Reader Submission #56 – Payware Mods for Assetto Corsa are Out of Control

acs 2015-11-01 13-39-05-33A Reader Submission that is bound to cause some problems, longtime reader BN97 has written to us again, this time detailing the sorry state of Assetto Corsa’s payware mod selection. Kunos Simulazioni’s vision of Assetto Corsa becoming the next great modding platform has gone horribly awry, as shady mod teams are charging a premium for ripped & stolen content that isn’t even optimized for the game. Some Sim Racers believe payware mods are the way of the future, but unfortunately this is not how things have played out.

While Microsoft Flight Simulator X, X-Plane 10, and Prepar3D flourish in the abundance of payware mods that have turned the greater flight sim community into a massive industry, Assetto Corsa’s payware landscape is dominated by greedy amateur 3D modellers using their basic converting skills to make a quick buck off an uninformed community.

acs 2014-03-01 19-03-48-37Hey PRC, it’s BN97 again.

Now first, I’d like to say you shouldn’t primarily focus on this issue as it relates to Assetto Corsa – it could easily be affecting the rFactor 2 or Game Stock Car community – Assetto Corsa is just the game all the modders have flocked to. The thing I ask, is to remove this parasitic entity from the community while we still can. Three, five, or ten years from now, everything will expand, and we can’t allow this crap to continue.

Secondly, I’m not referring to United Racing Designs. They utilize this magical thing known as effort and actually make their mods and have pretty nice quality stuff for a decent price.

Anyways, here are the culprits.


Ripped from Forza Motorsport 4, Sim Raceway, and GTR2. Hell, he tried to steal one of Sovers mods (one of the DRM Revival members) before the community attacked him. Also obtains Squir models, and then sells them, which goes against the policies of Squir.

8306d7035fe45701733bcd969cdfe201One of the more interesting exploits aspec has pulled off is that he somehow managed to rip a model out of Porsche’s “Build Your Car” feature. While it’s an extremely high quality model with 400,000 + polygons, a set of only ten on track will bring a 980 to its knees due to no alternate LOD’s. As is the norm for shady modders, most physics are copied from Kunos cars. He’s also gone on to steal from TeamBB & HotRa,t and use their HSV010 Super GT car. No permission, and the original authors get nothing.

7312fd8a3b7c12b370959272e40fab87Average players coming into Assetto Corsa have no clue they’re getting ripped off, because some people have never played Forza, or they don’t expect this kind of thing to happen in this community.

2015-10-17_00156Sim Dream

Next up is Sim Dream, and I’ll introduce them by saying these are the guys that stole thousands from the Stock Car Extreme community with the V8 Supercar craziness. Back on topic, they have also stolen Forza models, and then apply poor sounds and physics to them, but this is where things get serious. They started stealing from other modders as well, including their most recent “work”, the 1967 Grand Prix Season.

08d24382dc19f991d697904dee4b09a7Keep in mind, the original modders, and modders that got permission to improve the original mods, are not getting anything from this. They are instead feeling stunned from the very communities they have invested so much time into. All they can wish is that these mods get shared for free so the thieves aren’t receiving any more money, because they sure as hell don’t deserve it.


Lastly, we have Dorsche, and this mod goes to show how easy it is to fool people. Even the devs themselves bought into it! Anyways, after some digging, the Assetto Corsa official forums worked out that it is indeed a slightly improved version of a Need for Speed Rivals model.

6d33d458b78e120ffad0d1ce5bc15ef4The folks at IER then go on to slate it for messing up the physics.

So three bad apples are in the community, hence the submission. People need to know about this blatant scamming, so we can take them down more easily and stop people from wasting their money on poorly developed and stolen cars. End this while you still can!

NRM_Airport_CYEGAs shitty as it is to say, this is just a prime example of the sim racing community making astronomically bad decisions without imaging how things would look a few years down the road. Everyone was so eager to throw $5 here or $10 there at mod teams to feel good about supporting people who create content for their favorite games, that nobody sat down for two seconds and wondered what would happen if people started exploiting this.

And there isn’t actually a way to police this altogether, which is pretty hilarious from a spectator’s standpoint (IE me). An ugly truth is that mods featuring real-world IP’s or brands are technically illegal to begin with. Both Porsche and the FIA have chased after mod teams in the past, with very real legal threats. Your average car manufacturer or auto racing series rep will normally not target a bunch of nerds playing computer games, but it’s unfortunately something that people do have to keep in mind. You never know how bored some of these people can be, and legally, they’re in the right.

In regards to this payware scamming issue, this has huge implications. If some guy makes a 1967 F1 mod for GTR2, and some asshole converts it to Assetto Corsa and charges money for it, the original creator can’t claim copyright and go after the supposed thief who ripped his original mod. “Stop stealing the stuff I stole and/or created without permission” isn’t much of an argument if you want to take proper action against all this nonsense.

The only way to combat it, is to eradicate payware mods altogether, because then people will only be obligated to download high quality mods instead of being lured into ripped, half-finished shit because “well, it’s payware, and payware flight sim stuff is good, so it must be the same thing over here in sim racing.”

To me this is all really funny. This is the future y’all chose.



72 thoughts on “Reader Submission #56 – Payware Mods for Assetto Corsa are Out of Control

  1. Ah yes, the shitty hopeless state of Assetto Corsa becomes even more apparent.
    Not only is the game itself totally flawed to the bone, its mods are just as fucked.

    Kunos should consider doing something else for a living.
    This is getting sad.


      1. Missing, maybe in your ideal game. The game is the way it is because it was planned just for this. Now over time they added things and suggestions/requests from the community.
        And what is exactly broken?

        I can race any car either solo, single player vs ai, or multiplayer. I don’t care if you will show me hexagramme’s videos of AI, because right after that I can show you videos of functional AI. Besides, he never recorded a complete race, he just edits bits here and there, of situations that may not relate to how normally people use the game.


    1. Assetto Corsa has the most active legitimate mod community of any sim. Since rFactor 2 was built to be primarily a modding platform without the extensive official licensed content of Assetto Corsa, ISI should give up since nobody is modding their game. They can’t even police the ripped mods on their own forums.


  2. Stefano is a total fuck wit scammer with his head up on his own ass. And should go suck aristotelis’s cock some more


  3. Erm the word racing in the title for one, the most realistic racing sim ever for two. Scamming users into thinking they actually voted for Nord’s when licensing and work on it had already commenced. Promising features that were never delivered, releasing a v1.0 of the game when it was still only a beta. On topic, promising mods would be vetted and high quality only.
    Car collecting, hot lapping, screenshot generator is all it is.
    #Comedy Sim


    1. They don’t allow ripped mods in their forums, so what’s your problem? They let everyone else who is creating them originally. Then depends if the community wants to use that content, and is the community who “decides” which are good mods or not. But so far all car and track mods have been made adequately for usage in the game.

      AC advertises their game as Your Racing simulator. Or other times as “Assetto Corsa racing simulator”.
      And it indeed is a realistic racing simulator. They aren’t simulating F1 series or Blancpain series in specific. So they don’t have to put all features and regulations from such series.
      Can you race vs other cars? Answer is yes.

      When users voted for cars and tracks, the results weren’t to find only one popular. It was to find several cars and tracks people were interested. So from the tracks poll, people also showed interest in Zandvoort, Brands Hatch. People showed interest in more tracks, but possibly are too expensive and out of Europe.

      Nordschleife is a popular track, no matter if people need to vote for it or not. It will always be accepted and the majority won’t criticize the choice. Besides, it was a dream from Kunos (at least Marco) to laserscan this track, way back when AC wasn’t even on steam nor the tech demo was released.
      So this was an old dream, and the poll just confirmed people’s interest in nordschleife.


      1. Sorry, it’s just not a “realistic racing simulator.” It MIGHT be a realistic hotlapping simulator, but for a game that has the tagline “Your Racing Simulator,” the racing both off and online just sucks. That seems like a big problem to me. The ability to get in the game and start a race does not mean the racing is good, or realistic. Kunos has a lot of work to do on this supposedly “finished” game and people are justifiably getting impatient.

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      2. Yeah because only F1 and blancpain has basic race rules and regulations? how is this even a excuse, ive seen its been used a few times anytime ppl mention complete lack of race features, do the devs give you a book of responses for too hard to answer questions, like why hasn’t a race “sim” got basic race features?


      3. A realistic racing simulator means that you grab a realistically simulated car, and race against another realistically simulated car.

        What things you expected? This isn’t called “Assetto Corsa, Your F1 simulator”. But it has F1 cars and you can race against other F1 cars. There are even DRS zones for the modern F1 cars. But this example can be valid for any series.


      4. Give me a break, this is seriously some stockholm syndrome-like shit.

        “Oh, you can’t pick the color of your car in multiplayer. It’s cool though. And flags don’t do anything. Oh, while we’re at it, you can’t jump the start. Or run a pace lap. Can’t race at night, either. Can’t race in the rain. Can’t share setups with your friends in the session. Can’t rename setups in the middle of a session. Can’t plan your pit stops before you enter pit road. Can’t force everyone to a single tire compound. Can’t run fixed setups. Can’t prevent people from joining in the middle of a race and crashing into everybody. Can’t watch a replay of your quickest lap in Multiplayer, or the other guy’s quickest lap from a few minutes ago. Hell, can’t watch replays at all! Can’t pick the car you want if too many people have taken it before you showed up. Can’t force the chat box to be permanently turned on in order to inform them of server rules and other stuff happening on the racing surface. Can’t penalize people for not adhering to blue flags. Can’t join a server if even ONE person is using a DLC car. But if you ignore all of that, it’s still a good racing simulator!”

        Like, play what you want, I don’t actually care, but Kunos have removed an astronomical amount of basic features and it’s absurd that people will actually sit here and say this is somehow beneficial for sim racing.

        Here, let’s just ship an F1 game where you can’t pick your car and you’re stuck with Toro Rosso online whether you like it or not. Or how bout the new NASCAR game due out in 6 months, let’s just take out caution flags. There’s not many of those, only the hardcore cry babies will notice. Or maybe Codemasters should just remove night racing for DiRT Rally 2. It’s still technically a racing simulator right? Just not YOUR IDEAL racing simulator you whiny crybaby. Physics are all that matter, we’ve updated the tire model for the fifth time. Now give us more money for the third premium DLC pack, it has a Lotus formula one car from the 60’s!

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      5. Sev said you don’t lie, but …. you can select your skin for multiplayer. You can run a fixed setup server. You can force people to use either a single tire compound or a subset of the compounds. You can stop people from joining a race partway through. These aren’t new features; half of them have been in since the very first release of multiplayer.


      6. “Can’t force everyone to a single tire compound. Can’t run fixed setups. Can’t prevent people from joining in the middle of a race and crashing into everybody.”

        Jesus Christ man. You attack Kunos for supposedly arcade physics, they improve the realism of the physics in 1.3, then you attack them for turning the physics arcade in 1.3. They fixed these things you specifically mentioned here, actually creating the best fixed setup functionality in any sim, and you completely ignore this not only in your 1.3 “review”, you still don’t even realise they added that functionality a month on. And you’ve always been able to prevent people from joining in the middle of a race, as many people have told you before. It’s a server setting.

        “Kunos have removed an astronomical amount of basic features ”
        What the fuck does this even mean? There is no “standard” set of features expected in every racing sim. Assetto Corsa was created from scratch, and Kunos delivered every feature they promised, even if some functionality is barebones. Which is completely understandable for a game engine created completely from scratch.

        “Can’t race at night, either. Can’t race in the rain.”
        The only sim with both of those features is rFactor 2, and they’re only just getting around to doing proper rain tires almost four years after the beta release. The last time I tried to race rFactor 2 in the rain at night it kept crashing. Hell, RaceRoom doesn’t even have dynamic time of day, let alone rain or night. But fuck Kunos for not delivering features they never promised or even hinted at.


      7. People want lots of extras in a racing simulator. And that’s fine because it can enrich the experience and diversify it. By many extras I mean features which you can use to simulate several scenarios from real life motorsport and how some series organize and execute their races.

        But you can’t push the statement that without those things the game (racing cars) doesn’t work. The core is still exciting, which is racing cars. What happened to the times when racing meant drivers in cars racing against other drivers in their cars.
        Maybe some people want a management racing simulator, and are less interested in racing the simulator?


      8. How about instead of naming some random race series and saying AC ain’t based on that, why don’t you tell me the amount of race series that DON’T HAVE lap cars, proper working flag system, proper pit stops,pace laps and races longer than 15laps? cause this out of all BS excuses is BY FAR the worst, its almost like these AC jokers be happy to condition entire sim community into believing race features in a game “simulating” track racing isn’t the norm, honestly these ppl aren’t even interested in track racing if you believe that BS, more interested in looking cool in a gt3 for ya steam screens, than actual motorsport.

        Imagine if FIFA or MADDEN(?NFL) shipped without basic rules included, who would not want to punch the first stupid cunt to say…..

        “oh but they are on a field with a ball right, that’s football brah,dont need you sporting elitist ruining our fun by adding rules,refs or penalties,oh and 40min games max is long enough”

        what a utter FUCKWIT excuse, if you enjoy it fine but ya can fuck off with “oh its not a f1 game” BS, we have enough devs in gaming going backwards, dont need dick heads justifying them, fucking stockholm syndrom all right, I reckon its gotta be someone very close to KUNOS coming up with that shit.


      9. Yeah but the key point here Hash is that NFL 2015 doesn’t have FIFA association football rules as an option… yes, it’s football, and no football game is complete without them… NFL 2015 is not trying to be your one football source, it’s a game about the one kind of football the devs are into.


      10. @Hash, the amount of people complaining about the things you complain are very minimal. I see you more here in PRC posting stuff than doing long races.

        In multiplayer you can do as many races as you want. The reality I’ve seen so far is that people in public mp don’t race enough laps to need a pitstops for refueling and tyre change. These are only things used by racing leagues. For sure every dev should work on certain features to improve their experience, but don’t treat your requests as essential.

        So you think that if people who only race a couple laps in pub MP will do hour long races in single player vs ai? Who knows, maybe is possible, since AI is more predictable than humans in public mp.

        I’m not saying several features/regulations used by several racing series irl wouldn’t be nice in the game, I’m just saying they aren’t crucial.

        But probably if they decide to make a new racing simulator, they will take another approach to all this.


      11. “The reality I’ve seen so far is that people in public mp don’t race enough laps to need a pitstops for refueling and tyre change.”

        “These are only things used by racing leagues.”

        Thats 2 statements you based you response on, and it amounts to nothing other than your utter BS opinion, based on zero fact,you sound like kunos claiming we are stupid and dont really want complex setup screens, you basically say nobody uses those features when they are the backbone of racing experience,and if your not using than fuck you, dont start telling me or the race sim community that WE dont use or want race features in game both SP and MP, you are so full of arrogance, Also nice attempt at painting me as someone who doesn’t even play the race sims I talk about ya fucking arsehole, character assassination begins eh, BS excuses running dry.

        Race’s elsewhere other than AC online use longer than 15laps, use pits not only for tyre and fuel but also repairs and setup changes,something you decided to not mention,ive played many MP games where flags are used to good effect and pace cars have been used, Ive also enjoyed immensely watching proper replays of my races in MP, of course I use ALL these features in SP daily, because I like motorsport and I want to sim motorsport, but according to you Im a tiny minority, which considering the fuck heads Pcars and AC has dragged in you may be right,I might as well just accept it eh, drink the kool aid and say fuck it, this should be the standard we aim for our race sims, cars and tracks everything else just trimming and totally unessential, oh until AC actually implement these thing and of course it be the essential features ANY race sim needs.

        AC should of made a top gear sim, plenty of road cars and real roads, that would of been cool, instead they make a “racing simulator” and just dont add anything to do with motorsports, whats the fucking point if like me your in the tiny minority that actually enjoy simulating motorsport.

        But really it doesnt make me angry or what not,I have RRE, RF2, SCE and iracing, all with great race features, im not struggling to find good race sim software, but your fucking stupid BS, shill like responses drive me fucking nuts, you just cant bring ya self to say..

        “yeah shame AC doesn’t have good race features rules etc implemented yet and make it easy to set up server etc, I still enjoy it,and teh stuff I do have, doesn’t personally affect me, but these features are definitely needed at some point”

        That would just be too much eh, what POSSIBLE ADVANTAGE could you get telling your fave devs not to add feature thats present in all their competition,and then try convince community we dont actually want them, seriously hows that gonna help you and your fave game hmm,are you the fucking dev? do you work customer relations?PR or some shit?be only scenario where it makes sense.


      12. You accuse me of being a shill for saying several features are not essential nor crucial nor used as much as you think. And then you defend that all sims should have the same features as your preferred sim, and any other sim that doesn’t, is a bad and broken sim.
        You should read again the end part of my last post where I said I’m not against the things you suggest, but several things people consider essential because they were used in past sims, are not that trivial nowadays.
        Again, maybe devs should include such functionalities to the game, to satisfy one group, but one group doesn’t dictate what is essential for the game/sim as a whole nor can it say this game is shit because it doesn’t include the features I’m used to from past games.

        I’m not a shill, not a fanboy, not a patriotic. Studios have their plan and vision for the game when they conceived it and also during the continuous development details can change. Is not because of my opinion, because devs plan was much earlier than my current opinion. And maybe they also have software limitations which maybe can’t be done so well as if given the possibility at the start of the game conception. Or maybe they can still add certain things, but in a more simplified form.


      13. Like I say, the features missing are a small annoyance,I got 200 hours on AC,but again ppl defending it and saying stuff like all “sims” don’t have to be the same, and only a tiny amount of ppl want or use race rules\features is frickin annoying, I understand devs have plans, and if you check my past posts ive been supportive of AC, but almost a year since release, and a console version coming, Im over waiting for a decent AI and race rules, literally the only 2 things we(I, as apparently no one else likes real world racing) need outside of cars and tracks, and its failing on both counts at the moment and at the rate patches to improvements come we gonna be waiting a while yet.


    2. It doesn’t matter when Kunos decided to go from beta to 1.0. ISI decided to take rFactor 2 from beta to release early and completely arbitrarily in the middle of 2013, which actually matters since that decision was tied to the online subscription length of people who brought it at launch.

      Kunos promised nothing that was never delivered. Kunos never promised mods would be vetted and high quality only, they simply said they would remove illegal rips from their own forums, which they have.


  4. Although I think URD has put out some worthwhile content, I am opposed to the idea of payware mods. I understand that a lot of effort goes into some of this stuff, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s worth any money; even a mod someone has worked hard on could be quite inaccurate. After all, it’s unlicensed content made by amateurs (unless it’s illegally ripped). I don’t think that’s ever worth my money. If people would stop opening their wallets for this stuff, modders wouldn’t charge for their work because, well, no one would be willing to pay. These developments in AC show, quite clearly, the pitfalls of paid mods and I agree with James that it’s in everyone’s best interest to discourage them, even from groups like URD.


  5. The Dorsche in particular is hilarious cause it was originally just a private league mod (like you do) but people are so desperate for Porsches that they’ll pay for the league’s hosting just to get the car. I guess with the number of Porsche fans around they won’t have to buy their own servers for a while.


    1. it comes down to the porsche license thing. as they are in less games people want more of them as they are a staple in racing havent been utilized as often. As a result some people will just jump at the chance but it doesnt always end well as we have just seen, they get publically hung, drawn and quartered.


    2. It really sucks this mod, based off their FB page activity has been left to rot. The roadmap listed is well behind the targets and the administration isn’t responding to comments.

      A giant fuck you to the shitlips behind the Assetto 991 mod and fuck you to the mindless pricks at Race Department who stated the mod is great. Good think I borrowed it from a friend.


  6. How are they stealing cars from forza 4? That stuff is all encrypted. I know you can use some modding tools to cheat on the 360 and get yourself banned fairly quickly since they can detect it but I’ve never heard of them ripping models…interesting. Wonder why they don’t rip them from forza 5 or 6. Those models are much higher quality and nearly identical in format to the encrypted 360 scheme.


  7. I’m sorry but If you’re silly enough to spend money without even simply googling the fucking mod, in popular forums etc, its you own fault, not trying to give these shitsters a out, but seriously if you find a pay for mod in back of no mans land of the net, it most likely a rip off, I notice most of the “victims” are of a younger more gullible age “oh my god brah a skyline with stickers”, that go for these stupidly obvious rips\rip offs, the millennials seem to be the worst when comes to using the thing they grew up with,free and plentiful information\google right in front of their fat over caffinated arse’s.

    Seems like easy money to me, might have to set up a shit site and rip some models, do my best to fuck the physics, just get a few morons to buy, then when ppl start calling rip off, those same morons I ripped off will defend my con with “oh but they are actually good brah, I can fulfill my fantasy of being a boy racer now in a sim”, seems like the devs caught on, or maybe teh con modders took a leaf outta their books.

    Edit: proud owner of all URD gear, took me 5mins googling to see its legit and quality.


    1. It is indeed surprising how willing people are to drop money on stuff like this. I suppose unlike the people that blindly pay for shit mods or shit games, I want some evidence that I’m getting quality for what I’m paying. I don’t know if that’s a millennial problem but it is a problem for people who have a need for instant gratification, which, for some reason, seems to be most people who play video games. Ironically, a lot of the gripes people have about sloppy game design could be solved if these individuals would stop pre-ordering games, paying for games that are garbage, and in this instance, not paying for mods.


    2. actually the older people are more likely to fall for an online scam, doesn’t matter if its emails, online shops or sim racing.


      1. Yeah im not talking pensioners and baby boomers,that thinks the net is black magic, fuck I do refurbs at a retirement village at mo, and I tell ya I could propally scam entire village, baby boomers are fairly dim witted fuckers, greedy cunts too, the fuckers paid too little taxes to support their social needs,grown up on teh back of their war parents good deeds and now they raise taxes to pay for the old cunts, and strip any possibility that my gen will get same great perks they get, my poor kids will still have a tax bill paying for fucking boomers in their working lifes.

        Im I getting a little of topic?


  8. >CTRL+F Skyrim

    What if AC suddenly gone Skyrim regarding pay mods? Or has it happened yet?

    Once again (and given this site’s hypocritical stance on ripped cars) there is something even worse: there is a guy on GTPlanet who wants to create a racing game for Vita (as a boxed product/PS Store download) – and he uses ripped cars from GT4 (and possibly mobile games).


  9. Really sad about this blog post because it’s the truth, aspec878 has been hurting the community for a long time. I’ve reworked some cars myself and people actually like what I do but I feel like I hurt the community myself. I never charged anyone to buy my conversions or any of my other mods where I’ve helped with scratch models. But the thing is I have tought some
    People on how to convert and they started CHARGING money , selling forza models and some other random models from other games


  10. One of the many things I warned against when payware mods started appearing in sim racing titles…

    Dangle the carrot of an easier way to survive in front of a desperate person and they’ll take it…

    There’s no way of policing it, it’s time to stop supporting payware mod teams and right the ship, or abandon it and find another hobby…


  11. Modders have been saying this for many years, people have been just too blind to see issues further down the road.

    The first mistake is to believe that the sim-racing community is ready for “payware mods”. This is naive, on the verge of insane. 🙂
    This community is not as serious, organized, or near the maturity and wealth of flight-sim, train-sim or sub-sim communities. Probably will never be.
    The sim-racing community is not one to deal with this, no matter how much anyone tries to hit with sweet faithful thoughts behind the practice. Beyond a really small minority of pseudo-elite wealthy guys, who may already spend thousands every year in things like specialized sim-racing hardware (or other boutique stuff), you don’t have a loyal and mature community able to sustain this, or capable of controlling it.

    Here’s some food for thought, on this matter….

    Scenario #1:
    One modder has given permissions to another one, in a time when such bits and parts where always considered as freeware (like we have atm) but, now with such business practices, the original modder will not give permissions under a payware situation.
    Still, his content gets to be used for it anyway, for profit of someone else.
    How is this crap going to be controlled?

    Scenario #2:
    My sounds (good and bad) have been ripped up and down across different titles arenas, even mixed with other sounds, by people that -they think- can trick and disguise these bad practices.
    Who says that these guys can’t sell materials that aren’t theirs to “payware mod-teams”, who believe are acquiring material from the original creator? [SIZE=”1″](or maybe they do know it isn’t, frak knows)[/SIZE] Not to mention bigger parties, like commercial dev-teams?
    Now, shall I presume that, if I see a payware mod with ripped sounds of my original creation (in its completion or parts of it, modified or not), that I may have enough room to get into legal action (including lawsuit?) against the offender(s) that packed the mod, as well as the thief that takes credit (and money) for it?
    And how can I?

    Note that when I take example of my sounds, an infinite number of other similar examples can be used regarding other type of assets, like graphics (3d models, 2d textures) and huge etc, from so many other modders out there.

    I can go on in indefinite number of scenarios and, I’m sure, so could you.

    There’s no way this can be controlled. Hell will freeze over before that happens.

    I hope anyone reading this can think about it, consider the ramifications in the matter, and the absurdly HUGE can of worms that “payware mods” can open if and when they become the norm (and not just a simple trend) in communities where they don’t have a secure or controlled background to be dealt with.

    Understand that one thing is having such type of people having sneaky ways of dealing with other people’s artwork (i.e, stealing assets, including from other modders) which is bad enough already in a fully freeware scenario of modding, as we’ve had in the past.
    Another completely different thing is having this ugly practice in a “payware mods” scenario, which will allow a bunch of oportunists with no ethics or principles to take on it really badly, exploit it, finding loopholes, and in consequence a whole different level of modding sh!tstorm happening.

    And it doesn’t matter if it’s a terrific and serious commercial dev group buying mods to included in their game (like ISI and KS are doing now), or a smaller less known 3rd party group/entitity buying assets for their own payware mods reselling. It can still go tits-up either way.

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  12. You forgot Assetto Garage. A bunch of spanish “modders” who also rip and sell models stolen from other people and/or games.
    They were known for the RallyWorld mod for rFactor 1. On the upside it had a huge carlist which would make every rally fan happy. On the downside, 97% of the cars included in that mod have garbage physic, same sounds for a lot of cars (Ever heard a Subaru WRC sounds like a Peugeot 106 GrA? Yep. They’ve done it), unfinished cockpits for almost all the cars, lot of random bugs and models so heavy because of poor optimization they would be great for a ‘yo mama’ joke. And don’t get me started on the origin of the models. Most of them are ripped directly from Richard Burns Rally mods, a lot from commercial games such as Dirt 1/2/3 and WRC 2013/14/15 and others are simply stolen from elsewhere.

    But wait, there’s more!

    At one point they decided that a huge mod with hundreds of rally cars wasn’t enough, so they started ripping and converting and stealing cars which had absolutely nothing to do with rallies. There were GT1/2/3 cars, SuperGT cars, LMP1/2 cars, old prototypes stolen from FM3 and 4 and the list goes on for another 20 minutes. Of course the quality is garbage like the rally cars, so that those cars are good only for taking screenshots and nothing else.

    But wait, there’s more! (pt2)

    One day they took down all links because a private league started charging people to race in their series using the RW mod, but with improved stuff to make that garbage mod at least driveable without jumping 300ft in the air just by touching a wall. Of course the original “modders” weren’t happy, wrote a lengty message on their Facebook page saying in poor words that they were disgusted (!) by this league behaviour and they closed up shop. Only to reopen it a couple of weeks later with a new name. Assetto Garage.

    But wait, there’s more! (pt3)

    As they weren’t done yet by destroying and ruining racing simulations with their garbage mods, they moved to Assetto Corsa by starting to convert some of their rally cars and then they moved up with the GT and LMP cars aswell as historic cars (Again, stolen from other modders and from GTL). And the best part is that they want you to pay €5 in order to access the precious download link with all the cars in it. Thankfully a lot of them were leaked out, but the funny thing is that if you go to their Facebook page today, you will notice that they have started to release some of those cars for free with the phrase “Please respect”.

    Respect what? As a modder myself with 7+ years of experience behind my back I am disgusted by these people. I had 1 mod ready to be released to the public and another one closely following up, but thanks to all this payware garbage, I will never ever release anything else. I don’t want to see my time wasted on something that will be ripped and stolen and sold by someone else who has absolutely no clue about modding or even just writing in proper english with the only words being able to be put togheter without using Google Translate are insults towards whoever exposes them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Say what you want about Alexander Showmebest but atleast he puts decent work into his mods physics and sounds. Despite ripping the model from Porsche’s website.

      Asseto Corsa Mods Italia would put up links for his cars all the time. I posted to them a while back maybe they should stop posting the download links to these cars are payware, and they basically said to me “lol”

      The whole mod’s for AC has turned into a complete fuck fest beyond what anyone ever believed it would be. Its filled with assholes selling Forza cars with 10% complete physics and other assholes selling or sharing other modders assets that they dont have the right to do so.



    The answer is easy, sports people tend to have lower average IQ. Of course this is also directly related to racing games. But in racing games, a lot can be also explained with average age of the hobbyist, that mostly consists of kids.

    So airplanes/flight and trains have tendency to spark interest for more intelligent people, like engineers and geeks generally. Obviously these communities have more abilities to handle stuff like payware modding.

    So have fun with your kindergarten.


    1. I agree, as a big flight\milsim guy too, I find no where near the immaturity in these communities that thrives with race sims,generally speaking flight\milsims there’s just no room for shitsters take hold, as the average punter is a lot more onto the ball with not only spend\wanting, but with understanding what quality is, therefore BS gets arseholed out fast.

      it’s kinda interesting as a long time arma\flashpoint player that use to be a niche combined arms sim, has now been overrun with kids for zombie and GTA mods, and guess what? the modding has gone to utter shit, ppl charging for not only mods but server access, extremely popular mods like A3:life outright stealing and ripping mods and IP’s THEN selling it and server access, and long long term well respected modders have literally walked away, all because of fucking arsehole semi retarded teens, this has happened so fast its unreal, I see no diffrence than whats happening here, and decent modders will go private\leagues and we will be watching quality mods on youtube wishing we could play it.


      1. Lol, yeah how I got me big break in sims, old man had private license, and had some of the the first flight sims around,commercial pilots HAVE to run on the big sims every few months and one mistake it’s suspension.


    2. Agree, my Uncle has a great flight sim setup at home, 3 x 42″ LCD’s with rudder pedals and flight stick straight out of a chopper that cost more than my whole racing rig (Oculus included), but the reason he does it besides his passion for computing and aircraft is that he’s also a pilot. I have noticed that flight sims generally go hand in hand with pilots or people training to become pilots while racing simulators generally go hand in hand with autism.


    1. If anyone has a C6 mod that’s not the C6.R please, please, please get it out there. So far the Z06 above and this stupid payware drop-top GS ( are the only ones I’ve seen; I’ve seen people begging in all kinds of places for a proper C6, and as an owner myself I ought to be able to help get the power.lut and transmission files right, though physics is another matter entirely.


  14. It’s funny how the post about the F1 1967 wonders if they got permission from Slimjim, considering that Slimjim didn’t get permission from GPLEA in the first place. He asked after he’d converted the models (somewhat poorly); we said no because the quality wasn’t to our standard; he went released them anyway.


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