The Launch of rFactor 2 on Steam was a bit of a Disaster

Many thought the arrival of ISI’s rFactor 2 on the popular Valve distrubition platform would bring a host of new changes and improvements to what’s already a very outstanding racing sim, but like iRacing earlier this year, ISI couldn’t figure out how to properly implement the game with all Steam has to offer, and in short, a lot of people aren’t happy. Combing through what some are saying, I’m glad I held off as well. It’s a mess.

rFactor2 2015-09-20 17-37-40-10We have to start somewhere, so let’s begin by pointing out how the game is sold. Currently, there’s a discount on the game, but obviously that will change in the future. The offline-only version of rFactor 2 sells for $40, and a year of online services will run you the price of a movie at $14. The Lifetime Subscription to rFactor 2 jacks up the price substantially, retailing at a whopping $98. This is fucking nuts for a game that doesn’t even have an offline championship mode. Don’t buy this game unless it’s on sale.

Untitled-2To make things even more ridiculous, you cannot upgrade your offline-only purchase into a lifetime online subscription, you MUST continue to buy a new subscription each year if you were wary about the steep cost of Lifetime and bought the basic bitch version instead.

Some believed the jump to Steam would eradicate the online pass altogether, as the entire concept was shit-canned by Electronic Arts years ago due to unanimous outrage from Madden, FIFA, and NHL fans. ISI has instead stuck with the current pricing model, one which forces users to pay extra to access the server browser screen. Is there any special online functionalities that warrant an entirely seperpate purchase for the online purchase of the game? Of course not. You’re paying to access a menu that is totally free to click on in other racing sims.

Moving on, traditionally rFactor 2 comes as a Lite package, and users must hand-pick the exact content they want to download and install into rFactor 2. I actually appreciate this odd-ball approach ISI took, as I’ve never touched the karts or Skip Barber school cars, so I had no reason to let them take up space on my hard drive. The Steam version, on the other hand, automatically downloads all ISI vanilla content by default, and some users have reported certain pieces of content are actually missing. Given some people intentionally keep their rFactor install light on content for various reasons, hence the previous Lite options for both rFactor games, this is bound to upset a decent chunk of the community.

errorsAnd finally, we get to the crashing issues. The Steam forums are already starting to fill up with users who can’t even get the game to work.



Reddit user professor00179 ran into his own set of problems:

profIt’s definitely not a good day over at Image Space Incorporated.


70 thoughts on “The Launch of rFactor 2 on Steam was a bit of a Disaster

  1. I never downloaded the stock cars or the associated update and instead decided to wait for the Steam version (it seemed imminent) just so my install could get unfucked. Despite having to reinstall the lite build with every update (when auto-updates was a subscription-only feature), my install became all sorts of fucked up, with the new UI refusing to work, steering lock being broken, performance plummeting, and eventually some combinations refused to work at all, especially when I threw in night+rain.

    I thought Steam would fix everything since it works perfectly with AC. At least I won’t have to manually download each piece of official content (or updates to the official content) manually one-by-one anymore.


  2. Stuff like this really makes me wonder what ISI has been thinking the last few years with this game. And now the stupidity just continues. The Steam launch was a big opportunity for them and they blew it, just like they did when they first released this a couple years ago. It boggles the mind how a development team can do all this complex physics stuff and when it comes to pricing model and functionality they can drop the ball so badly. This game is dead, although that’s not really news is it?


  3. Seriously it would have made so much more sense for them to just drop the multiplayer fee. Charge £20(after discount) and do dlcs. why do i say this, well DLCs are socially more acceptable then DLCs, this is because a subscription fee for multiplayer feels like you dont actually own something. A dlc however is accepted by many more people in the world(some dont like it but you are a minority so sadly for you deal with it). rF2 dearly needs a series to call its own, like how R3E has DTM, how AC has many GT3 cars, how GSCE has v8 oh wait ignore that. Look how popular the dlc for AC has been, no a larger example, look how popular URD mods have been on all of their platforms. ISI needs a better marketing because they currently dont understand buying habits especially for the many people that are on the edge about buying. I dont care if we get free content due to the current pricing scheme, yes i like free stuff but i want the sim companies to do well and this is massively hampering the potential of such a great game. They didnt even bother to cherry pick their screenshots on steam which they are meant to do, many people on the edge will decide on graphics and rfactor 2 can make much better screenshots. ISI failed to understand once again and they failed to realise that they need to put some effort on gathering players that dont normally buy sims. Its so disappointing.


  4. I Just love driving in rF2!! For me the best there is. I have most of the racesims. I Like most of them. But rF2 is the best for me! Hope the Graphics Will improve over time because AC and pCARS look way better at the moment…
    There is a disscount on Steam now, so it isn’t that expensive atm😀


  5. I got my steam key just fine and the installation went well.

    The only aspect that boggles my mind is the weeks leading up to the steam launch, Tim Weatley was telling the isi fourmites that it was best to have all the mods downloaded and up to date.

    After swapping from the stand-alone rF2 to steam, the entire library of ISI authored mods was downloaded over again!

    What the fuck was the point of me downloading the updated versions of the Camaro, Clio and various track mods when steam downloaded each and every fucker over again.

    The lite build is approximately 350 MB, making the 9.9 GB steam download 9.5 GB worth of mods already sitting on my HDD.

    That ladies and gentlemen is ISI logic at its finest.


    1. First pCars scams people.

      iRacing bans people just for being friends with James.

      Assetto Corsa? Its a hotlap sim. Manchildren defend it to the death for no justifiable reason.

      R3E puts everything behind a paywall.

      F1 2015 was so broken even VVV made a video about it.

      Sim Racers sent Reiza $100,000, only for them to change their minds and re-release rFactor 1 for the 5th time.

      rFactor 2 is now on Steam and nothing works as it should. Oh, and there’s an online pass selling for more than the cost of rival games.

      Easily the worst year in sim racing.


      1. Uhh hang on, don’t forget that Reiza’s new and far more complete engine license.

        They are now free to expand as they see fit (in the exact same basic fashion as rf2, built upon the same starting framework). ISI decided that these sorts of developments warranted releasing rf2 to the shill-inducing delight of many, so I don’t see why Reiza should be held to a different standard.

        There’s going to be a bunch of new stuff being developed and integrated into the basic feature set of their new title while they try to figure out how to firstly use dx12 and then integrate it into something akin to rf2 from a source standpoint. It’s going to take a few people on that team a long time to figure out. Meanwhile, rf2-style enhancements, dirt physics and the like can be integrated in the meantime.

        That’s my take anyways.

        Also, AC MP is the only reasonable option for a quick, somewhat decent race. MP is consistently active around the clock. rf2 SP scales like complete crap and is dead online. There’s some limited league activity. GSCE runs excellently with a ton of a AI (ends up looking and running far better than rf2 when you actually race a decent grid in SP, partly due to proper mgpu support, gsce AI is 95% of the time better than rf2’s un-modded ai also), but really doesn’t have enough online activity to be a viable option, and has similar limited league activity as rf2.

        Let’s be honest, leagues are incredibly time-consuming and seem to be populated with lots of annoying people. It seems to attract a certain personality. I’m not about to deal with that shit just to have a decent battle in a pretend car. I can jump around a couple MP servers in AC and at least have some good races. There’s enough activity and minorating servers around that you really have plenty of options if you aren’t a pedantic American car “masturb” (thank you to Ivan for the phrase).


    2. As expected people are too fucking dense to read the product description and the FAQ.
      All the information is out there, if people just bothered to read it.


      1. Yeah, which is the point behind installing all content straight up. People are used to large downloads on steam, and I bet if they HADN’T have set it to install all, you would see people wondering where all the stuff is, and why it wasn’t included. What other game would exclude the stuff needed to use the product on its download? AC didn’t present me with a blank car selection screen…

        It really is damned if you do, damned if you don’t stuff.


  6. I wish I could say I was surprised by this, but it’s 2015 and this is how games work. Broke as fuck, people get mad, and maybe it’ll eventually get fixed before they move on to something else.


  7. This is why I wait for any sort of ‘release’ or ‘update’ for any game, all the little issues & quirks that come up.
    I’m already not that interested in rF2, I don’t need to waste HD space re-installing duplicates at the lack of someone’s fore-thought, and I’m not willing to wait around until they get things sorted.

    I’ll just give R3E a try if anything, at least that’s free to try.


    1. I’ve found R3E to be a solid sim. The pricing model just sucks but if you can get past that, it’s an enjoyable experience and the content is high quality. Worth a shot.


  8. finally decided to try this rfactor2, no problems at all at installation and playing process. but the pricing model is really confusing. we`ll see..

    the main reason i bought rf2 is modding (it`s a lot simpler and familiar from previous gmotor titles than for AC for example). first frustration – is devmode needs online subscription?


  9. New batch of AC renders in VirtualR posted almost immediately after Rf2’s Steam launch is announced in their site.

    Rf2’s new was for almost 15 minutes the first one.



    1. That was definitely not a deliberate attempt by mad man F1racer to bury the rF2 news ASAP with shitty AC renders.


      Boycott VirtualR if you know what’s good for ya.


  10. The Guild for Impoverished Sim Racers (GISR) demands ISI immediately cease development of rfactor2 and resume development of rfactor so the poor can continue enjoying new things for free.


  11. I do simracing for 15 years now I ve been away for 3 years now (only offline racing) but I have to say that the community sucks now. I wish I could turn back time and the commubity was great…
    For every kid in here,,, rF2 is better for driving than alll the other sims out there! online offline…AC is fun but driving rF2 is better when in comes to driving FFB, AI etc….UI of rF1 is bether then rF2..makes you wonder….what happened the past 10 years! Why???


  12. Does this game have replay? I tried the demo and wanted to see how I drove the car solo and in race, but can’t find any where to watch my replay.


    1. Not directed to you, but I cant help but notice a lot of the loud mouthed critics of rf2 appear to not even own it, judging by the amount of regular sim race forum posters I see “buying now that its on steam”.

      I couldn’t imagine writing up critical posts about a game I don’t even own,shit it appears most of the loudest dip shits (AC\PCARS vocal fans) don’t even own, it doesn’t appear to be just a small amount, kinda ironic when that crowd constantly uses the “Oh if you’re a REAL sim racer you’d own all” think some ppl need to listen to their own advice.


      1. Then they must come from regretting trying the demo or owning the non steam ver. It also may be true that those loudest dip shits (AC\PCARS vocal fans) don’t even own rf2 but they learn from the best from aka assholes Hexx n Assoc..What do u except?


      2. Just confirms my suspicions that the race sim crowd are more akin to the COD\FPS\bro slap culture\fans than the average sim crowd i find in my flight and mil sims.

        Thats a nice and nerdy way of saying race sim community appears to be full to brim with stupid cunts, more interested in graphics and what the market department told them, then simulating racing.


      3. There are obvious criticisms you don’t need to play it to notice, like it has even more scattershot content than AC (1 car per class 95% of the time) and no single player career mode. It’s pretty clear that its use as a commercial simulator is more important to the devs than anything like beginner-friendly gameplay or interface. It’s just meant for people who come at sims from a different angle than I do. That doesn’t make it incomplete or whatever bs, but I’m not going to buy it for the current feature set.


      4. From the french I understand, that article doesn’t mention rfactor. But even if it uses that software to train gt academy winners, doesn’t take any value from other commercial sims. Because gt academy uses a physics software, and then they simulate the car and anything they need. And they could use any other realistic physics simulator.



        “The Nismo Simulator made it’s debut in Spain last week at the launch of Nissan’s brand new Juke Nismo. Manufactured by Base Performance Simulators, the sim is a BPS 2.0 and it is the first one we have designed to be taken to events such as this. Nissan will use the sim at events all over the world and it will also be an integral part of the GT Academy Driver Development Programme, which takes the GT Academy winners and turns them into professional racing drivers.”

        Team VVV 1 year ago
        Its based on RFactor


  13. Why isn’t there an rf2 cracked game on torrent yet? I want to try it out before buying and without having to request a refund first.


      1. after a bit these cars are too bland when driving. The fr 3.5 not so much, but the corvette yes. So I wanted to try the other cars and tracks to see how over estimated they usually are by rf2 fans.


      2. Too bland to drive? far out,you should tell the racing industry of your finding, fast before they continue using ISI software because of bland cars.

        Sex can be bland too if you suck at it.


  14. rf2 nazis (if you search what nazi means, you’ll see they fit in. For example fascists) “complain” that AC’s multiplayer is broken and unplayable. Which isn’t true, but they forget to analyze their game but are more woried about other games.

    For example a new customer to rf2 said this:
    “is it possible to add more filters, e.g. show only servers I have the requiered content installed, filter out servers that run older builds… just basic stuff (I lost my words, the MP experience was just awful so far, found 2 servers I could join out of a total of 50+)”

    How can they have such moral to talk about AC’s mp.. or even James with his online skins. But they see only what they want to see; only bias. My comment here isn’t to say AC’s mp doesn’t need to fix some shortcomings, but rf2’s fascist are too quick to under appreciate it due to their blind bias.


    1. they\we are talking about the terrible netcode AC has, which out off GSCE,RF2,Iraicng and rre is teh fucking worst, but you think because rf2 doesnt have “filters” this isssue is somehow the same fucking league as the terrible netcode ffs?

      you cunts are fuckign unreal, and of course the terrible AI in AC is actually good because some fucking idiot from forza thinks its good, its not even comparable to other sims(pcars maybe), rf2 netcode is only 2nd to iracing if that, try again ya fucking arsehole, getting real sick of you cunts not even appearing to know what the fuck your talking about, if your going try put boot in rf2 aty least pretend you know half of what you talk about.


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