Reader Submission #68 – Support for Project CARS has Ended

Do you own Project CARS? Do the abundance of bugs prevent you from playing the title for any substantial length of time? Unfortunately for you, you’ll be stuck waiting for the release of Project CARS 2. Our boy Ruben Galvez Lopez, who has done a fantastic job of keeping us up-to-date with news revolving the controversial crowdfunded racer by Slightly Mad Studios, has sent us yet another crazy tidbit: You’re waiting for the sequel if you want any of the remaining bugs fixed.


I’ve read here recently about the last story in regards to Ian Bell’s latest meltdown in Project CARS official forum, and I’m surprised this other interesting piece of info flew completely under the radar!

Let’s start by setting the context first: Lately, Slightly Mad Studios have made some lazy attempts to improve some of the most blatant problems under the hood of Project CARS. Patch 7.0 featured a camber fix, and changes to the way tires heat up were made in both 6.0 and 7.0.

The camber fix was at best a partial success. The patch managed to make some cosmetic improvements on the worst problems related with camber, but ultimately couldn’t get this critical alignment setting to work properly, as some players could prove as soon as the update went live by doing some long runs. 

While the most blatant problem – a huge straight line speed penalty for using anything other than 0 camber – has been solved, tire temperatures remain unresponsive to camber or tire pressure changes. Something seriously wrong must be going on under the hood to allow this shit. The tire heating changes not only ended in a total failure, but they also managed to show the complete lack of direction of this game, and they unleashed crazy shit all over the forums.

Grab your popcorn, now it gets interesting.

Before update 6.0, one of the main problems with Project CARS was the lack of any kind of consequences for tire overheating. Most tires were impossible to get out of their optimum temperature window, and on top of that once it happened it didn’t really mean anything besides your HUD displaying red tires. Your grip levels were almost the same and the tire life was still way too long. So Slightly Mad Studios tried to address that, and after 6.0, the situation improved sensibly. Now it was easy to overheat the tires, even if the consequences were still not as big as you would expect. 

However, pCars horrible gamepad support made life really hard for controller users, and the complaints started. The lack of precision meant they were having a hard time avoiding huge slip angles, and their tires erupted as a result. SMS reacted soon by undoing the update and going back to the previous heating model for 7.0. Most of the player base didn’t like this move, and in the middle of heavy criticism, this post from game designer Stephen Vijoen came out of nowhere unleashing an even bigger shitstorm.


Apparently, Project CARS is now in a “late stage of the product’s life cycle”, and no further work on the tire model will be made. Development has stopped. While these scammers continue to push out DLC cars and tracks, they won’t bother anymore trying to fix the core of the game. The reactions to this informative bomb were at the same time sad and hilarious, and worthy of psychiatrist studies: 61 people LIKED a post that basically said “fuck you all, fixing this game is too much work, thanks for buying, see you in Project CARS 2.”

Not everyone’s mood was good enough for the shilling to continue, and many other users and even some WMD contributors dared to share their frustration about the lack of direction of the product. SMS had backed out of a previous change perceived to go towards realism, and at the same time it was revealed that they would break their promise of supporting this game for a long time.



It wasn’t long before figures with a stronger link to Slightly Mad Studios had to go into full defensive mode.



You read that right. The same guys who couldn’t get this game working after four years of development and seven months of post release patches are telling you all to buy Project CARS 2 because everything will be alright in that game. The reactions were of course not positive, and it really didn’t take a genius to know how this thread would end in a place like the Project CARS forum, with posts deleted and several users banned…



Four years of development, and seven months of post-release patches later, Slightly Mad Studios are now telling people that Project CARS won’t be fixed, and you should instead wait for Project CARS 2. I especially love that one kid who says “I wouldn’t let that statement get too far out into the wild.”

He knows.

And now so do you. Any problems you have with Project CARS aren’t getting fixed until the $60 upgrade called Project CARS 2.


55 thoughts on “Reader Submission #68 – Support for Project CARS has Ended

  1. They don’t want to change the tyre physics anymore because it is something too controversial, some people will hate it, some people will love. When a game is released, it’s not good to “play” with something like that, because people that used to love the game might start to hate it because of that. That’s why any big change in the physics will go into pcars2. That’s what they meant.

    They are not stopping the development until next year, they’ll continue to fix bugs, everyone loves bug fixing.

    However, I don’t think they will add a lot of new features, the game is already unstable as it is, adding new features will make it worse, pretty sure they know that.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Priorities I guess. The last thing they want to do is losing more customers where most of them are using a controller wish didn’t work well with a realistic heating model for obvious reasons. There is too much work to do and to much controversial changes to do to make it work well with controllers.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. “Project CARS is the most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet”

        ‘Priorities I guess.”

        Yeah so lets drop one of the most important aspects of racing and sims ,a proper working tyre model, features that have been in sims for over a decade(including the base engine Pcars is based on) but too hard for the most technically-advanced racing game on the planet, its outright false advertising and truly pathetic ppl still support this kinda shit

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      3. Their aim was never that. That was just marketing speak. I do not even own a copy of that game, but it makes sense to not change the tyre model every patch ad infinitum – look towards AC if you want to see how that turns out.

        People are getting upset even more because there setups and even driving styles randomly stop working and cars feel different every week. In AC these “improvements” often feel like setps backwartds even.

        That said, everyone who wanted a hardcore sim from SMS like they promised and bought PC got scammed. People who wanted an almost-sim game with nice graphics and had the patience to buy it a few months after release might be happy with it.

        Do NOT trust SMS when they will inevitably tell you about the wonders and magnificence of the “most realistic tire model ever” that PC2 will absolutely have lol.


    1. Actually PCARS has the most advanced tire model of the lot… so indeed you won’t touch the core, you would concentrate on tweaking and bug fixing. Saying that the support of ended is plain stupid… nor that I’m surprised to read another stupidity here. 🙂


  2. Also, people liked Stephan’s comment, not because of what he said, but because he finally broke the silence that was going on since patch 7. People are happy to finally know what is going on.


  3. What pros do: improve controller handling and allow everybody to enjoy a more realistic game. What amateurs do: dumb down the game for everybody because it´s the easy way out.


    1. “Improving” the controller handling still means that some people won’t like the “improvement”. Seriously, devs can’t do anything to make everybody happy in this situation, so better revert back to when nobody was complaining. 😐


      1. We´ve never been in such a situation to begin with, plus everybody likes more precise steering, which is what they should aim for. Even fucking F1 games have better steering filters than PCARS… when you watch decent pad players you can´t notice they´re on a pad. In PCARS even guys keeping up with wheel users have a hard time taking the car where they want down the straights.


    2. Yea, a realistic sim isn’t hard to drive/race. You also need practice when you learn to drive in the driving school, and here is the same thing.
      But if you must, or want to use gamepad/keyboard, adding car assists (tc abs stability) makes the sim accessible enough for everyone without needing to alter car/tyre physics.


  4. Yeah, console totally doesnt completely ruin PC sims, in the name of sweaty arse ego centric teens with “moms” credit card.

    It’d be interesting to see AC fanboy’s reaction to this article, as this issue with heat\camber and tyre model in general looks scarily similar to the AC issue too.


      1. Oh gawd take how you will,the “Core” AC fans have been some of the loudest voices against Pcars issues, yet when AC displays alot of the same issues(this exact issue even, with tires\heat\camber), apprantly its not that much of a issue, thats been talked about recently so its relevant.

        We’ve also heard from lots of ppl lately of how console does not ruin PC games\sims, despite the evidence of such, and now even more, so thats relevant too.

        You can dispute my thoughts without turning it into a “flame war”, but its relevant to article and not just trying to start “flame wars”.

        Ironically your Anonymous comment actually adds nothing but to apprantly point out a flame war that isn’t happening,therefore almost encouraging it, if you think you haven’t got the debating\writing skills to respond to my observation without insults or anything meaningful, then thats not my problem.


  5. I loved reading Bmanic’s post which really shows how the koolaid effect is starting to wear off in light of this latest information. Bmanic has been one of the most vocal proponents of Pcars being the most technologically advanced, hardcore sim the world has ever seen and writes walls and walls of text to try to get that point across and I have never been sure if he’s not been trying to convince himself more or others.

    Good luck with Pcars2……lol!


    1. Considering that the majority of the market is not about people you usually find on those niche forums (in example PCARS sold more than 60% of the copies on PS4…), PCARS2 probably will do better than PCARS (if we talk about sale numbers).
      So.. for what you’re “happy” exactly? 🙂


  6. If they intentionally broke Pcars 1 for two big pay days, they are golden. If they can fix Pcars. They’re golden.
    If they don’t. They are screwed.
    Pcars two will be rented first, or people will sift through reviews thoroughly to see if it’s working properly this time.
    Since the online component is lame, no need to buy early. I’m Getting 2 on sale or cheap from gamefly with all the content I didn’t buy as DLC the first time.
    Pcars doesn’t deserve day one fan support yet. They certainly have not earned it from me or anyone other than backers & shillers.


  7. That was quick. But I can’t say I’m surprised. If anyone out there bought this game, you’re a sucker. And if anyone feels inclined to give SMS their business after this whole fiasco, you’re a moron. Fuck Ian Bell and his shitty game. We deserve better


    1. If the fiasco is about the million+ copies sold on 3 platforms, and the most played sim on PC… oh well, I would do the same fiasco of SMS every damn day!


  8. I LOVE IT!!! Yet another PC driving “sim” where the community backed it to hell and back, fought for it and still fights and at the same time is ANOTHER PC racing “sim” with major issues that uses an off the shelf middleware physics engine never intended for this purpose.

    You people wonder why all these games have constant issues and require constant updates. They are all just faking it.

    Beat part is there are 3 companies making proper driving physics engines purpose built. Code masters, Microsoft and Sony! Those are also the 3 companies PC players like to rag on for not being actual simulations.

    Guess what folks…they are the only simulations. There is a reason they feel different from most PC sims and similar to each other and its because they actually simulate what they claim

    So go on and on and on about how awesome PC racing is and keep harping on everything else. I’ve never seen more complaints in my life and I get it I do because I’m right there with you but unlike most of you my eyes are open.


  9. “Beat part is there are 3 companies making proper driving physics engines purpose built. Code masters, Microsoft and Sony! Those are also the 3 companies PC players like to rag on for not being actual simulations.

    Guess what folks…they are the only simulations. There is a reason they feel different from most PC sims and similar to each other and its because they actually simulate what they claim

    So go on and on and on about how awesome PC racing is and keep harping on everything else. I’ve never seen more complaints in my life and I get it I do because I’m right there with you but unlike most of you my eyes are open.”

    WHAT!!!! erm how about ISI, you know the ppl behind the engine thats created some of the best sim racers ever and still does including RRE,GSCE,rfactor,rf2 and yes even Pcars, just goes to show how bad SMS messed up, oh and you know the guys behind pretty much any serious commercial ventures anywhere.

    LOL even GT academy use ISI engines (rfactor) in their sim center, great advert for ISI, shame GT academy did not apparently even get permission.

    But just because the worst of all PC sims, pcars, (that ironically is the way it is IMO because its been dumbed down for mass console use) is ,well ,bad, that doesnt magically turn forza\GT into sims, far out silly seasons here.

    You also conveniently forget its the 2 new guys that have been marketed to fuck(just like console games), that are having issues as far as the “sim” aspect goes, and ironically both are\going to console and suffered rumors that (pcars confirmed ) they are being stripped for numb skull console user base, forza|gt dont even try to make proper race sims, even if it says on box.

    They are alright at what they do, but got bored with GT as young as 14 and started looking else where, like alotta sim racers started.


      1. Oh come on man, he claims every pc sim is “faking it” and console has the only true “sim” engines in GT and forza.

        No way I wasn’t gonna comment on that, its just outright wrong, GT\Forzas in defence of Pcars doesnt even try to come close to this type of modeling, but still no excuse for Pcars, I didnt call him a troll or idiot,Im just disputing his odd opinion.


  10. The funniest part is: they actually said the exact opposite of the article title > No more features, from now on we will only concentrate on bug fixing and engine tweaking.
    People can’t even read… :°D


    1. YOU can´t read. The game designer post says they won´t touch the core of the game anymore, and the core of the game is wrong now. So it won´t be fixed. You fail even as a shill…


      1. Only an idiot (or someone like you who does know nothing about a game development) would think to modify the core of a released game.
        After the release you gonna fix the bugs and tweak the engine, you are not supposed to modify the core of it.
        It’s actually the opposite of what the title says “support ended”… ahha.. so how you call the next patches and the next DLC’s? Out of support contents? You’re a funny hater. 😉


      2. Eeerm, have you been living under a rock? they DID try to fix the core of their released game. They just failed at it. And now you have to shill harder. Thanks for your clicks for PRC though!


      3. They never touched the core of the game (it wouldn’t make sense).
        DLC .. milking? At 4 euro? Yes, they wouldn’t even re-pay the licenses of those cars at that target price…. they will sure be millionaire because of the DLC. 🙂


      4. Yes, they did. They tried (and failed) to cure tire heating problems. They tried (and failed) to fix camber. But I´m sure you were too busy playing 5 lap races to care or notice.


      5. It’s your opinion versus the majority.
        What I see is they continue to improve the game (including the tires physics).
        If the most played sim is a “fail”.. then you must have a distorted vision of the world. 😉


  11. Trust Remco to post “it’ll be 100% fine in pcars 2” – that moron rivals Ian Bell for the mantle of the most painful SMS employee.

    Anyone who buys pcars 2 deserves the shit sandwich SMS will supply. 4 games and not one has been without a shit load of issues. We as a community used to blame EA for the issues with Shift and Unleashed; the fact is Ian and his company talk a great product and deliver on the graphics and little else.

    SMS should have used the ISI tyre model instead of shitting on it and its old technology.


  12. James saw it coming in that article where he said PCARS 2 was around the corner. Shills were quick to post screenshots of the promised 2 years of support. Who was right in the en?


      1. ^^ In English please? I personally believe PCARS2 won’t be out before 2018… whenever it will be, it won’t be before 2017. Broken or not broken a game has a development schedule to follow.


      2. It is in English. It says PCARS 2 is likely to be out late too because it is being developed by incompetent developers.

        Remember the first PCARS delay? Ian Bell: “the game is 99% finished”. TopKEK, it still needs heavy work a year later and it’s been left for dead.


      3. How you say “late” when there’s no official date yet?
        Also, how PCARS has been delayed if there was no official date until the release announcement?
        You should stop to read random websites like this, and read the official launch dates. 😉


      4. Do us all a favour, take your 7.0 copy and send it back in time to 2014 (which is when it should have been released).

        Maybe Ian Bell from the past will notice how this game can´t be saved and we will all avoid this shit of a game altogether instead of waiting for months for a decent tire model until the game is abandoned.


    1. What are you talking about? I love the fact that they continue to support the game (ironically, just the opposite of this post title), and I just finished to play online… I can’t describe how much fun I’m having with project cars.
      I understand that you don’t like it… but I should wake you up: the world is big, it’s not just you, if you look at Steam percentage of people who like it, it says: 77% .. it means that more than 3 people of 4 loves it.. It’s not me or you, it’s the whole gamers out there.


  13. What’s happening on Steam:

    PCARS: 1,941 playing 39 min ago 1,941

    AC: 1,792 playing 39 min ago 1,951

    rF2: 106 playing 33 min ago 106

    ^^^^^ ahahahahhahahaha… those people must be really crazy to play PCARS and AC instead of that stone-age masterpiece called rFactor2. lol


  14. See, this is how PCARS and AC are different – PCARS actually made the ridiculous claims (most advanced tire model, best whatever, available on every current gen console, blah blah), AC just said “we’re making a simulation the best we can”. And the haters act like the two are the same thing… no, they’re not. PCARS objectively failed to meet its promises. AC never promised you night time, or being able to choose your skin when you play multiplayer. You just want these things.


    1. A racing sim without dynamic weather and 24h cycle? It’s like to ship a combat flight sim without the weapons. The environment (weather and time of the day for first) it is the 50% of a car race, how you could fail to understand a such basic concept?
      A racing simulator must simulate the whole pack, it’s not about the math applied to the tires, if you have the perfect physics but you are to replicate the race environment, you failed.
      That’s why actually PCARS is the best of the lot, it’s not because of the perfect physics or the bug free game, but because it’s the only simulator that is capable of giving to us the complete package: physics, graphics, sounds, weather, 24h cycle, online, offline .. not everything is perfect? Indeed, there’s always space to do better (waiting for PCARS2…), but the others are nowhere near for now.


      1. If you don’t have “perfect” physics, or as much realistic as possible due to technology and research limitations, then you’re not going to experience wet driving the same way as in real life.
        You can’t put so much weight on rain weather as being fundamental for simulating cars, because there’s a clear difference between wet and dry. Especially when race cars don’t use the same tyre tread for wet and dry races. So is perfectly valid to only simulate racing in dry conditions. Your simulation is as complete as a game that offers wet road. If not, we could go down the route that in many countries it snows in the winter and if you don’t model that in your game the entire simulation (dry and wet models) is not good?


      2. You’d like Euro Truck Simulator, it has dynamic weather and a full 24 hour cycle. So it’s at least as much a racing simulator as AC according to your logic (50% is environment)


  15. They fooled me once by getting me to buy PC1. I wanted to try it above all other reasons. After seeing Ian Bell’s disposition on EVERYTHING, I’ll never give that tool another cent. What’s the saying, fool me once?


    1. You both will (you will buy PCARS2 the day it will come out)… and you will not brave enough to admit it. No one will care.. you’re giving them your money, that is the only part that counts.


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