Spork Juct Invades Sim Racing

Members of the sim racing community are no strangers to individuals who are there only to cause destruction. Some rack up thousands of posts convincing others to convert to their title of choice while registering only three hours of virtual track time in 2015, others ruthlessly cross personal boundaries and stalk rival modders in an effort to prevent their work from seeing the light of day. In an extreme case of autism on the official iRacing forums from a couple of years ago, one member was so upset over being wrecked out of an online race, he found out where his opponent was employed and proceeded to notify his boss of the incident. The awkward public service announcements regarding internet safety in the late 1990’s were not merely the brainchild of conservative Christian mothers; they were a genuine glimpse into the future.

From a mental health aspect, the unfortunate reality is that some kids, for one reason or another, are still a recluse in their parents’ basement obsessing over video games on a level validating psychiatric intervention. Occasionally, you’ll run across these people, though they tend to cluster around certain genres more than others.

We here at PRC.net are often subjected to sim racers of this nature. With no financial obligations to push the positive aspects of certain titles on our readers, we are free to criticize each racing sim as we see fit. Our articles routinely trigger the aforementioned manchildren among us, to the point where we’ve written an entire article chronicling each user threatening to sue us during the 2015 calendar year. None of them have followed through, for obvious reasons. It’s simply the product of guys getting far more invested into a game than they ever should be.

While each of our readers can probably name at least one person off the top of their head who is a disgrace to what the sim racing community stands for, one user both myself and Sev have run across in our travels has managed to set the bar impossibly high for all aspiring neckbeards. Throw away all of your previous misconceptions regarding nerd rage, as we’ve seen the undisputed champion in his final form.


A Google inquiry inquiry into the term Spork Juct reveals just under a page of extremely precise results, pointing to a former user of the video game message board Facepunch. In a thread spanning 50 pages dating back to late 2009, many members are seen ridiculing this user with a plethora of Teamspeak recordings now lost in the sands of time. Moderators and long-time members alike share stories of an individual described as an “internet facist, who would go on lengthy diatribes comparing the intangible administrative politics of the message board to numerous historical governments. Another Google search result points to a Wiki page created specifically for the Facepunch community, where Spork Juct is listed as a a village idiot-like character, kept around only for the entertainment of other users.


4Chan’s virtual auto racing community received a much needed boost in participation with the introduction of the online multiplayer component within the Early Access version of Assetto Corsa. Almost immediately, a rather substantial racing community sprang up on a website typically dedicated for justified online harassment campaigns, and sim racers enjoyed participating in sessions where political correctness was not required. Under the clever alias of SJ, Spork Juct opted not to race with the newly formed community, but instead attempted to convince others they should join him in unrelated multiplayer games. Many users did not understand why someone would join a sim racing community and fail to partake in any online racing, leading to Spork caving in and purchasing Assetto Corsa due to peer pressure.Β 


Unfortunately, Spork’s time with Assetto Corsa proved to be disastaurous. Lacking the driving skill necessary for a hardcore racing simulator, Spork failed to finish many short pickup races, and became vocally frustrated at the difficulty of keeping his car on the racing surface with a standard Xbox 360 controller. Further compounding his driving woes was the hardware in which he was attempting to play Assetto Corsa with. A graphics card not capable of rendering in DirectX 10 resulted in SJ’s vision obscured by blocky trees, an issue he wrongly blamed on developer Kunos Simulazioni. Further inquires revealed Spork’s personal computer had not received any hardware upgrades since 2006.


Instead of running several practice laps in an effort to increase his driving skill, or upgrade his computer with the hardware necessary to run Assetto Corsa, Spork instead had several meltdowns over voice chat, and claimed the community was conspiring to ban him.

These outbursts commonly split the community into two very distinct groups. Some of the older community members believed Spork was simply a misunderstood teen who needed someone to talk to; others such as myself believed showing compassion was ineffective given the frequency of these intergalactic meltdowns, and every effort should be made to distance ourselves from him. As time went on, it was clear the lengthy chats held among Spork and administrators in private did little to rectify SJ’s continuous self-loathing, and those compassionate towards his issues effectively became his babysitters.


When Assetto Corsa’s online component failed to materialize into a useful platform for online league racing, 4Chan migrated back to ISI’s rFactor, first released in 2005. As a way to bring the large community together for a weekly event, users created a twelve week GT3 season using the popular 2012 Blancpain Endurance Series mod by Simtek, and the USFL-like championship regularly saw some of the biggest grids EVER in rFactor. A self-proclaimed expert in hosting online multiplayer lobbies, Spork helped configure the server used for the massive weekly event, but the shortcomings of his 2006-spec PC caused the server to crash during the third race at Road America. A dedicated server was quickly established to support a field size upwards of 40 entries, one that is still in use as of today.

PC specs

Spork genuinely believed the act of switching to a dedicated server to accomodate large grids was a personal attack against him, and promptly began a campaign for revenge. Painting his Mercedes SLS with a Red Baron livery, Spork purposely entered each 40 minute race with the sole intention of ruining as many people’s races as he could. However, thanks to his inherent lack of driving skill, SJ could not drive fast enough to keep up with the other participants, nor was he precise enough with his inputs to use his car as a battering ram. Because of this, nobody appeared to notice SJ was intentionally wrecking people until the mid-season race at Daytona, and was subsequently banned a race or two later. He was literally too slow and incompetent to drive in a destructive manner, and this gave credibility to the theory that spork was uninterested in racing games to begin with.

A ban from competition was only the beginning. Upon receiving a suspension for reckless driving – something especially difficult in a fun league on 4Chan – SJ bombarded the message boards with accusations that 4Chan had stolen his racing league from him, and thatΒ  a “shadow government” was plotting to overthrow him from his position as a “ruthless leader.” Many users began posting under the name of Shadow Government to make fun of his lengthy posts, only fueling his schizophrenic delusions.


At the height of this insanity, Spork believed he was capable of managing his own virtual race car community, and started a knock-off of the 4Chan group on a sister imageboard. Spork was forced to change his IP address and hold conversations with himself to make the new forum appear as if there had been a portion of users migrating alongside him, as there was little to no genuine activity. This charade was discovered when posts regarding previous online events hosted by him linked to a very real online leaderboard, where the only entries in each were merely bots with plausible online usernames configured by SJ himself.

Enraged at 4Chan discovering his antics, Spork evaded the IP ban placed on him, and entered another GT3 event near the end of the season Fortunately, admins were able to discover him intentionally wrecking other drivers before the drop of the green flag, and were quick to remove him.

GSC 2015-04-25 16-27-09-06

Community members compassionate to Sporks’s periodic nerd rage won out over those who wished to exile him to preserve the sanity of others, and 4chan allowed him to participate in the opening round of the 2015 Stock Car Brasil league during the spring. Making quick work of the backmarkers and leaders in the process of lapping him, no less than five on-track incidents involving SJ were reported, and he was banned within an hour of being allowed back on track. SJ claimed each instance of contact was simply a racing incident, though upon evaluating the race replay it was clear Spork was only participating in an effort to ruin the race for the others.

F1 mod pack

Retreating to his own personal sanctuary after yet another ban, SJ believed the way to apologize to the community who had given him the boot not once, but twice, was to “archive” as many different rFactor mods as he possibly could. Nobody had requested for him to do this, but alas SJ returned for a third time uploading a massive Formula One mod compilation and admitting he had spent nearly 60 hours on the project. Upon the community being totally uninterested in this sizable download, as well as several users making him aware of numerous different rFactor mod archives, Spork once again lashed out and claimed there was a shadow government conspiracy to oppress him.

shadow gubmint

Despite repeated requests from others not to return, Spork would appear on a weekly basis to fight with other community members and insist there was a tangible conspiracy to destroy him. Eventually getting twisted in his own arguments against those intentionally pushing his buttons, SJ admitted he didn’t even enjoy racing games to begin with, and was only intent on ruining the events as a way to get even against the elitist sim community. Completely oblivious to the skill and sportsmanship required to play a game such as rFactor online, and blissfully unaware of how others would perceive his lengthy delusional ramblings, SJ is still convinced he is the martyr of a virtual war.

Eighteen months since the crew over at 4chan had been forced to buy a dedicated server for their rFactor events, Spork is still dedicating all of his free time away from studying engineering at Buffalo University to fighting a war with his own wild interpretation of a sim racing community. Transcending what it means to be a neckbeard, Spork Juct has become a WWE-like charicature of the World of Warcraft nerd from South Park. When your mother told you to play outside and cautioned you about the dangers of spending too much time in front of a computer screen, Spork Juct was the vision of your future she had in mind.

if I cant have my fun

With how many characters like Spork pop up within the sim racing community, I’m beginning to believe the legendary high school gang wars of the 70’s and 80’s were actually debates turned violent between Star Wars and Star Trek nerds.


57 thoughts on “Spork Juct Invades Sim Racing

  1. This Spork-Juct guy remind me the average World of Tanks and Armored Warfare player on North American servers. They are mostly infantile, retarded and borderline crazy just like this Spork guy.


  2. Don’t forget James you’ve also been banned for wrecking out others as well, you’re as bad as SJ lmfao, this is one of the worst articles you’ve ever written, I don’t think I’ve ever cringed so hard. SJ has an autistic vendetta against ovg yet you have an autistic vendetta against SJ. Fucking hell I hope neither of you ever breed, we know you both have serious mental problems. :o)


    1. Oh like the time I showed up for a race at Mid-Ohio and no less than three guys stopped racing, waiting for me to come around on the track and Sev had to sit on Teamspeak calling out where they were? And when they succeeded and I returned the favor, suddenly it was my fault for “showing up in the first place.”

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Oh, so not liking someone on the internet because he said things you don’t agree with on a message board means it’s cool to tell three backmarkers to just stop racing and crash him out of the lead?

          And when it gets out of control, it’s HIS fault for daring to retaliate?

          Great racing series you’ve got there.

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Those idiots sound like fucking retards man, how old are they?,is this representative of 4chan “racing” fucking hilarious listening to some squeaky voiced little bitch trying to insult you, bunch of little cunt muffins, if ever I heard em, id love to join that teamspeak just for fun lol.


      2. Of course, what you forgot to put in this video was
        >at least 6 months if not more of you constantly starting drama both in thread and in voice chat
        >at least 6 months of you cluttering threads with samefagging shitposting or drama with your buttboy Ethan
        >at least 6 months of you driving like a complete fucking asshole on track, cheating and attempting to ram people off in GT3/2 cars
        >This race taking place a couple of weeks after you’d posted “fuck you guys you’re shit, I’m leaving and never coming back”
        >Wondering why, when you came back, some people were utterly tired of your shit and decided they were sick of babysitting your destructive personality and instead decided to play with you before banning you

        But then, Herr Ogonoski can do no wrong, can he? Always right, about everything

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Calling me mad doesn’t delete the truth from existence, and just shows that you are the one acting childish. Going to go buy myself some candy and chow down on it in the comfort that comes from being right and not mad. Enjoy being an ovg pariah, Severin.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Last time I checked Sev, I wasn’t the one risking or getting a ban from server admins for being so unlikeable no-one could stand me.


      1. Your actions are no better or worse than what anyone else has done. Obviously the sim racing community is more toxic than many other communities, but by sitting up shit, you are not helping. Maybe you should get >>/out/ more, or find some new hobby. Maybe that would help your mental health.


      2. Way to twist my words. The whole obsession over one particular person on the internet, much the the case of UTV is a sign of mental distress.


        1. Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve ran an article like this, as you can see in our Internet Safety tag:

          >what Jessica Lopez is up to
          >SRD Stalkers Part 1
          >SRD Stalkers Part 2
          >SRD Stalkers Part 3
          >The History of iRacing Admins
          >The Russian WRC Shill guy
          >The rapist who used to broadcast iRacing races
          >That whole post with all the different legal threats throughout the year
          >The guy playing F1 Challenge and singing gibberish in the background
          >MakCorp scamming people

          Couple others I probably missed.

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  3. SJ: The 23 year old 340lb neo-nazi autist who only talks to the soap operas on his TV. There’s a lot of autism in anonymous posts that you missed, like when he spent weeks posing as anons telling himself to kill himself, or when he deleted the mod archive being used for the only non-shadow government series simply because he’s an asshole.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some of that stuff would be ridiculously difficult to track down and piece together. Other aspects are irrelevant in the message I was trying to convey. The purpose of this article was to show that if you don’t get rid of these individuals in online communities quickly, and others take the high road and think they can help them by becoming their online therapist, a year later things will very likely have progressed to a different level of absurdity only serving to annoy the others along for the ride.

      As I told Sev on Facebook while writing, every last rambling about Spork hating university or posing as other users telling him to off himself isn’t worth the time it takes to dig them up. If you have too many specific examples, while reading people would think to themselves “okay, we get it, he’s nuts, onto the next part of the story already!”

      For this article, it was enough to focus on the core portion of his actions and say “this dude got the boot from an rFactor league for being disruptive, and over a year later is still actively bothering them with lengthy delusional rants over some shadow government that exists only in his mind.”

      Those not trying to shitpost should be taking something from this. On the world wide web, there are dudes out there who are on the extreme end of the spectrum, and you will occasionally have to deal with them. If you don’t dispose of them quickly, what’s written above is the kind of ride you’re in for.

      I’m sure someone will come out of the woodwork and say “hey, I have X mental illness, you’re such an inconsiderate asshole James!” – look, this dude isn’t a coworker or a family friend, this is a random guy from an online racing league that you can IP ban with a few keystrokes. You’re here to play video games with your friends, not babysit a destructive individual.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. >You’re here to play video games with your friends, not babysit a destructive individual.
        Couldn’t have described “James getting banned from mumble and ovgt3” in better or fewer words. The lack of self-awareness you possess is staggering


      2. Why do you feel the need to post this everywhere anon? Did James fuck your girlfriend infront of your eyes? You seem pretty mad about all this πŸ˜‰


      3. >mad
        Nah friend, I think the ones that have to resort to petty childish insults when confronted with the truth are the ones who are mad.


      4. You’re the one embarrassing yourself Severin, by immediately resorting to insults and LOL U MAD just because someone is posting truth that upsets you. Anyone reading this will only be embarrassed for one person, and it isn’t me.


      1. >clicking the wrong reply button on a tiny phone screen invalidates the content of the post
        I do believe that’s a logical fallacy isn’t it? Every reply you post just further cements that you don’t like the truth, and have no response to it other than childish shitposting and insults. As a representative of PRC, this is just straight up embarrassing


      2. m8, you are the one embarrassing yourself. James did neither try to kill one of his parents, nor is he bipolar or schizophrenic, because those are serious mental illnesses that would make it impossible for him to function the way he does without heavy medication, of which he shows no side effects off. He was put into a ward because of teenage angst and puberty which was misdiagnosed as depression, and because of parents who valued a doctor’s opinion over their own child’s words.

        Is James a dick? Yeah, so am I, cry me a river. Are people like you embarrassing yourself over literal non-issues just because you have a hate boner for him? Yeah, sure. If you aren’t mad about James, why do you keep shitposting and insulting him with no basis whatsoever? You are the only one embarrassing yourself here


  4. I until recently had similar CPU and RAM specs. Now I feel really weird. Good thing I got into R3E and had to at least nudge it up a bit so the game would run OK. But I feel weird now. 😦


    1. I am one of the people that tried to talk to SJ and tried reasoning with him, and let me tell you it didn’t help. While he agreed he had issues he showed no willingness to do anything about it. I suggested going to counselling at his university (most offer it for free to students), but he didn’t want to do it, and instead preferred to sit alone in his dorm room and sulk about his apparently miserable life. I am sure at this point he doesn’t even care anymore and just does it out of some weird masochist character trait.


      1. I really do think it’s a cry for help but then he doesn’t take anyone’s advice because he thinks he knows better. I’m usually the same but when your anger issues are extreme that you damage your controller and monitor because of crashing out, then maybe one should reconsider πŸ˜€


    1. Alright Norweigan bro, here’s why I don’t take you seriously.

      To take legal action against someone, YOU have to file the application at your court of choice, and YOU set the date. Your IP has been posting here since April/May. That’s a lot of time to talk shit without anything happening. Seven whole months without so much as even a process server showing up at my door.

      Oh yeah, you have to deliver all applicable court papers within a reasonable time frame. As I’m in Canada and you’re in Norway, you’re legally required to ensure I have enough time to both review the documents, hire a lawyer, travel to Norway as well. Given how much you shitpost on PRC, and the lack of any court documents being served after seven months of threats, you haven’t thought things through to this point.

      Next, let’s say you follow through and I get served a package later tonight. I have no obligation to keep those documents private. 230,000+ sim racers will quickly know your name and forever remember as the dude who was so butthurt, he sued a sim racing blog.

      If you’ve jumped through all of the hoops so far, you have to prove that something on my site is an outright lie intended solely to defame an individual or corporation. It’s fun to keep your head in the sand and pretend PRC is the ramblings of a delusional madman, but my sources say otherwise.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve never said I had done any legal actions, that’s all in your head πŸ™‚ I have no reason at all to sue you, the blog or anything. How could I?

        But as you say, your sources say otherwise. My sources tell me that there has been legal processes that have been started, however, if anything will happen, I have absolutely no idea of.

        But yet again – I have not, and will not take any kind of legal action, as I don’t have any reason to do so. I am not involved in any of the companies that’s mentioned on the site, and I’m not a person mentioned here either…

        It’s just things that you obviously don’t know about, which was my point πŸ˜‰


  5. i wish SJ would find somewhere he can be happy, far away from /ovg/. he’s ruined his reputation to the point of absolutely no return. that said, i don’t think drawing attention to him like this is wise since it gives him a reason to stick around. if he has no critique to defend himself against, he has no reason to hang around, so he’ll fucking leave. or kill himself. either or.


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