Run For Your Lives! We’ve Got An Official Teamspeak Server!

GSC 2015-12-26 11-26-20-52.jpg

It’s been an idea I’ve had in the back of my mind for a few months now, but reader monsterZERO was the first guy to really push for it. With 32 slots at $9.60 per month, y’all have been given a place to hang out during the evening, as well as a dedicated voice channel for the V8 Supercars World Tour races taking place each Saturday.

Everyone is welcome. With the abundance of sim racing communities each playing by their own meticulous set of unwritten rules, the idea is to provide an environment where nobody is afraid to speak their minds on the current state of driving games. If you are somebody important and are afraid of associating with as it may harm your professional reputation, voice changing applications are fairly easy to install.

GSC 2015-12-26 11-31-46-11.jpg

Most of us are on at varying points throughout the day, and logging on to chat with like-minded sim racers is a fairly quick two-step process. Click the giant Join Us On Teamspeak button, and then click the Web Link to simultaneously launch Teamspeak and join the official Teamspeak server.


We’re fully aware this will get out of hand at some point. Please behave yourselves, otherwise we will be forced to politely tell you to behave yourselves again.


8 thoughts on “Run For Your Lives! We’ve Got An Official Teamspeak Server!

  1. Nice. If you’ll give us dates and times for when some of the more popular folks will be broadcasting like a sidewalk preacher, I’d be happy to jump on and listen. Hex, Ass, Horncuckle, etc.


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