Reader Submission #57 – Why are certain sites ignoring the 2015 BTCC mod for rFactor 2?

12068973_1676501955907135_393683542600346689_oYou know how these work by now, as it’s time for another Reader Submission here at Today’s mail comes from longtime reader and comments section shit disturber Hash, wondering why a fantastic 2015 BTCC mod is being completely ignored by many other sim racing publications.

12079515_1676502569240407_4931343856944022266_nHey mate, first time submitting something to PRC. It’s Hash, and you’ve probably seen me a whole bunch in the comments section. Just thought I’d mention something maybe worth writing about. Just more bullshit evidence of BSim Racing and VirtualR shilling, if that still matters to you.

Anyways, I’ve found a very awesome 2015 British Touring Car Championship mod for rFactor 2 by SimRacingForLife.

I thought this mod was locked behind a league wall when I first saw it, but found out recently it’s actually a public release, and the tracks they have available are pretty high quality as well. So I decided to search BTCC on BSim Racing and VirtualR, no surprises there mate and you can see for yourself, three stories about the BTCC Honda in rFactor 2, and about a million previews of one BTCC car in Assetto Corsa – the 1998 Nissan Primera. Not one mention of the very good BTCC mod linked above.

tc compWithout being a dick, I could say that the team behind the rFactor 2 BTCC mod were very quiet about the release and can’t be assed “marketing” their mod to all the proper news sites. However, if I put a cynical hat on, things seem really dodgey. In Europe, especially the United Kingdom, the BTCC and sister series the WTCC are HUGE. Both series have large European audiences, and in the comments of many 1999 Primera articles, there are a bunch of people saying “I wish there was a full BTCC mod to download.”


I refuse to see how this was missed by European based sim racing websites. To me, it really looks like these guys thought it would be a MAJOR drawing card to rFactor 2 if this mod was publicly announced. I know for a fact people would buy rFactor 2 solely for this pack, and they know this. It doesn’t make sense to me. Either way, this BTCC mod should have a lot more exposure. It’s up there, if not better than R3E’s very popular WTCC packs.

No idea if this interests you, but it’s annoyed me a bit. Everyone’s wanting a BTCC pack, there’s a really good one available for rFactor 2, and it’s like the proper news sites are ignoring it.

wimWell, you’re not wrong to jump to certain conclusions. I mean, as much as the theory about sites like VirtualR and BSim Racing are pushing modders to switch to Assetto Corsa sounds like something formed out of a late night trip on magic mushrooms, the screenshots don’t lie. Barely a peep about rFactor 2’s Honda Civic, but we’re subjected to three pages of 1999 Nissan Primera articles on VirtualR alone, a third party mod that is still largely a work in progress.

And then you have the shot above from BSim Racing owner Wim saying that rFactor 2 is currently “not up to standards with Assetto Corsa,” and of course over the months here at we’ve pretty clearly displayed which title isn’t worth your time.

wimwimwim2We can sit here and debate until we’re blue in the face over which game is better (hint: there’s a reason why ISI software is used both in commercial applications, and by serious online leagues), but here are the facts:

  • The guy running  BSimRacing openly says he prefers Assetto Corsa over rFactor 2, and doesn’t really say why.
  • There are an influx of Assetto Corsa modding articles on both VirtualR and BSim Racing. Can’t deny the screenshots.
  • Rumors exist of Kunos Simulazioni paying mod teams to make the jump to Assetto Corsa, and helping out with third party mods such as the Shelby Cobra, Lamborghini Muira, and Mazda 787B.
  • When a mod people are genuinely interested in is released for rFactor 2, instead we are drowning in articles about some Assetto Corsa mod that isn’t even finished yet.

However, all is not lost. OnWheelsTV indeed reported the launch of the 2015 BTCC mod, but I’m not entire sure how many people go there on a daily basis compared to heavyweights like VirtualR and BSim.



74 thoughts on “Reader Submission #57 – Why are certain sites ignoring the 2015 BTCC mod for rFactor 2?

  1. I actually was more interested in getting news of this AWESOME mod out into public sim sphere,then shit stirring, so decided to look if been mentioned elsewhere thinking Id been slow, but wow, not one mention, after all the BS about “rf2 lacks content” which IMO is utter BS, we have eurocentric sites completely ignoring a full very good legit BTCC mod, and ZERO mention of it or its dev, its also worth mentioning same guys have some AWESOME tracks too, again completely ignored, I really don’t get it, especially as most these sites have shopwn to have vistors very interested in BTCC, I could actually find a few RF2 mods that just don’t seem to get ANY limelight, but this was by far the most obvious one, sucks.


  2. Sites aren’t reporting it because mod is rough and full of illegal content, namely cars from Copa de Marcas that are obviously the wrong model, and left-hand drive. The 1999 Primera is an extremely high-quality work made by a professional. Hash is a fucking dipshit. Once again PRC shits all over the legitimate modding community while reporting on shitty, broken, ripped mods instead.

    “Rumors exist of Kunos Simulazioni paying mod teams to make the jump to Assetto Corsa”

    You’ve gone fucking insane.

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    1. cant say if its ripped or not from a free game,did have a thought about that, however its not “rough” that’s for sure ya cock muncher, and how about the tracks, those “rough” rips too?


      1. If they didn’t create the models and don’t have permission from the creators then they are ripped, you fucking moron.

        The tracks already existed. If you’re talking about Croft and Thruxton then those were already reported on by VirtualR years ago. Everything else are shitty, old, rough rips.

        Is it a race to the bottom between rFactor 2 fanboys or something? You’re a fucking dipshit who can’t tell if he’s driving a hugely inaccurate ripped car, and can’t even feel a low-poly track mesh


      2. Argh fuck off ya gutless twat, 2 possible rips from a free isi powered game,MAYBE, the rest you cant find in any sim, regardless its a good mod used by many leagues it appears, have you even looked ya muppet, there’s ton more TOP QUALITY tracks including Knockhill,de jerez,Slovakiaring,ASSEN TT,silverstone 75 etc etc etc, but call me names all you want ya cunt muffin uppity fuck wit.


      3. “more TOP QUALITY tracks including Knockhill,de jerez,Slovakiaring,ASSEN TT,silverstone 75 etc etc etc”

        Those are all conversions of either ancient rFactor 1/GPL tracks, or a Simraceway rip in the case of Assen. Is that really all you have?


      4. Conversions? like the vast vast majority of mods for AC? they are still quality tracks ya wanker,vast amount of pcars content is shift 2 rips, whats ya point, the slovak track Ive been thrashing lately, beautiful track, like they all are, I instant uninstall crappy mods ASAP, can fill a hard drive with crap, but keep trying your best to discredit a decent mod and mods because they are for RF2, almost sounds like a agenda.


      1. James that kind of comment is a bit extreme. It a bit over the top tinfoil hat level of conspiracy, i dont think kunos has the money for that kind of stuff. i bet they are in debt with the number of licenses they keep getting.


  3. Actually there a 2 teams doing this BTCC.. i have try them both but i prefer ISI Honda..its fun to grid them as ai but the Honda will smoke them after 2nd lap.


    1. Haven’t seen anythign of sort, the honda runs fine with the mod, infact Id take a guess and say the mods base is the honda, keep in mind the honda does dominate real btcc, its won 4 of the 5 last champs, the mod works wonders.


  4. Bsim is shilling on AC? Let’s get down to numbers then.

    From 1 October 2015 to 11 November: there are 13 news about updated official/mod content for rFactor 2.
    For the same time period, there are 8 for Assetto Corsa.

    Now for virtualr: 15 for rf2 and 11 for ac.

    >Rumors exist of Kunos Simulazioni paying mod teams to make the jump to Assetto Corsa, and helping out with third party mods such as the Shelby Cobra, Lamborghini Muira, and Mazda 787B.

    FLASH NEWS: Kunos did bought cobra 427 s/c, Miura, audi sport quattro mods directly from the community to integrate in their game.
    How is kunos paying mod teams to jump to AC? First of all, they are individuals who made those models, not mod teams. Second, those individuals were going to just release their mod for AC, but Kunos instead bought the rights to those mods to make them into official content. Those people were already releasing their mods for AC, how did it end up in Kunos paying those modders to come to AC? top lol, makes no sense, only if the article writer has some agenda to twist happenings. Cobra and miura were already released as mods for everyone, the audi was only a 3d model.
    And the mazda 787b is still a mod, no indication that they will integrate the car officially in the game.


      1. But since you have a vendetta against AC, you still post it anyway, even if you know yourself it doesn’t correspond to the truth. Chill… lel.


      2. You stopped doing proper research and interpret that research without bias, at least for the titles that aren’t iracing. But for the titles that aren’t iracing, there isn’t much to grab on, as you know iracing and their community inside out and not the others.


      3. Proper research warranted three goddamn pages of Nissan Primera articles.

        Proper research warranted the head of a sim racing news site saying Assetto Corsa was the superior modding platform. I mean, shit, that’s great we’re getting another version of the DRM mod either way, but can you tell us what’s so special about it coming to AC instead of rF2? Oh, “superior graphics and sound?” Wait… those aren’t reasons people play racing sims… Shouldn’t it be “physics and functionality?”…

        Proper research warranted several people discussing interest in a full field of BTCC cars, but no mention of the BTCC mod for rFactor 2 that’s publicly available. If you wanna play the illegal rips card and start picking apart each individual mod for ripped and/or stolen content, things go to hell pretty quickly.

        Proper research warranted one of these news sites is owned by a guy who works for Slightly Mad Studios.

        Proper research warranted that Patrik Marek, the guy behind the Primera project, ALSO has done a bunch of work for Slightly Mad Studios. You know, the Marek prototypes? Yep, that’s him. His modding platform of choice when not building cars for SMS? Assetto Corsa.

        Proper research warranted Kunos helping out with a surprising amount of third party mods compared to other developers, demonstrating a type of closeness with the community that hasn’t really been seen before – a reason why many sim racers hold them in high regard.

        Roll everything together and it’s a lot of damning evidence in plain sight. Don’t want people to come to these conclusions? Operate in a way where they’ll never arise in the first place.


      4. But I still don’t understand why you’re having a go at Assetto Corsa? You’ll need to search inside you for this hatred. It irritates you? Yea we get it why you might not like it, because for you it doesn’t have certain features you found in other games. But is that reason for such hatred towards AC, Kunos, and AC community? Every time you talk about “I can’t even pick my skin in multiplayer”, it sounds like someone is ripping your soul and how dare they not letting you pick the skin you want in mp.

        You complain about DRM mod in AC?! I don’t know if you knew, but the motivation to stop doing the mod for rf2 came from the relation between DRM and rf2’s community some long time ago. But you’re still having a go at Assetto Corsa, and the reason is incomprehensible.

        ps. you got irritated when I used the word “proper? I guess you didn’t see yourself, sev, ass, hex when talking about AC. Just notice how many times they use the word “proper” when attacking Assetto Corsa.


      5. “superior graphics and sound?” confirmed Rene Rast vids hotlapping Nords both in Pcars n AC.. “physics and functionality?Still waiting Rene to upload his rf2 hotllapping with Kunos rip


      6. So, what, if modders think AC has superior physics then they’re just wrong because ass0c said so? It’s got plenty of features rf2 doesn’t, just because there’s no smug post listing 30 of them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


      7. “So, what, if modders think AC has superior physics then they’re just wrong because ass0c said so?”

        Which modders? only thing I hear about modding AC is its easier, which makes sense with it, being a simpler physics model, with less features you have to work on , convert\rip\make model, enter some values from a base vanilla car , boom ya done.


  5. No agenda, just very disappointed Ive missed this for so long while looking at the hundredth “preview” of other mods, Ive stayed fairly natrual on these sites accused biasm, however this was first time I personally had a thought that something not right,I never made accusation about AC buying mods or anything that’s editors thoughts, rf2 gets less time, I just see certain RF2 mods completely left outta loop, for a constant stream of previews of mods, ive seen a million times.

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    1. There are several interesting mods for AC also left out, either in cars and tracks, or maybe apps/sounds etc. But more importantly cars and tracks. So the same happens with rf2.

      You can yourself take a look that basically the same 3 mods are being rehashed every month. Nissan btcc (patrik marek), porsche 962 (patrik sander), porsche 917/30 (the_meco). I put them in order of frequency. Though meco’s mod last update was just somewhere in September.


    2. “I just see certain RF2 mods completely left outta loop”

      Which ones specifically? More “Sim Racing for Life” mods like this one? They’re the only regular modders for rFactor 2 these days, and all they do are rips. There are simply very few legitimate rFactor 2 mods.


    1. It was a email to james commenting on this, I thought may be interesting to look into, wasn’t supposed to be a user submission or even news by itself, not that I mind, at least ppl that like me wanted some BTCC action and never knew about it, will be playing now.

      PS fuck you ya gutless cunt anon, amazing how many fuckers willing to insult me over pointing out a BTCC mod that no one appeared to know about, but clearly smart cunts like you got it all over me, james is clearly doing something right if he’s not only got “Anonymous geniuses” visiting like ya self, but commenting too, thanks for your contribution.

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  6. Legitimate Assetto Corsa mods never reported on by VirtualR or BSim Racing:

    Koenigsegg One:1
    2012 Dallara Formula 3
    1998 McLaren Formula 1
    1998 Ferrari Formula 1
    1991 Jordan Formula 1
    Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
    Peugeot 504
    Wakefield Park
    Countless sound mods
    Jaguar XJ12C ETCC (BSim did report)
    Lancia Fulvia (Bsim did report)

    Legitimate rFactor 2 mods never reported on by VirtualR or BSim Racing:

    Oregon Raceway Park


      1. Of course James would like the false comment that confirms his worldview, while ignoring the comment that comprehensively proves his ridiculous conspiracy false.


      2. Says he doesn’t have a vendetta against AC, but likes every comment that talks bad on it.

        This reminds when Associat0r kept putting likes to every comment he saw when people talked bad about AC on virtualr and bsim, especially from hex. -_-


      3. You don’t have to because that’s not the point. You are targeting Assetto Corsa at every opportunity, just like associator and hexagramme. Your likes are just one sided. You’ve put in your head that everything that breaths AC is bad, so you think you must defend people from AC.


        1. Guess you weren’t here in May for the pCars news blowout, or the iRacing stuff from a month ago where we dove deep into the legality of the EULA. I mean, we spent months warning people about pCars, that’s literally how the site gained traction in the first place.

          Oh, almost forgot the NASCAR 2003 guys chasing after that dude from Portland. And then there was the huge article on R3E telling the devs to abandon the project, even though the game was basically a free gift from Sector 3.

          Hmm, what else… I think I told people not to buy NASCAR 15 the day the first trailer was released. F1 2015 was so buggy I basically just linked all relevant YouTube videos of the game bugging out over the span of a few days.

          Oh, not only did we rip apart WRC with clickbait titles such as “my bad, WRC 5 will probably suck” and “someone should probably tell the FIA how bad WRC 5 is”, we also ran a spotlight on some Russian shill convinced the game was the second coming of Jesus.

          But yeah, we TOTALLY have a vendetta against AC. Ok then. More like we don’t drink the Kool-Aid offered to us.


      4. You’re better than that, why can’t you figure out for yourself that reviewing negatively all those games doesn’t invalidate you having a go at Assetto Corsa, and using every opportunity to impose your bias against it. At every opportunity includes older things or things from reader submissions that are wrong but you still talk about them, just to have some content to talk about.

        Of course games aren’t all roses.. Otherwise every title would have 10/10 from everyone and every reviewer. It just doesn’t mean the game is unplayable, or shouldn’t be considered worth of your time, or you shouldn’t report game issues, or continue buying dlcs and helping to keep the game active and developed.

        But just because games aren’t 10/10, they shouldn’t face an anti-campaign that has an agenda of putting people away and basically trying to convince people that the game you are currently playing is bad and unworthy, so we shit on your preferences because for us the game isn’t worth your time so you only play what we approve.. which means no sim racing game. But let’s advertise to everyone that you must play nascar03 because in our opinion it does all right.

        You just shit on people’s preferences, for no sim in particular, but all in particular. For example saying y doesn’t have proper (oh that word again) support for racing leagues but game x has. So game y is bad and broken. So you basically just shat on the preferences of a group of players that doesn’t have interest in leagues but they prefer offline or public mp for occasional play. But for your preference in leagues, everyone that doesn’t care about such features is a shill.

        Well, game y still has pro (pro as in highly competitive/skilled) leagues. But you’re still relying on some old memory or what someone just told you some time ago, and you’re still carrying the same thought. Is the same thing when SimHQ said AC online is dying/dead, but they failed to see that people only stopped racing there at simhq, and they picked up online/league racing elsewhere, like ACRL (assetto corsa racing league on reddit), and other communities (there is a league section in ac forum). In fact the pro competition in AC is happening at ACRL, it even has skilled drivers that used to compete at racedepartment, but even they failed to see why their numbers dropped for AC in particular.


  7. “Proper research warranted the head of a sim racing news site saying Assetto Corsa was the superior modding platform”
    Wim is also a modder who has released a mod for rFactor 2. To him and everyone else in the modding scene it’s blindingly obvious that AC is easier to mod than rFactor 2, and has a much larger audience. Thus AC is the superior modding platform. This isn’t because of any “arcade” bullshit either, rFactor 2 is simply too complex to work with for modders. Even ISI are only just getting their heads around it and the data required for their tire model.

    “If you wanna play the illegal rips card and start picking apart each individual mod for ripped and/or stolen content, things go to hell pretty quickly.”
    No? You simply don’t cover the mods that have someone else’s polygons and textures, which are very easy to check. There are plenty of entirely legitimate mods out there, do you not believe that to be the case or something?

    Patrik Marek doesn’t particularly like Assetto Corsa, he just likes how moddable it is. His mod is also coming to rFactor 2.

    Is Kunos helping out modders a bad thing?

    How is any of this at all “damning evidence”? Are you trolling us?

    Oh wait. Everything now makes perfect sense.


    1. CLASSIC wtf has that to do with sim racing? ya fucking cunt, here we go agian, chracter assassination, how about you set up ya own blog put your name out there and refute James storys? that just make too much sense lets troll through his history, hey better yet why dont you race him, 1v1 rek him all that shit lol, fucking pathetic little cunt


  8. Simracingforlife is not responsible for the mod. It is just a rf2 fan page that posts news and content about rF2. I’m the owner of the page and I did help out with beta testing and promoting the mod, the cars are not scratch made but have had months of graphical and physical updates with more to come, including a couple more models in time. The main modder is doing this for a hobby and as a big fan of btcc should be praised for his physics work so far.
    A while ago I got frustrated at the lack of coverage of my favourite title on the main sim news sites and fed up of all the graphics whores hijacking every rf2 item and turning any discussion into a shit slinging festival. I decided personally to boycott vR and any other sim news site that SMS or Kunos were cosy with. But rather than sit and sulk or post a load of complaints I started my own page, dedicated and totally biased to rF2 which is made clear, because of this I have zero arguments about which sim is better etc.
    I can understand those news sites not reporting the btcc mod in question as its source models are from a grey area. However I do know of plenty of other scratch made quality mods and tracks that got completely ignored by vR etc.. But it was around the time the biggest news articles they were posting were about unwrapping a pCars dvd and lots of Ac screenshots……. Probably.


    1. Id pay a lot of money to get those BTCC cars in Assetto corsa but i guess thats out of the question. love the series but its barely getting noticed on the AC side, i dont play rF2 for silly reasons so its not really an option for me.


    So because of this article I head over to vR, out of curiosity to see if anything has changed in the months of my self exile. 1st article I click on about rF2.. A sponsorship deal with some real world sprint cup car. Within 2 comments its a graphics shit slinging fuck fest. Comments that don’t show pCars or Ac in a good light, deleted / moderated. rF2….anything goes, they practically encourage the hate. I think that will be my last visit there.


  10. Typical fucktarded responses. I know over subscribed leagues with over 50 teams and driver swaps for 80 plus participants. I run in 2 leagues on a weekly basis with 35 to 40 fields. Pickup racing may not be the most used aspect of rF2 but I would take league racing over that any day, but that’s just my personal preference. Sure beats the 1st corner wreckfest in other games public lobbies. I am sure rF2 pick up racing will become more popular once it migrates to Steam… More reason to avoid as far as I’m concerned, gamepad and keyboard users trying to get round the 1st corner of a green track on cold rubber and brakes ha ha what a spectacle.


    1. yes the first year from offline steam buyers will do some pickup MP but then they will discontinue for the next year when they see all of those Locked PW league dominate the lobby. and also rfactor2 offline package is kinda lame..there is no PROPER career,championship,series or whatever..clearly gamepad,keyboard n offline career players will avoid this game..


    2. Isn’t a keyboard what AssociatOr uses to asses physics of various racing sims? I’m sure his real world experience really helps him nail down the finer points of the tyre model while pressing the arrow keys.,

      As for which is is the best, they all have good and bad points. The most feature rich IMO is rF2 followed by pCARS. AC, R3E and SCE all have great aspects but lack newer features such as real road, 24 hour time cycles and changeable weather.

      Run what you like and fuxk the rest. Life is too short for squabbles over which dev team is “the best”.


  11. I wanted to do few mp races in rf2 some time ago but there was literally no players online expect in one or two locked private servers.


  12. Guessing it’s all to do with the ripped models in the mod. Aside from that Wim Bries saying stuff should be universally ignored. The bloke is as useful as a toaster in a full bathtub. Complete and utter mong.


  13. The only “problem” with this mod is that it has content converted from other games, which means that mainstream sites will never ever cover it because they are afraid of angering the developers they work for.

    Would you imagine if I sent a message to VirtualR saying that I have the pCARS Audi 90 IMSA GTO converted and running as smooth as a baby’s butt in rF1? They would call Ian immediately who would then hunt me down for the rest of my days driving the Ferrari he wanted to rent for 2 days to people for 10k£ by “funding” his game.

    Jokes aside, mainstream sites only promote scratch made stuff. They don’t want to deal with the consequences of promoting a mod with models converted from different games. Even though, I’m 90% sure that both the Mazda 787B and the Porsche 962C made by that guy with a strange name and promoted on both VirtualR and BSimRacing are converted from Forza Motorsport 4 which would make them look like fools. I have made a comparison of the model showed in the images on the site(s) and the model I have and they match 99%. Only difference is crappier textures and lower lods in my model as rF1 can’t handle 56+ FM4 lodx for cars.

    I also will never ever try to promote my personal projects for rF1 because it’s not worth it if mainstream sites don’t want to deal with this kind of stuff. I run a very small anonymous blog where I post the stuff I release. I don’t ask for people to go and visit it, they can just find it on Google by typing the right keywords. I know for sure it would be the next big hit for rF1. Not because I made it, because honestly I’m a nobody, but because it’s what people wanted in that game for so long they have almost lost hope into seeing it happening.


  14. Guys forget about this game played by no one… and concentrate on the news of the day: PCARS patch 6.0 is out (PC) and it is awesome! 🙂


      1. Shill or Shull, it’s surely a much more important news than one about a mod with ripped cars for an abandoned game.. isn’t it? 🙂


    1. I’ll care about PCars once they fix the damn bug the game ignoring all wheel input any time I enter the Online menu. It’s completely game breaking and makes the game worthless to me.


  15. Truth is that…is a great mod. Avensis, 125i, Cruze and Focus pair really well with ISI’s Civic…maybe the BMW is 2-3 tenth’s slower but funnier to people that prefer RWD.

    Every BTCC’s track is avaliable on Rfactor 2.

    You can also use success ballast, reverse grid and recreate exact conditions of all the 30 races (10 weekends) of the real championship.

    Sounds good to me.


  16. I’ve been racing on AC the last few weeks. Just waiting for rF2 o Steam But after a few hours rF2……
    rF2 gives me more plessure driving! But maybe it’s because I played rF(1) a lot since 2005 in the past.
    Graphics in AC are better, but it’s the driving, FFB, AI etc….for me rF2!
    But I will continue to play the other sims as well in the future, just to see how they progress in time 😉


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