Reader Submission #55 – Elite FSR drivers claim rFactor 2 is “dying”

FSR Live StreamI sat on this one for a few days, but ultimately the right thing to do is post it for the world to see. A quickie Reader Submission to begin the weekend, longtime reader monsterZERO captured an extremely interesting conversation in an iRacing practice session featuring FSR drivers Morgan Morand and Nick Rowland, discussing the death of both Formula Sim Racing, and rFactor 2 as a whole.

Formula Sim Racing is rFactor 2’s biggest premium online league, with some serious money being thrown around on both ends of the ballpark, so it is indeed unsettling to read that several top drivers are migrating to iRacing.

unnamedInteresting conversation I caught in a practice session between 2 (ex?) FSR guys about the slow death of rF2. Thought you might find it interesting.

2Oh boy, how to elaborate on this one?

There isn’t anything fundamentally wrong with rFactor 2, aside from maybe the astronomical initial base cost. Look, I’m not poor, but there’s a limit when it comes to video game pricing. $33 for Stock Car Extreme isn’t really a bad deal. $80 for rFactor 2 is a bit too much, though an easy argument is to point out how expensive the wheels, pedals, PC parts, and monitors can get. If sim racers are going to drop over $1500 to get their rig set up properly, what’s another $80 for a game, right?

The game itself is pretty good. rFactor 2 improved on the original game in every conceivable way, and that’s basically what you want as a sim racer. You’ve got dynamic weather, a dynamic track surface, a vastly improved tire model, and in my opinion, a much needed graphics update. If it doesn’t look as pretty as screenshots you see on here, try messing with the Catalyst Control Center options (or the nVidia equivalent).

From a league standpoint, there isn’t a need to care about the amount of mods available for the game, because you’ll obviously only be driving one car throughout the whole season, and event organizers will create the tracks for you. Your independent rFactor 2 players can argue that there isn’t much content available for the game – the modding scene has been drastically affected by the popularity of Assetto Corsa – but for a competitive league player, a lack of historic GT cars has no affect on how Formula Sim Racing operates as a league.

My only guess is that iRacing’s built-in functionality for league support and lack of fiddling with third party content makes it significantly easier on event organizers in the long run, and the iRacing simulation itself has open-entry competitions that pay out an enormous amount to top drivers. As prestigious as FSR is for an online league, they aren’t giving away $13,000 at the end of the season, nor do they have an official partnership with the real life series.

Maybe someone from FSR can drop us a line and explain why some of their best drivers are jumping ship? I’d like to know as well, rFactor 2 is pretty damn good.


53 thoughts on “Reader Submission #55 – Elite FSR drivers claim rFactor 2 is “dying”

  1. Calling RF2 expensive in the same article where Iracing is mentioned is a bit rich, Iracing offers a excellent service for most part, but its so over priced its unreal, and a I really don’t feel or see how Iracing tyres are better (AC wtf?), mass improvement in the glass tyres they used to use, but still not up there with RF2, its the only title I can tell what happening with the tyres just driving, every thing else I rely on info screen etc to tell me.

    Saying all that Im not too surprised a lot of pro leagues would move to iracing, if you got the moolah, it takes so much of the organising away, and great selection of tracks no one can beat, but for ya average punter after a bit of AI,smaller leagues,you don’t have a trust fund or you have a missus who cares about you spending 1000+ dollars on software,or a proper physics nerd, then IMO rf2 still better option by far.

    Now where was that article about iracing awesome setup loop holes and hacks?


  2. I think fsr and vec and soon race department will make rf2 worth your while.
    Fsr is dying of very bad management but later part of this year seems they are turning things around


  3. This post is about rf2 but how come the comments is still about the amazing AC.? oh Stefano u must be doing something right that make ISIS fanbois go bipolar.clapclap..


    1. Well one of ya stupid memes actually prove useful and ironic, that is indeed a correct way to stand with a rifle, a combination of modern body armour, ability to shoulder rifle quickly(he extends right arm its practically shouldered) and security of the rifle are but a few advantages,also ironically the dick head in background calls it a gun when infact its a rifle.

      So this does kinda sums it up nicely, some Pcars|ac fantard thinking he the man trying to point flaws in others,while not actually knowing what the actual fuck he’s talking about, FNG’s.


  4. Well I see the shill is out in force today…

    Would be interesting to see/hear the reasoning from the FSR-standpoint, but James is most likely right with the built-in functionality making things easier for leagues.


  5. Petros Mak (“Mod Production Manager” of one completed mod), James Dover (a sim engineer so good he works at an arcade), and GamerMuscle. Hilarious.

    This is definitely the real Associat0r. You shouldn’t trust the judgement of an elite sim racer like Nick Rowland, but you should trust these guys plus Associat0r, a guy who races at 30fps with a fucking keyboard.


      1. He’s impersonating himself, trying to make people think is someone else doing his job, but is just him.
        Then he (ass0) uses anonymous accounts to say that the guy spamming here on PRC is an impersonator.

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      2. The real Associat0r repeatedly decried Empty Box and PRC when they were positive towards AC, and then used them as sources when they turned negative. Empty Box is bad now because he stood up for AC in response to a clueless YT review.


      3. A good 80% chance it’s Ass0ciator impersonating himself to try and gain pity from other readers. I don’t care enough to sit and monitor IP’s, but if he wants to paint himself out to be a super autist, I’ll supply the canvas. Cleans up VirtualR and other sites in the process.


      4. The impersonator has obvious inaccuracies though, like attacking Project CARS whereas the real Associat0r somehow thinks it’s a completely stable, honest, complete sim.


        1. I think you underestimate how much he’s thought this stuff through, and what I can see from admin controls on here.

          Many of the unique IP’s claiming “fake associator”, it’s literally their only post ever in our comments section. And there’s a lot of them.


      5. Im feeling so flattered that this idiot still thinks it’s me, or at least wants others to think so.

        Seems like i’ve pissed someone off enough to make that person keep thinking about me ❤ (hey hex, how's the cleaning going?)



    1. I also see Team Redline, 2 physics guys from Virtua Simulazioni and a few others. They are more trustable than some ex FSR guy.
      Only GamerMuscle is the one that doesn’t belong here, but it’s funny to see how he spares Assetto Corsa from a bad review. Something fishy is up there.


      1. Alternate hypothesis: AC’s pretty fuckin’ good, and GamerMuscle’s just not drunk the weird sim-tire koolaid that says that whatever rF2’s model is (what model does it even use? PCARS has Seta which is FEM, AC uses a proprietary brush model) it’s better because the software’s harder to use right (to the point that for the first 3 years or so of rf2, no car had good tires).

        The way some people talk, I suspect the only qualitative tire model advantage RF2 has is that they’ve coded in visual deformations + damage – after all, if you can see it, it must be real.

        As much as you have to take game devs words with a grain of salt, double that for modding physics guys. If their car doesn’t work right (hell, if it doesn’t handle the way a pro driver said it does IRL), they’ll blame whatever pet issue they most recently noticed way more easily than bad data, without bothering to estimate the magnitude of the pet issue. Not to pick too much on misterbeam but 1 of the threads that’s been screencapped was correctly marked ‘no issue’ – he was wrong, not the game.


      2. misterbeam is generally clueless. He seems to help other people in the development of some non-VS mods (like the lame 2006 Ferrari F1), and also likes to make big dramatic statements about how some cars are completely laughable! Ending each sentence with an exclamation point! Offering zero technical insight! He’s like a VS intern or something.

        David Dominguez is entirely responsible for the great VS stuff. He’s very good at what he does, but you’d think he’d have noticed these “obvious” inaccuracies a bit sooner after modding the game for more than a year.


      3. Honestly similar issues probably exist in every sim, at a similar scale of “it’s visible if you create a mod intended to isolate the feature”. You’ll only notice them if you start digging into the exact formulas used everywhere.


  6. The FSR community is what killed FSR. Too many kids, too little talent. This chased a very capable administration away, and ultimately the best teams and drivers. What was once a flourishing community that showcased great pride in itself and in its work, is now just a community of 200 or so amateur-Pro-ish drivers with a terrible elitist outlook. The current crowd with a few exceptions truly believe they’re better than any other sim-racer purely because they’re racing in a series with a well-known and well-respected name within the community.

    This years grid was a joke, the administration was a joke, and the marketing was seemingly non-existent. But who could blame them, I wouldn’t want to market something so poor if I were responsible.

    Imagine how difficult it must have been to be a team owner this year, where nobody could find drivers to compete in the WC because nobody wants to drive within that community. Now imagine how hard it will be in 2016.

    Look how many teams have jumped ship to iRacing, or how many current teams are on iRacing and are doing much better there. Not just iRacing but even at other communities too.

    Bono Huis jumped ship and now races on iRacing with Team Redline in GT3 cars. Ivar Kalemees is on iRacing, Jack Keithley is on iRacing, Lee Morris is on iRacing, Jeffrey Rietveld is on iRacing, Morand is on iRacing, Carlos Martin is on iRacing. These are top drivers who have looked elsewhere to find better competition and better structure. Let’s hope we see these guys on the WC grid in 2017, I’m sure we’ll have one of the strongest grids in sim racing history should that happen.

    As for rF2, it’s become the new Ice Racing. It’s just shit all round right now. The multiplayer component is crap, and dead. The single player component is crap, the stock content is dull and boring compared to what some 3rd Parties release. Low speed physics are broken. Modding is a nightmare. Single Seaters just don’t work in a natural way, which is one of the reasons drivers jumped ship at FSR. The tires feel like over inflated zip-loc bags. The list goes on and on.

    I feel sorry for the team who are forced to continue producing rF2 and updates for it. It must be so frustrating knowing that you can do so much more, but at the same time be so limited with what you can do. Be it from budgets or tools or whatever. There’s no doubt that something much better can be built, marketed, and sold by ISI. They have lots of talent, but nothing to show for it. Not in 2015 at least. The community had high hopes for the sim, but now it’s just dying a slow death.

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