Every Hilarious Legal Threat We’ve Received So Far

DTR2 2014-08-25 19-54-47-36

A difficult subject to address in a politically correct manner, online communities surrounding niche hobbies such as sim racing often bring together contrasting groups of people under one roof, with predictably disastourous results. Managers of retail establishments and even real-world race car drivers are in direct contact with children getting their first taste of the internet, as well as individuals suffering from certain spectrum disorders.

When issues within the world of sim racing arise, the contrast in social skills and overall logic becomes a problem unto itself. Not only do community members routinely find themselves at odds with one another over petty subjects, some individuals shift into high gear and make you question how these people operate away from the computer screen. When these types of sim racers are upset, their absurd reactions produce genuine comedy gold. And by that, I mean they threaten to sue us.

Do they ever follow through?

Of course not.


You used my screenshot illegally!

Maple wrote our most recent iRacing review, and as the editor of PRC.net, I’m tasked with cleaning up sentence structure and inserting screenshots wherever I see fit. A good 70% of the pictures appearing on here are from my own personal inventory, while the rest are found by quick google searches.

A month after the review went live, some guy was so asshurt over a screenshot he took appearing on PRC, he begged us to take it down, using the word Illegal in the title of the Email to imply we’d get our shit stomped if we didn’t comply.

You can’t make this stuff up


You caught me shilling!

As the disciples of Slightly Mad Studios rushed across messages boards far and wide to spread the gospel of Project CARS, our boy with a Greg Moore avatar became the symbol of crazed investors hell bent on generating hype and sales figures by any means necessary. Openly admitting to lying about the game’s car and track selection to con others into pre-ordering Project Cars, we used his hilarious confession in the private WMD forums as the ultimate example of intrusive viral marketing.

Of course, he was pretty irritated that he got caught in the act, but in the end didn’t succeed in his efforts to remove the proof he was nothing more than a mindless drone.


Your account is under Legal Investigation!

Earlier this year, RaceDepartment handed out 38 minutes in penalties during a league event in Assetto Corsa featuring the race-spec BMW 235i. The resulting backlash saw us publish two Reader Submissions featuring insight from those close to RaceDepartment staff members, both of which believed the site was going downhill for various reasons. One of these dealt with some interesting financial aspects of the website.

A few days after the articles were posted, I received the error above upon trying to log into RaceDepartment. Despite my account being under a legal investigation, access was restored a few days later, and nothing actually happened.


You play with someone who actually has the time, means, and money to do this, and you expect somehow not to get burnt?

Prior to establishing PRC.net, I dropped a complete bombshell on the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season community. Thanks to my extensive knowledge of the massive modding scene and comprehensive collection of add-ons dating back to the game’s launch, I created a website featuring every noteworthy piece of third party content in one place. An encyclopedia, if you will.

Most diehard PC Stock Car fans were jacked. Some of the mods, tracks, and carsets featured on my site lacked working original download links for a number of years, others came from sites that had been offline since President Bush was America’s leader.

SimRacingDesign instead believed I had stolen from them and after filing several false DMCA complaints to have my sites immediately taken offline, users from SRD wrote lengthy forum babble threatening to take my ass to court over both freeware mods for an abandonware NASCAR game, and a pirated copy of the game uploaded by someone else on an extremely popular torrent site.

Still waiting to get served.


You’re telling lies! Companies near you might call the police!

The aims of the successful summer-long crowdfunding campaign by Reiza Studios, one which managed to raise over $100,000 thanks to a very generous sim racing community, pulled a complete 180 overnight. While the initial plan by the popular South American developer was to use the funds to help bring more international content to Stock Car Extreme, as well as develop an entirely new game for release in 2017, Reiza changed their minds a few months after the funds had been secured.  A stopgap title, nicknamed Reiza2015, will be released in the coming months, and be a complete repackage of Stock Car Extreme with a different name. Essentially, the company is going to re-release rFactor for a fourth time, believing that a name change is the key to attracting a larger audience.

Spoiler: It’s not.

Taking screenshots of forum posts made by the developers outlining their plans, as well as respected forum members such as EmptyBox blasting the decision for a whole host of reasons… Apparently that is spreading lies about companies, and we here at PRC.net should be cautious of companies that are within close proximity to us, as they may pursue legal options to combat our “twisted” information.


That dude from SimRacingDesign. Yeah, that one.

Now at the command of a fairly popular sim racing news blog, I wrote three separate pieces detailing the bizarre antics of SimRacingDesign’s userbase, one who constantly threatened to sue both myself and a fellow named Todd Weaver from Portland, Oregon over the alleged “theft” of mods from their website. As the weeks progressed and an increasing amount of traffic on our site were indeed residents from SimRacingDesign, it was clear we were not dealing with your average group of NASCAR fan, but a group of individuals suffering from varying levels of schizophrenia.

The most noteworthy of the bunch was none other than a user going by the handle of hijinxtattoo. While we’ve never really figured out who this guy was, or what role he played within the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season community, this guy would sit in the comments section of PRC.net shitposting at a rate that is matched only by the elite neckbeards of 4Chan’s sports board.

Despite his crazed ramblings, hijinx occasionally claimed we were the ones harassing him and his friends from an obscure NASCAR Racing 2003 season modding team. While other site members did get involved, each with their own set of laughable legal threats, the 3 AM schizophrenic ramblings of hijinxtattoo accusing myself and some random guy from the Pacific Northwest of harassing him will be a permanent reminder of the strange folk you can meet playing and talking about video games over the internet.


Somebody at your site is using my username! That’s defamation of character!

I actually received this one earlier today, and I’m still trying to comprehend what exactly the guy is trying to say. Nearly five months after the whole SimRacingDesign bullshit ended, and those from SRD sticking around to fight with readers of PRC had fucked off or the final time, someone by the name of Kevin Springer claimed hijinxtattoo was somehow slandering him.He doesn’t say how, when, or where, only claiming that it happened. Of course, he doesn’t provide any pictures, so I have no clue what the fuck the guy is talking about, but of course, legal jargon, and I just have to listen to his demands. I mean, sure I remember a bunch of posts from hijinx telling myself and Todd to go fuck ourselves (or that we were the same person operating under aliases), but this was something most people have moved on from.

Pressing onwards, Springer says he’d appreciate it if I didn’t delete anything from my site that is viable information for my users.

Well, for one, we don’t have “users.” We have “readers.” And two, fuck you, I ain’t deleting shit.

Three sentences later, he asks me to delete everything written by hijinxtattoo. Of course, this dude hasn’t specified what posts are problematic, why they need to be deleted, what exactly is slanderous about them and to be honest, I don’t ever recall this guy’s name popping up on PRC.net anywhere.

So I’m a bit lost, but given what you’ve seen above, an Email like this is a mere statistic at this point.

DTR2 2014-08-25 20-02-35-28

When all those wild public service announcements came out in the early 2000’s warning us about the dangers of meeting people from MSN chat rooms, this is basically what they were talking about. Even in this incredibly niche hobby where everyone in theory should be a hardcore auto racing fan, you can still be subjected to some extremely strange examples of society just by doing your thing. In the past year, schizophrenic NASCAR fans, viral marketers for Slightly Mad Studios, large website owners, and even your average iRacer have all threatened to take legal action against myself and what we do here at PRC.net.

Did any single one of these people follow through?


The next time you get into a sim racing forum argument with someone who’s completely fucking retarded, just remember that their intelligence may be on par with that of the people listed above. These are some of your fellow sim racers.


120 thoughts on “Every Hilarious Legal Threat We’ve Received So Far

  1. lol’d @ “just remove all hijinxtattoo’s posts, it’ll be easier”. Kevin Springer

    p.s. quit being triggering, schizophrenia’s not mpd


      1. I used that email address intentionally. I was unaware that it was going to be posted on a public forum though. The case that was being put together was not directed at this site but at the individual that was posting at the site, somehow that got lost in the conversation. I had to write a few emails of same nature and the one to this site was immediately met with hostility. But after reviewing the site, there is nothing really troubling me with the bulk of the comments I wanted removed. I was under the impression that images of myself and work were linked to them. That appears to not be the case. What is troubling, is that the site owner felt the need to post a private interaction and open it up to a public audience for comments.


    1. I don’t see the need to post this either. He was asking you “man to man”(his words) about getting stuff removed. Instead of further inquiring with him, you just tell him to get lost and post his email on a site he already had issues being associated with. In what world is that logical thinking? You wonder why this place has such a bad reputation?


  2. It seems like 99% of the time, people threatening legal action like this actually have no idea what they’re talking about. Hence why no one follows through. It’s difficult to beleive that there are adults in the world acting like this about fucking racing video games. What a poor reflection this is on the genre and the community. It’s like a bunch of 12 year olds.


  3. Mirin’ those DTR2 late model screenshots. In fact, those late models were my first taste of game modding, as I’m the one that “modeled” (DTR car modeling wasn’t really modeling, just moving existing vertices around) those particular late models (Gen III) back then as a part of SimWizards.

    Keep on rustling jimmies PRC. This shit and all the butthurt fanboys is hilarious


  4. Yey! First time I’ve been quoted here, and it seems like you completely missed the point about N/A compared to other parts of the world.

    To quote the police “Yes, we agree that this seems like it is libelous by all accounts. The issue however, is the resources it will take to establish a co-operation with Canadian police, and the work done there, compared to the gain from it. I am sorry but we don’t always have the resources to actually bring justice in every case”.

    That’s what I am on about. It’s pretty darn safe to tell “facts”(outright lies) about people far away, as very often the police don’t have the resources for it.

    I am pretty sure that’s what happened in The Netherlands as well.

    Oh, and you still (is this the third or fourth article the SCE Reiza thing is mentioned) haven’t got the damn thing right. You posted a screenshot of a post by EmptyBox, not bothering to post screenshot of the answer he got, or his next post, you know, where they came to an understanding.
    You know what they are doing? They are making additional content for SCE, renaming the game and making a new game “reiza 2017”. That is what it said they would do. And what they are doing. Reiza 2015 and SCE is the same game! It is free for all SCE owners, and with all SCE content for that reason!
    The only change from the fundraiser is that they also change the name of the game…

    But that seems to hard to write for you? I mean, as you go along with an old screenshot that doesn’t even tell the whole story, just what you want to make a story of.


      1. Nah, then it would be much easier to do an “everything is legal”…

        And they actually did put some work in it, that surprised me.


    1. “To quote the police…”

      Wait, so you called the cops on a sim racing news blog for disagreeing with a developer’s future plans?

      I didn’t think anything could out-autism the time a college instructor lost his marbles when I called his daughter a whore and backed it up with proof. I was fairly certain that benchmark wouldn’t be hit for a solid number of years.

      Holy shit I have been proven wrong. Sim Racers will literally call the cops on you if you don’t bounce on the dicks of their favorite developers.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nope, I comment on two different issues in my comment here.

        There is nothing illegal about what you are doing with the Reiza thingy, it’s quite interesting actually, how you keep using the same little piece as “truth” ignoring eveything else.

        Also – moving on to a non Reiza thing, just to make that clear !

        Usually the police, asks you to keep everything the same until they have had the chance to collect evidence, which I guess is the reason you got that message on RaceDepartment. The fact that your profile is open again, is not the same as case closed, only that they have taken what they need. Or that it is closed, or stopped, or sent to Canada… who knows. But it’s pretty standard procedure to lock it down until they have what they feel they need.


      2. Oh, but one thing I really can take and blame my self for, is that I’ve never highlighted, or made it clear that I’ve never been involved with the police and this site.

        I really should’ve pointed out that my “to quote the police” wasn’t regarding this site, but an actual example on how it can work. But I guess the tone had been set, and there are no way for me to escape it either, and for that. I can only blame my self.


      3. Although ambiguously worded, I think he’s he’s just stating that law enforcement prioritize international investigations, with controversies within the online sim racing community unlikely to merit scrutiny.


  5. Sim Racing is dying a slow painful death because of this community. Dude called the cops on you becuase he was upset becuase you apparently misrepresented what Rieza said about the debacle that became their next title/crowdfunding. It’s not even like Rieza sent you a cease and desist for some reason. This fanboy had a discussion with the police about his favorite Dev…..


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    1. Except this dude didn’t…

      I must’ve written something in a way that left it up to the imagination, or that it could be twisted in that way.
      Anyway, I’ve never said that I have done that, never will either for that matter.

      Actually I’ve never been involved with the cops and this site either. Nothing have been said about me here, so that would be weird.
      And /that/ is something I really should’ve highlighted better in my comment…


    1. How’s the rfactor 2 keyboard setup guide working out for you Associator? Pathetic a supposed physics guru drives any sim using such an archaic method and with assists on.

      I noticed your rusty keyhole fancier Hexagramme was the first to comment.


    1. “You are still laughing, but I will guarantee you won’t be after a court has done it’s ruling.”
      Still waiting on that.
      How long has it been now?


    2. “After the court has done it’s ruling” What does that mean exactly? And by the way, who exactly is going to pay the legal fees to have someone represent a case like this? And why do you even think you have a case? Do you know anything about how the legal system or lawsuits work? Somehow I don’t get the impression that you do. Get a life.


      1. Don’t worry my dad’s a lawyer. This website has spread false and unprivileged statement of fact that is very harmful to my reputation, and therefore has been violating online defamation law, which is punishable crime. The author of this website unwilling to cooperate I don’t see any other options than taking this case to a court.


      2. @hijinxtattoo I can’t reply to you but listen to this: If you’re from the US, defamation is not a “crime” in the majority of states you idiot. It is also not a crime in the Federal system. The vast majority of criminal law in this country has nothing to say about defamation. You’d have to sue in civil court, which means there’s a 99% chance you wouldn’t even get in front of a judge for a trial, and even if you did, you wouldn’t win. The fact that we don’t actually know who you are means your claim for defamation isn’t going to work. How can your reputation be harmed if we don’t know who you are in real life? That’s the whole point of a defamation suit. Don’t try to pull the “oh my dad’s a lawyer” bullshit. If he is, and he thinks your ramblings aren’t a complete waste of time, he isn’t a very good lawyer. Keep in mind there are some people here who actually know a thing or two about the law, and the fact that you’re a petulant 14 year old who just spews garbage is very obvious.


  6. While these sort of articles are what I’ve come to find entertaining from PRC…
    I still gotta say your whole ‘Reiza’ debacle is a bit skewed. The thread itself has more-or-less died down, but there’s a lot more context in it than what’s been reported on here.

    Just saiyan’


  7. Yeah I remember Kevin Springer’s comment.

    Sounded like one of his ‘friends’ started using the particular alias in question or something like that.

    Of course, he might simply regret his own previous postings, though I think he mentioned IP’s as a form of evidence that he did not make the posts.

    Either way, he went about it in the wrong way. You must ask nicely in his situation, simply because no one is obligated to do anything at all.

    No one else is responsible for a personal decision to affiliate yourself with an internet alias while getting into incriminatingly (literally) ridiculous internet fights.


    1. SRD members ‘hijinxtatto’ and ‘racerxero84’ are two of the most fucked up individuals you can possibly encounter. ‘Racerxero’ (real name Michael Grube), is a fucking overweight little dipshit matched only in the trolling from site to site antics by his SRD buddies ‘Hijinxtattoo’ and SRD’s brony ‘clopper’ kid, Kirbyfighter Kevin Talley.

      Last time I was aware of hijinxtattoo was on this blog months back when he squandered every weekend of his in August to stalk the comments section here shilling for SRD. Then after making a complete asshole of himself, turned right around and attempted to same fag himself in the comments to save face in the wake of his embarrassing trolling. To get a better understanding of why guys like that gravitate to SRD you have to look to the the site owner ‘Wildling’ Matthew Aaron O’Reilly who is one of the most hateful, power tripping, geek assholes on the entire net.

      Beyond that, the core base of SRD is a bunch of little kids and teens with no social lives who strive to gain acceptance from Matt and the bullshit site itself in order to display their cut and pasted together sim ‘designs’. Truthfully, a bunch of uninteresting, dumbed down pieces of shit residing in the bible belt thinking they have some special privilage on the internet. It’s pretty fucking sad when 40 plus year old men have to resort to DMCA fraud due to envy over a fucking sim template. And that goes for all of the SRD faggot pussies to name a few –

      Matt O’Reilly
      Danny Coral
      Jack Hill (SmokeOR)

      They like to cyberstalk others and file fraud complaints for years on end, but the minute the bitches are called out over their stupidity they act like little girls calling for their comments and pictures to be removed. Oh and btw, Danny Coral is a big, fat rolled, fat fucking cyberstalking slob who hasn’t seen any physical activity in at least 20 years or more. Fuck you, fat Danny. I should sticky your slob ass in the r/nr2003 reddit along with your other pathetic stalking/fraud shit…


  8. Hey faggot. My little pony boy, wide mouth little faggot Kevin Talley went to the extreme lengths of cyberstalking me clear back to 1998 over a dui charge. In addition to stalking anybody associated with me, on top of digging up shit on my deceased cousin who died back in April. I’ll say whatever the fuck I want about the little geek whenever I fucking want to because for one it’s warranted and for two, you SRD faggots aren’t going to do shit.


  9. Is it sad that SB70T Still has to wave his dick about in a childish manner?
    Yes it is.
    “they act like little girls” -> Sureley you jest. Toad.

    That Lengthy comment was written like a little girl.
    No part of that was Adult, and mature.


  10. So has Kirby done anything Recently to Warrant your bashing SB70T?
    Can I have proof? Please?

    Pretty sure he left the NR Community in August; and is not doing anything to warrant continued harassment and besmirching of his name.

    Note to self, don’t do anything to SB70T because he will use that excuse to claim its Warranted, and to continually harass people; and continue to defame people, to the end of time.

    Are you aware of Beating a Dead Horse?
    You’re currently doing it.


    1. if this site is in such clear violation of ‘internet laws’, why is it still here? Every comment I’ve made here is factual and you babies can’t handle it (worse) the fraud DMCA complaints aren’t working this time for you.

      Fact of the matter is, I keep all of the shit in regard to SRD off of the reddit for the sake of the users there. I don’t use avatars of personal pictures of people I’ve accumulated via my cyberstalking exploits over a sim race game like Danny Coral does on SRD. Why target a friend of mine with nothing to do with this stuff and use her pic as an avatar for over a year running? WTF is up with that?

      Why can’t Danny take it to me, I’m the one he has an issue with, correct? But for some reason he can’t and targets a facebook friend of mine cause she’s overweight? Well guess what, Danny is fucking overweight too, see —

      You know who I am, where I’m at, so what of it, faggots? And you clearly will not drop the shit and move on with your lives already…


  11. SB70T – The true little girl who won’t let it go.
    Despite Kirby being a man about it and letting it go.

    ^ Do this Toad.

    Why are you letting your life revolve around these people.
    The Fuck


      1. Sorry to dissapoint you but I´m a random guy from Spain who has found out about you being a disgusting disturbed creep here in PRC. James can tell you so having a look at my IP. But being a samefag it´s normal you think everyone else must be. It´s called projection. CREEP.


  12. Figured I should chime in here sense everyone is posting under the “hijinxtattoo” name and I am responsible. I just wanted to make it clear to him it wasn’t me doing it. I was unaware Springer used the name professionally and was unaware he would freak about some internet bullshit. I have squared my issues away with the whole ordeal.

    Nice to see todd is still being a retarded little bitch tho.


  13. Most of these screenshots show what a bunch of jackasses the people who write for PRC are.

    The first one is especially baffling, the dude just says you’ve used his screenshot without his permission and would prefer to see his image removed because he doesn’t want to be associated with PRC. Is that so much to ask for?


  14. I’m going to show the people of internet that sim racing doesn’t belong to the PRC criminals and the corrupt. People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy. I can’t do this as a common troll. A man is just flesh and blood and can be ignored or destroyed. But as a symbol… as a symbol, I can be incorruptible, everlasting.


  15. Ironically SB70T Won’t practice what he preaches.
    I bet well into the future he’s still going to be ranting and raving about shit some people did on the internet in 2015.

    I mean he did what he could do which is report the issues to the proper authorities.

    However he’s so self entitled, he believes just because hes’ a victim exempts him from the same rules that apply to the people he’s reported.

    They Harassed me, so its warranted I stoop to their level and harass them back.
    – Ironically this is true Kindergarten Logic at its finest.

    I mean seriously at this point they can also file a counter harassment claim against SB70T. Kevin probably could anyway.

    To make sense of SB70T’s Paradox, and tie in my Kindergarten quote.

    if someone from SRD murdered your family. They would be put in Jail for murder.
    However that does not give you the right to Murder someone from their family. Due to the fact it is also murder. You would get the same punishment.


    Let me put it in terms you can understand,
    You are not Immune to them Filing a Harassment Charge against you;
    just because you filed a harassment charged against them.
    That is not how the law works buddy.

    What you’re doing is harassment, no two ways about it.


    1. Who have I murdered? Kevin Talley ripping off walmart has been reported all over the net by his hometown news. File charges faggots, although a 90 plus page cyberstalking thread at SRD running for over a year including death threats towards me and other shit isn’t going to help your cause. Either is a website setup by a corny ass old faggot SRD member devoted to cyberstalking, defamation, and posting up personal pics either.

      Let alone, that fraud DMCA is and act of perjury. 44 yr old Fat faggot Danny Coral knowingly files a fraudulent DMCA in order to glean various individuals personal information with the sole intent to cyberstalk and harass them over a video game literally for years (and not just myself) others that have nothing whatsoever to do with this shit. Another faggot old man SRD member thinks it’s cool to post up a pic of a couple sisters residence along with street view maps outlining relevant places they frequent? And dumbass, fat ass Danny literally endorsed such stupidity with his electronic signature on the DMCA (that’s as good as signing off on admitting to fraud with intent to harass and cyberstalk others)

      I haven’t filed any DMCA fraudulent or otherwise over video game shit like Danny and Matt at SRD. I haven’t dedicated an entire site to cyberstalking people. I’m not using anybodies personal pics as my personal avatar on SRD for years at a stretch and I’m not threatening to shoot somebody with an avatar or put them in a coffin like the SRD pussies have not only to me, but James as well.

      So file charges, faggots (do something) something other than file fraud complaints, troll blogs, setup stalking sites, and the rest of your sorry SRD shit.


      1. You really are just a crybaby twat. I have read you post the same shit over and over again. The level of ignorance you have achieved is epic. You continually talk shit about people that I never see give you a second thought. Whats with the need for attention you red neck bitch?


      2. If these people never give me a second thought, then what’s with a site dedicated to cyberstalking me and a couple sisters from facebook for years on end now? You want to stalk friends of mine? I got some friends you faggots can stalk that aren’t single women.

        But fact of the matter is, you’re a bunch of miserable pc nerd pussies. And before you invest weeks of your time cyberstalking me over a traffic violation from 1998 along with the rest of the ocd stupidity, make sure you’re not on probation for thieving shit out of walmart that amounts to a grand larceny charge. Stupid brony faggot.


      3. I think you just proved my point mate. A reply filled of the exact same useless dribble. I think the problems reside deep inside yourself and you might be projecting on to people from the safety of your PC.


      4. At least I don’t have any grand larceny charges and felony parole convictions for ripping off walmart.

        At least I’m not a brony asian faggot.

        At least I don’t have a creepy website setup dedicated to stalk a couple sisters on the other side of the country like that 70 year old hobbled old faggot SRD member Terry Wayne Anderson of Middleway West Virginia.

        At least I’m not a 400 pound crusty slob who resorts to cyberstalking and perjury complaints over a painted up pretend race cars (like DMCA Danny Coral of Batavia New York)

        And at least I can comment here without same-fagging myself left and right like you SRD bitches.


      5. Once again, the same post. I am curious why you think so I highly of yourself yet display the intellect and understanding of a childish hate monger. you cant possibly think that posting this stuff benefits you in any form.


      6. How is objecting to years of cyberstalking from the SRD fags targeting not only me, but others purely out of association with me “thinking highly of myself?”


      7. Its the way you handle the situation. I am sure the other side feels just as wronged as you do, but I don’t see them still carrying on about in the manner which you currently display. You have repetitively attacked the character of people that have seemed to let go of the nonsense. You truly cant be that oblivious of your actions.


    2. As far as I was concerned this shit wrapped up on here with the Kevin Talley ripping off walmart/stalking drama. I’ve been avoiding SRD and that cancer, modding the nr2003 reddit, and painting up a few templates on the weekends.

      Whereas, the dedicated stalking site is still online. Fat Danny is still using a friend of mines pic as an avatar, who won’t let shit go? It’s you sorry ass SRD faggots who feel the need to go dumbfuck all because I painted up some pretend race car templates that are better than what you can do. Seriously, you think the more this goes on and spills out to a wider audience (as it has) it’s going to reflect bad on me?

      Maybe it’s time to take down your dedicated stalking/slander site. Remove the personal avatar pics and just get on with your miserable fucking lives at SRD without including me in them. But that isn’t happening is it? The SRD obsession with me has never taken a day off. And due to that fact, little brony faggot and his felonies and all the rest are fair game entirely.


      1. I don’t know why those people have a problem with you honestly but I am willing to bet that this attitude you have wasn’t built because of the situation. Mostly likely you were like this before and it played a major role in way people treat you as they do. You have continually attempted to insult them this entire conversation. Am I meant to believe that you didn’t instigate this entire situation using this exact behavior?


      2. Nothing justifies cyberstalking a female friend of mine and her sister on a dedicated webpage for years on end now, displaying their home residence, google maps to bars and restaurants they frequent, on top of photo-shopping their pictures.

        Furthermore, using the DMCA act as leverage in order to secure personal information over a nr2003 template in order to do that? That is some faggot shit to pull, especially for the amount of time it’s gone on already.


    1. They never left. This little moron band of SRD members are always lurking/stalking (fucking always) I have about a half dozen pms thru r/nr2003 about the compulsive round the clock ocd downvoting and other obsessive weird shit.

      Entire internet laws could be re-written just based on the SRD autism of the past few years alone (DMCA fraud as a tool to cyberstalk) and over video game skins no less. If somebody had told me a few years back that there was grown men out there 40s to 70s who would resort to this kind of shit over jealously of pretend race car skins, I would have thought they were full of it. But no in fact, SRD is a freakshow like no other. I don’t think there is any other community site revolved around anything as toxic and as fucked up as that site and some of the retards on it.


  16. he he

    Looks like the future of this articles in black deep hole. When people start to do themselfs like a redneck, complain with guys in hoodie suits, there will be no positive contact in way of improving. Still no actual proofs for everything. As much the complaying about simulated physics – its useless.

    “A difficult subject to address in a politically correct manner, online communities surrounding niche hobbies such as sim racing often bring together contrasting groups of people under one roof, with predictably disastourous results. Managers of retail establishments and even real-world race car drivers are in direct contact with children getting their first taste of the internet, as well as individuals suffering from certain spectrum disorders.

    When issues within the world of sim racing arise, the contrast in social skills and overall logic becomes a problem unto itself. Not only do community members routinely find themselves at odds with one another over petty subjects, some individuals shift into high gear and make you question how these people operate away from the computer screen. When these types of sim racers are upset, their absurd reactions produce genuine comedy gold. And by that, I mean they threaten to sue us.”

    -this is on WHAT YOU playing. So maybe the answer is that you simply is one side of this community, not the ultimate, beaten by evil corporations, source of unproofed (or proofed actually fact of ur mental damage by evil world of money, adults, racing and internet) angryness, which many people will always love to. Just because if they are as stupid as don’t try to judge their inner demons as young mid school kids, they love protests and “fights for freedom”, even if they don’t know, what every word means.

    This was started as good fresh way to solve some problems, which was seen from individual POV, because a little of them was real problems, You know, just because real world is not ideal. But now i don’t meet any actual new information here. Sad. Looks like the task of generating content started to kill its useability in terms of helping the community, you talked in front of article. It isn’t what you want? So maybe haters gonna hate? )))


  17. SB70
    There are more people that have common sense that have been following this issue more than just your select group of people you hate.
    I mean come on, have you seen the pageveiws? The Users who commented?
    the other posts you did via Reddit?

    Not to mention the fact you can easily see the previous “Articles” James posted here.
    From me with love.


  18. I like to keep reddit free from the “srd drama”. What I mean is, I only allow my super correct perspective. I moderator that motherfucker like a sim racing nazi, because I am the best video game painter on the planet. and I alone should lead the master race of impressionable children to rule the community!!! Tired of all this dmca stalking shit. everyone is jealous of my awesome abilities and cant handle it, Bunch of faggot fat asses, I know real men, so don’t fuck with me internet pussies. God damn SRD autism is everywhere I go, shit just follows every comment I make about how they are a bunch of faggots. I dont understand why they wont just stop cyber stalking me, especially Michael Seymour, age 42 of Austin Texas, one wife, two kids, gets his hair cut ever third Tuesday and uses Colgate tooth paste. Jeez why wont this shit just go away so I can live a peaceful life, tracing a couple of lines of a car on paper and post it as real life art on my site.


  19. This is the ‘sim racing community’ folks. The fact that most of these comments even exists is proof that the previous generation, in their eagerness to creampie their retarded girlfriends, have reared an entire generation of autistic retarded pussies. The “sim community’ will hopefully die and so will most of you. Luckily, being a bunch of basement dwelling neckbeard virgins, you will not propagate another retarded generation like your parents have.


    1. Yanks+Nascar+sims= a whole other level of fucking retard, don’t project that fucking donald trump loving,inbred yank BS community on the world simrace community.


  20. SB70T
    Look over what you posted and tell me that isn’t the least bit Harassing?

    Everything You’ve posted revolves around Insults, bashing, harassment, and defaming.
    You know the same thing you called the FBI Agent about.

    Whats stopping them from doing the same to you?
    Seriously buddy Read all of your comments, on all of these articles. Not surprisingly, they have enough evidence beyond a shred of a reasonable doubt. That you are guilty of Harassment, and defaming.
    Warranted as it may be, still doesn’t exempt you from the law. Don’t know what world you live in where you believe the law doesn’t apply to you.

    Not one of your posts is mature and adult like. You know, the thing people call “Maturity”?

    >Calling people faggots?

    What is this Call of Duty?
    Are you 10?

    >Insulting people’s Race?
    What are you so insecure that your’e all #White_Supremacist?
    Despite Asians being the most abundant race in context of numbers.

    >Bashing people because they enjoy a show?
    Tell me how does one’s show preference, affect the mighty SB70T enough to warrant bashing?

    Boo Hoo, they enjoy a show,
    Boo Hoo, they are not of the same white master race as you,
    Boo Hoo, they have a fucked up past,

    Logical Response from SB70T’s PoV
    Use the above 3 Boo hoo’s in an insulting harassing manner for the end of time;
    because I am a grown ass adult.

    Seriously buddy, you’re like a kid who’s insecure.
    To compensate you need to find any little thing that could hurt, or destroy a persons life; then proceed to do it.
    You’re no better at this point.

    > Also
    /R/NR2003 has become a joke of its former self.


    1. Kevin, I didn’t call the FBI. Friend of mine who has nothing whatsoever to do with this called the FBI over the fact of SRD member Bowtie214 (Wayne) setting up a dedicated website with slide-shows labeled as ‘exhibits’ displaying google maps with street addresses highlighted, multiple screen captures of her sisters house…

      You whine that I deserve to be hounded and stalked? How is she deserving?

      I never had anything whatsoever to do with you, Kevin. So what’s with your preoccupation with me?

      You went autistic ocd over James announcing a wiki resource for nr2003 to the point in where you trolled him around the entire nr2k3 ‘community’

      While at the same time, frantically attempting to setup your own nr2003 ‘encyclopedia’…But then you trolled him beyond the n2k3 community (particularly to reddit) where you and the other SRD whacks got a lot of shit due to your cyberstalking autism and continual copyfraud harassment.

      You then sent me a big fuzzy apology after that. Then a few weeks later, you’re commenting here under anon spamming my full name, declaring that I beat women up, that I am a convicted felon, that I was convicted of a dui charge – None of that shit is true, Kevin.

      Not only are you going out of your way to slander and defame me, you’re also fucking cyberstalking relatives and friends of mine along with a little ring of SRD members. And repeatedly misusing the DMCA act in order to pry for personal information with intent to defame and harass.

      And you’re actually trying to guilt trip me and James and convince others that we are harassing you and are going to be fined and jailed for calling you an asian faggot? I reserve the word ‘faggot’ not for homosexuals in general, but for faggots who pull faggot type shit – Like cyberstalking and defaming somebody under anon and making a big pathetic samefag, two-face charade out of it.


      1. stalker, I was ‘welterweight’ when I was 16 years old when my licence was first issued (that’s reflected in those mugs), which are from almost 20 years ago…

        I’m almost 40 now and wish I was some few pounds lighter.


        I might not be in the shape I was in even 20 years ago, but I sure as hell have not let myself turn into a bouncing blob like bodacious Danny who kick-started the copyfraud/stalking (song writing) obsessive faggot infatuation still obviously going on with you all over a pretend race car skin…




      2. ‘welterweight’ is an expression (it’s not literal) See, that’s the problem too, you weird asses read into shit that isn’t even there.

        I’m not claiming to be a prize fighter, or even a martial arts expert like that autist threatening me at SRD. Which brings to mind, this article is supposed to be about hilarious threats, here’s some acapulco gold from SRD –

        “He can always fly over here and come to my doorstep. A real life test for my martial arts/hand 2 hand training.”

        “I know exactly how to deal with you. Take it down or start looking over your shoulder.”

        “Well it seems Mr. Nr2003 encyclopedia wants to defend Toad….Seems we need 2 pine boxes now!”

        Over half the ‘moderators’ at such a supposedly friendly ‘community’ pretend paint car site instructing new users to view a 90 page cybersstalking thread targeting me, a friend of mine, her sister, a guy that used to live at their address…Like SRD moderator JGegner –

        “The individual in Wildling’s avatar is the dipshit known as Toad. You can read all about him in this 90 page cyberstalking thread”

        Well, the dipshit below is the SRD moderator JGegner. You can find him at SRD 24/7…


      3. ‘welterweight’ is an expression (it’s not literal) See, that’s the problem too, you weird asses read into shit that isn’t even there.

        I’m not claiming to be a prize fighter or something, or a martial arts expert like that autist threatening me at SRD. Which brings to mind, this article is supposed to be about hilarious threats, here’s some acapulco gold from SRD –

        “He can always fly over here and come to my doorstep. A real life test for my martial arts/hand 2 hand training.”

        “Well it seems Mr. Nr2003 encyclopedia wants to defend Toad….Seems we need 2 pine boxes now!”


      4. You used that term to try to imply something. Why else use it?

        Maybe you should stop posting pictures of people that arnt even involved in this. What kind of lunatic are you? You need a hug or something?


      5. I didn’t post that picture (JGegner did) freely of his own accord at SRD. I didn’t resort to copyfraud and stalk him to obtain that. He shared that, all while he’s directing new users to a 90 page cyberstalking, doxxing, bashing, threaten Toad thread…


      6. You posted the pictures here dumbass. In defense of your I am guessing but you can’t be sure who posted your criminal ones. In any light you continue to bring up others criminal past so it seems fair to have yours. Remember they didn’t post it the facility handling your arrest did, using your logic anyway.


      7. Who cares? (it was the 90s) most people my age were drinking underage and doing stupid shit and getting arrested (unless they were weird) – as into my little pony and shit like that.


      8. Kevin, I had no intention whatsoever of dragging your name into the autistic SRD shit crusade against me (I had no interaction with you on any level whatsoever) yet you’re signing up to my personal site being chummy, then sneaking around to PRC posting ancient mugshots and doxxing me at the same time.

        And you made it no mystery as to why either in your apology to me, it’s nothing I personally did to you whatsoever, you ‘band-wagoned’ as you put it onto the SRD shit crusade against me simply because it was fun.

        You also did the same towards James, and no doubt you’re the one that filled up his tumblr with the weird gay sex comments and also uploaded actual gay porn clips to the ovg wiki page while SRD went on a net-wide copyfraud spree against James.

        You’ve already been told by your parole officer to cease all contact with me. Now if I name drop you here or make fun of your my little pony show (or you in general) that’s really tough shit. Because after all, you willingly inserted yourself right into the middle of matters. And if somebody is compulsively doxxing and stalking me and others for as long as you obviously have, it’s entirely within my right to fraw attention that person(s) and speak my fucking mind about it.


  21. To claim to be the victim of others accusations, founded or not……. You simply display the availability of guilt and cowardness of not dealing with the issue. Listen and work with people’s objections and criticisms. Dont try to jockey a skewed public option on matters. Handle shit like a man, not an opinionated gossiping school girl. None of these articles were meant for public viewing by the sender, but here they are, posted by the receiving party. If you can’t let handle opposition on your own, then opposition will always be at your door.


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