A Change of Plans for Reiza Studios – UPDATE #3

GSC 2015-09-13 15-53-00-94EDIT #1: Thanks to Slade M. for clearing things up a bit.

EDIT #2: Thanks to our anonymous CIA operative for providing some interesting internal forum screenshots.

EDIT #3: More screenshots from the internal forums, and even EmptyBox has chimed in.

“Please, let’s try to keep this an “inside” discussion for now, so we do not have people jumping to conclusions based on partial information.”

Nah, that’s not fun. This document has been shared internally to members of Reiza’s crowdfunding campaign, and we’ve obviously got our hands on it now for the rest of y’all to see. A mere two pages in length, Brazilian-based Reiza Studios have outlined a rough plan for the future, one which may make certain contributors unhappy:

ngThe condensed version, for those who want a quick summary, is that Reiza want to re-release Stock Car Extreme under a different name due to licensing deals set to expire, and then begin work on the new title set to release in 2017. While not entirely a bad idea on the outset, as the Stock Car Brasil brand is not known well enough worldwide to attract any sort of large audience, content originally planned as a free add-on for Stock Car Extreme will see a release in the upcoming re-branded Reiza title. While Stock Car Extreme owners and those who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign will receive the premium DLC for free, potential customers will have a very difficult choice to make.

With the re-branded title seeing a release in late 2015/early 2016, and the brand new title set to release in late 2016/early 2017, the lifespan of this upcoming re-branded game will last less than a year.

This whole thing is going to cause a bit of an issue, as Sim Racers gave over $100,000 to Reiza Studios to make more DLC for Stock Car Extreme, and are expecting an entirely new game a few years from now. Like, that was the whole point of the campaign. A few short months after the crowdfunding campaign ended, support for Stock Car Extreme has essentially ended, and contributors now have only a brief overview as to when this stuff will all show up, and what game it will appear in. Not cool.

Here’s what some of the backers are saying within the confines of Reiza’s private forums:







36a36b36c36dAs this is obviously a breaking story, I’ll do my best to edit this article as more information becomes available.

GSC 2015-04-19 04-57-14-47


102 thoughts on “A Change of Plans for Reiza Studios – UPDATE #3

  1. Par for the fucking course i guess. I’ve stopped giving a shit about anything coming from a Kickstarter or Patreon or whatever the flavor of the fucking month is because of this shit. The devs aren’t contractually obligated to do what they promised, they can just run away with the money after leaving a shitty unfinished product behind them.

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  2. I never understood Reiza’s philosophy behind all these standalone games. They could just have one basic product and sell DLC for it. This keeps me away of buying none of these games.


  3. Since the crowdfund ended I thought this would need to happen sooner or later.
    If they deliver the base of Reiza2015 for free as they say and keep the structure of the sim the same as it is now (so adapting mods becomes easier) I’m all for it and see no negative point on this.


  4. Yeah, same as above, the new game will be free to all backers. It’s a win-win situation.

    Renato from Reiza is answering all questions on the forum and clarifying everything.


  5. Yes. now if instead of just blabbing some random shit you would have actually READ it.

    Can you even read?

    1. all promised content will be part of the first release. It’s free for all backers and current owners of SCE


    Holy shit this site is retarded at times.

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    1. It’s the fact that they did a complete 180 from what they said they were going to do originally.

      Summer 2015 – “Hey guys, if you give us money, we’ll put X, Y, and Z in Stock Car Extreme. We plan to support this title for a long time, and if there’s enough $$$ thrown at us, we’ll make a new, modern racing sim, but that won’t be for a few years.”

      Fall 2015 – “Yeah, about Stock Car Extreme… We can only support that game for a few more months because of licensing. It’s cool though, we just have to make a new game. And then another one after that. And you’ll see all the content you funded, we just don’t know precisely when.”

      T-t-t-thanks Reiza?


      1. The promised content will be released for the new game that is going to be free for all SCE users.

        Reiza2017 was alreday planned for Q4 2016.


      2. The next title was announced (planned for Q4 2016) during the crowdfund and had nothing to do with it.
        They also said many times they wanted to do all SCE updates in max 4 or 5 months.


  6. Did you actually even read the bloody article you ripped out of the closed forum you fucking knob?

    What you write in this article is FALSE. ALL promised content will come, it will have NO adverse effect on the current time schedule, and NO ONE will have to rebuy anything. They have not run away from any of the promises made in the Indigogo campaing, on the contrary they will give away the extra content to more users, if they ulitise their FREE upgrade to what they call “Reiza2015”.


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  7. They are literally saying they are going to make another game without engine improvements that will have paid DLC that will then be replaced within another year. How is this not an issue? Just stick it out on SCE til the new engine is done, it makes zero sense to release another game for only 1 year it’s the most obvious money grab yet.

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    1. Isn’t it because their stock car sponsored name will expire and they also want to change the game name, because is no longer a game just about stock cars, and to help with marketing the game, without being exclusively associated to stock cars. They said so in the document.


    2. A new game free for all users, and extra dlc free for all backers is money grab?

      The only extra money is dlc for not-backers. And this dlc is not what’s have been funded.


    1. Is there anyway so that pictures in comments can only be posted once per post? I’ve seen this shit twice here. And I’ve saw the fucking Virtua Simulazioni shitposts on AC forums HUNDERDS OF TIMES.


      1. Wasn’t me who posted the 2nd time. You can’t know of course, only anonymous accounts. But 2nd copy pic was posted by another person.


    1. Holy shit, this was inevitable. This has nothing to do with AC and yet you keep posting the same shitposts over and over.

      I am trying to write a reader submission about a certain arcade racer that sadly fell from the face of the earth (which is stuck on a writer’s block right now), are you going to post this shit once that actually makes it here?


    2. You do realize this article has nothing to do with AC, right? And that despite these antics, people will still buy and play the game, right? Maybe you should try to stop sitting around mom’s basement having an aneurysm over a video game and just play what you like to play.

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    1. James made ZERO mention of Assetto Corsa in the article. So stop shitposting against AC in posts that has nothing to do with AC.

      Next you’ll say that “$NON_RACING_GAME is better than Assetto Corsa”.


    2. I owned AC,rf2 n SCe,,AC is 800hours SCe is 180 hours n rf2 less 100H. Why more on AC even if Sce has some simulation value like what u said or rf2 has better ffb .?. u forget AC has more value n pretty to look at..U can hillclimbs n tandem drift in AC, More cars n tracks mods that are actually good. Rf1 tracks ported to AC is more pretty then ported to rf2(Mills Metro), Hotlapping any car at laser Nords tourist is almost good like in RL..Legit Ferrari n Lambos.Better ui n at least has decent career in it..N finally AC has better ffb then SCE..when i put SCE ffb to max it is the same feel from that old rf1 ffb..Now go n die Shill Baby Shill..just admit AC is the modern rf..


  8. That article is badly written and just looks for the sensation. It all sounds very bad, until you read the leak property and get to this line:

    “In fact, as the campaign had already suggested these developments would come to SCE, we would most likely would deliver the base of Reiza2015 free of any charge for everyone that already owns Stock Car Extreme – campaign backer or not. Our intention here is not to resell to people content that they already own, but rather open up new opportunities and the freedom required to execute them.”

    At this point I see no negatives, and I’m not a backer. New game with new name, the possibility to gather new press, and the options to try new plugins/software/code without ruining what already works.


    1. “Please, let’s try to keep this an “inside” discussion for now, so we do not have people *jumping to conclusions* based on partial information.”

      Jumping to conclusions is what James is actually doing, man.

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    2. As Maple said above, they are literally going to make another game without engine improvements, one which will have paid DLC and be replaced by ANOTHER title within a year.

      How is this NOT an issue?


      1. Because they are going to deliver this game and all the promised content FREE for all SCE users.

        And ALSO they will release new content on país dlc.

        And in 2017 the promised new game.

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      2. Another game means changing the game name? Any improvements will be those that were already promised that will happen, due to them acquiring the full license to work with the isi engine/code.


  9. It seemed pretty clear to me when I read the kickstarter that this was the plan – the money was purely for this 2-3 extra months of support for SCE, it was never gonna make it their long-term main title.


    1. yup but because they can sell the new one as an original game and add dlc to it they can earn even more money.

      It will look like shit since it is so old now. But he those unsuspecting will buy it and I bet 100% that there will be dlc that isnt free for everyone. They will find a way to open your wallet.

      Even though they say it wont impact the next game but come on – really? a year out of a new game with bugs and other issues and they will just drop it.I highly doubt it. Not how software development works unless your name is Ian Taco Bell.

      Then the game they would make the money on the new one that doesnt need funding as it has been secured gets released with a new engine and dlc. They use that as the launchpad.

      Making a game intervening between the two (end SCR) and the new one is stupid and goes directly against what they said when they asked for money.

      To me they see $$$ and want it instead of fulfilling their obligations to those who participated in the crowdfunding.

      Can you trust them for the next game in 2017? nope they have changed their minds before and would again if they see a way to get more money.

      They would have been better off not crowdfunding then doing the 2016 and 2017. But now they are betraying trust that is hard to repair.


  10. Devs: What you need fam?
    Sim Community: Believable physics, tires that wear , brakes that fade and feature complete multiplayer/offline , and devs that are true to the community not their wallets
    Devs: We can fuck your shit up instead


      1. “lol associat0r. You’ve got no power here.”

        Hahahaha! As someone looking in from the outside, it’s definitely very entertaining to see every sim racer who doesn’t like something being called “associator”. top kek


  11. So they release a game called Reiza15. It has all the SCE content plus the new upcoming content that we know about, some other content and potentially DLC. This is to aid things to do with licensing, updates to the code and to produce a platform that contains all this new content.

    Everyone who owns SCE will get Reiza15 backers or not and the engine will not change meaning requirements will not vary wildly. We managed to move from GSC to GSC12 and then to GSC13 and GSCE until we ended up with SCE and the steam release. So we all get Rezia15 and move to it like we’ve managed 4 times before. There is not reason to assume a split in the community as the content all moves over (as it has done before) and everyone who currently owns the game gets the new game/ updated title.

    Forgive me if I fail to see any real issue with this. Lots of kicking and screaming over nothing and a situation that plays well in to the hands of backers and non-backers of the indiegogo campaign alike.

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    1. PRC jumped too quick on this story, now are searching for excuses that could fit in with their story motivation. But you explained clearly what’s the story, anyone could understand the same from the leaked document.
      But this “change of plans” just seemed outrageous for prc and in their heads they felt betrayed somehow. When no one is at loss with this change of game appearance.

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      1. Because people are misunderstanding this, James, to quite a degree and jumping to conclusions, Mr. Box included. There’s been numerous posts by Reiza/Renato on everyone’s concerns with explanations, including Emptybox’s post, yet PRC being what it is – “The worst site you could possibly visit for Sim Racing news”, is only adding fuel to the fire at this point, purely to see what kind of shitstorm it’ll make.

        Bad mistake/decision/whatever by Reiza ?, Sure – they even said it themselves up above, hindsight is 20/20 and all that, everyone has some sort of regret/change they’d make. But at least they’re upfront about it and have a plan which they’re running it by the backers for feedback, rather than ‘just fucking your shit up fam’ and jumping ship immediately – like the SuperV8-mod team, whatever their name was.


      2. Also the whole thing with OZV8 was blown horribly out of proportion. Heck the thread on RD still says “not coming to SCE” which is total bull. It’s a case here of very much cherry picking the 3 odd percent of comments that are against the idea with most of those people having now been given suitable responses and changing their votes to yes.

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  12. Everyone gets Reiza15 for free, which includes all SCE content released until now. I think this is clearly stated in OP.

    The marketing thing might be the best excuse, but this is just about money. They’ll be able to increase the price of their game (even though tbh 30$ is a steal).

    Also, it’s a way to get non-backers who own SCE to have to pay for the DLC (that was crowdfunded) instead of getting it for free, as would have originally happened. (No wonder they would ask for “permission” in the devforum, as this decision doesn’t really impact backers in any meaningful way).

    Reiza might include Trucks content for free or as DLC. I guess the move to Steam will help streamlining patches & DLC.

    End of story.


    1. and you believe them?
      They are changing the story again after taking the money.

      What the fuck ever happened to a promise and a person word in this fucking world.

      Now everyone sees green and fucks everything and everyone over to get it. You trust them? I dont I am sure there will be dlc that wont be given for free. Cause that is the hook. Some BS reason as to why and bingo you are fucked.

      After this shit I dont believe them and I dont trust them. If they cant even run a simple crowdfunding campaign and deliver on it – how do expect them to do anything else?
      I fucking dont end of story.


  13. “we most likely would deliver the base of Reiza2015 free of charge for everyone that already owns Stock Car Extreme”
    “If we had proposed this as a new title to begin with in the crowdfunding campaign…”
    “we would be under no obligation to deliver Reiza2015 for free to non-backing SCE owners”
    “we did shoot ourselves in the foot by not doing that”

    They sound VERY reluctant…


  14. When you look at the screenshots from the forum you get the impression that this is not supported by the backers, in fact over 94% currently agree with Reiza’s idea. Maybe a fairer representation of what’s really going on could be done in another edit James.


      1. This guy is obviously the real associat0r trying make people think that someone is impersonating him.. He needs some strong meds for his mental disorder.


      2. Wow, how long did it took to search for that comment made weeks ago? I admire your determination Hex. Never knew i hurt your feelings this much….


    1. JamoZ, sat alone in his room, jacked up on caffeinated energy drinks, impersonating a guy he hates. Utterly pathetic.

      Trolololol 4life, right JamoZ?


  15. So what is the latest update?
    Backers will get it for free Or everyone who own sce will get it for free and backers got the extra content for free the rest will pay for the dlcs?


  16. So Reiza is releasing their old sim for the…what?…..fifth time? It starts to be ridiculous how long they are sucking dry their game.
    Even more ridiculous, that they are obviously pushing the campaign-content for the re-release of the sim, but not offering it for the current one? Did I get that right?


    1. They’re not at all clear about what their plans are in the image above, which is, I think, why James is acting like the sky is falling.

      They say that they’ll release everything concurrently with the new game and the old ones, but then they also say that maintaining a code base for every version (Steam, non-steam, truck, stock car) is part of the difficulty they’re facing. If they continued supporting them, though, it just becomes a bigger problem with five titles instead of four, so it’s not hard to read into it.

      Then they say that they’ll release the new game for free for backers, or maybe all SCE owners, or maybe just the backers after all, who knows?

      I understand that they’ve got a problem, and I do sympathize, but I don’t think that they should have released this statement to the public in the state that they did. It feels like spitballing at this point, as if the devs or PR team don’t know what they wanted to do so they’re just saying “well we were thinking of doing something, but we don’t know any of the details, so here’s a few wild guesses as to what we could do. What do you think?”


      1. To the public? People from their beta or campaign backers were informed about this and about reiza’s plans, where details may change when the announcement is public. So this document was made public when it was supposed to be private in a closed circle. Although a sizable circle, still private.


      2. – Free for all SCE owners.
        – All content promised in the crowdfunding.
        – FTrucks and SCE unified in one game.
        – Clean code. Easier, less bugs, faster so better to developers and users.
        – New name (more comercial) so it makes Sense to add new (more than promised) content and features.
        – Only steam. Less difficulties to developers to upload it. Adds new posibilities (DLC’s) and features (achievments, etc).

        Is what is !!confirmed!!…


    2. Edit to clarify first part of my response: It seems that James’s general attitude with game devs is that when they’re playing straight, they don’t make sudden, rash decisions. When unexpected changes are announced, he seems to take it as a sign of things to come. It’s a bit pessimistic, but more often than not pessimism is accurate.


    3. It’s ridiculous at best.

      Aaaaand let’s not forget, they’re basically still just selling a glorified rF1 mod.
      Please join the rest of us; we’re now in 2015 ffs.


    1. That’s unconfirmed at best. They sound like they’re just guessing at this point who will or won’t get the game for free. It seems that they’ll make that decision more completely in the future.

      Though if they’re hoping to release in 2015 they don’t have a hell of a lot of time to do it.


  17. I am getting sick and tired of devs seeing dollar bills and fucking bailing on crowdfunding or changing their minds.

    LaRassa or Reiza are now in the same league as Ian Bitchman Bell. All they want is money and more fucking DLC.

    Congrats guys you ruined your reputation for what? a little bit of extra green before you go big on the next game?

    Fucking stupid if you ask me. 2017 has some serious stuff in the pipe and now everyone’s favorites are nothing but sellouts.

    Sad to see people sell their souls for a tiny dlc money. And of course anyone who believed in them up till they pulled an Ian Bell. Manchild wants his shit back and wont be happy!


    1. Amen to that, brother.

      Reiza is a prime example of what happens when you let greed get in the way of passion and integrity. Sad as sad can be.


    2. Yup, because you are basing your opinion on Reiza and the crowdfunding on this “article” and “journalistic piece”.

      – Free for all SCE owners.
      – All content promised in the crowdfunding.
      – FTrucks and SCE unified in one game.
      – Clean code. Easier, less bugs, faster so better to developers and users.
      – New name (more comercial) so it makes Sense to add new (more than promised) content and features.
      – Only steam. Less difficulties to developers to upload it. Adds new posibilities (DLC’s) and features (achievments, etc).

      Basically a non-story run on PRC as some sort of “Oh, look how bad this is”…


      1. Don’t blandish that they are releasing their already sold stuff over and over again. They already sold several packages of the same games for seveveral times already. That’s stupid. It’s like “Oh, we can’t get any sales from our current package. Let’s just add some cars, give it another name and sell it again like something new.”


      2. BeTheOne:

        GSC2012 was free for GSC users
        Stock Car Exteme an Reiza2015 are free for GSC2013 users.

        They are not selling over and over again.


      3. Was free for owners, but still was sold for new people. I own Game Stock Car (+ Update 2012) and Formula truck. Then came GSC 2013, then Stock Car Extreme, there´s planned a 2014-version of Formula Truck and now a Reiza 2015-re-release. And all are basically the same games with some updates and were in store for perceived 10 times. They are sucking dry their GSC-game until there´s no life left.


      4. Aaand what’s the problem? Everyone sells old games, they are not releasing stuff as “amazing new scratch made fantastic groundbreaking simulator”.


  18. I’m away for a couple of days and come back to find that Reiza had made a shitty move and now the pitchforks are out on them too. Someone take me back to 2007, I’m going back to Race 07 and GTR 2.


  19. “As this is obviously a breaking story, I’ll do my best to edit this article as more information becomes available.”

    And absolutely no new edits have been done, now that more information have become available and it shows that it’s far far from as outrageous as it would seem here.

    But that’s nothing that’ll be added here I guess, outrage is more popular than facts.


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