And so begins Day #2 of iRacing’s Outage

iRacing OutageRolling out a massive end-of-2015 update proved to be extremely challenging for iRacing today, as sim racers across the globe will have to wait just a little bit longer for their shot at the legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife in the popular online-only subscription based racing sim. Offline since 4AM EST according to the twitter feed of iRacing Staff Member Steve Myers, the team in Massachusetts will take another shot at fixing the numerous issues tomorrow after the staff receive some much needed rest. Until then, the entire site will remain offline, though some have been lucky enough to purchase both the Nurburgring Nordschleife, as well as the 2015 McLaren MP4-30 and turn a few laps earlier today.

Launching with a completely revitalized user interface, McLaren’s 2015 entry into the Formula One Grand Prix season, the Nurburgring Grand Prix Circuit, as well as the historic Nurburgring Nordschleife layout available as a separate purchase, the December 2015 build of the software was online for a few short hours today before shutting down again due to technical errors late Tuesday evening. Website outages during major build releases are unfortunately nothing new to longtime iRacing members, and those who have sat through many instances like today are beginning to grow frustrated over the sheer number of times a game they’ve paid top dollar for has been inaccessible after what equates to a simple patch and DLC release.

Those wishing for up-to-the minute status updates on the iRacing member website are advised to follow Steve Myers on twitter for any further information.



33 thoughts on “And so begins Day #2 of iRacing’s Outage

  1. “Launching with a completely revitalized user interface” – Not exactly. The UI is the same, it’s just a new backend which lays the groundwork for the new UI in the future.


    1. Again, what the actual fuck are you blabbing on about now, trolling can only work if ppl can understand what the hell you are talking about.

      Damn was gonna invest again in iracing as been enjoying again, took a lot to accept, but with suddenly being down its like alarms go off, may have to wait before “renting” more content.

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  2. Meh, I have so few complaints about iRacing lately that I can let an extra day or two while they roll out a new build slide. It’s week 13 anyway, I’d just be hot lapping the ‘ring until next week anyway. At least they’re keeping everyone updated on the twitters, they could just sit with their fingers in their ears pretending nothings wrong.

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    1. Only a fucking dumbass like you would be happy to WAIT to play a game that you subscribe to. It’s like renting a place and being forced out of the home that you paid for because the plumbing doesn’t work.


    1. iR like what a 7 yrs old sim..with all the renting and cashing in they should have scan the Nords a longlong time would be nice to appreciate all the work a small devs like Kunos n R3e putting this iconic track on their game and force iR and coughcough(ISI)to step up the game up.


      1. Laser scanning isn’t actually important at all, it’s just yet another unimportant gimmick.

        Physics accuracy and natural tire model are much much more important factors when it comes to simulation value and driving experience and that is area where rFactor 2 is a vastly superior compared to iRacing or Assetto Corsa.


  3. Any statistics on whether those who usually play iRacing were active online on other sims last night? Or where there still only 2 people playing rFactor 2 online?

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  4. “simple patch and dlc release” xDD u jokin more and more. Post more unproofed shit on iracing boy. Hype around prc will grow more and more with this empty fast posts which means nothing. is coming to web, prepare.


  5. $15 for the GP layout and $15 for the Nordschleife is a very cheap price considering how advanced iRacing’s laser scanning technique, it’s much more accurate rendition of the Nordschleife than any other version.

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    1. “Scanning the Ring” equates to buying a pre-made scan from the track itself and inserting your own textures. Every Nordschleife released in the past few years in Forza/AC/iRacing/R3E is the same model. More accurate my ass.


      1. Older data as in scanned earlier? Is still the same version of the Nordschleife. A track scanned some months or a year earlier is the same as months or a year after, because the track didn’t change, maybe the asphalt may have slight deformations between months apart, but both versions still real.
        Or you think that iracing’s version is the same as today the real nordschleife is?

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      2. Funny thing is, every laser-scanned version of the Nordschleife (including the iRacing version and the upcoming R3E version) is now inaccurate. The section from Quiddelbacher Höhe to Flugplatz (about 500 metres) is being resurfaced and slightly flattened at the moment following the GT-R accident at the VLN race earlier this year. Safety fencing is also being added at various points around the track.

        Not a major change admittedly considering the length of the entire Nordschleife, but the Flugplatz _is_ one of the most iconic sections of the track.


    1. Get over yourself bro, people who like and defend this title will be eventually happy driving it when it works, and you`ll still be sitting here being all grumpy and butthurt and shit.

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      1. I have no reason to be grumpy or butthurt, as I didn’t pay a ridiculous price for stuff I can’t use. You did, that’s why my comment made you salty.

        Enjoy being ripped, you deserve it!


  6. rFactor 2 still has miles better aero simulation and tire model compared to iRacing. rFactor has the most advanced physics engine simulating car driving on the planet and that is the reason why top Formula 1 teams like Scuderia Ferrari and Red Bull Racing has built their development simulators using rFactor Pro as base.


    1. I’m sure you’re right about all that, but iRacing is where all the players are, so that’s where I race. It’s great that all those world class F1 teams use rF2, but the consumers don’t…


    2. Won’t argue your point but rF2 languishes unplayed on my HDD until I can use Oculus Rift with it. Until then, I scratch the itch with AC, PCARS, iR and Dirt Rally.


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