Assetto Corsa Dream Pack #3 Details

Earlier today, ACItaly uploaded a lengthy video interview with Kunos Simulazioni Staff Member Stefano Casillo discussing the future of Assetto Corsa. Unfortunately for us, the 54 minute interview is spoken entirely Italian.

All is not lost, as some Reddit users have skimmed through the video and translated the main talking points – primarily the additional cars and tracks we can expect to see in Assetto Corsa as the 2015 calendar year comes to a close.

  • Dream Pack #3, like the previous two premium DLC packs prior, will feature 10 cars and one new location, the iconic former UK Grand Prix circuit Brands Hatch. The pack will be released near the end of December.
  • Version 1.3.5 will come with one free car, the Audi R8.
  • Version 1.4 will be released alongside Dream Pack #3.
  • While Night Racing will not likely be seen in this version of Assetto Corsa as it would require an entire engine re-write, the team are in the early stages of bringing Rain into Assetto Corsa, most likely seeing a public release a version or two after the game launches on consoles in the spring of 2016.
  • Major multiplayer changes are “in the works”, but no concrete details have emerged as to what this may mean.

As for the rumored list of cars included in the third premium DLC pack, Reddit user Brains77777 has put together a partial list. I’m inclined to believe what I see here, as the Lotus 25 has already been confirmed by Kunos themselves:

  • Lotus 25
  • Lotus 72
  • McLaren 650s GT3
  • Mercedes AMG GT3
  • Abarth 500 Assetto Corse
  • Ford Escort Mk. 1

Only time will tell how this all pans out. I myself have lost interest in the title, so it’s hard for me to gauge whether this pack will be worth the common asking price of $15. Personally, I’m disappointed that this kicks off the start of yet another waiting period, where AC owners aimlessly sit around on message boards to kill time waiting for a major update that’s almost six months away.


84 thoughts on “Assetto Corsa Dream Pack #3 Details

  1. Here’s an idea guys. Finish the fucking game first! The fact that they’re charging $60 for what is in all honesty a beta and have the gall to charge more for dlc is sick. Stop giving these people your money! They are lowering the standards because you keep paying them for this crap.

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    1. Those $60 (55€) you talk about, is for the whole game + dreampack 1 and 2. So don’t say they have the gall to charge more for dlc is sick, because the game is cheaper without dlc included, or more expensive if all bought separately.
      Btw, did you really buy the game at 60 and not in a steam sale or during early access?

      James is another biased person here, says the dlc will cost the common price of 15, when the first dlc costs 15 and 2nd costs 10. How is 15 common in here?

      So the fact that they are working on game updates along with a release of paid and free content is lowering the standards? To the anonymous I’m replying, what’s your preferred sim racing game? I doubt you are that much better served.


      1. So those of us who bought into early access and the first dlc some how makes the game being not even close to feature complete ok becuse we spent 10$ less?

        Help me understand how $15 has nothing in common with $15 and $10? Would you have get better if he said average of $12.50?

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      2. Given that it won’t be 10 cars+1 track, I think it won’t be 15, but more like the 2nd dp. And as James doesn’t like to check facts for AC any more, he thinks Marco said 10 cars basing himself on a reddit post, but all other posts with translation+video say 7 cars (though only listing 6).

        But now there is a sacred book of sim racing that defines when a sim is feature complete? top kek m8.


    2. ill pay for 60 usd if it just the whole laser Nords, F40,Ruf yb n some bmws..Been waiting for a proper Nords like 10 years from rfactor 1/2.Even they fail at kindly ask permission from rfpro a copy of Lidar Nords…For that DLC 2 i bought like 5 usd..


      1. This statement coming from an iracing fanboy that has spent over a thousand dollars on a game that was completely busted until two months ago is hilarious.

        But yeah, everybody quit supporting the devs; not sure how showing them that an insignificant niche market is now a dead market will make them decide to invest the tens of millions of dollars that it will take to produce the perfect sim, but good luck to you guys with that.

        Fortunately for simracing in general the half dozen turd burglers that circle jerk each other off at this site are completely meaningless to all the devs for anything other than a quick laugh.


      2. And when iRacing was in disarray I stepped away. Same with AC, if it’s better one day then that’s great.

        I haven’t opened AC since September 15. My time and money is too valuable to keep dumping on devs and games that are not finished. That’s the only recourse there is, and if this is a laughing matter to devs then all the more reason to stay away.


  2. Re-Write the fucking engine already then you goatfucker with a goat stache. Scamming people for their money by calling it next-gen sim.


    1. Lol… We can only laugh with people like this.

      When will you get it that AC was never planned to have those things? Given that rain and night are so important, everyone should be playing pcars and rf2, am I right? Oh wait, people only want rain and night for just that 1 race and that 1 youtube video. Same with 24h endurance and driver swaps. Just for that maybe 1 endu race in two years. We want rain, day night cycle, real road, swaps.. but give us fast forward because we are not actually bothered to use those features properly.. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

      Nonetheless, AC has more potential of rain/night usage (even if just quick races), because of the already established player base. But several states of rain, not just full rain or full dry. For example sometimes you want to get to the track at 9am with a wet track because it rained last night, but sunshine is appearing now in the morning. And maybe a virtual weather forecast inside the game, to bring some uncertainty.

      Though I think a rainy race can be beautiful with cars like alfa romeo gta, ford escort mk1, lotus cortina racing. :))

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      1. I am perhaps speaking from a minority point of view, however I loved racing in the wet on previous sims, and did so on a regular basis.

        Having wet weather essentially doubles the the number of tracks, because each track is changed in its entirety on how you approach each corner.

        Its about being patient on the throttle, delicate on the brakes and wacking a huge barn door rear wing on the back.


    1. Are you sure that the people who complained about rf2 and r3e being expensive are the ones that buy regularly from AC? But there’s a difference though, the price in AC is not all at once, is whenever you bought the game and whenever you bought a dlc. Or as a new customer if you bought all at once in the bundle.

      But are you saying the price of rf2 is adequate, 80€? Well, the game costs 30€ and the difference for the online part costs 50€ as lifetime. But in the end, you are paying as if it were a season (lifetime) dlc. The interesting part is that whether you pay 30 or 80, both groups receive the same free content. So in reality, you only pay 80 or 11 per year just to play online. That story of… you pay more at the beginning but there won’t be paid dlc in the future, is just a story for kids. The reality of that is you can price the smaller price and receive the same free future content as the person paying the full price, with the only benefit of being able to race online.

      About r3e, with all the tricks and its discounts, you’ll end up paying like 70€ for all, I think. But that’s if you don’t buy from steam store.


      1. Yes most of the sim racing people I know, complain about the price of rf2 and r3e but bought both DPs on release day. I think dlc packs are worthless because usually you actually want 1 or 2 cars from the whole pack. And you get 1 track and that’s it. Nords was desirable almost universally but Barcelona is boring as hell. So i prefer to choose what i want and buy it separately than buying whatever the developer chooses to serve me.
        For the record i bought rf2 during the 40% sale, 80 euros was too much for a game that is not my favorite sim. But with the discount i think it was a bargain. The dlcs from kunos (and turn10 btw) is constant milking of the fanboys.


      2. Yea sure constant milking.. like is not expensive to license and produce those cars and tracks where maybe the margin of profit is small.. yea sure milking the fanboys. I think those fans you talk about are happy about receiving new content to use in a game they like. Don’t put yourself in their shoes just because you don’t value the dreampack so much as others, and using that thought as the standard.
        In fact Barcelona is a very good track and not boring, maybe boring from a preconceived idea, but once this track got released in AC it was a great surprise in terms of driving but especially racing.
        Most people don’t prefer to buy content piece by piece, because it comes cheaper in a pack like AC’s dlcs, and you get good surprises all the time. Many times you have your eyes on certain cars, but other cars reveal themselves as more interesting to drive/race. Now if you bought just that one car for 10€ instead 7 cars for 10€, you’d be stuck with that 1 car if you didn’t happen to like it as much as you thought.
        But maybe your type of gamer is more suited for r3e and iracing where you buy piece by piece, so don’t use your standard as the standard for everyone else.


    2. Time to look at old Steam receipts.

      Assetto Corsa: $39.99
      DP1 $9.99
      DP2 $7.99

      So less than $60 for something I’ve sunk around 650 hours into so far. Yeah, I’m not bitching about the price of AC, sorry.


  3. Won’t be buying any more AC content until the shitty fucking AI is fixed. I tried out those new formula 3 cars that were posted the other day and they drive really well but take em into race mode and see how wonderful they are. I had to restart 4 times just to keep the shitty AI from running over the top of me. Fucking Project Cars is now a better game for racing than AC.


    1. No need to put it so aggressively, but I agree with the core of the message that AI needs to be better, behave better against human driver and against other AIs, in several of the official tracks. Right now there are too many contacts and bumps between cars. Tracks like silverstone, nurburgring gp, maybe nordschleife too, and possibly others as well.


      1. It is well past time for aggressiveness. Total garbage as a racing simulator but works well hotlapping. I love the fact that I’ve now spent $75 total (game + DP1 + DP2) for a game where all I can do is drive around by myself because the AI is the worst in any game out now.


      2. You can race Online public or leagues. I know now I’ll hear mp is broken types of commentaries, but if it would be terrible like some people say, there wouldn’t be as much servers populated. So give it a try while you wait for more improvements. I know now you’ll say I’ve waited for too long, but there are many more games in the world to use before while that one game is being developed to improve certain points.


  4. well, rain Looks definitely good in pCars. But everything else there imho looks like 4534423rd part of candy crush saga “the rolling color Inferno”. ugly menus, senseless options, worst server architecture ever seen – forget about it.

    don`t know what so many guys are crying about MP in AC. Got no problems, also with my dedicated server. Some features might be missing, but this does not make the game bad.

    So respect the developers work or try to make it better – or shut up.

    Just my 2 Cents.

    Roy (


  5. The only complete sim today is Project CARS: dynamic weather, full night/day cycle, awesome cars, a complete set of tracks, top notch graphical and physics engine.
    Some hater says: but it has too many bugs.. well I didn’t found the others to be less bugged, but in general I didn’t found any show stopper in pcars recently.
    So yes, you already have the definitive sim, you don’t have to “hope” for someone else to implement something that you already have today. 😉


      1. Fun fact: Kazim and Misterbeam are the same person. In those Shill baby shill screenshots you can see his steam profile under his ac forum profile.


  6. AC is becoming more of a random collection of cars and tracks to hot lap with theses DLC’s, nothing that makes me want keep putting money into the title. Race 07 and GTR2 still holds up as having more replay value.


  7. Guys. I was the “expert” that translated that Italian interview.

    I hope you realise the level of journalism and research that all these hate articles have behind them.

    For you guys that constantly on any random game post repeatedly spread random “facts” from forum members that show how inferior said game is Grow up. Just grow up

    Assetto is flawed
    Pcars is flawed
    Race room is flawed
    Rfactor 1 and 2 are flawed
    LFS is flawed…
    Rinse and repeat. They are all flawed.

    If you spend more time hating on a game then playing any other racing game you have lost already. Simple.


    1. brilliant thought, now I don’t see those annoying big pictures taking all the space. Thanks.

      Btw site author should think about deleting these autistiator and his impersonator repetitive messages, i am pretty sure everyone learned those lists from the pictures by now. It just makes the site harder to navigate and gives an impression of some scam site infected by autists.

      say no to autistic behaviour in sim racing and support every sim title. Despite the fact they are all unfinished or broken is still better than supporting money launderers like EA and other monopolies.


    2. Protip: set css-class “comment-author-shillbabyshill” to !importatn display:none; using user-css and you won’t see his posts at all


    1. your posts provide no value to sim racing communities.

      isiMotor might the most detailed and dynamic vehicle simulation engine, yet that doesn’t mean that the casual user will be enjoying accuracy of the cars. ISI official content has been known to provide inconsistent quality of models. Each iteration the car drives differently and as far as I know there no telemetry data provided as a proof of “simulation value” of official content, only bold claims of “superior engine” which is in-fact true but not much else.
      I have seen telemetry data provided by pro racing teams using isiMotor2.0 build their own models that comes very close to RL data, buts that’s not rFactor2 official content.
      Creating realistically behaving tires in rFactor2 is utterly hard which makes things even worse for the end user (less content, less mods).


    1. just staph already, nobody is reading this shit, people have already grown a “filter” to ignore these lists.
      In addition to that people learned to block the pictures. Shillosociator is going down baby!


  8. The lack of night racing I believe is down to a design choice of the lighting engine. The lack of rain, I think is just down to the sheer amount of work involved. I am not aware of any “game engine issues” that would prevent rain being introduced, its just a matter of doing all the appropriate rain graphic shaders etc and then having to design tyres for all the cars and so on.


  9. Its amusing to see all these people get so angry over a small company trying to improve market competition. As someone who has been stuck with lack-luster console games until a recent PC purchase I beleive AC is the best balanced racing game. As someone who actually tracks a car I can also vouch for the fact that AC is a good interpretation of the experience. It may be worth noting that I know very little people who enjoy racing on a track at night or in the rain – its scary as hell and no one wants to write off thier car. This is why we game in the first place – theres a reset button.


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