Buying the Same Car Three Times Highlights R3E’s Absurd Pricing Model

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When RaceDepartment is forced to write a miniature guide preventing users from getting ripped off by Sector 3’s endless stream of microtransactions in Raceroom Racing Experience, you know a few bad decisions have been made somewhere down the line. While underneath the maze of in-game purchases is a very competent racing sim with a lot to see and do, I’m not a fan of a hand constantly reaching into the wallets of my fellow sim racers. If financial domination is your thing, other hobbies are available which allow for a more outward expression of this inner desire.

Thanks to a combination of licensing agreements and unintentional consequences of the Free to Play pricing model, owners of Sector 3’s most recent game are sometimes forced to buy the exact same car three times, as the GT3 cars in R3E are split between three very distinct classes:

  • 2013 ADAC GT Masters
  • 2014 ADAC GT Masters
  • GTR3


Cars such as the Audi R8, Mercedes SLS AMG, Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Camaro, and BMW Z4 appear across all three classes, right down to the same 3D model and set of physics. Yet thanks to the two ADAC GT Masters expansions, as well as an all-inclusive GT3 class featuring an entirely different set of liveries , those who wish to have at least one car for each of the games three GT3 classes are literally buying something they already paid for.

While there is a slight discount for those who already own, say, one instance of the BMW Z4, the entire scenario causes problems online in a hurry. Hosts do indeed have an option to combine all three classes into one massive selection of GT3 cars, but that option is rarely explored. This is because the community surrounding R3E are split between purchasing full expansion packs – dubbed “Experiences” –  for the best value, or lone pieces of content to keep costs down and in line with the Free to Play model. Some days, you’ll see somebody hosting a GTR3 server, and on other occasions, you’ll see somebody hosting an ADAC server.

By default, cars from one class obviously aren’t compatible with the other – they’re listed as an entirely different type of car – so users are forced to play smart and purchase at least one car in each of the three GT3 categories, as you’ll never know what type of GT3 server will be up each day. In most cases, users will buy the same car for all three in order to stick with something familiar.

As a consumer, this is really shitty, and unnecessarily segregates the already small amount of players racing online.

If I own Shane Van Gisbergen’s GT3 McLaren 12c from the GTR 3 class, I’m not allowed to join online races featuring the 2014 ADAC GT Masters class, because I don’t own the right livery. Oh, there’s a McLaren in the 2014 ADAC class, so there isn’t any slight performance advantage I’d gain, I just don’t own the right color of McLaren. If I own a BMW z4 from the 2013 ADAC GT Masters pack, I ‘m forced to buy ANOTHER BMW z4 GT3 to join servers running the GTR3 class, even though the cars are identical.

This leads to a scenario where I can buy a GT3 car specifically for racing online in GT3 rooms, and at the end of the day still not be eligible to race in GT3 rooms.

Somebody actually gave the thumbs up to this idea.


34 thoughts on “Buying the Same Car Three Times Highlights R3E’s Absurd Pricing Model

  1. This fact is where draw line with rre pricing model, duplicates and skins should not be charged for, this only real issue I personally have with pricing model,when I buy a single car I want all liveries there’s no way in hell i’m buying that separate, and same with dup cars in other series,wish to god they fine tune the model, its really not hat bad apart form these 2 facts, (i was a little bit pissed about Brands too just having short layout, I better get the full when they do it for free

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  2. You forgot the Ford Mustang GT3 which is locked into the “American Nationals” class. Also the Cadillac CTS-V.R that actually raced against GT3 cars in its final years in the Pirelli World Challenge championship. Sector3 locked that car into the GT2 class. What the fuck.

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  3. Shame too because underneath the foolish pricing is a quality sim that I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of. I really think that if they had gone with a more conventional release scheme a hell of a lot more people would play this; it’s a solid product let down by bad sales and marketing tactics. What a shame.

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    1. It really is. RaceRoom is its own worst enemy. They are so good at shooting themselves in the foot with this business model. It NEEDS to change if they want their game to grow.

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  4. So, you’re going to ignore the fact that if you buy a car that’s in, say, the GTR3 class, you can buy the cars for the ADAC classes for the price of a skin?


      1. its not that I apporive of this system. but mores that the term “slight” is very incorrect its a 75% discount that is not slight just fix it in the main post and im happy. yes we are buying the same car 3 times but please put the facts in your article.


    1. When you buy the iRacing Ruf, you get four versions of the car (RWD Road physics, AWD Road physics, Cup physics, GT3 physics).

      When you buy the iRacing Ford GT, you get two versions of the car (GT3 physics, GT2 physics).

      When you buy the RaceRoom SLS, Z4, R8, Corvette or Camaro, you are invited to let Sector3 nickel and dime you even more.


  5. The ADAC 2013, 2014, and GTR3 cars used to be different cars. As in, they were all balanced slightly differently and drove slightly differently. The ADAC 2014 cars for example were slightly faster than the 2014 cars, mostly because of ABS.

    I don’t think that’s the case anymore with the huge physics update that happened very recently. I know that the new physics apply to all the GT3 cars, but I don’t know for sure if they also all got equalized against each other.

    Either way, I don’t think it takes away from the point of the article, which is to say that R3E’s business model is pants on head retarded, but I just wanted to say that they aren’t (or at least weren’t) exactly the same car.


  6. …and once the ADAC GT Masters 2015 pack comes out you can look forward to buying many of these cars for a fourth time.

    See, R3E is a really frustrating product. For all the good it does – and it really is a great racing game – the sales model often has the ability to leave a sour taste. This double, often triple-dipping on the same content is unacceptable really. To buy these four ‘new’ GT3 cars (three of which I already own) plus all liveries will cost me 1353 vRP! I’m more than happy to pay a fair price for quality content but don’t take the piss.

    Having already spent a considerable sum of money on this game and owning 90%+ of its content, I’m finding it hard to justify further purchases at full price. New content releases come thick and fast without any mention of a loyalty bonus for the well-invested, something which R3E is in dire need of if it’s to survive on such a small player base.

    However, I’m not sure how much of the blame for this business model can be attributed to Sector3. Their hands are tied to an extent. Raceroom Entertainment should carry the can for this.


  7. As a person who beta tests the product, it’s not the doing of the Sector 3 – ALL of the pricing and when cars and tracks are created and released comes from RaceRoom AG in Germany.

    I’m sure we’d all love another GTR to come from Sector 3, it won’t happen anytime soon. That would have come if SMS and Sector 3 didn’t split during development of what became the “Madness” engine used in Shift, Unleashed and Project CARS.

    Ever wonder why both NFS games and RaceRoom use rfactor physics with a new graphics engine?


    1. How are there so many dumb people in sim racing?

      Raw data taken right from Steam shows people couldnt care less about r3e. Article after article slams the pricing model. Nobody will touch this game.

      Yet raceroom blindly continues on as if nothing is wrong. Pushing out new expansion packs that 57 people will buy. New pieces of content with 6 leaderboard times. The best developer at their fingertips, and its a wasted effort for how many years now?

      A FREE WEEKEND and still its the least played racing sim on steam.

      Best of all, when raceroom pulls support, bye bye all the money you spent hahaha. Look at nfs world. Those expansion packs have an expiration date. I wont be able to play r3e in 2017, but i can reinstall gtr2 for the 37th time.

      Rip simracing.


      1. Rhetorical questions huh?

        I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s much profitable, average consumer just wants to consume not think about it.


    2. As a beta tester who is more informed than most, do you know if there is ANYTHING we players can do to try to convince RaceRoom themselves that this is a stupid idea and they are what’s holding their own game back?

      Sector 3 seems to have good heads on their shoulders, so I’ve always suspected that S3S might not be to blame for the idiotic pricing.


  8. While they offer us the opportunity to buy cars we already own for a second or third time it should be noted that there is still no sign of some basic sim features that were present in RACE 07.

    Flag system?
    Tire pressures?
    Wet races?
    Race distance by laps?

    Never mind. Keep pumping out the content!

    The sales model and cost of R3E is clearly a factor in why the game hasn’t taken off but in order to get the attention of the ‘hardcore’ sim crowd it also needs to provide a more in-depth base.

    Sector3 is a very small team therefore what they have achieved so far is commendable, but getting new (paid) content out of the door doesn’t seem to be a problem.


    1. Yeah, it sure is with 4 real world drivers (1x ADAC champion 1X AUDI TT & 2X DTM) testing the physics and tyre model, R3E sure drives like Grid, NFS, Burnout and countless other ‘arcade’ games.

      I guess isiMotor 2 which powers R3E is also ‘arcade’ you fuckwit.


  9. What’s the reason of playing this, when you have Project Cars with: much more complete features, an up to date graphic and physics engine, bargain DLCs, less bugs, much more online players, a better offline SP experience.


      1. Yeah… Some of the shills here seem to think we don’t have access to 1) the goddamn game or 2) the forums detailing various ongoing problems with the title.

        Instead, they make downright delusional statements going against easily obtainable evidence.


    1. I like pCARS but I wouldn’t say it has less bugs than any other game I’ve played. It’s kinda bug city. I haven’t run into anything that ABSOLUTELY RUINED my experience, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not consistent little niggling issues.


      1. That’s what I mean, i see haters saying that PCARS is unplayable because of many show stoppers, while I play it almost every day and I rarely encountered anything that forced me to stop playing. It doesn’t mean I didn’t found any bug.. but none that could affect the game play permanently.
        The only time that i have been forced to stop, was due to a crash, it happened two times from the game launch date..


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