Slightly Mad Studios Busted Selling Broken DLC


Just when we thought there was absolutely nothing left to say about Slightly Mad Studios and their abomination of a release in Project CARS, the gang continues their streak of finding new ways to provide us with countless laughs. Only a few short days ago, the team at SMS released a Renault-themed DLC package including several cars from the iconic French brand as part of their comprehensive post release DLC plan. However, in the span of an afternoon, one owner of Project CARS has discovered the DLC package includes a car that is fundamentally broken – the Formula Renault 3.5


To summarize what’s been written in the above forum post:

  • In dry conditions, rain tires are two seconds faster than proper racing slicks, and the rain tires don’t degrade at all.
  • Slightly Mad Studios have willingly left out the inclusion of DRS zones, giving you free control of the rear wing’s angle of attack whenever you see fit.
  • Attempting to corner while the DRS system is activated, the car violently rolls over and explodes.

There were virtually no Quality Assurance checks performed on the contents of the newest premium DLC pack, and Slightly Mad Studios are straight up selling a defective product. While the cost of the Renault pack is a bargain at three euros, you’re getting exactly what you pay for. To add to the already dire situation, WMD investor Tiago Fortuna admits this is not a problem with just the Formula Renault 3.5, but a bug rooted deeply within the game.


Will this ride ever end? Probably not.


50 thoughts on “Slightly Mad Studios Busted Selling Broken DLC

    1. let’s smash them even more.

      Seriously guys: although I enjoy witnessing the drama when people to commence the clubbing.. …those stupid headlines of yours still continue to amaze me.


  1. Let’s be honest. The GTR 2 days are long gone. SMS has never produced anything other than lazy, half-baked games and there is no indication that this will change. Project Cars is merely an extension of the unremarkable NFS Shift series, nothing more. It is utterly unsatisfying to drive and in no way can be considered a simulator.

    Between their poorly made games and their immature and unprofessional staff, I defy anyone to give me a sound reason to support this studio. I am convinced at this point that Ian Bell is mentally ill. He is a sick man whose behavior is unbecoming of someone in his position. It is neither acceptable nor rational for the head of a company to demean and launch bitter, petty personal attacks against customers. It is shockingly unprofessional and yet I don’t think he’s capable of realizing what a poor reflection it is on both his character and the studio he represents.

    I’m not really sure why people seem to be willing to continue to throw money at dlc for this shitshow; I guess Bell’s groupies must have a pretty warped view of the whole situation, be it his attitude or the state of the game. I’m sure the rest are casual players who are ignorant of this stuff.

    In my honest opinion, the sim racing world would be better if SMS by some miracle ceased to exist.

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    1. the only ones mentally challenged are those that still buy the crap that Ian’s marketing-strategists continue to spew out just to keep their dicks present in the head-lines.

      In contrast to that: those that genuinely enjoy that game for what it is: a merely average multi-platform racer (taylor-made for handheld controller users) with a bit more depth to it’s game-universe than some of the more realistic sims.

      You can hate on him all you want: he has after all succesfully identified and occupied one of the most-vulnerable niches to play his scam-tricks on: the innovation-starved arm-chair racer- and car-nerd- and gamer-crowd.


    2. I remember when shift 1 and 2 came out. They are one of the last nfs games I bought. They were not the pinnacle of a simulation, but they were fun nonetheless. I mean, you could build some mental cars in those game, and 1 was solid from the start, while 2 needed some fixing after the release, but after that it still performed quite well. I had tons of fun in both games.

      That cannot be said with pCars. I remember getting excited about it when it was announced, and how it will be like the shift games, but with EA forcing them to casualise the game. But after I seen people idolise the graphics and getting crazy about them I started getting cautious. “Well, graphics don’t matter so much in a game that aims to be a sim. It’s more about the the physics and immersion the game/sim can give you”, is something I said once in a forum, and the most decent answer I got is “But the graphics that are lifelike will surely immerse you into the game!”. Then the first delay came, then another one came. My cousin that got the game got serious issues with amd gear in his pc, and when I played it(when it was in patch 5.0), it was not something great, but something rather forgettable.

      SMS reminds me of a dog biting the hand it feeds it and then desperately tries to find a new master, and settles with anything that might throw some food in their way.

      As weird as it sounds, I think EA did a much better job with the shift games, than what SMS did by themselves at their own. They might have been a bit casual for the average sim racer, but they were fun and more important, much more stable than pCars. And if you want something more out of them, there are mods that can enhance the experience more, like the polish tyre model.


    3. My best guess for Mr. Bell has been either narcissistic or histrionic.

      Narcissism is basically “my shit doesn’t stink”, histrionic boils down to delusions of grandeur. Both are applicable so it’ll be difficult for the armchair psychologists among us to nail it down. I think eventually a former SMS employee will write to us and give us a better picture of everything.


      1. Yup. So much more dirt from this little cunt. When pCars started, this guy immediately popped up on VR to promote pCars. Austin, please do an article chronicling his shit.

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      2. The devil and Santa Claus rolled into one.

        This is the internet! It must be true when it written on the internet! If it appears to defy any logic whatsoever: it must be the applied logic that is broken. All hail the all-mighty, wise Markus Ott



  2. Project cars has been the major reason why we at have grown into a fantastic friendly league.

    PCars has more bugs than a pixar movie. But that said, it feels like the cars have weight, have inertia and hence some level of simulation.

    By comparison, Assetto Corsa feels floaty and the only sense that something is happening under the hood is mocked up over or understeer.

    AC today actually made me feel sick with the disconnect between the grip the car should have given the steering input, and the squealing tires. It just plain feels wrong. Very very wrong.

    Im not fan boying… I dont play fanboy antic. But i will say that pCars is far superior to AC in the sense that I can believe I’m driving a car and have a connection to the road through the wheels.

    All that said… both AC and pCars behavior to handling customer dissatisfaction is disgusting and it only takes 1 developer with a more mature attitude and a genuine desire to work with the drivers to actually get it done right and you can kiss goodbye to sms and kunos.

    They should open source both of these games now to get the development fix for the current title and learn how to do it right for their next title.


      1. Clever editing and a confusious slogan doesn’t make for good reading ‘Anonymous’.

        I’m disappointed by both games equally. Neither are fully functioning let alone complete. And that is the inherent problem with accepting DLC as a legitimate selling strategy.

        When a company rolls fixes into a DLC you pay for means they have an income post sale to fix the half arsed release. Which means they pass the main talented staff onto the new project and sub out the maintenance to a lower class of programmers.

        In summary. DLC is the cause of the lapse in final product quality of all games in recent years. You can drop development time by half knowing you’ve got 2 years post release that people are willing to buy cars and tracks, gun’s and maps that should have been in the initial release.

        Its madness that we put up with it. But what option do we have?

        Interestingly enough is the star wars battlefront reception. The one game that should have ruled them all.. met with the worst dlc content rip off of all time… refunded by the truck load. Extremely poor sales and hopefully a real message to developers that gamers have had enough of this shit.

        40% off a triple A title like star wars. 2 weeks after release on the launch of a new movie in front of christmas can only say that EA are shitting themselves and that there is real power in the consumer and that we have to stand up to the Bugged release + DLC bullshit.


      2. All I know is that DLC in AC is not bullshit. Making licensed cars and tracks isn’t cheap. So either the game has a lot of money up front to make majority of best cars and tracks in motorsport world, or they will have to later invest in it and pay it up from the dlc money.


  3. The only good things this game has to offer, are 3D models of the cars. They can be easily converted to older and proper sims and with real physics they’re much much better.

    I’m loving the pCARS Alpine A442 in rF1. One day I’ll mail you a reader submission about it. Assuming you don’t freak out like most of the people, who give heads to developers around the community, when it comes to conversions.


    1. Lol. Rf1’s AI was ordinary and the game a pain to configure for the time poor. PCars has its flaws, but for the casual sim racer who might get twenty minutes in between kids, housework and a wife it’s a convenient and fun game.


      1. One of the most annoying problems was stopping the ai from crashing into you if they were driving a faster can than you (LMP1 > GT2), or that they would drive without caring if you were in their way or not in general.

        But the rF1/GSC and GTL/GTR2 ai can be updated by changing literally 5 lines in the .plr file. Once you do that, the races are way better because the ai behave way better.


      1. Forza Motorsport 6’s DLC cars are added to everyone’s game’s via mandatory monthly updates. When you buy the DLC you’re essentially buying an “unlock” for those cars, but even if you don’t have the DLC you can still see and race against those cars online.


  4. Ironically, in order:

    – It’s the most sold racing game (of both arcade and sims) this week (PC) on Steam;
    – It’s the most played sim on Steam (followed by AC);
    – Browsing the last 20 reviews on steam, there’s 18 positive ones and 2 negative. Overall 77% of users left a positive review;

    And the cherry on the cake: 88% of the reviews of the Renault DLC (the one supposed to be broken according to this post) are positive!

    While someone here is raging… the game (and all the DLC’s) are selling like hot cakes. 🙂 …next time haters. 😛


    1. Just says more about the average Pcars player than anything, if you think broken tyres and DRS is a small thing, why are you even on this site? or any sim site for that matter, if these details dont bother ya go play ya game, and leave detailed discussion of what’s going on in the sim, to ppl that want too.

      Also populism from mainstream gamers is no big deal to proper sims,and its player base, just the graphics in Pcars would mean auto buy for so many casual gamers, accuracy of model and sim are a lot more important than how many clueless people and “legit” mainstream sites gave “glowing” reviews.

      Lets be honest how many of those reviewers have even heard of the other main sims in market,let alone play or understand them to know whats actually out there to compare to, Pcars would seem amazing (short of obvious bugs) if all you played is codemasters\GT\Forza games.

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      1. I didn’t posted that message because of me… that’s about all the users out there: they are buying it, they are playing it, they are giving their money to the devs, all this will translate to: you did an awesome job, your game is great because you’re selling good.
        What do you think it’s more important? A random blog on internet or the thousands people buying the game every week? (you don’t need to answer, It’s rhetorical).
        No matter what you think, you still wrong, you’re trying to fighting the numbers not an opinion.


      2. Which is perfectly fine for me personally, just don’t chalk it up as the “most realistic and advanced sim ever made”. There is a lot to be said about someone who carries themselves with quiet confidence, vs the cocky and brash prick who rubs people up wrong


    2. Yes, the game sold well, but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking it has anything to do with it being a realistic sim racing game. This game was considerably more marketed than any other sim, as well it’s overall design was noticeably more focused toward the casual gamer than sim racers. Much like GT and Forza, which continue to sell millions with every sequel yet the more hardcore sim racing community almost universally write them off now as nothing much better than the Need for Speed series.

      So just because it’s sold well and reviewed well doesn’t mean it’s the best sim available for the serious sim racers. It’s great that the game does well, band I hope it means they improve the game dramatically because of it, but stop acting as though this is the end all be all sim racing game everyone should play just because it’s financially successful.


      1. IMO a game to be good must be liked by who is actually playing it… or do you think that a sim to be a real sim must be liked only by ten users on a random blog? Who elected you (or someone else) a “serious sim racer”.. seriously? Is there an exam to pass to have a such title? lol
        For me PCARS is the most beauty a fun racing sim we have today.. for you it isn’t.. we’re both happy. 🙂


      2. “IMO a game to be good must be liked by who is actually playing it… or do you think that a sim to be a real sim must be liked only by ten users on a random blog? Who elected you (or someone else) a “serious sim racer”.. seriously? Is there an exam to pass to have a such title? lol
        For me PCARS is the most beauty a fun racing sim we have today.. for you it isn’t.. we’re both happy. :)”

        Let’s be realistic. You’re here to gloat about how much you love the game and how much of a financial success it is to people who don’t care for the game. So stop acting as though you’re some innocent here simply defending your precious game.When the faults of your opinion are presented rather than defending them you present irrelevant facts to instigate. Financial success of a game does not equate to said game being good. Especially in this day and age where marketing is a far superior factor than the quality of the game.

        Your point about the game being liked by who is playing it would be accurate if the game weren’t attempting to be a serious sim racer. Which it more than definitely is. With that, it will acquire the criticism that comes from the more serious sim racing crowd who are more experienced than the average gamer who may play the game. To suggest that the opinion of more experienced sim racers isn’t more valid when discussing the game in regard to realism is just ignorant. As I’ve said, it’s like asking a 12 year old what their favorite movie is when they’ve only seen G rated movies. It’s an irrelevant opinion because they lack the knowledge.


    3. Most important mr fanboy, the game sell well because of the good reviews, that the 80000 bakers write to fool the buyers…That is the way that a broken dlc get;s a good review…


  5. That’s an opinion… “it’s realistic” VS “it’s arcade” VS “it’s whatever”… anyone is entitled to have their opinion (including the devs), and it’s not only about pcars, but for any other game out there.

    There’s only a data that is not a matter of opinions: the sales and the user score. You can say: i’m one of those 23% which doesn’t like PCARS.. that’s fair, but you can’t negate the fact that there’s another 77% which is actually enjoying it, and that’s the only thing that counts for a developer.


    1. That’s not actually good though, rF2’s is 78%, iRacing’s 84%, AC’s is 87%, SCE is 92% positive. R3E is the only modern sim it beats.


      1. 77% means that more than 3 players of 4 likes it. How you say it’s not good? It’s VERY good for any game out there (including the ones you mentioned).
        It’s sad that people here doesn’t even know the basic math. 😦


      2. You need to correct for the bias in review scores before you can say whether it’s good or not. Since it’s not really possible to estimate the sources & effects of bias on something like this, all you can really do with the numbers is say “A is better than B” – a game that’s 85% positive is scoring better than one that’s 77% positive.

        The average score for games is 75% and DLC looks like around 92%, so on that scale, PCARS itself is doing ok but the Renault DLC is a piece of crap. Most good DLC gets 97%+ positive reviews. For example PCars’s “old vs. new” has 100%, AC’s last couple DLCs are 98%, etc. for something to get 5 times as many negative reviews as average is a pretty bad sign.


      3. Considering the amount of WMD spastics that would and do spam the positive reviews, its another example of the cult like “wmd” SMS created.


      4. It’s not just about the good reviews, it’s also selling very good.
        This must be the very first bad game on Steam, which has good user reviews (not metacritic, but the actual players score) and that is selling good… or there’s another explanation: you’re blind. 🙂


      5. Dude, go comment on a marketing enthusiast blog, this is sim racing, and the amount of morons buying it (most haven’t even heard of the alternatives), has no bearing on how broken and inaccurate so much of shift 3 is in a sim racing enthusiasts eyes.

        Your constant banging on about sale figures appears to be some kind of distraction from the many issues this title has, you have no reason to even care how well it sells if not financially benefitting from it.

        I will say again, sales figures dont mean shit, the measurable most realistic sim available sells the worst, the less sim you get in title, the more the sale figures go up, so going off that trend Pcars is the easiest and closer to “ego” gaming than “sim racing”.

        “For me PCARS is the most beauty a fun racing sim we have today.. for you it isn’t.. we’re both happy. :)”

        Thats cool man, then go play it, article is about something thats broken in game,that sounds like wouldn’t even bother you, so what has your comment there, got anything to do with article?

        There’s no reason to feel insecure in the games you play because some else finds issues with it.


      6. I think it’s hilarious how this kid is saying pCars is a success due to the amount of people playing it.

        Look, if I travel to the pCars forums for five minutes, it’s nothing but people saying how terrible the game is and how SMS hasn’t fixed bugs X, Y, or Z. The only people defending the game seem to have the “WMD Member” status underneath their username.

        There was no marketing campaign behind rFactor 2 or Stock Car Extreme. They just sort of appeared on Steam one day. Meanwhile, pCars was in everything from PC Gamer to Kotaku to Zoo UK (titty mag).

        Remember this?

        Think about how many people browse Kotaku. Some of them bought the game out of sheer curiosity, plod around at the back of the pack against the easiest AI, and now those are counted as part of the userbase in your argument that the game is somehow a success.

        Meanwhile, the forums are littered with SMS YOU FUCKING SUCK THIS BUG IS STILL IN THE GAME AFTER PATCH 8.0 and ass kissing fanboys… sorry… “WMD Investors.”

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      7. You must be browsing the wrong forum, PCARS forums are the nicest sim forum atm.. not because the game, but because the kids and the trolls have been perma-banned (probably you too). 🙂

        There was no “marketing” campaign behind PCARS, in fact all the “advertising” have been done by the users, and it would have worked only if the game was actually good.
        No magazine have been paid to advertise the game: WMD barely had the money to finish the game (it is a multi-platform game with a low budget), there was no money to waste to pay for advertising on magazines or such, but still random people here which thinks that writing: “that magazine/pilot has been paid to say it is good…”, make it automatically true, it’s like those kids who imagine to be a super-hero in their fantasy. 🙂

        The game hasn’t been sold at the start then it stopped, the game is still sold by now (go look at Steam charts), and it still the most played sim out there. Your logic is flawed: if it was bad anf full of bugs like you say, today we would have zero users playing it.. like rF2 or GSCE, but instead all the players are aboard of: PCARS, AC, iRacing … that ironically are those ones constantly accused of being the devil of the sim community, if I was you, I would start to think that it’s not the whole world to be wrong, there’s a much higher chance that the one to be wrong: it’s YOU! 🙂


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