powered race cars), to watch LeMans, WEC.

        But watch and understand all that in depth. Then recreate that in the game xd. There is no need for innovative and brilliant game design ideas, because emulating the experience of a race driver/racing series with their features and regulations, and even weather/night, would come a long way.
        But of course you need the appropriate cars and tracks for that, and good intuitive interface. But please, don’t just make it a heaven for league racers, think about the public racing base and make it automated/organized for them, so that people like and always others to race against.


      4. I’m a sim racer, and I don’t give a single shit about real life motorsport rules. If it’s only there to prevent cheating in a way that can’t happen in a sim (for example, homologation of parts leading to an extended scrutineering session and parc ferme) deal with it in the way that makes sense on computers (ie. a checksum on the physics files). I don’t want a scrutineer animation, or an added system of cheating that may or may not get caught in the scrutineering but can give you a competitive advantage. I just want to race other people in equal cars. Same for false starts; I just want to race, I don’t want to deal with some jackass who can’t drive fucking up every other race.


      5. You can say that you “don’t think simracers want what console gamers get in their games” but that doesn’t answer why every month like clockwork someone asks what games like Forza there are for PC.

        There are lots of people out there who learn to like pushing themselves hotlapping, or like racing. It’s the core mechanic, it better be goddamn good. It’s the reason that people still play Galaga, for Christ’s sake–some people like to push high scores, get better at speed runs.

        I feel like I do a fair amount of shilling for James in comments, because I agree with more than half of what he says and I think that provocateurs are a valuable commodity in any community, but I feel like that puts me at risk of sounding like I just disapprove of everything. So let me drop my opinions for a minute. That way, we’re at least all on the same page.

        I like games with purpose. Directed games. My favorite thing in the world is “easy to learn, hard to master.” Any game, like rFactor 2, that can’t be appreciated by a novice, is a waste in my eyes, because only the most hardcore will enjoy it.

        It’s not fun to spin out in the first corner for an hour and then quit, sorry.

        Once you’ve got a focus, an idea that you want, which should be fun and interesting, you need to look at completeness. Did they follow through on that idea? Did they get lost in their pursuit of different ideas that aren’t complimentary?

        Project CARS’ campaign mode, more than any other sim or simcade right now, follows through on the core theme of their game, which is “climbing the ranks of drivers.”

        When you look at a game, you don’t get to say “I’m going to grade it on where it’s going.” You can see the seed of an idea in an otherwise flawed game and praise it, but that doesn’t make the flaws go away.

        That’s what every single defender says. “No, you don’t understand, you see. rFactor 2 is a great core of a game.” “Assetto Corsa isn’t supposed to be that big.”

        No. Fuck you.

        You get to judge games on how much of a game they are. That’s totally, 100% fair.

        The amount of content matters. The gaming experience matters, not just the driving experience. Being able to make meaningful choices, without having to worry that you’re going to destroy the experience for yourself, is **central to the gaming experience.**

        Sure, you can run a GT3 race in Assetto Corsa. URD’s got a great mod that they released for rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa that will, between the two of them, get you a solid WEC experience, or at least enough for most people. Who really needs, I dunno, CNs from AsLMS, or Delta Wings? They’re cool but if you want to race you have the materials with what we have.

        But what’s the goddamn point? You can sit there and jerk off in your head that you’ve got a championship going, but there’s no way to do it in the game. There’s definitely no way to bring your TEAM to victory over the course of a season. There’s no engine power unit management like you get in Codemasters F1. There’s no need to spend your own money, like you have to in Gran Turismo. There’s no cap to modification, like you have in Forza Motorsports.

        There’s a great on-track experience, but that’s all it fucking is.

        I know you’ve been jerking off to the same idea of what a sim is since the mid-90s, and you pee all over the console games, but I want you to listen to me here. Open up your ears, use your big boy pants, and listen good.


        A game can fail because the central concept doesn’t work, like Assetto Corsa with its “no you see it’s a driving simulator, not a racing game with a fully-fleshed out career mode like they fucking promised.”

        A game can fail because the game built around it doesn’t go far enough, like rFactor 2 with its “no you see it’s the most realistic simulation in history, it doesn’t matter that there are only 5 cars of stock content worth driving and none of them compete with each other.”

        A game can fail because the game built around it loses sight of what it’s supposed to be, like Dirt 3 with its “I know we’re a rally game but what about gymkhana though” shit.

        You need to grow the fuck up and realize that you’re not simming to go out and do your real job, driving around.

        You’re playing a fucking game, and games SHOULD BE FUCKING GAMES.

        It’s a complete joke that such a committed industry can’t put together a single competent, complete, game-like experience. NOT FUCKING ONE.

        Project CARS is a game, but it’s a mediocre game that isn’t good enough. The AI is slow enough that in the space of a race weekend I can start a 30 minute practice on a track I’ve never seen before and gain enough time to have a 6 second gap to 2nd place by the end of the 2nd race.


        That’s a joke.

        There’s a hilarious dearth of cars compared to other games it competes with. Go look at the actual race cars in Forza 6. Even when you only count spec series as one car, it’s got a larger lineup than Project Cars, and that’s ignoring the street cars, which are the major draw of the damn game, same as GT.

        You people are sick. You need to stop defending an industry that doesn’t respect or value you beyond thinning out your wallet.

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      1. I’m not sure if.. or if.. but several phrases there reminded me of how James expresses himself about the problems in several sims, with the focus on AC.


    1. “Those who were keen to be patient and wait for Kunos’ Assetto Corsa plan to work out have had 3 major scares with 2 DLC packs being released and the announcement of Assetto Corsa 2 before the significant issues have been addressed.

      This lead to the Assetto Corsa online racing community losing many of the more serious racers. The ratio of serious racers vs. crashers has degraded to the point where password protected servers are invaded mid-race by crashers, and others who choose not to read the rest of the information on the leagues page. Stuff like race format and race start time is ignored. The restart race vote is called distracting drivers on track (why can’t this be disabled by the race admin?). Multiplayer online sim racing has never been so bi-polar with the enjoyment of driving the car and the disappointment of the essential missing features and issues smacking you in the face. Ultimately, it is very hard to get excited about and pour in practice to fall in love with the driving feel again.”

      What the actual fak did I read?

      Why does he talk about AC2 announcement when there’s no announcement from anyone about that. They are still developing content and features for AC, where would they have people to work on AC2? Remember that their studio has 15-20 people, not 200. So a game announcement is made when works already started and plans were set for a new game, which can’t be true since they are focusing on developing content/features/fix issues with the current AC game.

      >This lead to the Assetto Corsa online racing community losing many of the more serious racers

      Is he worried that SimHQ lost their league racers because they moved to ACRL (ac racing league on reddit)? Currently the majority of high skilled/alien drivers in AC are racing in ACRL.
      And about public racing, plenty of servers are using stracker and minorating, so these are monitored servers where kicks, bans, and blacklist work. And also classification of drivers per grades of safety rating. I wonder when was the last time someone from SimHQ raced online in AC, or even offline, because since v1.1 you can do more than 10 laps, where the limit depends on the track length and fuel capacity for the AI cars. Pitstops are atm in the making for single player, then you’ll be able to change tyres, refuel, repair when racing vs AI cars.

      SimHQ talks like AC is a desert, but there are daily between 1500-2000 people online in AC according to steamspy; a part in single player or modding, and a part in Multiplayer.

      Maybe if SimHQ wants more activity for their members in AC leagues, they need to get more involved with the community, because almost no one knows about SimHQ nor that they run race leagues or events. So is wrong to judge AC based on how many people show up to race in SimHQ.

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      1. The only announcement about Assetto Corsa 2 is that Kunos have zero long-term plans, and aren’t even thinking about Assetto Corsa 2 yet. Somehow to SimHQ this equates to an official announcement of an imminent Assetto Corsa 2. As you’ve pointed out they lied more about AC than even PRC, plus they don’t have a comment section.


      2. That is just your deduction Chris.

        But why are they crucifying Kunos for wanting to improve their company’s future and with that put out better quality sim racing games, with the experienced gained from previous games?

        Is not like other developers like Reiza or SMS don’t need money to develop their next products. Or was the indiegogo campaign for them to make vacations in Aruba? Of course not, is to investment in a new product and hopefully a better one; this is valid for all gaming studios, and specially in this case for sim racing studios where they always work with very limited funds.


        1. >guy asks when feature X will be in Assetto Corsa
          >Kunos staff member responds with “not until AC2 because ______”

          I saw it mentioned the first time when someone asked about night racing. KS said graphics engine requires a complete rewrite because it only allows for one light source, which won’t happen until AC2.

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      3. So because they’re not going to completely rewrite the graphics engine of the current game for a single feature the sequel is confirmed? That’s just on person saying “the only way to justify that massive feature would be with a new game”. Even if the hypothetical term “AC2” was used, with zero information confirmed or denied about it, including a new engine with multiple light sources, it is ridiculous to claim that there was an “announcement of Assetto Corsa 2”.

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      4. It’s just how they talk about things. In order, there’s
        – already in the game: stop asking for this stuff ffs.
        – implemented and will be available in the next patch: barring a huge bug it’s good to go.
        – planned for the next patch but not yet done: the patches get scheduled fairly far in advance, if it meets that schedule it’ll be this one, otherwise a later one
        – not planned for the next patch but you caught a dev’s interest: it’s pretty likely to end up in AC eventually (eg. brake temps. We know they wanna do it, but it’s not scheduled)
        – not planned at all: it might be technically possible but nobody on staff is interested in working on it
        – can only happen in AC2: it’s not technically possible in this engine, and if they write a new engine, that would be a different game. It doesn’t imply that it’s (a) planned for AC2 or (b) they’re even planning to make an AC2, just that you should rule out the possibility completely for this title.


    1. Good for him. Who the hell would want to support Kunos anyway. At least he got the truth out there. It’s been clear for a while that something was rotten, but I hadn’t imagined it to be this bad.

      AC on consoles will fail epically and hopefully Kunos will turn to something else than racing sims in the future. It seems they’re in over their heads with that genre.


  2. Your “friend of a friend” beta tester sources are totally reliable, right? They would definitely know the intimate workings of the dev team and the wishes of the publisher.

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      1. They told you that secret cars and features would be in 1.0, and they were completely wrong. Why should we trust anything they say?


      2. If I remember this correctly, the “secret tracks” were either the short layouts of existing tracks, the Hill Climb, or Spa. Stuff that Kunos weren’t sure was going to be done for 1.0, so people weren’t expecting it.

        As for cars, I think it was the La Ferrari and/or Mercedes SLS that were shoehorned in at the last minute for the 1.0 launch when they were originally planned for a free post-release update. Something about KERS not working properly on the LF, and they were crunching hard to get it in.

        Same with a couple rudimentary multiplayer features. I wanna say flags, but that doesn’t sound right. One of those deals where the beta tester was a shill and hyped up stuff that we usually take for granted.


      3. I’m curious, is the whole bit about the two guys talking about submitting a post over Halloween a complete lie? Because that post above makes it seem like you had everything you needed earlier in the week, it even implies that you are the one writing the whole thing. Not even a reader submission based on the post above.
        It’s disconnects like these that question the validity of submissions like this.

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        1. Anyone who’s sent stuff in knows I sometimes withhold shit so there’s a new article every day.

          This weekend was “iRacing Weekend.” NPAS document on Friday, review on Saturday. That left Sunday as the next available day. Wanted to let people digest the iRacing stuff first.

          EDIT: Shit, I see what you mean.

          It is a submission. It was not technically submitted to PRC in the first place, however it WAS submitted to someone, and by a reader of PRC, so therefore it IS a reader submission. Really shitty loophole and I hate to play the game that way, but regardless of how the info has been delivered, it’s legit.

          Don’t worry though, I’ll edit the article for readability, and so you can have ammo the next time we do another Reader Submission. This allows you to have the honor of being the very first comment asking “is this one fake, too?:


      4. This was the secret content they held back for 1.0 (and 1.0rc) and then released for free as bonus for early access adopters?

        – New car : Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde model 2013
        – New car : Ferrari 458 GT2
        – New car : Ferrari LaFerrari
        – New car : Lotus 2 Eleven GT4
        – New car : Lotus Evora GTE Carbon
        – New car : Lotus Exige S
        – New car : Lotus Exige V6 CUP
        – New car : Mercedes AMG SLS GT3
        – New car : Shelby Cobra 427SC
        – New track : Silverstone National
        – New track : Spa Francorchamps
        – New track : Trento Bondone hillclimb

        – New Alfa Romeo Giuletta Q.V. 2014 Launch Edition

        – Ruf CTR Yellowbird added

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  3. “The abrupt end to Stefano’s coding livestreams”
    Stefano specifically stated in the original announcement that it had nothing to do with “KS internal problems”, and that it was a personal decision. You even liked the goddamn comment.

    “the hostility within the forums leading to contributing community members being banned”
    The only contributing member to be banned was Fonsecker, which was a temporary ban for insisting that a developer be fired and replaced by Fonsecker. You’re implying that multiple contributors were banned permanently.

    As for your closing paragraph, Stefano has stated that the physics won’t be touched for a long while, and the focus will now be on multiplayer. You’re still completely ignoring that and reporting that AC will launch on consoles in exactly the state that it’s now in.


  4. It really baffles me how people say “oh we’re in a golden age of sim racing.” Give me a break. None of this should come as a surprise anymore. So you can choose to blow your firstborn’s college savings in i(pay out my ass)Racing, or do the same in Race Room Paying Experience. Or choose NFS Shift 3…I mean Project CASH…wait…I mean Project CARS, or go with the terribly optimized, smoldering corpse of rFactor part deux, or now you can have Assetto Corsa! The “Racing Simulator” where you can’t actually race! And soon our console friends can join in on the fun!

    What are we left with? A $30 rFactor mod (which is admittedly very good)?

    If any of these count as good games, then who needs bad ones?


  5. Physics and AI are extremely flawed in Assetto Corsa and it’s missing a lot of essential features that should be in every sim like rain and day to night time transition. rF2 provide far higher accuracy for those things than any other simulation on the market.


  6. I just tried Forza 6 and to my suprise it had far more advanced physics compared to Assetto Corsa not to mention all the other features it has AC doesn’t. Assetto Corsa is unfinished pre-alpha game sold as full price game.


  7. Asetto Corsa is a joke in it’s current state, same goes for iRacing. rFactor 2 and GSCE are currently only racing sims worth racing others are pretty much broken or missing too many essential features.


  8. Do people really think there is 5 years worth of life in AC? I’m not sure.

    I am incredibly sceptical of the console release. My fear is that AC will be gradually “consolized” and that AC2 (if that should appear) will be even more casual, and even more console focused.

    One thing which is bound to blow up in everyones face is the multiplayer. If people think its bad now with PCs, just wait until console gamers with wifi turn up with increased overall ping.


    1. On pc it has a lot of life left due to mods alone unless something better comes along that isnt a pain to mod for. Thats likely the next iteration of GSCE which i expect in late 2016 or early 2017. rF2 is an off ball due to its steam intergration


    2. Well, that’s the way AC’s headed for sure. It’s pretty clear by now that Kunos is in it for the money, and the passion for sim racing has taken the backseat.


  9. rF2 focuses mainly on racing. Not hot lapping, replay watching, screenshot generation or any nonsense like that. The AI is the best on the market, and your mind will be blown by your computer opponents’ spatial awareness and human-like driving. Makes for some very action packed racing indeed. Weather changes, road evolution, pit stops, huge crashes, safety cars; if that’s not action, I don’t know what is


  10. It’s fun to see people fighting over AC, iRacing, rF, whatever… and then will all end up to play Project Cars, because in the end whenever it’s not perfect, it still the best of the lot. 🙂
    Wrooooooooooooom! damn Ian he knows his chickens! 😉


    1. “and then will all end up to play Project Cars..”

      What the fuck are you smoking? I got my WMD money back plus the whopping 10% profit and I tried all 5 of the bug patches and I uninstalled that still buggy, simcade garbage just a few days ago. You won’t see me playing that turd!


  11. The last bunch of comments are really sad. And there were still people defending those guys when they got banned from virtualr and bsim?


    1. Those are impersonators using the fact that one can post as an anonymous here. Small penis syndrom victims. You’re really naive you know?


      1. They aren’t impersonators. That is really naive from you. Most likely the user “i’m with stupid /!\” is one of the “impersonators”.


  12. This is sad. The game is, by all means, in any stage of being able to compete with heavy hitters like Forza 6 or the upcoming Gran Turismo. Heck, for the average console player who likes pretty and shine stuff, the game’s not even in the same league of Project Cars.

    Assetto is great. But lacks so many things. The biggest offenders being lack of weather and day time.


    1. I think you mean Night time and rain, It has weather, or does fog not count any more? and as you can race from early morning to late evening i guess that counts as time of day


  13. This is sort of roughly in line with my expectations, though I think the conclusions are incorrect.

    Kunos are a bunch of simrace geeks with Aris and Stefano specifically in building the best driving simulator they can. As a result, AC was never going to get dumbed down, and instead the console move was always going to be about pulling some more cash to continue further improvements.

    AC is still unpolished (I love it, but I recognize there are areas that need improvement, but if it’s not related to online league racing, I don’t really care), and will likely not do terribly well on console. But “not terribly well” is still extra cash, and if you’re a small team, you don’t need to sell millions.

    BTW, Stefano stopping the streams turns out to be more due to an unsafe situation in the Philippines rather than anything related to studio decisions.

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  14. I call bullshit. Sorry, but a reader’s friend’s friend is a beta tester is already pretty far and leaves room for adding personal things in every stage. Even a beta tester with access to the forum section is not even close to a first-hand source. And I can’t remotely recall having read anything like that in the beta forums ever. This is not even close to the communication style there.

    What I think is true is that reader’s submission, though. Having a beta-tester-friend who is ranting about some things is possible, and adding your own opinion resulting in such a sensational “leak” is also possible without actively lying.
    But this doesn’t mean Kunos has to be like a second EA, as suggested.


  15. A friend’s grandma’s uncle’s father in law’s friend, who lives in the Moon, and have a lot of time to play on consoles, due to the fact he lives on the Moon and has a lot of time to beta test for Sony and other major studios, told me the other day in Skype that iRacing on consoles will be launched in the near future because Kraemmer has a very good time machine, so He knows the console players will be demanding a true sim racing title.


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