Futuristic, Functional, and Practical: Virtua Simulazioni’s Ferrari F1 Concept

acs 2015-11-14 16-16-38-77Gran Turismo 6 has the Red Bull X1, and now Assetto Corsa has the Ferrari F1 Concept. A third party add-on by Virtua Simulazioni has given us a glimpse of the not so distant future, bringing a futuristic Ferrari-inspired Open Wheel car to the popular PC racing sim. Featuring over 1000 HP, eight gears, and an adjustable turbo setting, the car is a radical departure from the authentic recreations of open wheel cars VS have previously released.

Unlike the Red Bull X1, however, you can actually drive this thing, making it well worth the download.

Usually I’m not a big fan of Futuristic cars, as mod teams will exaggerate downforce, horsepower, and tire values to produce something that would be more at home in F-Zero GX, but Virtua Simulazioni have churned out something that’s grounded in reality. An unholy three-way marriage between Juan Pablo Montoya’s record-breaking 2004 Williams F1 ride, the turbocharged Verizon IndyCars seen on the streets of North America, and modern Le Mans Prototypes which generate massive amounts of downforce, driving the F1 concept at a competitive pace isn’t a completely foreign affair.

It’s fast, but it’s not too fast. The insane amount boost the car generates on corner exit can light up the rear tires, but delicate throttle management isn’t an obligation you’re reminded of multiple instances each lap. Whereas the Red Bull X1 was more of a boss battle unto itself than a realistic vision of the future, the F1 concept is a tangible taste of a victorious Grand Prix car from 2027.

ferrari_f1_concept_render10The standard cockpit layout most hardcore sim racers have grown accustomed to has been re-imagined, without re-inventing the wheel. Like your 2015 Formula One entry, the heads up display is located entirely on the steering wheel. However, shift lights now surround the driver, and a virtual rear view mirror has been installed into the dash. It’s indeed futuristic, but surprisingly, it’s also functional, and dare I say it, practical.

Cockpit visibility is fantastic, with the nose of the car dropping away in a similar fashion to the CART monstrosities of the early 1990’s. Sight lines allow the driver to see much more than they ever have previously in a modern Formula One car, a much-welcomed design change given the speeds have increased tremendously. Eclipsing 320 km/h with ease at tracks such as Mugello and Spa, it’s nice to see where you’re going.

23028357301_1e1909a1aa_kAesthetically, the car is appealing at some angles, and at other times it looks like Dallara had their filthy hands on it. Both the default Ferrari-themed skins, as well as the additional skin pack featuring non-Ferrari liveries, do a great job of distracting people from some of the not-so-flattering angles.

It’s a quality release, and even if these cars usually aren’t your thing, I encourage everybody with Assetto Corsa to give it a shot.

Download the Ferrari F1 Concept HERE.

Download the Alternate Livery Pack HERE.

acs 2015-11-14 15-59-33-39


20 thoughts on “Futuristic, Functional, and Practical: Virtua Simulazioni’s Ferrari F1 Concept

  1. This is the most disgusting article on this god forsaken site I can’t believe how much time you spend just HATING on our hobby. Never one single positive thing to say, not one, and I’m sick of it, James McGee!

    You never say anything nice about anything, just shit all over all the hard work that these people did with negative comments like “Virtua Simulazioni have churned out something that’s grounded in reality” and “It’s a quality release, and even if these cars usually aren’t your thing, I encourage everybody with Assetto Corsa to give it a shot.”

    If you don’t stop posting these absolutely disgusting hitpieces, I’m going to continue coming to your blog complaining about it in every single post because I have nothing better to do with my time than visit a website I hate.

    Oh shit wait I forgot to log out.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. One good did now doesn’t fix his bias from the past and from the present, because is still there. Jamesy boy here just reviewed a car. He didn’t review a game.. because if he did review a game, we already know what he’d say. He said it in the previous article. tl:dr, all game are shit don’t play them, but according to james, you are still allowed to drive the cars in games. So does that tells us games are, in the end, good to play and he recommends them? Because sim racing games are for driving/racing cars. And this article is a review after having driven a car in a sim
        From what I can tell, all sims he despised on his previous article, in fact are able to give you what they advertised, which is to drive/race cars. That is motorsport. Everything else is just extra. And that extra is like, ‘in matters of taste, there can be no disputes’.


      2. Yeah, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, brah.

        You could eat unseasoned, raw ground chuck. You’d get nutrients out of it, tartare steak isn’t a health hazard. Yet, most people want to cook their food. They want to season it. They want to eat it with other foods. Put a big pile of raw, mushed-up ground beef in front of someone on one plate, and a seared, perfectly-seasoned and perfectly-cooked steak on the other plate, and see which people pick.

        Then tell them that the steak is from a michelin-star chef who’s retired–they talked him into cooking just one more steak for tonight before going back home, and the mushed-up, uncooked ground beef alone on its plate is the best chef in the guy the restaurant replaced him with.

        Hey. It technically fills all the needs of food. It’s nutritious, it’s not poisonous, it’ll fill your belly.

        What’s the problem? Why should the new guy keep the level of cookery that the restaurant had already established 15 years ago?


      3. “Yeah, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, brah.” Calling something stupid doesn’t classify it as wrong, bru.

        Because if you have a very good restaurant that serves the best traditional meals in the country, and a new traditional meals restaurant opens in town but they serve reinvented/redesigned trad. meals, is the new restaurant worse because they aren’t following what the other restaurant has been doing for 15 years? It only depends on the customers and how their minds and palate prefer. In the end is the same food, is the same deal: racing cars.


      4. “Yeah, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, brah.”

        I’d have to give that title to “The Holy Bible in Twenty Four Eighteen”


      5. I can’t say that it’s stupider than that, no. It was a pretty bad story, all told, and I really thought I’d pulled it from publication just because it wasn’t worth buying. But if you bought it, good for you! I’ll spend your two dollars wisely.


      6. (lol, I’d forgotten that story existed, even. It’s cute, trying to give me shit about a story I published 2 years ago, and barely worked on. Here’s a tip, since you actually put in the effort to Google me. If you’re ever writing, don’t matter what it is, if it’s worth putting an hour or two into writing it, then it’s worth the hour or two it will take to publish it. Some of my worst stuff has gotten me the most sales, but I don’t usually work under my name, hence the limited catalog.)


      7. Did you realized this is a blog and it still the same persons reading and posting on it? It’s not considered “out there” (hell it’s even banned on those few places where they tried to spam to get some traffic). So don’t be mad.. it won’t affect your business, neither it would affect the game sales or how a game is “perceived” by the real players. 😉


    1. Very possible, firstly wider bodykit so more mechanical grip and balance(apart from bad camber). Very lmp1 sort of bodykit meaning mountains of downforce however the spoiler is very low and straight basically drs is on all the time and that does make it a bit bad mid turn. The SF-15T is faster and i fully expect it to be.


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