Reiza Studios fail to understand how Sim Racers are playing Stock Car Extreme

GSC 2015-05-02 16-35-14-69It was only a few short days ago we reported on Brazilian based Reiza Studios pulling a complete 180 regarding their intentions with this summer’s IndieGoGo campaign. Originally intended to use the community’s $100,000 to bring free additional content to Stock Car Extreme, as well as a new title in 2017 powered by DirectX 12, there has been a sudden shift in direction. Reiza plan to release a stop-gap title in the coming months, repackaging Stock Car extreme into an IP that can appeal to a wider audience. The title will have no new features or engine changes, introduce premium DLC, and have a shelf life of less than one year.

While 95% of financial backers support this sudden shift, as the move is intended to ensure economic stability for the small development team, sim racing elder statesman EmptyBox has blasted the decision, citing implications of a greedy cash grab with no real benefit.

However, buried deep within the gigantic announcement thread is a peculiar post by Reiza themselves. Stock Car Extreme established itself as a spiritual successor to the original rFactor thanks to tire model, force feedback, and graphics updates, yet Reiza apparently want no part of that.



49b50After previously lending their expertise to the third party modding community on numerous occasions, as well as an overwhelming amount of mod sites and leagues switching to the Stock Car Extreme platform because it’s pretty fuckin’ good, suddenly Reiza want to distance themselves from the “stigma” of rFactor.

Even poster boy Rubens Barrichello has dropped the default content in favor of participating in an online league featuring the 2012 Blancpain Endurance series mod – an rFactor conversion that Reiza themselves would deem “out of place.”

gt3Not only are Reiza now chasing after the almighty dollar, they are completely unaware how people are playing their game in the first place.


22 thoughts on “Reiza Studios fail to understand how Sim Racers are playing Stock Car Extreme

  1. Reiza is on the decline. With this decision, and now with a very buggy 1.50 update, I’m not so convinced they’re the good guys anymore. Oh well.


  2. Reiza didn’t do any tire model or FFB updates.
    SCE is literally an rFactor mod with a few plugins. Even those graphics updates have been done for rFactor years ago in the form of shader packs.


  3. Oh look it’s yet another developer saying stupid things and making bad choices. To think some once considered Reiza the “good guys” in sim racing. Give me a break. They’re after the cash just like that madman Ian Bell and the incompetent Italians over at Kunos. It just wasn’t as obvious until now.

    Reiza say they want to shake off the “stigma” of rfactor…when their game is basically an upgraded rFactor and has been quite successful. What an odd statement.


  4. Renato is just telling it like it is, just like Ian Bell and Stefano Casillo tell it like it is.

    If you don’t like it – find another hobby or set up your own development team.


    1. Even Tim Weathley says the same. Though most people who complain about rf2’s practices don’t post much in rf2 forums about that subject.


    1. Likewise.

      Article is a fine example of ‘cherry-picking’ on PRC’s part, those doctored screencaps without showing the actual responses & explanations to Emptybox’s posts just for starters – Not to mention of all 4 links provided here, most of which are just space/word-killing duplicates btw, link nowhere to Reiza51 or the thread in question – which PRC is usually good about sourcing their shit, but clearly not this time.

      ‘PretendJournalism’ fits this quite well.

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  5. Total 180? No.

    SCE will be renamed. That’s the basics of it – everyone that owns it will have the reiza2015. Nothing have changed at all.

    Also regarding modding, one of the screenshots you have, explains the whole modding thing.
    They get stuff from ISI, but they may not make a total ‘copy’ of rF/rF2.

    I like it when this site actually dares to say things no one else does.

    But I bloody hate it when things are made just to get people angry/to get an uproar… or just flat out lies… And not bothering to change “articles” when they are wrong.

    PRC should be careful with telling lies about people/companies in close relation to were they are based.
    It’s ‘safe’ to keep messing with things outside N/A as police outside will usually find it way too much work when they have to co-op with police in other continents when it’s not terrorism or childs.

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    1. Don’t spread misinformation. The exact quote is “we most likely would deliver the base of Reiza2015 free of any charge for everyone that already owns Stock Car Extreme”.

      While similar, it’s not nearly the same thing as “Reiza2015 will be given to all owners of Stock Car Extreme, full stop.”


      1. Are you basing this on PRC or Reiza51?

        Renato Simioni on Page 10 of the discussion.
        ” every car and every feature that was proposed in the campaign, along with everything that is in SCE now would be included in Reiza2015, and that package would be free for everyone that owns SCE. There´s no catch there.”

        There are no “most likely” there.

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  6. We’re missing some facts here. So this is from the horses mouth.

    The crowdfunding campaign was to develop GSCE only. It does not fund the development of Reiza2017 – that was just offered as a perk.

    There is extensive extra functionality to be added in the crowd funding campaign, and the crowd funding does not cover all of that development either.

    This list of promised functionality can be found on indiegogo, and we are not necessarily limited to just that:

    The plan is to simply package all of that up, and basically rename GSCE in a way to give that upgraded content the maximum potential in sales. We need to make money to keep doing this. Okay on steam that will be a new product but every single owner of GSCE will get a free copy of it, confirmed.

    The reason for modding situation is very clearly stated by Renato in that screen. You can take that however you like. But the fact of the matter there isn’t anything that we can do about that.


    1. The guy that write this stuff likes to spread wrong info or not be clear about what he said so people can get the wrong idea. He really makes it sound like the crowdfund was for Reiza17 while Reiza themselves said it isn’t and even with the crowdfund didn’t cover 100% of the updates they wanted to do for SCE because it would cost a lot more.
      The worst (or funniest) part is that even with all the problems that is making Reiza move to a “new” sim people still believe SCE is just a mod for rFactor xD
      I bet the owner os the site writes some of the comments posted here just to try to cause more controversy. What a sad life…..


  7. Yeah still waiting for a reply from James on this one too. As Alex has clearly informed us all of what the situation is I’m hoping that James is going to write a follow up to clear the misunderstanding.


    1. Instead all Austin did was to make a new “article” using the “journalist” skills to state something wrong, yet again.
      How surprising.


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