Premium DLC, Pre-Alpha Artificial Intelligence

12366046_10153806571533069_8268480924735459003_oFeaturing eight cars and a laser scanned version of the United Kingdom’s Brands Hatch motor racing circuit, Assetto Corsa’s third premium Dream Pack DLC bundle landed on Steam today along with the Version 1.4 tile update, bringing a host of improvements to the extremely popular PC racing sim. Priming the game for a busy 2016 calendar year, a lengthy change log details several areas of the sim have been attended to by the Italian developer, including the online netcode and several graphical enhancements.

While one cannot fault Kunos for their efforts in supporting Assetto Corsa well past the game’s launch in late 2014, fundamental artificial intelligence issues are still disrupting the core single player experience.

Once believed to be the work of two individuals on a campaign to sway the public’s opinion of Assetto Corsa, artificial intelligence issues are now widely regarded as one of the game’s shortcomings, with AI cars now subjected to Project CARS-like physics oddities.

Despite several users attempting to notify Kunos that there is something indeed wrong with an integral portion of the offline component of the racing sim, staff members at Kunos have traditionally held the belief that users concerned about the quality of the product they’ve purchased are “attention whores” with “psychological problems”, and reception has been otherwise overwhelmingly positive.


It remains to be seen whether Kunos will continue to use the same approach when dealing with valid criticism, as yet another premium DLC pack has been pushed on Assetto Corsa owners while a fundamental portion of the game straight up doesn’t work as advertised. Given that the third Dream Pack DLC will be a required purchase for anyone interested in participating in populated online sessions, it’s a tough pill to swallow that nagging issues still haven’t been attended to while Kunos continue to push out additional content as a quick way to earn revenue. To complicate matters even further, next generation console owners will be introduced to Assetto Corsa in only a few short months, and after the disastrous launch of Project CARS, won’t be as kind to a second buggy racing sim appearing on the market.


83 thoughts on “Premium DLC, Pre-Alpha Artificial Intelligence

  1. James, where’s your video showing a couple of laps for the AI racing the human driver? All I’ve seen so far is just some occasional AI cars hitting a kerb the wrong way. Is that how you review the AI for the full race? I guess all races in real life are pre-alpha if one human driver happens to hit a wall, go off track, hit another car.

    ps. “featuring seven cars”, it’s eight cars (+1, the gallardo s3 upgrade, but 8 different cars/models in the dlc).


    1. It also happen in T6 Lime Rock in ripFActor 2..The ai like to flip over and flies off the track. you silly James.not so mighty anymore rf ai.


      1. The AI in rF2 has moments of idiotic behavour – Gamer Muscle famously caught heat when he dared to move the AI agression slider off it’s default setting when driving at Bathurst – however on the whole it’s pretty solid.

        The AI in AC remains one of it’s biggest issues and one Kunos can’t seem to fix. The glitch in the pits where the Escort rams the pit wall after teleporting looks like the work of SMS.

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      2. Luckily for us ISI implemented the aggression slider to fix those kinds of “issues”. Stick to the default 25 aggression for road courses and stuff like that never happens.

        It takes more than a slider to fix the AC issues though… Damn, those videos really says it all.


      3. Did a few races with the new Abarth..Ai is just fine. not perfect but one day it will.I am also liking every time AC released a new DLC and with latest ver i find that rf2 on steam has it lowest players the whole week and not the other way kek eh.


      4. You cant drive for shit little bitch youve been challenged several times by several ppl, you probably rocking full ABS and TC and still struggle, dont worry though AC,PC and codemaster games is great for making little bitches feel good lol.


      5. Not fast at all, but im sure could smash someone that prefers codemasters F1 games over ISI sims though, especially someone that think AC AI is also “fine”


  2. The free update is great, noticeably improving the graphics, AI, netcode, optimisation, and dashboards, plus a host of smaller tweaks like the P1 ignoring DRS zones, countless model tweaks, better collision boxes, better long-distance reverb, and fixed special events. The new track and cars are brilliant, a much better selection than DP2, and insane value for $8.

    But fuck that shit bro! Who wants to test shit? Actually, don’t even launch the game. Find a video of the AI spazzing out with one car and one track on one kerb, rail against the paid DLC model despite Assetto Corsa getting more free official content this year than rFactor 2, post that old comment from Stefano again, and hit publish.

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    1. agreed. the criticism collected and archived on this blog would be so much more constructive and welcome – if the guys could only resist the temptation to stirr the pot needlessly with superficial name-calling.

      While I agree that the “dream-pack” – bundles might loose their legitimacy in a few months, seeing that new players would have to get most of them to collect the cars for a particular series (Kunos should plan for a complimentary way of selling their content, give new guys the choice between tracks and car-classes vs. the continuous release of mixed-variety “dream-pack”-compilations), this unique monetisation-model bodes quite well with those interested in funding a game-developer that has proven long-term commitment. The w.i.p. dev-model has by now proven that it is the next best thing to the perfect approach for genuine simracing-titles there has ever been.

      Three decades of 60$ full-release driving-games have seen significant starvation for innovation and polish in the last 10 years, once you take the graphics out of the picture.

      A couple of days ago, PRC made/re-published a very good point: Project Cars does do online-utilization of DLC significantly better than Assetto. Meaning: People not owning the DLC-content can actually race with those online that do. Thank you guys for informing me about that (as I have kept away from that title for my personal set of reasons, entirely).
      Now, why not stick to substantial criticism – it is truly so much more entertaining to read!


    2. $20 of Premium DLC in 2.5 months. DLC which will be free on console, that you’re financing. If this was EA everyone would be having a stroke.

      Still cant chose my paint online, cant play servers with DLC I don’t have, cant make proper pitstops without fumbling for a mouse after you drive to the giant red arrow, still no pacecar, if a server has too many people using the car I want I can’t use it. Frin 2013-2015 all we keep doing is revising physics that we all agreed were above par (lets not even touch how there are questionable additions lately), rather than adding features that Nascar Racing 2 and 3 had in the 90s.


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  3. AC veteran and highly respected community member MsportDAN is praising the AI! Oh wait, he’s only a source on days when he doesn’t like AC.


      1. His opinions change like the wind. He’s far too impulsive in both praise and criticism to be taken seriously. He’s not a troll, I just think he doesn’t have a clue.


  4. Might be a “dream pack” but the game is a nightmare. I won’t spend any more on these clown developers who can’t finish their game.


      1. No it isn’t, it doesn’t have a drag and drop HUD, so i cant re-posistion the stock hud where i want on screen, in 2015 missing such an essential feature… fail sauce

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      2. Except for the fucked rain tyres, rain that doesn’t appear on the windshield, non woeking wipers and water spray that comes though the car body. Never move the AI aggression off 25% because the AI go postal on road courses, not that isi state this fact anywhere apart from their deserted forums.

        Then there are the modding tools which SimHQ state are sub-par. The tyre look up tables take an age to be calculated leaving many models to say “fuck it” and just use the nearest applicable isi made tyres.

        All the sims have issues, let’s not pretend rF2 doesn’t when it sure does.


  5. There’s AI in AC?

    At least I only ever see AC AI on YouTube videos.

    Great update. Netcode at first try looks good, Brands is very nice, and I enjoyed the new GT3 cars (only ones I tried so far)


      1. Can you imagine that somewhere on this planet, there exists a very pathetic and sad individual that gets out of bed every morning, turns on his pc and then posts the same repetitive crap day after day after day? I cannot comprehend how sad your life must be then to do such a thing,


  6. Why on the earth you forget to include valued community member MsportDAN’s comments about the AI, like you said James his words are important.


      1. He’s afraid of the Lord because he gave him a less than gentle talking to, a while back. So now he’s crawling around on the floor in front of the Lord, kissing his feet at every given opportunity.

        Msportdan should NOT be taken seriously. He’s the biggest troll in sim racing.


  7. great update! Detail of laser scanned Brands Hatch and new cars like McLaren 650S GT3 and Huracan Super Trofeo is just stunning, also I cant get pretty decent racing with AI now.


  8. Everyone remember that “Kotaku writes the same P.CARS article 12 times” story?

    Soon it’ll be “PRC writes the same AC-complaints articles 12 times”.

    This place used to be better…


  9. Hey dudes.
    Drop a line or two on the project cars telemetry apps on console.
    Test it or whatever. In theory. Could be a game changer for console guys.
    If it works. It potentially adds a lot of dimension to endurance and realistic race lengths.

    Those AI vids were pretty soft. As someone who heard the AI was faulty in AC. I find those fail to confirm anything really.
    Was hoping for better evidence than that.

    Flame on


    1. How can this kind of issue not get caught during testing? I mean, fuck…

      But I guess Kunos has created an environment of fear and awe, where the AC testers don’t dare to criticize anything. “Yes, Lord, your will be my command, Lord”. Ridiculous.

      No significant AI improvements have been made since AC came out of early access. More and more expensive (relative to the quality of the title) DLC keep piling up. Console release is imminent.

      Damn. Bad stuff.


      1. “But I guess Kunos has created an environment of fear and awe, where the AC testers don’t dare to criticize anything. “Yes, Lord, your will be my command, Lord”. Ridiculous.”

        Why you are stating that as a fact when you don’t know but still imply that’s what happens. You don’t even give the possibility that isn’t happening like that.

        Maybe for as much as people report to devs, they can’t cope with everything at the same time. So some things will be pushed for a later time.

        Look, my post here isn’t to say everything is perfect and what not, but I indeed wait for continuous work and improvements to AI, because more is possible to happen in the improvements path.


  10. inb4 hexagramme creates his video of sporadic moments with many cuts and weird angles. Or will we see a race of a couple laps, or that isn’t convenient to “prove his point”?


    1. inb4 rabid AC fanboys start accusing hex of haxxing the game to make it appear worse than it actually is. LULZ

      You do realize that others were able to simply load up the game, jump into any ol’ race and observe the same shit AI behavior, right?

      Peeze out


      1. And others are able to jump in the game and have a normal race. There might be some problematic situations, but hex and prc imply that is the full picture, when those are just situations.


  11. And yet again, you fail to mention vastly more personally (and to the majority of people here)important features of the update

    Wasn’t it less than a month ago that the online component was considered ‘unplayable’ by players with poor packet consistency? Not interesting in the online component any more?

    The AI physics oddity documented above is indeed strange. There was no recovery attempt by the AI in terms of steering inputs, so the car certainly should not have recovered.

    The article lacks supporting information for the AI being flawed overall though. I see a good bug report on a commonly problematic car (the pcars version used to do some wild stuff much like we see in the above video, as James said), but it doesn’t really provide a decent picture of overall AI performance.

    Anyways, whatever is going on in the video clearly needs to be looked it. I’m confident that the out of context Stefano quote above is drastically different than his opinion on this fairly obvious bug.

    James, you sneaky fuck 😉


    1. Yeah, where’s the article updating the LAF vs. P1 now that they let the P1 run free on Monza? Nope, gotta find what bugs didn’t get attention and act like nothing else changed.


  12. I did enjoy the article. AI is still shit. I find it hard to believe that any console players is going to hold in his left hand Project Cars which has rain, night racing, and far more options, and Assetto Corsa in his right hand which has less tracks, only rolling starts, no pit stops, no night racing, and no weather and choose the right over the left. I’d imagine Lord Kunos had better get his finger ready. There’s a lot more console journalists whose ass he’ll need to finger to get positive reviews than there were PC journalists. .


      1. Ask the boys at Race Department, No Grip, PC Gamer, and every other sim racing outlet that gave this fucking half finished half ass turd of a game a good review and told us all we should buy it without delay.


      2. If you have a full game but barely anyone plays it and you have a half game (like you said) but plenty of people play and follow it, how do you explain that? But please don’t give answers that talk about fanboys, brainwash, and other tin foil arguments. Give a proper argument.


        1. Marketing and brand awareness.

          Assetto Corsa actually had a marketing campaign.

          R3E, Stock Car Extreme, and rF2 basically sat around hoping kids on Reddit would discover it.

          Protip: They didn’t.


      3. James James James… weren’t you who said that despite many people having GSCE and backing it up they are still not playing the game? I think by now everyone in the sim racing community knows about gsce, and other sims. And sim racing community is not that deprived of people. Besides, a crowdfunding campaign also works as a marketing tool in a way.


  13. What do you call a premium DLC? 8€ for the given content ? What is your basis for judgment? Cause I would hardly call it premium, although I see what you did there, emphasis for the AI argument. Pretend journalism.


    1. I have to get out the dictionary a lot on this site for the commenters


      2.a sum added to an ordinary price or charge.

      synonyms: surcharge, additional payment, extra amount/charge, additional fee
      “customers are reluctant to pay a premium for organic fruit”

      That covers DLC, let me help you more….

      synonyms: surcharge, additional payment, extra amount/charge, additional fee
      “customers are reluctant to pay a premium for DLC”

      Far out, no wonder people round here choose anonymous, can disguise their inner stupidity,hal a min googling dude, that’s all it would of took.


    2. I never mentioned “fanboys, brainwash, or tin foil arguments”. I’m speaking purely from my opinion. I couldn’t give a rats ass what PRC, RD, PC Gamer, No Grip, or any other site thinks about a title. I made that mistake buying this piece of shit in the first place. Assetto Corsa is a half assed half finished game IMO and had the refund option been in place when I bought it, it would have been returned. The AI is the worst of any of the current titles, the career mode is dull, no single player pitstops, no rolling starts, etc. The only improvements (if you can call them that) that have been made are constantly changing the tire model, fucking up every mod I have where I have to download some damn sound fix after every patch, making the AI worse, and fucking with the graphics. For some damn reason after this patch my copy of AC now looks like a goddamn impressionist painting and is now pastel colored. The fucking sky is white and most of the tracks are some sort of weird shade of blue. Assetto Corsa, much like Picasso has now reached their blue period.


  14. “synonyms: surcharge, additional payment, extra amount/charge, additional fee
    “customers are reluctant to pay a premium for organic fruit”

    That covers DLC, let me help you more….”

    Organic fruit is more expensive than basic full of crap fruit, but it’s the same fruit.

    DLC is extra content and there’s no extra organic DLC offered, so there’s no premium DLC, just a charged DLC that adds extra content the same for everyone.


    1. Yes but DLC in itself is a premium, it is odd to state it in title, however it can still be correct with meaning.

      Its an extra fee for premium content, and its premium content because you pay for it on top of original product as an extra.


    1. “You don’t pay it on top of the original product”

      oh ok….

      “because you get more than the original product.”

      erm wait what, you get extra because you paid for it though,and you need to own AC, so its a charge on top of orginal price, it can be premiun if you got extra content for pre ordering too, if everyone got the content free for no reason other than kindness then it wouldn’t be premium.


      1. Actually you can buy DLC without owning the game, pretty dumb to but nothing stopping you from doing it, a premium service would be like paying for multiplayer access ontop of paying for the title


  15. We ‘re playing with words now here :). We could argue forever, especially if I get bad attitude or if you do.
    What I think the site meant is that we got a top notch DLC but still bad AI, and that’s their request.
    But that doesn’t mean the DLC was overcharged….or not worth it


    1. Na nothing wrong with price, its the vanilla game feature\issues thats lacking,now maybe let some modelers go and look for some coders to sort it, get AC to be a competitive sim, not a flashy hot lapper.


      1. One thing i need to clarify, being a “hot Lapper” does that mean it has great physics and realistic driving? and then if we add a car to hot lap against does this not make it a race sim? do you need a full race rule set to race a car against another?


  16. “Your Racing simulator” with incredibly unrealistic, unstable and simplistic physics. Several missing stuff available on any serious PC racing sim of the last 20 years.. and the most defensive and bizarre fanboy front line i’ve ever seen in a game.

    AC is just a ‘feel good’ hotlap ‘sim’ with shiny graphics. Nothing going beneath.


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