One Week Away from the V8 Supercars World Tour

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Seven days from now, we here at will move into uncharted territory and begin our twelve week V8 Supercars World Tour online racing championship over at With 28 drivers signed up for the first event as of this writing, we are already one of the biggest online championships available to enter on Race2Play, and we haven’t even run our first race yet!

To ensure next Saturday goes as smoothly as possible, there are just a few things I’d like to cover to ensure everybody is on the same page. I don’t want to answer the same question a billion different times, and as most people signed up for the league visit on a daily basis, consider this an all-encompassing drivers meeting.

  1. Not only do you have to sign up for the league itself, you also have to sign up for each individual race. This is how Race2Play determines who to send the race day server password to, and if you aren’t signed up for that day’s event, you won’t get the password.
  2. You need to enter races with the same Stock Car Extreme profile name as the name you use on Race2Play. Yes, this bothers me as well; I enjoy showing up in public lobbies under the pseudonym as Emma Sulkowicz, but their website, their rules.
  3. You can join the league at any time, and run as many or as little races as you’d like. There is no deadline for entries; Race2Play operates very much like iRacing. If you’re just showing up here thinking “oh shit, a V8 Supercars league? I need to get in on that!” – You haven’t missed anything. Click the Join League button at the top left, and click the Join Event button on the upcoming event. In this case, it’s Kansai East. Next week, it’ll be Johannesburg Historic.
  4. Joining Race2Play is free. Joining our league is free. Racing is free. Race2Play offers several different tiers of memberships for those who are a bit more dedicated to sim racing and want extra site functionality, but the premium memberships are totally optional. A free account still lets you race with us and tracks your statistics, the additional premium perks simply unlock optional site functionalities such as additional screenshot slots and scouting reports.
  5. A third party not connected to is in charge of officiating. Those who have had previous league experiences where admin bias has warranted unreasonable penalties to innocent drivers have nothing to worry about. Race2Play have their own set of stewards in charge of punishing users for reported on-track incidents.
  6. Qualifying will start at the time listed on the website. Race2Play overlords require us to vote to advance the server into Qualifying at the scheduled start time; do yourself a favor and practice throughout the week, and be sure to enter the server at least 20 – 25 minutes prior to the show kicking off in order to ensure your equipment is working correctly. We aren’t waiting for anybody.

I think that’s everything. The 2014 Holden Commodore is a handful, but if everyone puts in that little bit of effort needed to hold a quality online race, this’ll be an event everyone talks about for a very long time.



18 thoughts on “One Week Away from the V8 Supercars World Tour

  1. Thats a brutal start for aussies and kiwis man, 5 in morn in NZ, even earlier for ozzys, think should move time forward, considering your using our cars, dont think we should be excluded, yanks and europeans are spoilt for leagues and MP,we always get short end.


      1. Sorry dude I got it wrong, its 5pm on sunday for kiwis so will be sunday arvo racing for aussie’s, actually we got best slot lol, should of double checked, that’s O for awesome.

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  2. Good luck, sounds like it might turn out to be pretty fun.

    I would join in if I could commit to a specific time/day with more certainty. Couldn’t even get in a practice lap this week 😐

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  3. Is anyone else having trouble with the brakes on these cars? I’m not sure if i’m cooking them or what, but every few laps I’ll have like NO brakes into T1 and go flying straight into the wall… Makes it pretty terrifying at the end of the straight wondering if i’m gonna be able to slow down or not.


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