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RRRE 2015-12-06 13-16-51-75The dormant month of December brings upon us a time to reflect over what 2015 has brought the world of sim racing, and since early January we’ve been dedicated to bringing you endless controversial stories that other websites are contractually obligated not to cover. With our home base located on a League of Legends Teamspeak server, and our lengthy articles written by just three guys sitting in their jammies, our premium WordPress blog has amassed over 220,000 unique visitors and over 700,000 hits. Statistics that impressive for a small-time operation indicate a sim racing rip-off of TheDirty was exactly what the people wanted.

And that’s because our no-nonsense approach allows us to predict shit months in advance, and be downright cocky about it. What started out as a creative outlet for myself and a few of my buddies turned into a reputable source for sim racing news, because month after month, we proved time and time again that we weren’t just pulling things out of our collective asses. Twelve times we’ve stepped up to the plate with extremely controversial news other sites were too afraid or politically correct to publish, and twelve times we’ve knocked it out of the park.

Let’s start from the top.

01 WRC#1 – We predicted the disaster of WRC 5 based on the company’s previous efforts.

On January 23rd, we did about five minutes of investigation into the upcoming WRC title by Kylotonn Games. After Milestone had lost the WRC license and set out on developing a rally simulator with Sebastien Loeb’s namesake, a team whose claim to fame were a line of fitness titles for the Xbox 360 was awarded the rights to the official World Rally Championship game, due out as the 2015 season came to a close. Based on this observation alone, we predicted that WRC 5 would be a shovelware-quality title. We were right. Upon release in October, the game struggled to stand up to titles from the PS2 generation of rally games, such as Colin McRae Rally 2005, and was so underwhelming that the game rarely sees more than one hundred players running the executable at any given time.

02 Project CARS#2 – People are still writing to us about how bad Project CARS is, six months after launch.

Armed with access to the WMD forums and a trusty PrtScn button, gained widespread notoriety for reporting on the chaotic development of the controversial crowdfunded racing sim by Slightly Mad Studios. As viral marketers rushed across message boards far and wide to proclaim the gospel of Project CARS, we here at offered a very different take on the game. On January 31st, we published a detailed look at the internal development forums, one which saw a plethora of comical glitch videos, as well as users receiving bans for pointing out game-breaking bugs and questioning the direction of the game. Over the months prior to the game’s release, we continued to call delay announcements weeks in advance and posted numerous beta videos foreshadowing the eventual disastrous launch in May, injecting screenshots of forum posts where financial contributors admitted to outright lying about the game in order to generate false hype.

Slightly Mad Studios apologists and even Ian Bell himself claimed we had an irrational vendetta against both the company and the franchise, yet six months later, people are still sending us lengthy essays describing how broken Project CARS is.

03#3 – We knew F1 2015 would be a disaster as far back as February.

A leaked magazine preview indicated Codemasters had already been struggling with F1 2015, the first time the series would be released on next-gen consoles. While other sites carefully danced around this leaked info, we bit hard and regurgitated it as fact. By the time the game was released in July, virtually everyone who had gotten their hands on the title had already made a glitch compilation/review hybrid video for YouTube showcasing how much of a step backwards F1 2015 was compared to previous entries in the series.

04 - NASCAR 15#4 – We knew NASCAR 15 would suck based on one trailer.

It definitely helped that I had once been an active member on the official Eutechnyx forms, and it definitely helped that I’d been burned by their licensed NASCAR titles on more than three occasions, but there was still the odd chance that the team from England could have gotten it together for one final release.

However, a guy I used to league race with worked on the mobile platform LEGO games for Traveller’s Tales, and while in school for game design he’d made friends with a fellow who would later go on to be employed at Eutechnyx. The stories passed on to me indicate Eutechnyx had not been taking the NASCAR project seriously since they first acquired the rights to the license in 2010, and most of the developer team apparently sat around laughing at how stupid NASCAR is as an auto racing series for a large portion of the series’ development. Like 2011, Inside Line, 2013, ’14, and now NASCAR 15: Victory Edition, we will later look back on these abominations with absolute disgust. It was an easy call to make that the game would be garbage. From a very reputable source, Eutechnyx viewed the development of not one but five games as one big joke.

05 - AC Console Release

#5 – We knew that Assetto Corsa would be coming to consoles long before the public ever did.

When Kunos Simulazioni first posted a picture of a stack of PS4 developer kits piled high inside their Vallelunga offices, our Assetto Corsa informant was quick to tell us that this was not just a simple “side project” as the team described to the public. The challenge was to leak this information to the general public in a way that made it seem like we were taking a shot in the dark, and our answer came to us in the form of a LinkedIn profile for one of the KS developers. Just under a month after we posted a foreshadowing screencap indicating one particular KS developer was proud of his work in bringing Assetto Corsa to Sony’s Playstation 4, a next generation console version of Assetto Corsa was formally announced on our competitor’s websites.

06 - Pcars 2 announcement#6 – We announced Project CARS 2 two months before Slightly Mad Studios did.

While the boys in Europe were able to trace my IP and remove me from the WMD forums in an effort to prevent us from leaking any more information, we had more than enough people willing to provide me with their login details to continue leaking controversial new details about the Project CARS franchise. Two months prior to the official Slightly Mad Studios announcement and a few weeks before the first game was even on store shelves, we announced Project CARS 2.

07 - iRacing Vendetta#7 – We proved iRacing holds childish vendettas over those who dare to criticize it.

Less than 24 hours after posting a critical piece picking apart the entry level experience within the servers, my IP address had been banned from accessing the website, and those with close ties to iRacing confirmed that they have traditionally struggled when dealing with criticism. As we restructured the site behind the scenes and brought aboard two new contributors, one of them requested to hide completely behind an alias in fear of how iRacing would treat him if his ties to were made public. The other didn’t give a shit, and as a result Sev is the only contributor out of the three on posting under his real name.

Despite these very real concerns about iRacing’s tendency to over-react to even the slightest bit of negative comments about their product, iRacing fanboys assured everyone across multiple forums that the Massachusetts-based company does not immaturely chase after random sim racers, claiming is simply the ramblings of a mentally ill sim racer who needed to be kept well away from the service.

However, upon trying to subscribe to the service himself in October, Sev was automatically given a permanent ban from iRacing the moment he attempted to sign up for the online-only racing sim and log in for the first time. iRacing had never dealt with Sev on a personal level previously, but felt the need to blacklist him from registering four months in advance. Meanwhile, the contributor not posting under his real name continues to build race-winning setups for drivers participating in NASCAR-sanctioned events within the iRacing software.

08 Assetto Corsa AI issues.jpg#8 – We were the first to bring attention to the widespread AI problems within Assetto Corsa.

While mainstream sim racing websites praised the effort by Kunos Simulazioni to continue to update their flagship racing sim on a consistent basis, we here at were instead notified about game-breaking AI issues that made the single player portion of the game virtually unplayable to all but the most dedicated of Assetto Corsa fanboys. Instead of covering up a rather fundamental flaw in the popular Italian racing sim, we chose to report on it. The initial piece generated a huge amount of controversy as those who created the very first AI crash compilation video were known forum trolls said to have some sort of irrational vendetta against the Mediterranean developer, yet two months later the AI problems only blossomed into a vulgar display of incompetence.

As the editor of, I’m tasked with inserting an array of Assetto Corsa-related screenshots into each article. Most of the time, I use my own, and photographing the endless AI bugs for a stream of negative articles became as simple as booting up a race using the game’s default settings and having FRAPS running in the background.

Initially, many believed we were fear mongering over the embarrassing AI issues within Assetto Corsa, as the game was believed to be the anti-thesis of the bug-ridden Project CARS and some couldn’t comprehend that a relatively likeable developer released an equally buggy game comparable to a title some had spent the summer laughing at. Four months later, AI issues are still a hot topic of discussion, and sim racers are curious how this game will be received on next-generation consoles.

09 - iRacing exploits.jpg#9 – We warned our readers about iRacing’s New Surface Model having possible exploits, and we were right.

Prior to the release of iRacing’s New Surface Model, a user by the name of iRacerUK on Reddit posted a worrying analysis of a few patch notes he’d discovered within the iRacing forums in regards to the upcoming update. Citing iRacing’s decision to remove the thermal track surface camera a week before the massive update went live in mid-September, iRacerUK believed iRacing was attempting to cover-up a potential bug or exploit with the revitalized racing surface upgrade. The user was immediately met with hostility on Reddit, with some claiming he was out to destroy iRacing and had an irrational vendetta against the developer team, while others believed I was behind the account myself. Knowing how iRacing has a tendency to botch major updates to their game, we covered the story here on and told people to prepare for the worst. Several readers believed this story was nothing more than “made up drama and speculation.”

Three weeks later, the competitive aspect of the servers had been crippled by a massive exploit directly related to the new weather and surface conditions that allowed users to join each session at a specific time and receive a much cooler track surface and environment. Many high profile races, including several NASCAR Peak Anti-Freeze Series  events and the opening rounds of the $13,000 iRacing Blancpain Endurance Series had been affected.

As we first caught wind of this controversial exploit in a livestream chat with a Club Finland member during an iRacing Peak Anti-Freeze Series race at Darlington, we are now banned from commenting on any future live iRacing event as well.

10 - Kunos Censorship#10 – We were the first website to actively address the censorship on Kunos-related Social Media outlets.

In late September, we received a Reader Submission from an avid reader explaining he had been blocked from commenting on the official Assetto Corsa facebook page for being critical of the game. Reception to this article was mixed, with some people defending Kunos with the argument that Facebook is not a technical support forum, nor is it the place to air your greivances about what the game does or does not have. A few weeks later, we received word of another user who had been suspended from the Assetto Corsa forums; a sound modder who’d been given the boot for criticizing the sounds within the popular racing sim. Again, readers believed his words were overly harsh, and that the temporary ban was well-deserved.

Two months later, a four page thread on RaceDepartment is full of individuals who have been blocked from commenting on at least one social media outlet run by Kunos, their lone offense deemed being critical of the game. RaceDepartment staff member Chris Stacey calls the official Assetto Corsa forums an “utterly disgusting environment”, and claims he was jumped on by a “super fan” for “simply asking a question.”

11 - Need for Speed being Shit#11 – Sev accurately predicted the sheer disappointment of Need for Speed 2015

Details of the 2015 iteration of Need for Speed emerged quite slowly, as only individuals Electronic Arts personally approved to cover the game were allowed to show off footage of the closed beta via YouTube and other video sharing websites. Prior to the full car list being revealed and only a handful of videos were available on YouTube, Sev revealed many controversial details that upset longtime Need for Speed fans. Three months before the game was in the hands of the general public, Sev revealed that your garage space in Career Mode would be limited to five cars, there would be no gearbox option, customization elements would be severely limited, and the game would require an active online connection – even to play through the single player career mode. I think the only thing he got wrong was the car list, though the game’s 51 cars has still been lauded for being an extremely poor, small list missing many notable tuner culture icons.

Many Electronic Arts apologists around the internet claimed it was simply too early to pass judgement on the game, as only a handful of people were invited into the closed beta, and Ghost Games were set to add many more features into the title between August and the game’s eventual release in early November.

A month after the game’s launch, the general consensus is that Need for Speed 2015 is an entirely forgettable experience, and those who actively defend the game on a multitude of message boards have posting histories with suspiciously pro-Need for Speed posting histories – a practice in line with reputation management tactics used for other EA releases.

12 AC Details.jpg#12 – We had an informant in the Assetto Corsa beta. All that stuff we posted? It’s real.

Many readers of have always been curious as to where we’ve received some of our more colorful information about Assetto Corsa from. There have been many articles and Reader Submissions alike that indeed  reference some really bizarre claims about the future and inner workings of Assetto Corsa with 100% certainty, causing the Assetto Corsa fans among us to become extremely distraught over some of our more “outrageous” postings that indicate a disastrous console release in 2016.

In short, sometimes when we post insider information about this game, a whole bunch of people show up to say we have a vendetta against Kunos and Assetto Corsa, and if we continue to post this kind of slander, we’ll be sued.

Sorry guys, it ain’t happening. In fact, we’ve still got a list of stuff we haven’t leaked yet that’s just sort of sitting there on a list.

Viral marketing is every bit as real as the paranoia makes it out to be, and each developer puts their own spin on guerrilla advertising. Some companies such as Electronic Arts and Slightly Mad Studios go the intrusive route, flooding message boards with hundreds of new users hell bent on convincing other members how awesome their new game is, and obviously that gets annoying after a while for those who were around before the hype train started.

Developers without the luxury of a massive budget instead enlist the help of prominent community members, handing out a few free DLC packs or inviting them into a beta program and letting their natural feelings of gratitude over what the developer has gifted them govern the tone of their message board posts. Kunos have done this with Assetto Corsa, Eutechnyx have done this with their NASCAR games, and to a lesser extent Sector 3 have done this with RaceRoom Racing Experience. Personally, the way Eutechnyx handled viral marketing bothered me the most, as pretty much every moderator on their official forums was only in it for a free copy of that year’s game – a game that struggled to ship in a state above shovelware quality for five straight years.

When it comes to Assetto Corsa, we got our information from a guy named Mike Hornbuckle. When we took a firm stance on what stands for, and continued to publish negative articles about Assetto Corsa as our own experiences with the game were less than satisfactory, we stopped hearing from him. The stream of concerning information we’ve published on this game, such as:

  • Ferrari has a contract stating the La Ferrari must be quicker than the McLaren P1 on specific tracks.
  • McLaren forced Kunos to make the McLaren 12c handle better than its real life counterpart.
  • 505 Games doesn’t care about the quality of the upcoming release, they just want to “establish the brand” on consoles and earn enough revenue to make Assetto Corsa 2.
  • It was Marco’s call to put the game on consoles, and not everyone was happy with the decision.
  • There are several LMP1 cars on the horizon.
  • 70% of Assetto Corsa owners have never clicked on the Multiplayer tab even once, therefore Kunos doesn’t see multiplayer functionality as a necessary requirement.

It’s all from the same guy. Kunos are aware, what they do about it is up to them. If that makes you weary of sending off Reader Submissions, use an anonymous email provider like to cover your tracks. It’s how I signed up for Ashley Madison.

RRRE 2015-12-06 13-19-39-42

To nail one big story each month is pretty impressive given has only been active for a little under a year, and we hope to continue the trend as we move forward into 2016. As a little gift for y’all, here are some of my favorite hater comments I’ve seen over the past few days. I couldn’t wait until December 25th, so consider this an early non-denominational holiday present from Santa:



And if you’re too old to believe in Santa, believe in shills instead.


77 thoughts on “Calling Our Shots – The First Year of

  1. ” We predicted the disaster of WRC 5″

    And so did (pretty much) everyone…

    “We knew NASCAR 15 would suck based on one trailer.”

    Again, so did (pretty much) everyone…

    “We knew that Assetto Corsa would be coming to consoles long before the public ever did.”

    There were rumors about Assetto Corsa on PS4 way before you talked about it. It started when someone from Kunos posted a picture with a PS4 dev-kit.

    “We announced Project CARS 2 two months before Slightly Mad Studios did.”

    Do you know even know what a prediction is? You did not make any prediction here, you were just the asshole that leaked internal information.

    “We were the first to bring attention to the widespread AI problems within Assetto Corsa.”

    OMG people were reporting problems with the AI and after your article they are still reporting it, what a prediction!

    “We warned our readers about iRacing’s New Surface Model having possible exploits, and we were right.”

    OMG people were reporting problems with the New Surface Model and after your article they are still reporting it, what a prediction!

    “We were the first website to actively address the censorship on Kunos-related Social Media outlets.”

    OMG people were reporting that Kunos were banning people and after your article they are still banning people, what a prediction!

    “Sev accurately predicted the sheer disappointment of Need for Speed 2015”

    OMG people were reporting that the game was bad during the beta and after the release it is still bad, what a prediction!

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    1. Now admittedly I run with very libertarian circles. Some of them are certainly anarchist types, so I’ve got strange influences, but personally, I like leakers. Is it frustrating? Sure. But it’s a civil service all the same.

      Others disagree, and that’s their prerogative.


  2. “We were the first to bring attention to the widespread AI problems within Assetto Corsa.”

    People were unhappy with the AI since it was released. With the 1.2 update it was massively improved. In response you ran an obsessive shill’s manipulated video. WE WUZ FIRST WE DID JURNLIZM

    It’s hilarious that you still think Kunos are censoring people. You mentioned what, three people being banned for for being asshats? People with 1000+ posts on the AC forums who are constantly critical of the sim and its developers have never even been temp banned.

    I can’t believe your stunning coverage of the VirtualR and Bsim conspiracy to not cover an obviously illegally ripped mod didn’t make this list. Or your continuous reports on features missing in AC that AC actually does have, with zero corrections ever given.

    “We’re such good journalists we confirmed AC on consoles ONE YEAR after the devkit post”
    “Also we predicted games by shit devs would be shit”

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    1. Ah, the AI has gotten better since 1.2? That must explain why I can boot up Assetto Corsa and take pictures of the AI embarrassing itself on command at virtually any track.

      Oh wait no it doesn’t.

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    2. Assetto Corsa is a completely broken mess, stay the hell away from it. rF2 on the other hand is a feature complete and the best sim racing experience money can get.


    3. AC AI hasn’t improved for shit. I can’t for the life of me understand how you shills tolerate these half-baked games. In any – ANY – given AC SP race with a mixed grid both class and model wise, using exclusively KS cars on KS tracks, the following happens:

      1) half the grid (say, on average, 6 out of 12 starters, once you dare trying for a grid of 15+ cars on anything less than a dual xeon pc the whole thing shits the bed) doesn’t even pull off the fucking line
      2) of those that do actually manage to move off the grid at all, at least a further 2/3 will tangle at the first corner in an entirely predictable fashion – if they’re open wheelers, they bump wheels and inevitably one of them goes flying off into fencing/invisible barriers, if they’re tin tops they generally just push each other off and wallride for a few hundred feet
      3) should ANY of the grid survive this shitfest, they go on to brake ridiculously early for every corner, even at 100% difficulty, often even visibly feathering the brakes on the straights, or on simple flat kinks in the track.

      Who the fuck is paying you to stick up for this bullshit? I’ve seen the same issues from since pirating AC when it was still is early beta, to buying the game just before v1.0 dropped, in what was in hindsight a decision taken whilst chemically enhanced.

      Kunos doesn’t give a fuck about what they’ve got, and it’s sad that you feel the need to defend their laziness.

      Once upon a time these niche PC gaming genres were home of the harshest critics, what the fuck happened?

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      1. How would those of us the AI works well for even go about faking videos of it working fine? You can clearly tell it’s AI (it drives way too consistently to be online; not always in good ways), you can clearly tell it’s AC, and surprise, it’s racing ok.


      2. >None of what you described has ever happened to me racing against 100% AI in Assetto Corsa

        I’m glad it works for you, but it’s never worked satisfactorily for me, and I’m not alone. There are things in AC that clearly need fixing, even if they only affect x% of users. If i wanted Gran Turismo 1 tier AI, I’d still be playing it instead of paying anything up to €60 for a game tagged as a RACING simulator.

        >How would those of us the AI works well for even go about faking videos of it working fine? You can clearly tell it’s AI (it drives way too consistently to be online; not always in good ways), you can clearly tell it’s AC, and surprise, it’s racing ok.

        Again, great! But the game should work the same for everyone, and wildly differing experiences suggest base flaws in the game. What have Kunos done about it? Released paid DLC and added a bunch of new tyre shit. I won’t be shelling out for AC2.

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  3. Every comment on PRC gets sent directly to my phone. All 10,000 of them. Sometimes y’all wake my ass up. It’s cool. But getting to read every single one, obviously I can see some trends.

    The average reaction for every controversial article we post is “YOU HAVE AN IRRATIONAL VENDETTA AGAINST [insert game here]!” First it was pCars, then it was iRacing, then it was Assetto Corsa. Those have been the big three this year.

    Now that a bit of time has passed and a lot of our “crazy conspiracies” have some very tangible substance, suddenly the response is “oh, well everyone saw that coming!” Nope. No you didn’t. Y’all ran around working to get PRC censored on a whole bunch of different sites and dismissed everything posted on here as the crazed ramblings of a Derek Smart-like figure within sim racing.

    Here’s a few responses from the initial IRacing surface model post:

    “Top Kek as always. More made up drama and speculation with no facts. In real life do they have thermal cameras for the whole circuit? No teams grab a pit road temp reading as their track temp reading. That’s all they can do considering how going on the race track with moving cars isn’t an option.”

    “The only one reason why they hide thermal cam is that your alive spotter can use it to take advantage to you, while you drive. Especially on endurance races. What else they can do, while they are in contracts with Blancpain, Peak, etc – the first step to open real-world-like leagues? They dont want to fuck-up with that. So its the only one reason why thermocam are hide. And i dont know why noone realise it. And yes – weather system now work from one instance – server collect data and send it to clients, nothing can go wrong its a classical system + EAC anticheat.”

    Uh huh. All of this was totally obvious and easy predictions to make. Sure.

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    1. Were you the one that found the problem with the surface model? No. So you made a prediction of what exactly? Those who should be “acclaimed” are those who found the problem, not you screenshoting their post and putting it on your blog…

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      1. Had we not posted it here, nobody would have known about it aside from a few iRacing fanboys on reddit convinced that a guy posting from the UK while I was asleep was me under a different name.

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      2. Because we had the balls to bring raw speculation to the public’s attention and say “look, this dude might be on to something and everyone should pay attention to the concerns he’s brought up” instead of letting him get downvoted into oblivion by a bunch of fanboys on reddit.

        Update comes out, and whaddya know, iRacing is ruined by exploits for a month in the exact way that the dude predicted. We gave him a voice and an unbiased audience while the platform he initially posted it on wanted to shut him up.

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    2. Assetto Corsa is a completely broken mess, stay the hell away from it. rF2 on the other hand is a feature complete and the best sim racing experience money can get.


  4. Congratulations to one year of this. I’m sure the writing is time consuming at this point, but there never has been a net source giving an accurate perspective of the community scenes out there before. I predict the first year of many…

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  5. I mean guys you didn’t exactly need to be Nostradamus to predict a lot of these, but congrats on (almost) one year. You’ve got an entertaining little site here and the sim racing community needs this kind of shit stirring. Looking forward to 2016 and beyond

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    1. “I mean guys you didn’t exactly need to be Nostradamus to predict a lot of these, but congrats on (almost) one year”

      Indeed. Pretty sure he put that in this article to try to have more crediblilty and to link it on Reddit everytime there is someone that tells that this blog only tell lies.


  6. Assetto Corsa is a completely broken mess, stay the hell away from it. rF2 on the other hand is a feature complete and the best sim racing experience money can get.


  7. Are you just being disingenuous, or do you really not see that the people getting blocked from AC forums crossed the line a little beyond “simply being critical of the game”. It’s not an anything-goes forum, they expect civility.


      1. I doubt they think that, but why are you trying to make people believe they believe that? I think they are proud enough of their sim but have the consciousness that it can be improved in several aspects. And aren’t they doing it? I think so, at least judging by the announced future updates. Maybe they aren’t doing exactly the things you want them to do, but that is more your problem than of everyone else.

        When did they ban anyone for reporting bugs, issues, suggestions, critical posts? Now depends on the critics, if you keep insisting and obsessively trying to make your critique towards them, in a negative, offensive, and mocking way. Then you are no longer right is saying why did I get banned “when I just did some critic”, we all know “you” did more than that, and that doesn’t have a place on a civilized forum.


  8. Being an “independent” news channel for sim racing doesn’t make you more “independent” than when SMS stopped making games for EA.


  9. Ah the good ol’ “pat myself on the back” article.

    Let’s not “Pretend” you’re some genius. Everyone knew some of those games would be terrible, the AC AI is bad, and others were just leaks (which is a douchey thing to do anyways).

    Oh well, for what it’s worth, I hope this site eventually discontinues. I do believe it hurts our sim racing community.

    I see so many articles that bash sims to no end, then a very toxic comments section. Then I see one more of those stupid “Why is no one playing online anymore?” articles, and I wonder why this site will never get it.

    It’s okay though, some of the content here is good. But so much of it makes sim racing even more unpopular, which isn’t the goal, I hope.


  10. ““Why is no one playing online anymore?” articles, and I wonder why this site will never get it.”

    PRC told us every sim is shit. We as [s]fanboys[/s] readers of PRC agree and don’t question what they say. So here we are, acknowledging every sim is shit so we don’t play it. After all they are independent and free of any ties. Why shouldn’t we trust their [s]opinions[/s] facts?

    “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”


  11. As a console racer I’ve enjoyed reading this blog over the past year, gave me a good warning on Project CARS which actually changed my mind over which console to buy first this generation. I was going to buy a PlayStation 4 for the game but after hearing of all its pre and post-launch issues I held off for 6 months and went back to Forza. It was the right call.

    I don’t agree with all of the blog’s content but nobody will.

    I would like to see a post detailing the things you predicted that did not come true however, just so that we have some perspective; I hope this blog post hasn’t conveniently tucked away those in order to push out a particular viewpoint.

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  12. In a weird sort of way your articles for me have sort of backfired, im a massive assetto corsa fanboy and yes i recognise that some things are broken in minor or major ways. This autumn i bought rF2 and refunded it 2hours later because it kept crashing and the fixes i found just made it crash slightly later(using vanilla content and content from the steam workshop that is).

    Anyways skip a few weeks and many more AC & pcars is bad articles come out and it got to the point where i was seriously curious as to how bad pcars was, in the steam sale i bit the bullet and got it(random bug gave me the audi dlc for free, not complaining). So my first thoughts were well it cant be worse then AC.

    Default settings its aids, ffb is 100% clipping, many seconds later i get the ffb right and well…………..i enjoyed it. Im annoyed that i enjoy it, i cant stop playing it, why WHY.

    James you crazy sausage, you have turned me into a casual, well more of a casual then i was before.

    The game i laughed that for so long is giving me more enjoyment(currently) then the one i have been fond of for so long.

    Its been a good year i think, the comment section needs cleaning because of the anti-AC shilling(im fine with people not being fans of AC but stop f**ing spamming like 30 screenshots, its bloats everything so much).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are not a fanboy. You are able to enjoy other sim racing games. The real fanboys are associat0r, hexagramme, and mr.pepe. Oh and James too.. wait James is a fanboy of hating sims. For him, just GSCE escapes that, but not Reiza, just GSCE.


  13. “we hoped to gain traffic, but instead we managed to be banned on every other website and we burned our chances to be linked outside (the only thing that count to be positioned in the search engines), resulting in 15 people left to visit this blog.. but we still call them 200,000 unique visitors, because we have no idea on how to read properly the traffic report” //EOR


      1. They aren’t wrong, they works like any other website stats.. you only have to learn how to read it, or do you believe that 200,000 different “humans” have visited this blog? You must be naive then… or just someone who doesn’t know the basic math.


      2. Every visitor that comes to this gives us ~3 pageviews, meaning they come to the site, read the 1 or 2 articles that have been posted that day, and then leave again. Compared to a total of 760k views over the course of this year, WordPress statistics provides us with the figure of 230k unique, different visitors.

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      3. Does it mean we have a high throughput of viewers? Certainly, PRC is not for everyone and I suppose that many people who come to this site take a look at it, think it’s garbage, and move on, but there are just as many who stay here to enjoy the content.


  14. Hey guys,

    I’m reading this site since having bought ProjectCars in may. I’m a ‘multiplayer only’ racer and I don’t need to tell you how buggy that game is on that part, even 6 months after release.

    I really like when it works, the fun when racing a huge grid is great – maybe that’s why I care about it.
    Normally a bugfeast like that would just collect dust in the shelf.
    I’ve been reporting bug & glitches in their forum, but the competence of the mods is, to say it nicely, very very low. May one should not blame them too hard as I’ve read one of them writing they can report stuff to SMS but never get a reply.
    That’s for sure not the way in softwaredev to make things better.

    The hateful and igorant speech in their forum also makes me think 90% of their community and themselfes are a bunch of sociopathic kids. When I got it right a guy called Ian Bell is CEO of that.
    I’ve seen posts of that person … no words for such idiotic acting.

    Now I’ve written more than I wanted to, I just came here today to give you some thumbs up for the future, it’s refreshing to read your blog!


    Liked by 1 person

  15. I don’t understand the haters of PRC. Take everything with a grain of salt guys. I personally think some very interesting things are exposed here. t is good entertainment at the very least. I enjoy reading the articles at work 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its funny that some of the biggest “haters” on PRC are the most regular posters\visitors,at the end of the day its a simple blog of some guys thoughts(and he can drive unlike I suspect much of the haters), but boy sends a lot of the mongs wannabe sim racers into full retard.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Exactly. I would never expect someone to instantly eat up everything that we say as the 100% truth and shill for us forever until eternity, but when we, time after time again, “predict” something and it turns out to be true, I think we deserve way more credibility than people are willing to give us. It’s the same for every medium of media. Should you trust everything that’s reported on CNN/MSNBC? Certainly not. Should you trust everything that’s reported on FOX News? Definitely not. But you should listen to both sides and make your own opinion. And if you apply this to PRC vs. other simracing sites, you will find that we report the TRUTH more often than any other site out there.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. >It’s how I signed up for Ashley Madison.

    Even if you use throwaway email (and possibly fake identity), you’re confirmed for a loser because you have Ashley Madison account (and I’ve personally speculating it).

    Oh, and by the way, when’s the QA be up?


    1. He signed up for Ashley Madison with a fake identity as a Caesar Salad or something, can’t find it right now (they probably removed the profile), but it was hilarious.


  17. Assetto Corsa doesn’t have any simulation value whatsoever and I have known this since very first early access build and I predicted that it will never have any, now 2 years later everyone can see that I was indeed correct. Physics and tire model are completely unatural. Forza or even Gran Turismo has more simulation value.


    1. In fact hexagramme liked AC initially. But he only found the problem of his G27 rattling on Imola with the Is strange that he never fixed it, but he liked the game and played it. Now he has a t500rs. But he also has another friend now, bad company though.. associat0r.


      1. Nice story, but shiller prince is AC fanboy Cock_pit on a demented crusade, hex and associat0r. sent him over the top with their comments about his beloved AC.


      2. No is not, shiller price is using screenshots only used and digged by associat0r in other discussions. His M.O is too personal, it can only be associat0r and no one else. Where’s the logic that an AC fan would post so much toxic stuff in such a toxic way against AC. Nice try hash.


      3. you are probably him ya fuck wit, I wonder if your anon is hiding behind a proxy, the fact that only that little cunt actually uses my name when addressing me, you are a stupid cunt and have a extremely predictable language, mainly due to you very limited logic,stupidity and lack of vocabulary, you repeat exact same lines across your various accounts, a proxy can’t disguise your universal stupidity, I just hope you are truly adolescent, as you would be a extreme worry if you are older, or perhaps enougher shit stain and yank education.


      4. is funny how you complain about others, but you don’t look at yourself. Really, do a reflection on yourself tonight while in bed. Unless, this is just a fucked up persona you put online, and in real life you’re alright.


    2. The fuck you on about ya little twat, I normally stay away where little fat meme touting fuck wits like you wander, but I like PRC unmoderated ways, as I like to type how I talk, and Im proud working class mother fucker, still unmoderated means we have to put up with proxied up little cunts like you screaming for attention, and ruining my reading space with memes,samefagging and just your retarded little thoughts that for the most part dont even make sense.

      You are literally internet aids and come to embodie the new breed of little fuck wits that have jumped on board the sim train, I would love to meet you on the rugby field, that would be a good day.


  18. Damn, I wouldn’t want to be mr. Hornbuckle right now…
    Violating a NDA is serious business.

    I wonder if Kunos will sue his ass?

    Anyway, karma’s a bitch, Mikey.


    1. Well let’s be honest, Michael is a bitch indeed, he started a beef with anyone that criticized Kunos or the game. I hope he gets a lawsuit dropped on his ass and commits suicide.


  19. Most t if not all PRC articles are circle jerks of hate. Easy to bash developers for trying to provide a product. But let’s not stop there, let’s pat ourselves on the back for being the douche bags of the community. This place only recives page views as a show of human intelligence on its lowest most ignorant level. A train wreck of delusional self entitled bullshit that is hard to look away from. PRC, turning the screws of ignorance and slander in the foundation of Sim racing for a solid year, congratulations.


    1. Meanwhile SRD stalks people who make better NR2003 mods than them.

      You are not very efficient at your craft. I must say there is little to gain from your crusade against Toad, James being 22 may warrant far more intesesting results.


  20. Todd picks his own hatters by attacking them first and then crying victim. He just likes the attention and I oblige by giving it to him. His level of ignorance is nothing short of entertainment. James on the other hand strives at gaining popularity by thinking his insight is important and/or at a higher standard than the rest of us. His world is derived from unfounded entitlement and the need to seem better than others. Both are fucking twats though.


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