Will We See the 2015 Dodge Viper GTC in Assetto Corsa?

Ken Block’s Official Hoonigan Facebook page posted an interesting video today from the Los Angeles Auto Show, displaying a fully functional 2015 Dodge Viper hooked up to a large racing simulator setup powered by Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa. Created by Sigma Integrale, the Los Angeles-based company has been using Assetto Corsa as a basis for their simulator throughout the 2015 Auto Show campaign, first appearing in Shanghai.

Viper 1

Digging through their official website, and after watching some videos of the impressive setup in action on their YouTube page, the simulator appears to include the standard array of Assetto Corsa default content, as the 1966 version of Monza can be seen in the above video from Facebook, and below the laser-scanned Nurburgring Nordschleife.

In its current iteration, the touring simulator uses the 2015 Dodge Viper GTC, and judging by the car model alone is of extremely high quality. This is the first we’ve seen of what appears to be a Kunos-modeled 2015 Dodge Viper.

It’s pretty fucking awesome, and I want it.

The simulator is impressive when it works, allowing your average exhibition attendee to step into the seat of a physical 2015 SRT Viper and drive the car on a virtual track, however Sigma Integrale’s latest Assetto Corsa YouTube video is anything but impressive. Currently, the boys at the shop are dumbfounded over a glitch appearing to multiply the speed of the game into an unplayable state, as if someone’s messed up configuring Project 64 and somebody for got to check the limit framerate box:

Hopefully, the bugs get worked out, and we’ll see this car in the retail version of Assetto Corsa at some point.


11 thoughts on “Will We See the 2015 Dodge Viper GTC in Assetto Corsa?

  1. Here they have a video from March with the Chevrolet C6. Checking their projects page, seems they ran different events with different cars. http://www.sigmaintegrale.com/projects/ I think at one point they also used SCE for a dodge challenger event, in that page, but I can only identify it from one thing, though maybe the track also seems from sce.


  2. The dodge is a edited version of a squir model(dodge ACR)

    I can tell because the front lights have the incorrect dimensions, the rear lights are flat.

    500k polys, it better look good

    The speed glitch i something that luckily ive never seen before, not even popped up on the support forums before

    screenshots below.






    1. Yeah it’s something related to what they have done. AC Multi-gpu rendering doesn’t do that by default, either.

      Reminds me of many years ago when my machine decided I should move at about half speed to everyone else in-game. In multiple games (fs, cs 1.5, bf1942), other players would even see me moving slowly in multiplayer, while the sound and everything else about the game ran at normal speed for everyone, myself included. Normal FPS, normal input latency…just very slow character movement.


  3. No motion simulator will ever trump the awesomeness of the motion simulators based on Sega Touring Car Championship and Initial D Arcade Stage in Joypolis (in Japan). They are arcade racers, though.


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