We’re Starting a League, and We Need Your Input!

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With 3,000+ hits on a daily basis, and an overall audience larger than the entire iRacing userbase, it’s time to do more than just TALK about Pretend Race Cars. 

A few of you may have noticed that I’ve been active on Race2Play over the past week. While I’ve been unable to turn two pole positions into wins thanks to brake failure and a bad tire compound strategy, the site is absolutely phenomenal for organized online racing. You register for free using your real name, click the giant green button to sign up for an event, and join the server a few minutes prior to the scheduled qualifying time. Automated server plugins send race results back to the website, and track your career in a manner identical to iRacing. In fact, I’d argue that Race2Play has a much more user-friendly interface.

In the near future, we’ll formerly introduce the PRC V8 Supercars World Tour, our first attempt at an open-entry online league using the brilliant Race2Play website. As many of you donated a collective $120,000 to bring this car (and others) to Stock Car Extreme, as well as donated nearly $2,000 to the OZV8 guys for a full field of Australian Touring Cars, it’s clear as day y’all really want to race these. We’ll give you that platform.

For our first season, the focus will primarily be on racing. Entry to both the site and the league itself will be FREE, and as easy as clicking a few buttons. Currently we’ll forego the custom livery process, as I’m new to running a league and don’t want that headache right off the start, but to compensate, I’ll post a bunch of our private baseline setups so people can have a competitive car right off the trailer. V8 Supercars are pretty demanding, and I want everyone to enjoy racing and forming rivalries rather than obsessing over garage menu options.

The schedule will be very iRacing-like and feature a mix of tracks from all over the world, though most have been selected primarily for their compatibility with heavy Australian touring cars. Expect extremely high speeds, heavy braking zones, and many flowing rhythm sections across all twelve dates. Unlike most leagues, we wont ask for the community’s input on the schedule, as we would have received a ton of votes for locations such as Monza or Spa, only for race day to arrive and warrant a massive turn one pileup as people monumentally fuck up the first chicane. What we’ve got on the drawing board right now is a really interesting mix of tracks most will be familiar with, and I’m excited to announce the full schedule. These tracks will provide some insanely good racing with the Holden Commodore.

What we DO need, however, is for as many of you as possible to complete this extremely short four question survey. We need some of your input on minor rules and procedures

We’re hoping to schedule the events for a 3PM EST (8PM GMT) Start Time on Saturday Afternoons, allowing sim racers from several different hemispheres to participate at a reasonable time, as well as the dedicated group of Aussie kids who will no doubt set their alarms to run their country’s greatest motor racing export.

Once there are a substantial amount of people who have completed the survey, I’ll fire the whole thing up.

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22 thoughts on “We’re Starting a League, and We Need Your Input!

  1. Killer fucking idea there James, I definitely want in! Bummer about the lack of custom liveries, but it is huge pain in the ass to get everyone all synced up livery-wise with ISI sims so understandable… I hope we get some decent participation.

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    1. If the first few V8 events go well and there is an OVERWHELMING demand for shorter races (as in, I don’t want to have two series with 8 cars in each race), then yeah, we’ll look into it. At the moment there are at least ten WTCC leagues operating in various sims, go try your hand at one of those in the meantime.

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  2. First time posting on here but been following this site for a while now as i have recently got back into Sim racing and racing games in general. I would like to know if you guys could do a rally one as well for DiRT Rally or even RSRBR? And James i have to say you are funny as well as very factual and the rest of the staff as well thanks for giving us the hard cold facts as they are! Have a nice day,


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      1. Understandable and i know that RBR is dated (lets get real its good but extremely dated even with NGP) but really am looking at a more close knit community for rally drivers since i hardly like time lapping against AI (also i hate tuning against AI times or people that are leaderboard whores).


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