Cutting Corners – “This is Exactly Our Cunning Plan”


I think we’ve established after twelve months of coverage that Project CARS is simply not a very good game, and Slightly Mad Studios is a developer you shouldn’t have any faith in. Yet, Ian Bell and the crew from the United Kingdom continue to supply us with hilarious stories that only serve to embarrass the sim racing community members who helped financially support the lackluster title.

Prior to the game landing in the hands of the general public, WMD investor builds of Project CARS included unlicensed versions of Indianapolis, Bristol, and Daytona as seen on the NASCAR Sprint Cup schedule. Removed from the vanilla list of content to be included in upcoming DLC packs, Indianapolis will be featured in the 2016 IndyCar expansion, and Daytona will be made available in a DLC bundle alongside the 2013 Ford Fusion Stock Car.

Yet, in a forum post today, Ian Bell revealed that the team at Slightly Mad Studios are having great difficulties in implementing AI behavior consistent with authentic oval racing pack dynamics. Instead of working to push out an expansion package owners of Project CARS would be satisfied with, Bell revealed that they are planning to omit the entire single player portion of the upcoming DLC. Flag rules, restart rules,  and other unique aspects specific to oval racing will be completely left out. Oval racing will be a multiplayer-only game mode, and racers will be tasked with policing themselves.


The confession came after a user inquired about the absent oval tracks, which were seen in a completed state shortly before the launch of project cars. The forum user offered a detailed explanation on how to release the oval racing component by purposely not finishing the content, and Ian Bell responded by confirming that Slightly Mad Studios will most likely explore this option. 


Four years of development and seven months of post-release patches later, Slightly Mad Studios don’t even feel obligated to finish the  content planned for upcoming expansions. But hey, if you’ve got a spare $10,000 kicking around, you can go on a date with Ian Bell.


As we dig deeper into the lengthy Questions & Answers thread sourced above, more hilarious quotes about the quality of the game can be found. In this little nugget, Ian Bell admits the console versions of the game didn’t even have proper Quality Assurance testing. These guys basically released the game on consoles with little to no QA testing whatsoever.


In another response, Bell admits Slightly Mad Studios are “already falling behind on Project CARS 2.” You can’t make this stuff up.


At this point, Slightly Mad Studios should really look into hiring a community manager so these tidbits of worrying info aren’t leaked in such a blunt manner.


46 thoughts on “Cutting Corners – “This is Exactly Our Cunning Plan”

  1. I think the “falling behind” bit about PCARS2 is a lame excuse to cut PCARS development. Their call, no one will touch PCARS2 with a pole unless they show here and now they can, in the end, make something good out of the original.


      1. True story, but it seems that broken turds also rack up the sales.
        SMS as a company is clueless, they’ve had so many chances to make racing games and fuck them up one after the other.


  2. Kotaku, VirtuaIR, and WMD viral marketers will shill PCARS 2 so aggressively that it will sell over million copies in no time like its predecessor did.


    1. Yep, but these websites merely reflect the stupidity and gullibility of the casual gamer.
      The casual gamer is a consumption whore, and that’s why they keep coming back for unfinished broken games.
      I actually think a casual gamer can be fooled indefinitely so expect a pcars3 even if pcars2 is another mess.


  3. Oh wow I love it. Every time new content for this game was posted pre release and I said I was skeptical of the game and the studio without question some idiot would start attacking me…notice I said skeptical. I was willing after all to buy the game on launch so despite my skepticism i was always willing to give a game from a studio that made 2 racing titles I greatly disliked and was showing off videos of the new game with physics that looked wrong and ai that looked bad and I still gave them the benefit of the doubt.

    I wonder what those same people are doing today? Are the the yuck heads telling people that pcars 2 will be the true answer to sim racing? Is anyone actually still even defending this abhorrent studio?

    There isn’t a chance in hell I’ll be buying project cars 2 until its below $20 on PC. I got burned by this studio 3 times for $60 a pop. Before I could blame EA for the odd design decisions but project cars showed me it was SMS the entire time.

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    1. “I wonder what those same people are doing today? Are the the yuck heads telling people that pcars 2 will be the true answer to sim racing? Is anyone actually still even defending this abhorrent studio?”
      Oh they totally are. I still play Pcars as I think it’s a decent game (on PC) despite the SMS bullcrappery, but holy shit these forums are revolting. They’re somehow even worse than they were pre-release. So many shills who bought into pcars2 within hours, and keep defending SMS throughout all these new revelations.


      1. If we were all to feel the same way about these sims that PRC do we’d have zero sims to play. I’m glad pCARS is around with all of it flaws. Just as I am with AC, rF2, SCE, etc.

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        1. I’m glad it exists because its a railroad map of what not to do. I’m also glad those other sims have the flaws that they do. While I enjoy PC sims all the ones from these small studios are using middleware physics engine not designed for vehicles which is the very reason they are always broken. They are faking it and that’s fine because they fake it so well but they do not simulate what they represent properly. The only PC sim that’s actually a damn sim right now is Dirt!


      2. “While I enjoy PC sims all the ones from these small studios are using middleware physics engine not designed for vehicles which is the very reason they are always broken”
        How old are you?


        1. How is my age relevant?

          Nothing I said is untrue. They all use middleware for physics instead of purpose built physics engines.

          Does this offend you? If it does take it up with them not me. Each game listed is or has been fundamentally broken at some stage after release. Another thing I have no control over.

          If my pointing out a fact somehow lessens your enjoyment of these games that’s strange. If you however do enjoy these games then why do you care?

          I own them all, I enjoy them all. That doesn’t change the simple fact that they use middleware physics solutions


      3. Don’t confuse car physics, physics engine (car engine, drivetrain, tyres, aero, suspensions etc), and body dynamics/collision detection physics that are for the interaction between (rigid ord deformed bodies) (between cars and maybe between track walls, etc.)


        1. Pretty hard to make that kind of confusion when it’s what I do for a living but I appreciate the attempt at education. Yes I mean that seriously. The amount of ridiculous garbage people say is..ridiculous.

          When I say fundamentally broken I dont mean the games are broken or unfun or even inaccurate. I simply mean as physical simulations they are broken because most of it is being faked instead of being purely math calculated by a simulation.

          Its not a knock against the games or the companies as a statement. I was just pointing out what I think is an issue in these games and distilling it down to a common thread across multiple games that often share a lot of the same flaws. Its also quite frankly a testament to some of these studios skills that they are able to approximate an actual simulation of systems such as friction (ground/air) and replicate it as well as they do.

          The problem with building a custom simulation engine is cost. The cost of just the manpower to research, develop and test something that complex can and does exceed the budget of an small studio for 3 years. SMS is a prime example. The funding they received was basically enough to build a proper simulation or a game not both and not in the time they built it.

          You can think I’m incorrect if you choose but I am a fan of these titles as well. I also want them to be the best they can be.


      4. Would be interesting if you’d show any proof that all pc sims are broken or fake and games like forza, gt, grid, dirt rally are all right. I remember when I played GT4 and turned off all assists, the cars actually get challenging and realistic, I can see its behavior.
        But most differences between those games are the aero components simulation, tyres, and actual steering wheel ffb.

        I’ve never seen this happen in any pc sim:


    1. Ian is the only developer that if i ever do get the chance to meet him in person, I’m punching him in the face. . I noSteamed the latest content. Ian is a nugget and pretty much a thief, he’s stolen from us as a community by not providing to us what we were told we were going to get and then making excuses and in typical fashion put blame elsewhere. I bet he sits there and bitches about France while drinking a Bordeaux


  4. “We’ll release broken unfinished content as it is because we can’t get stuff right” > 15 people like

    “We didn’t test our game properly before releasing it for consoles” > 16 people like

    Only in PCARS forum!

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      1. I’m actually thankful they dared to release a serious racing game for consoles. I just would have liked they did it in a professional way. If AC fails too every console player out there will think it’s normal that sims are a bugfest.


  5. The best comment was from the SMS moderator Remco stating ‘don’t worry, the tyre model will be awesome and 100% correct in pCARS 2″ – note that it’s completely fucked in pCARS and it looks like SMS can’t or won’t fix it.

    This pretty much sums up SMS in a single sentence.

    Some dude on NeoGAF who is a pCARS investor states SMS know how badly they’ve fucked up so at least we have the new warm and fuzzy Ian Bell hosting Q&A sessions to calm the masses who know he is a lier.

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  6. Oval AI must be incredibly difficult as few teams have mastered t. (Papy, Dirt to Daytona, and EA’s wasn’t so bad either). I hope ISI gets a handle on oval AI because I do enjoy driving the stock cars in that.


  7. It’s so bad that it’s the most played sim on Steam, and i repeat “PLAYED” not just sold: coz you can see that people would have bought it to dislike it after.. but not only it’s the most played one, it also has a 77% user score, so people are actually playing it, and 3/4 of those users likes it!
    Yet some people on this website still call it a failure .. and they are so naive to believe that PCARS2 won’t sell good… how old are you? 12? lol


  8. Ahhh… Ian Bell and his involuntary humor. Always funny when he’s not trying to joke.

    Because when he tries his “Brit Dry Humour” he just sound like the asshole he is.


  9. I have the popcorn ready for the oval content.

    Packs of 5 cars separated by inches + glue cars that stick to each other and just keep going straight as soon as any contact is made.

    It’s going to be fun… Reading the feedback.


  10. Ovals are so lame, I hope they will concentrate to put other contents rather than those boring things. Please SMS do not relase that crap, give to us more interesting contents.


  11. So to the anonymous guy posting about how its so well received/played. Its mass marketed, has far more promotion than Assetto Corsa. and this is where the numbers stand at this very minute 1700 people are playing Project Cars, 1300 are playing Assetto Corsa, Now when we look at the actual sales volume, amount of reviews the TRUTH becomes clear.

    Pcars is a TERRIBLE Sim, which again explains why so many people play it.. you have 1700 Simcade lovers who thought Shift was a good game. Same exact fucking crowd, no difference. Assetto Corsa players are the ones who stuck with RF1 and GTR2 even after Pcars came out because it was such fucking garbage.

    Simmmers, do not like Pcars. Fact.


    1. It sold million+ and the metacritic is 83% … something great for a new IP.
      Also SHIFT and SHIFT2 are great games as well, but indeed they aren’t sims.
      I don’t see what’s your point… do you mean that a bunch of never-happt nerds makes any difference in the real world? No, they doesn’t.
      So despite your opinion, the truth says: PCARS is the most played sim right now, and more than 77% of those users on steam reviewed it positively.

      You and other 2 kids may continue to say it’s terrible, you’re bunching your head against a wall, the other millions out there have purchased it and they are playing it, having much fun, while you still here playing 80’s games. Good luck! 🙂


      1. The problem with considering Steam’s review system is it’s a binary system, so it doesn’t really project peoples’ full opinion of the game. Unlike say, the user reviews on metacritic which is noticeably lower than the metascore. The metacritic score itself is also decieving when you consider the majority of people who reviewed the game professionally have little to no experience in sim racing games and therefor are mostly useless opinions for serious sim racers. It’s like asking the opinion on a movie from a 12 year old who has only watched anything G rated.


  12. Hey project cars can be as shit as you guys think it is, I have fun playing it with my mates and stuff the rest of you. I’ve doubled my investment being a very early adopter. I paid AUD $115 (x2 copies) and have receieved back just over $230 in the 6months since release so suck it to the rest of the wingy britches!!


      1. It can be applied: the majority of people doesn’t like to play with shit, but the opposite; while the majority of who bought PCARS (actually 77% of users on Steam) loves it.
        So if we apply the same proportions, the ones who actually play with shit, are the minority, hence those ones who doesn’t like PCARS, so resuming: you like to play with shit, while we are getting fun with PCARS. 🙂


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