“I wouldn’t pay for it, but the middle-aged children of Sim Racing will…”

1449153127921.jpgOnly a few days after Slightly Mad Studios posted a preview render of the Dallara DW12 on Instagram, screenshots leaked to the Automotive section of 4Chan are giving anonymous sim racing fans a taste of the upcoming 2015 IndyCar content for Assetto Corsa, produced by UnitedRacingDesign. The team is well known for their work bringing modern GTE Sports Car racing and the 2013 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters fleet to both rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa; their next upcoming project is the 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series. Unlicensed, of course.


The package will include both the 2015 Honda and 2015 Chevrolet models, though the real interesting portion of these leaks comes from the text attached to the post, as the URD team member has answered questions from the community in a fairly blunt manner. Maybe a little too blunt, as the anonymous URD member goes on to refer to their future customers as “middle aged children”, stating that he himself wouldn’t pay for the car.

Pay for it

Thankfully, once we’re past the extremely harsh clippings, we’re gifted with some fairly nice responses regarding the work going into the technical side of bringing an Assetto Corsa mod to life. Image Space Incorporated supplied URD with the majority of the data required, although the anonymous user notes that almost every piece they needed to create an accurate depiction of the car within Assetto Corsa, they were able to find.


While it may be a bit upsetting to see how mod creators view their own customers, on the bright side, the 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series will be landing in Assetto Corsa within the near future. If the Multiplayer kinks get worked out and these cars really resonate among the community enough for somebody to form a league, that will probably be our next stop.

I just shudder when I think of how absurd the painting template will be. Guess we’ll have to dip into the donation money and pay Alex Koda to paint us a few cars.


42 thoughts on ““I wouldn’t pay for it, but the middle-aged children of Sim Racing will…”

  1. I refuse to pay for mods on principle. URD does good work from what I can see but I won’t pay for amateur third party content. If it’s not signed off by the developer, there’s a good likelihood it’s not accurate. If everyone else felt the same way, they wouldn’t charge because there would be no money to be made. Granted, it’s not a lot of money but it shocks me how willing people are to just throw money at stuff.

    Also “middle aged children” is an excellent description of a lot of you out there, sorry to say.

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    1. You should know that URD has done work for Assetto Corsa in the past, such as the C7R, so I wouldn’t be so fast to say they’re not accurate. You should try out URD’s free content for RF2, the C6R and C7R, that’ll give you a good idea about how good they are.


    2. Or they simply wouldn’t make it at all.

      If a mod is excellent, I have no problem paying for it.

      That said, since subscribing to iRacing, I haven’t even launched anything else, let alone downloaded any mods.

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  2. I don’t see the point in releasing mods, if not for money. Fame? Like this community will treat anyone decently for doing something nice. If I keep them to myself, I’m happy, and I don’t have to deal with “but it should drift 3% harder. this is the wrong amount of drift” from the know-it-alls.

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      1. The release pretty much is. Building the mod itself involves some passion but it doesn’t actually increase the passion to have a bunch of people rating it 1 star on RD.


    1. Most modders do it for passion. Some do it as a job (such as URD, or the plenty of payware modders for flight sims and train sims).


    1. This, plus I just don’t care for post-DW-death IndyCar.

      Bring in a real ‘open-wheeler’ IndyCar from the past, then I’ll be interested.


    2. Oh god think of the AI, it will be like the rest of AC content,DL for 10min drive for 5min, before feeling urge to race decent AI on RF2 or proper MP on iracing, end off.


  3. back to your crusade against payd-for content, again? When will you finally learn to differentiate the typicalbait from actual worth-while, legitimate products?


    1. What’s amazing is you had a modder admit that they no longer do it based on passion and it’s all about the $. Yet you make it like Austin has a vendetta


      1. Okay, honest question, whats wrong with that? If it’s a fully scratch built mod with proper physics, a proper template, etc, why shouldn’t a modeler be getting paid for it?

        If I’m 17, sitting in my parents basement spending 60+ hours on a mod and learning as I go, yea, maybe I’m doing it “for the passion”. But if I’m 35-40 years old, do this sort of thing professionally, and know what I’m doing, why would I do that for free? I don’t know about you, but my time is money. If I’m putting something out there for public consumption, yea, I’d like to receive compensation for it. I don’t see it as any different than doing any other contract job.


      2. It’s their prerogative to do so yes. This isn’t someone scratch building a car they love and then getting some donations or charging a few bucks. This is a mod team having one of their members say I wouldn’t buy it but the man children(shouldn’t be an insult at this point but a fact as of who are the self proclaimed “true simmers” are) of the community will.


      3. Got you.
        this somehow did not reach my information-receiving brain-cells as it was intended. Probably language-barrier – related or sth.

        hmmm. Probably goes to show that the guy in question does not really feel that much personal affection for the series this mod is portraying, then? I still do not get the part where it would be offensive to explain that he’s working on said mod ALTHOUGH it is not part of his own personal favourites? People around the globe will often called day-to-day “work”.


  4. I can confirm the livery painting argument. I have a leaked beta of their Endurance mod for AC (the sister of the rF2 mod) and the templates are a complete mess.


    1. Well, I would expect an indy car to have pretty messy UV maps/templates. Kinda sounds like they aren’t producing clean maps in the first place, though.


      1. Being a modder opens you a lot of roads. I know a lot of people, and a friend of a friend sent me a temporary link to these 4 cars. They are the Rebellion R-One in both 2014 and 2015 configurations, the Oreca 05 and the Audi R18. Here’s an example of the R-One’s template. I’ve sometimes seen worse *cough cough*pCARS/other AC mods/FM4/Shift2*cough cough*, but I don’t envy the painters who have to deal with this crap.


  5. Not particularly interested in these cars. I mean just what the fuck is it anyways? the whole ‘sort of open wheel, we don’t actually know what the fuck we want to achieve with this series’ design really pisses me off.


    1. “Not particularly interested” probably sums up most people’s reaction. I mean, it’s a series circling the drain with horrible TV ratings and it probably won’t be around in five years in its current form.

      Now, give us a real Indycar from 1995 or so…


      1. Comment about “middle-aged children of Sim Racing” was written by other guy but james rushed over and didn’t read conversation properly


      2. arg right,makes more sense now, whos the “other guy”, if you want to set record straight just say with all info, James has corrected mistakes in articles before.


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