The Five Car Limit

Five Car Limit

With iRacing’s several newly-acquired car and track licenses, comes an interesting setback displaying the age of the underlying game engine. Easily the most popular discipline of road course racing among the servers, GT3 sports car racing commonly features a multitude of marquee brands and car models all slugging it out against each other in the quest for superiority.

As the popularity of the real-life Blancpain Endurance Series has skyrocketed in the past handful of years, so has the popularity of the class in PC racing simulators. Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, RaceRoom Racing Experience, and even Grid Autosport are bombarded with brand new sports car entries, each title boasting a more relevant selection of GT3 cars than the other. In iRacing, however, due to technical limitations, the field size is shrinking.


As Steve Myers has stated on twitter, both the Ruf RT12R and Ford GT will be phased out of official GT3 sessions starting in March with the addition of the Audi R8 and Mercedes AMG. This is not due to sim racers complaining about the Ford GT being outdated, or the Ruf RT12R being over-powered compared to the rest of the grid. The underlying engine simply does not support more than five unique car models on the same track, and sacrifices have to be made. Less than a year ago, the GT3 variant of the Ruf RT12R was one of the most popular choices for sports car drivers on iRacing, and now the car is being taken out of competition due to licensing obligations. With a five car limit, the new additions take priority over the older cars.

This comes at a time where other games are expanding their GT3 field. Project CARS continues to release monthly DLC packs, Assetto Corsa’s third Dream Pack DLC will implement both the McLaren 650S and Mercedes AMG, and currently RaceRoom Racing Experience offers the most diverse cast of GT3 entries at a whopping ten. There is no limit on how many different car models are allowed on the track at once; this problem only occurs in iRacing.


As iRacing ages, it will be interesting to see how many more limitations cause problems as the developers try to constantly inject more and more features into the software. Under oath during a court battle prior to iRacing’s public launch against Tim Robinson, David Kaemmer estimated iRacing’s source code is 65% unaltered code from NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. With how far technology has advanced since the development of NR2003 in late 2002, there is a genuine possibility that more road blocks will pop up, and iRacing 3.0 will be required sooner rather than later. The five car limit may be a sign of things to come.



46 thoughts on “The Five Car Limit

  1. Let’s review the post:

    iRenting admit to a lawyer they readily bullshit to their customers,
    65% of the code is from a previous sim, and
    Engine only allows 5 unique car models on track at once.

    Wow. iRenting sure is the definitive PC racing simulation! Currently iRacing has a fucked tyre model, fucked surface temps, no change in weather or day-night cycle and you don’t own any of the content you spent money on.

    Wait for the iRenters to come and rail against this article when the facts are there.

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      1. What other answer can an iRenter give?

        They’ve likely spent a lot of money to rent car and track software and spent more money on a subscription to access their rented software. Like the pCARS investors who shilled how wonderful ‘their’ game was going to be, iRenters are heavily invested in ‘their’ product and will defend it until their last breath.

        IRenting now has built in obsolescence; players can enjoy their now useless Ruf GT3 and Ford GT sitting alongside the Williams F1, IndyCar and Aussie V8 all collecting virtual dust.


  2. So now my fake ruf and ford gt are now useless..shit i should have sell my iRenting acc sooner.Anyone wanna buy/rent my acc? dont want to play iR got Barthust,Sebring,Spa,Interlagos,Bhatch,Watkins Glass,Montreal,RA, Mosport and that Carburetor package..


    1. They are no more useless than the car in all the other sims. Just no official racing. Do the other sims even have “official” racing?


  3. iRacing would probably be a better drive if all the code was still the same.

    Most overated sim ever.
    Worst FFB out of the current gen sims, medicore GFX, broken physics, broken features, no dynamic daytime, no rain, nothing that would stand out in any way and justify the amount of money they ask for.

    Nothing you pay for you actually own. Spent about 400 bucks on iRacing allready and currently can not test a single car on a single track bc they want more and more and more money.
    Think aobut that, ca. 400 bucks and yet I can not drive it. I do not need the multiplayer to see if they have improoved anything which they have not. I just need a car and a track, no freakin service.
    And don’t tell me it is a hobby, look at real racing blalbabl and that sort of bulshit, there are few better sims which do the same and more shit with even better netcode and provide better racing if you are able to organise yourself and do not need a babysitter or handholder who organises your life for you.

    iRacing is a phenomen in the simracing scene, absurd phenomen.
    If today somebody would release such a sim nobody would give a shit about it. You’d get slammed by the community as it is today.
    As long K. sticks to the tire work nothing will change there.

    But people invested in it and just can not let go.
    The bunch of the brainwashed iZoombies who tell you you can earn money there or drive for 3 bucks a year is out of this world. Utter nonsense and hype on all sides.

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  4. Jesus fucking Christ. Two years ago I spent about $250 on iRacing, which I have always regretted anyway for obvious reasons, but I thought I could somewhat justify it back then as an “investment”. Since then the V8 Supercar, Indycar, and Williams F1 that I brought have become useless, with not even a discount on the new models given. Pay $12 again, sucker. And now the fucking Ruf GT3? The second GT3 car they added? The one car package that was actually somewhat reasonable in price now has a single usable racing car?

    What would you even call this insane pricing model? Try explaining it to someone outside the hobby: Pay $100 a year for minimal content, pay $12/$15 for each piece of content, pay that again when that content becomes arbitrarily obsolete, pay for unranked servers, pay for high-res skins. iRacing were fucking geniuses in finding the only gaming demographic on Earth that would happily pay for this shit.

    “B-but it’s not a game, it’s a sport, a-and it’s cheaper than real racing, am I right guys?!”

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  5. thought id try and test the limits of assetto corsa, its around 39 or 40(50 with some low poly mod cars or 28 with 500k poly monsters) it seems which should be an as the max allowance is 26 soon getting pushed up to 32. never thought there would be a 5 model limit though, thats certainly odd. Its a tank slapper to those that want wec style races with le sarthe coming to iracing.


  6. Love your articles james but what’s this about: “or the Ford GT being over-powered compared to the rest of the grid”. The FordGT is probably the most inferior of all of the GT3 cars. The RUF is by far the most used and the most powerful one currently (which will probably change in the BOP patch on Monday). I believe you’re a bit mistaken about that.


    1. It’s actually been one prototype/4 GT3s in the full length enduros lately but you can’t do multiple cars in a class in hosted sessions still.


    2. iRacing is glorified single make racing. If it were not for the big track library, netcode and online structure, iRenting will be DEAD.


  7. hahaha

    So much fun to read, how people obsessed with iracing quality and how life kicks em when not everything given them in perfect beautiful american way, when they pay. Its a life, guys 😉 deal wit iw


    1. Go play your 1995 sims then, if the 2015 sims with their limitations don’t please you. The fact that you are criticizing these current sims means you care about them being good. Otherwise why would you spam the internet with “issues” some people report for AC, if not for AC to detect them and fix them, and become a better sim. Am I right?

      Do you know why no one bothers nor cares about talking of rf2 about its features and issues, besides associat0r and hexagramme? Because no one gives a shit. And neither associat0r nor hexagramme give a shit, because they are constantly talking about other sims. Neither they talk about that game. Top kek m8, top kek.

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  8. I mean, it’s clear why it happened – early 2000s NASCAR only had 4 makes per class, 5 is some nice headroom. But did they really never have time to change it in 12 years?


  9. If they raised the limit to 7 I’d still want those two gone. Should never have gone down that path but soon enough they are going to have 6 legit GT3 cars and people will be much more unhappy if a real one has to get the boot. As for the engine, i’ts an archaic mess, Shawn Nash has been posting a bit recently which has given some insight into how much shit they’ve been pushing uphill to get the Nords to even work (if only just). Pretty much everyone has hope DX11 is some kind of panacea but I doubt it. Dunno how they’ll manage dynamic time of day etc.


  10. rFactor 1 which released in 2005 can load and race a full field of 56 high poly models at max details without issues. And not 4 3D models, but 56 different 3D models at the same time. It only needs a 4gb patch to allow the .exe to use all the processing power of your modern computer (Otherwise it would be limited to 1.5gb or 2gb of ram), but that wasn’t ISI fault as when it released 10 years ago, 4gb+ rams and such stuff were yet to become the standard in pc gaming/building.

    And if you shorten the unique 3D models to load, you can race with a max of 103-104 cars on the Nordschleife at full details as it’s the highest car field rF1 can physically handle with it’s 10 years old code.

    And this is not shilling, it’s stating a fact. Anyone can try and do that. Only requirement is at least 4gb of ram.


      1. iRenting can’t. 5 car models is all you’ll see..

        Project CARS rF and rF2 allow a shitload of different cars in variable conditions and time of day.

        Assetto Corsa has a car limit based on pit boxes and RaceRoom – in WIP testing – allows over 50 cars (max currently is 24 AI) with multi class racing on the to do list.

        Even the ancient GTR 2 and GT Legends allows for different car classes to race at once.


      2. yea 5 car models is really low, or is it?

        I bet many more people will take that limit of 5 models per race in iracing than play rf1 with “100” unique car models per race.

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  11. Agreed IMO rF2 is a very good sim with great physics – but who actually drives it seriously? I have tried for the past six months – trying numerous tracks and cars – but in the end the loneliness of an offline racer is unbearable no matter how good the AI is and even when you have a good track/car combo something is missing.
    iRacing (despite limitations) has the best multiplayer system and only when other sims get a similar (or better) licensing, rating, ranking and race monitoring system as iRacing – will they start making a dent in the monopoly that iRacing has on the community.
    Thus the solution is for a clever third party crew to develop and maintain an effective online multiplayer portal based on (and better if possible) iRacing and plug it into an rF2 or whatever is deemed best sim.
    Until that happens – love it or loathe it – iRacing has the most active online driver base and is unchallenged and will be so until someone wakes up and ports a similar solution to other sims.
    Imagine rF2 with an iRacing style online portal…

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    1. “Thus the solution is for a clever third party crew to develop and maintain an effective online multiplayer portal based on (and better if possible) iRacing and plug it into an rF2 or whatever is deemed best sim.”

      It’s called Race2Play.

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  12. I can only encourage more people to use R2P I signed up to R2P after your V8 Supercars World Tour Post. I knew this site existed before but I never bothered checking them out.
    In the last week I have done 6 Races on their Platform, most of them had a decent sized grid with drivers that knew how to behave in a Race. (In the 6 Races I did, no one crashed at the start and the only Lap 1 incident happend on a Street Course)
    So far I can’ t say much negative about their site, the people I have encountered have all been exceptionally friendly and forthcoming.

    If you have not yet tried their service, do so now…
    also thanks James for making me signup there, I finally got to race something in SCE which I haven’t touched in months


  13. How do you not prepare for this after 8 years of development? Truly incredible. If they had any competition offering similar online service they would be out of business.

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  14. Just FYI, it was posted in the forums by either David Tucker or Steve Meyers (having trouble finding it. forum search is shit as im sure you know) that the 5 car limit isn’t a code limitation from 10 years ago. They stated that there is technically no hard limit of car types and they have tested up to 20 at once. The issue is that a very small minority of users currently have the computer horsepower to handle that many. Hence they set a ‘current’ soft limit of 5.

    A soft limit of 5 isnt great but just wanted to point out that you dont have all your facts straight before you post anything on here like always.

    I also say ‘current’ because if you’ve been a member long enough, you will know that the limit has gone up over the last few years. It was 3 when I started 3 years ago, then it moved to 4 then 5. They increase when they know people have fast enough computers to deal with the extra demand. Yes, iRacing probably needs to do some better optimizations for their car models, but you have to admit, they do the most highly detailed models of any sim on the market. Thats why it puts so much demand on the hardware.

    Now I agree that this doesnt really help the situation and im not defending iRacing at all but DX9 has many performance limitations. If you’ve been following this thread. Shawn Nash has stated that they are fully aware of the serious bottlenecks with the DX9 engine.

    The good news, its that DX11 engine upgrade is nearing completion finally, and will be rolling out in March if all goes to plan. This will hopefully allow them to optimize models better or utilize our GPUs better and bump up the car counts next year.

    Just show a shred of dignity and do some damn research before you post your propagandist bullshit.


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