Reader Submission #69 – The Porsche Exclusivity Deal is Ending Sooner than We Thought


Signing a much-lauded exclusivity deal with Electronic Arts seemed like a good idea at the time, but as the Need for Speed franchise faded away into the depths of the bargain bin at your local Wal-Mart, Porsche realized that the days of an official partnership would soon be over. According to our boy BN97, head of Slightly Mad Studios Ian Bell has dropped an interesting tidbit of information in regards to the legendary German manufacturer over on the official Project CARS forum. In short, virtual Porsche’s will be unleashed to the wild a lot sooner than we initially thought.


Porsche_911_GT1Hey James, if you remember a while back, there was the whole HOLY CRAP PORSCHE LICENSE IS ENDING thing going around. Well, I think we have a tidbit of extra information regarding that, from sim racing’s favorite mastermind Ian Bell.

pastedImageSo that picture is the bit of evidence we have today. Alone, this wouldn’t mean much, but a clearer picture comes together from many puzzle pieces. We’ve now heard from two developers that Porsche might become a viable option soon, paired with Porsche appearing in other games like Assetto Corsa and Forza 6 as billboard advertisements. Coupled with the lower sales figures for the Need for Speed games the brand was once exclusive to, it appears the end of the exclusive license may be coming very soon.

As you can imagine, the console juggernauts will gobble the Porsche’s up but lets be serious, most readers here don’t care much for them. You can assume iRacing will get a Porsche, as for how many I’m not sure, but they tend to only license one vehicle at a time. Slightly Mad Studios of course will get a license for a number of cars ,but I expect them to appear in Project CARS 2. Kunos is the dark horse as usual, being the love or it or hate it studio, and its likely that out of the sims they will get the most Porsche’s, but good luck to whoever has to pick which Porsche’s to license as that’s a very difficult task. ISI and Sector 3 are odd cases because there isn’t much public knowledge as to how far they’re willing to go with licensing.

What do you guys think? How is Porsche gonna affect sim racing? What Porsche’s do you want in your sim of choice?


I’m not much of a Porsche guy so my views will be a bit skewed, but I understand their importance in the history of the automobile. In terms of complete grids, I think it will be nice to finally have all manufacturers playing fairly on the virtual race track, since Porsche was really the last of the big auto makers to be wrestled away from the dubious exclusivity licenses of the early 2000’s. There will be no more bullshit $30 Porsche Expansions, no more awkward fake-but-not-really-fake Ruf replacements, and no more paranoia over freeware mods receiving cease and desist notices. It’ll be nice to put this awkward period of brand exclusivity firmly behind us. I think the best part of this story is the one behind closed doors that most will never be privy to; mainly how anyone thought this could possibly be a good idea in the first place?

In terms of what Porsche’s I’d want to see in a modern racing sim, I think both the 918 Spyder and 919 WEC Prototype Hybrid deserve the virtual treatment. The history of the brand has been thoroughly documented in EA’s own Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, I think if developers are working on a limited budget and can only select a handful of cars, let’s go for the stuff currently representing the brand, and proceed to work backwards.


26 thoughts on “Reader Submission #69 – The Porsche Exclusivity Deal is Ending Sooner than We Thought

  1. If Porsche was going anywhere it would either be iRacing or pCars2. Good or bad however you feel about both sims. I

    I say this because they are the only two who probably have the money and marketing clout to pull it off. For PC sims atleast.

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    1. with the amount of pocket change Kunos is earning by scamming the customers, they could probably afford another Porsche Exclusive license and then sell a part of the license to other developers, to “fund” “assetto corsa 2”


  2. Well, there’s Porsche ads in GT6’s Circuit de la Sarthe (2013 version only) too. If what Ian said is true (and not mere a sublicensing), this is going to be a good news for all racing games. But what if EA still decided to renew it and held hostage the license…?

    (Cue Shiller Prince whinging about AC not deserving Porsche because of it’s flaws. Find a new bait, bub)


    1. “(Cue Shiller Prince whinging about AC not deserving Porsche because of it’s flaws. Find a new bait, bub)”
      You know you just launched the bait don’t you. Well, now lets see what we catch.


      1. You know its AC shill Pitcock\Hex jnr doing that? he went full retard when James posted some AC articles in a row, and hasn’t come back to planet earth yet, he’s a weird one.

        Who ever made that original Porsche decision should be taken out back and put down, Porsche brand outside some excellent mods for PC sims, has been dragged through the mud by EA, and is a terrible brand to be associated with, even in the nineties EA were cunts.

        Im far more excited for Porsche cup mod for RF2 coming up,and already have em in GSCE, whatever potential deal they do, if still got original mindset as last deal, they fucked.


  3. Porsche was already announced for Forza 6 before Forza 6 was even out; Turn 10 slating an early-2016 release when they released the small Porsche DLC Pack on Horizon 2.


    1. They have won the most championships, the most races, most le man wins, have the most successful race car ever and have the guts to stay with rear engines even if mid engine is better. overrated clearly.


  4. YES! I’ve been awaiting the day Porsche is free of their short-sighted contract with EA. Need for Speed never took advantage of their contract; often you had only two Porsches in an NFS game, three if you were lucky. Porsche in AC, iRacing, Gran Turismo… shit, i’m losing my mind thinking about this.


    1. more interested in the 993 generation. (I just love the shape and in combination with old-school air-cooled engines and the first modern implementation of independant rear suspension).
      more-precisely: one “carrera 2”, standard narrow-body and one GT2


  5. The contract with EA has at least another 2 years left on it. EA often allows other companies to use Porsche in their games most notably Microsoft and the for a series. They do this because Microsoft pays them a cross license fee. If anything Mr Bell is saying they are close to or have acquired a license from EA to use Porsche or that EA is going to start licencing more freely because the deal is nealry over and they have no other big games that will make use of it.


  6. Contract with EA (for consoles.. this is an important point) will end next year, but there’s some other papers that can be translated to: “the license won’t be available until late 2016”, it could be an issue for both PCARS and AC.
    However it all depends by the cost: multi platform license has a different cost than PC-only release.. this is true especially for AC on console: they must re-negotiate all the license they have (including the Ferrari license), they can’t just come out with a console game with the current contents.
    From this sole question you could write another article: does Kunos really have all the money required to secure the licensed contents on consoles?


    1. “From this sole question you could write another article: does Kunos really have all the money required to secure the licensed contents on consoles?”
      Why? For another vendetta and personal judgement article? Or maybe he will get info about the company finances from a beta tester?


      1. You don’t need info or data, this is a blog, 99% of posts here are made by thin air… so I don’t see anything strange by titling a new article: “Kunos will not have enough money to secure all the licenses on consoles” … trying to attract more traffic on the website, unfortunately people out there have put this thing in their ignore list a long time ago, apart us… we still troll here for fun.


  7. I was reluctant to buy the Forza 4 Porsche expansion due to the price tag, but it ended up feeling worthwhile to have more full/diverse grids. I don’t particularly enjoy racing them, but I had a lot of fun chucking on the chunky body kit on the 80’s 911 and facing it with some of the other 80’s monstrosities.


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