Is there another iRacing Weather Bug?

After a month-long scandal that saw virtually everybody exploiting a weather glitch on was rectified, remnants of the widespread exploit seem to linger on the official servers. iRacing users have spotted some guy running three seconds faster than everyone else in a fixed setup lobby, and obviously this raised a few questions over whether iRacing had truly fixed the massive exploit from back in September.

For those who need a quick recap: During a recent iRacing build from September of 2015, anyone who joined a race session with less than two minutes remaining prior to the race starting would receive night time atmospheric conditions, and with those conditions would come a huge boost in engine power output. The exploit was so easy to reproduce, virtually everybody was using it to their advantage. iRacing pushed out a patch a couple weeks later, and away from the eye of the general public on the official forums mentioned that the issue had been fixed.

It obviously hasn’t been.


Only a few short days ago, iRacers were perplexed over Gary Dewaard’s inconceivable on-track performance, decimating the competition for several races in a row. Not only was he winning almost every race he entered, the lap times were simply off the charts.


After the iRacing staff had been notified of this incident, iRacing steward Nim Cross passed along a message to those keeping track of the post on Facebook. Nim claims the issue was a bug within the software, and the issue has been resolved.


Two months ago, iRacing claimed to have already fixed this bug, which gives completely different atmospheric conditions to each driver participating in the session. Suddenly, the same issue has popped up again months later.

Have they really fixed it for good this time?


4 thoughts on “Is there another iRacing Weather Bug?

  1. Given that only one example has been found, it’s likely unrelated.

    I’m certainly curious about what sort of bug would allow one random guy to lap 3s faster, but until it becomes an issue, I won’t worry about it.


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