Ask Round II


With 693,000 hits, 223,000 unique visitors, two new contributors, and even the implementation of Google AdSense… We’re long overdue for another rendition of Ask Our site often centers around the subjects WE find to be relevant, but once again we’re opening the floor to you because it’s December in a few hours and slow news days suck. People seem to trust what we have to say, so the logical thing to do is let the community steer the discussion.

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In the comments section below, feel free to bombard us with as many questions as you’d like about the world of driving games. Nothing is off limits. If there’s a specific writer you’d like to answer your question, be sure to say so in your comment. Dig deep, there are some real nuggets of info we haven’t shared yet, and it’s on you guys to find ‘em. We’ll post our answers once the flood of questions slows down.

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59 thoughts on “Ask Round II

  1. What’s your take on the whole kart sim / kart Kraft thing? Zak *surname* (owner/coder of said title) resurfaces biannually on forums announcing his title is months away…except it never is. I think it got steam lit about a year ago and prior to that I think he might have even sought crowd funding. Even if it gets released and I play it on my own PC, I’ll still wonder whether it’s all an elaborate hoax!

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  2. I have an odd question.

    Which would be better

    A fusion of Rfactor 2 + Forza 6(all features from the two games and all cars, sound engine from rfactor)

    A fusion of Assetto corsa + granturismo 5(once again all features and all cars, assetto corsa physics, actual day night cycle, pitting, a campaign, sounds engine from AC)

    A fusion of rfactor 1 + GTR2 + Raceroom(you get the idea)

    Second question: When considering a sim do you take mods into consideration, for example Assetto corsa getting DRM revival or rfactor 2 getting Enduracers.

    Third question: Can you do more mod reviews, ignore the game, ignore everything just focus on the mod, i dont care what car it is, hell ill read a review of the Blue Falcon mod(not because i made it). My point is this site needs a refresher every now and then, if someone says its shilling call them a donkey.

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  3. Can y’all compare & contrast how various sims handle multiplayer PIT maneuvers? It’s obviously a hot topic that ‘AC collisions suck’ but how do they actually stack up under similar conditions? (same guys, same connections, different sims, what does it take to spin a dude out)

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  4. 1.Whats the 2 banned words.

    2.Any plans on some PRC set races,put some of these jokers to the test, couldn’t imagine a better bunch of dick heads, manchildren,grumpy ol cunts, weird europeans,redneck yankys and piss swilling ozzys on the sim race scene, diffrent sim each week, times that suit all.

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  5. Any comments on declining features for single player/not online racing? Forza 6 has cut a huge amount of single player content compared to Forza 4 and obviously Forza 1. Any hope for increased freedom for people to play against the AI? Why are racing sim AI’s going backwards?

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  6. A) Opinion on the whole Grand Prix series by Microprose?

    B) Are you looking forward to NASCAR 16?

    C) Worst racing game this year?

    D) If every game was in their best state with little bugs and almost no error on AI and such, what sim would be the best?

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  7. @Maple: any chance of more setup articles? Perhaps focused on tuning for particular types of tracks, track temperature/weather, or more about dampers? I still just barely dare touch the damper settings…

    @Sev: any chance of more real race/simrace type comparisons?

    @James: ever thought of simracing on molly to see a bit more the happy, pleasant side of simracing? 😉

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  8. 1. Reading this blog have lead to a personal conclusion that hardcore simracers have shit taste in racing games. (Especially James, since he never played Tokyo Xtreme Racer or Ridge Racer) Do you believe so?
    2. What do you think of RoboRace, the autonomous racing series recently announced as support series to Formula E?
    3. What old racing game series that you would see be revived?
    4. Opinions on Driveclub has improved since the “Don’t Buy this Shit” post came up. What do you think about it now? How’s Driveclub Bikes?
    5. Convince me that Ai Fukami is Ridge Racer’s best girl.
    6. Rei or Asuka? (Evangelion, in case you don’t know)
    7. The age old question: J-List ads when? There’s the WordAds ads here after all, and not all sites that run J-List ads are weeb sites (no pun intended).

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  9. How come sim racers today seems to give less and less of a shit about accurate true to life physics, and instead masturbate over graphics and post FX?


  10. What are your all-time favorite racing sims (all three of you) and why? What about arcade racers? What other genres do you play?

    How much time do you find to simrace every week? How much of that is testing stuff and how much is just pure enjoyment?


    1. The day you or any of ya samefagging accounts dont have either of their names on your lips probably, they really must of upset you, did they tag team ya “mom”? you walk in with Hex’s balls bouncing of her chin? that shit be hard to get over, especially when they just leave after filling ya mums arsehole and give no daddy time to little Jamoz\pit_cock, damn I could almost cry for her, but at least she got her meth?


      1. Also Hash, you were caught red handed samefagging here on PRC. Why should any believe what you say or take you seriously? Stop trying to being a internet hero.


  11. PCARS 2 most expensive investment level allows you to have a dinner with Ian Bell.

    Do you think a crowdfunding campaign to buy the kit so we could send someone to punch him in the face is viable?


    1. That sonds like a whole new level of disapproval. I just hope that the second instalment of that game will actually deliver on the promises made for the first one. I would just hate to see all the brainwashed herd’s monetary investments going to waste!


  12. Have you given up on the kunos interview?
    I know questions were asked, and excuses made. I’d still like to see a “why wouldn’t kunos answer these questions” post


  13. If a AAA dev/publisher like EA/Ubisoft/Activision were to go balls to wall and make a hardcore racing sim, what do you think such a game would look like?


    1. Probably equally overwhelming visually like Project Cars — and equally underwhelming in terms of actual core physics.

      …again: qualified graphics artist are a dime a dozen. They still require feeding, yet there are more of those folks looking for a job than the mathematicians and engineers needed to code quality physics. AAA-games sell themselves on screenshots and hype rather than tangible substance!

      Somehow Ian Bell has successfully pulled off the same trick after going “independent”.


  14. I would love to see an article/review comparing highly rated and still available games like gtr2 and nascar 2013 with the modern offerings. I’ve only recently got into sim racing last year and I find my enjoyment level of these older titles is greater than I get out of single player gsce and iracing as I hate having to plan when I race


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