The Biggest GT3 Mod Ever Has Just Been Released for Stock Car Extreme

GSC 2015-12-27 16-55-08-23

After the private beta had been infiltrated by members of 4Chan’s organized sim racing scene earlier this summer, the European Endurance Center crew have recovered and released the biggest GT3 mod in the history of Sim Racing for Reiza’s Stock Car Extreme. Featuring six different European GT3 championships, eighteen different car modes, and all alternate variants of each specific model, if you’ve been looking for the be-all, end-all GT3 mod for an ISI-powered racing sim, this is the one.

GSC 2015-12-27 16-56-24-96

Downloading the mod can be a bit complex, as the EEC team require you to install the base content pack before selecting one of six livery packs corresponding to each major racing series offered. Weighing in at just over 800 Meg, it’s a pretty sizable download, but well worth the bandwidth.

Download the EEC GT3 Mod for Stock Car Extreme HERE

2012 ADAC GT Masters Skin Pack

2013 ADAC GT Masters Skin Pack

2014 ADAC GT Masters Skin Pack

2014 Blancpain Sprint Series Skin Pack

2014 Avon Tyres British GT Series Skin Pack

2014 Total 24 Hours of Spa Skin Pack

GSC 2015-12-27 16-55-47-21Those holding off on Sector 3’s ADAC GT Masters expansion packs for the RaceRoom Racing Experience sim are also in for an added bonus. The two seasons offered by Sector 3 as premium DLC packs for R3E are completely free of charge for the EEC GT3 mod, and the livery packs also include all Porsche teams on the grid – cars Sector 3 were unable to include due to the licensing issues we’re all too familiar with.

GSC 2015-12-27 16-58-32-90.jpg

It drives a bit on the easy side, but it’s nice to see the final product come together like this. The most complete selection of GT3 entries is now available for Reiza’s excellent Stock Car Extreme, and it’s completely free!


52 thoughts on “The Biggest GT3 Mod Ever Has Just Been Released for Stock Car Extreme

  1. I seem to recall reading here that you think GT3 cars should be relatively easy to drive. When you say “It drives a bit on the easy side”, do you mean in reference to that, or just in reference to the many simracers out there that think all cars should drive like GPL Lotuses?

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    1. Casual video game racers like yourself are in the majority and tend to like the pretty simcade racers like Forza, Pcars and AC. Real sims require good driving skills and constant concentration just like real life racing so real sims will never be as popular as the simcade garbage.

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      1. Settle down nerd, I’m pretty sure none of these sims are just like real life. These are still games. They are not professional software and you are not a real racing driver. It’s still subjective. Unless you’ve sat behind the wheel of a race car (unlikely) how can you say for sure what sim is most accurate? Let people play what they enjoy and get over yourself.

        And by the way, no Forza might not be a sim but at least it’s a finished game that, were I interested, I wouldn’t have such a problem spending $60 on. I can’t say the same about the current crop of sims. I bet it’s a lot more fun, too.


      2. Just because you are slow in real sims or even have a hard time keeping the car on the track is no reason to try to put GSCE down by saying, “The BIGGEST mod for a game played by 3 people”.

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      3. hahaa, what a funny guy, just because 60 people a month play RRE doesn’t make it a “real sim”, a handful of people play GSCE because they like the feel they get there, rFactor 2 is a straight up dead game because its fucking overrated.


      4. “hahaa, what a funny guy, just because 60 people a month play RRE doesn’t make it a “real sim”, a handful of people play GSCE because they like the feel they get there, rFactor 2 is a straight up dead game because its fucking overrated.”

        Go play ya BS and hang around IGN comment sections,thats where you belong, if you have no interest in proper sims, fuck off ya wanker, why you even here?

        I dont see war thunder players hanging around flight sim forums\blogs, mocking them because so fewer ppl play sims than the mainstream ego gaming shit, designed for unsecure teens, thats unique to wannabe sim racers, that get all insecure and cant handle the fact that what they choose to play, a 12 yr old with a controller wouldn’t have a problem with.


      5. Oh, and its a good objective measure to say “feel incomplete”. Maybe you should quote that other person who said “feels complete”. I think that would be another objectively measured argument to the “feels incomplete”.

        Good one, we’ve now settled the dispute. Two people just gave their opinion on how two sims feel, and they are both realistic.


      6. “Oh, and its a good objective measure to say “feel incomplete”. Maybe you should quote that other person who said “feels complete”. I think that would be another objectively measured argument to the “feels incomplete”.”
        Why you feeding this idiot,his post has NOTHING to do with article, hes a AC fan, that posts that shit continually to try and discredit the info as much as possible, whats worse is so many fucking idiots eats it up, like they are battling some mystical RF2 fanboy, Hexjnr\Pitcock_90(steam)\Metal sux(ytube)\shiller prince and every time a clown spams evidence of issues in AC, is the same demented ACfan.


      7. He practically admitted it, if you really think its any of them, Im sorry you’re either stupid, not been around long or Pitcock himself.

        Why would any one with half a brain, even the most diehard rf2 fans do that, this all started once AC articles became more prevalent here, this is Pit_cocks retarded way of making ppl think like you are,

        which if you told me ppl would fall for it few months ago id have laughed my arse of at the suggestion, but here we are, yet again with enougher anon no balls.


      8. Assetto Corsa is developed by Italian studio Kunos Simulazion – Released last year for Windows, the game will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One next year, it does cede a little more ground to the notion that ‘game’ isn’t such a dirty word.
        According to James Dover, the game can be happily played with a controller, although obviously hardcore players will pick the wheel every time. But while the game does deliver in terms of graphics, James reckons its physics engine “lacks seriousness”.


  2. Do you know why this isn’t any ac fanboy doing this rehashed spam on prc all day? Because when you reply to that person, he gives gives other images and quotes that all are against AC. Why would an ac fanboy keep replying with more screenshots and links taken by ass and hex, when others try to have a discussion with him about the things he posts? This is the exact same M.O as associat0r. Of course could mean someone else is copying his M.O, but then that should be a case study, since is a perfect replica. And the best person to replicate himself is the original person doing all those things against AC, but he managed to convince some people that someone is impersonating him, but is just him (ass0) impersonating himself, and then posting under certain anonymous accounts by saying someone is impersonating associat0r.
    Just take a look at rf2 forum, in every discussion about AC he will pop in with his usual posts-‘arguments’-quotes and links that he did in the past. So this is quite an indication that ass0 is still active in the anti-AC Crusade in PRC, because is the only place where he isn’t banned from posting, even though James removes his usual spam. He isn’t banned from rf2 forum nor ac forum. But out of fear, he doesn’t post there, cause he will either be banned or debunked, cause he knows what he usually spams against AC can be refutable when more experienced and knowledgeable persons in simulation take a look at his posts.

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      1. thank you for your reply hexagramme. Defending his buddy associat0r.

        But he should check again in this article if those posts with the enhanced letters format isn’t the real ass0. Even if he isn’t, that doesn’t conclude hash’s theory that is an ac fanboy saying or quoting those things about the game.

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    1. Only associat0r behind a proxy/vpn or his buddy hexagramme would need to use this screenshot. Will Hash say again that this post was made by an ac fanboy?
      Which just means ass0 and hex are active in PRC and doing what they do best, which are things we saw they did in virtualr and bsimracing before they were banned there.


    2. “Only associat0r behind a proxy/vpn or his buddy hexagramme would need to use this screenshot. Will Hash say again that this post was made by an ac fanboy?”

      Oh fuck off anon, you are probably him you stupid cunt,just so happened to be first to comment right after spam, with some utterly moronic conclusions, I suppose you are behind a VPN too by coincidence?, mr anon why so anally obsessed with associat0r and hexagramme, just like our spammer mate?

      Who the fuck are you ya gutless cunt muffin?please talk more, your idiocy is both amusing and revealing.


    3. you are a sad sad little boy, your mother and ya missing father figures needed to slap your arse when you were a kid, they’ve clearly failed,they have a lot to answer for, her unplugging your internet would be a good start to her redemption.

      You are the result of when governments outlaw beating the stupid kids in the litter.


    4. Holy shit Hash, what’s going on? Point me the exact things in what I said which make you believe my parents and my government failed badly towards me.


  3. Are there any plans for the comment section improvements? I mean technical ones, not moderation or anything. It just seems to me like most people in the comments reply to the wrong people, and you can’t make sense of it anyway because it’s hard to distinguish comment levels visually.


    1. This is just default wordpress blog system, or called the Jetpack plugin.

      There are two good options though, disqus and livefyre. But more can be searched using ‘best comments plugin for wordpress’.


  4. I’m the co-founder of EEC and although I’m a long time reader of this blog and I love you James, what you wrote in the past about this mod doesn’t make any sense if you don’t know the real story.

    The other articles about those 4Chan nice guys are inaccurate because they didn’t release it first. We did. The original project was born and worked on for GTR2 at least 3 years ago with a last “public” update for the Simbin title many months ago. The SCE version was created for 2 reasons: Because we wanted to switch our own online league(s) from GTR2 to SCE and because one of the the other admins (A long time GTR2 modder) was literally bored to death one day and wanted to do something new, something different. So he bought SCE and started messing around with it. A sister version for rF1 was also planned and me and other members were in charge of it, but we scrapped the idea when the final switch to SCE went in effect.

    Now, most of the work is still being done behind close doors for SCE as it’s obviously their main focus, but the GTR2 mod is still under development. It’s going slower, but it still has more content than the SCE mod. And for content I mean more 3D models, more 2015 skinpacks, more stuff, being done by either some of us in their free time or “3rd party sources” (Basically other modders not affiliated with EEC which are still making addons with newest cars). Cars such as the 2015 versions of the McLaren 650S GT3, the Cadillac GT3, other 2014 and 2015 skinpacks for BES, ADAC, PWC (The american GT3 series), Aussie GT3, Asian GT3, etc or 2016 cars.

    As a rF1 modder, I’m the first to say that there is no issue into working on something which has been considered “abandonware” for months or years (My own projects are basically that), but outright stealing stuff when the mod “owners” are still around and actively working on something? That’s not nice.

    I am not directly involved with the GTR2/SCE mod, so I can’t say when or if those extra addons will ever be released for you all, but if there’s one thing I’m sure about, is that those 4Chan dudes have absolutely no clue what else we have in store for the community, nor they will be able to steal those things aswell before they’re ready to be released.

    Have a good day.


    1. >but if there’s one thing I’m sure about, is that those 4Chan dudes have absolutely no clue what else we have in store for the community, nor they will be able to steal those things aswell before they’re ready to be released.
      The 4chan dudes have already released their own 650s, DBRS9, and have a Hurracan ready for the next patch whenever that comes, as well as almost infinite skins, some based off real liveries, some crazy new ones. They’re doing just fine without ‘stealing’ any of EECs work.


      1. Not when the dude doing the car himself says “it’s not *EEC quality* but at least we can have it”. And if they were doing fine without stealing it why did they steal it to begin with? xD

        BTW Italian GT 2013~2015 skin pack together with other 2015 packs are coming. (at least these are the comments in their forum)


      2. They didn’t steal anything – they forked a mod that had been independently leaked by an individual. 4chan didn’t sneak into EEC and smuggle out the mod in an attempt to claim credit for it like some people were saying. They just independently started their own work on top of the EEC base that existed (although the physics were completely redone) because the models were very well done and there’s no point redoing good work just for the sake of it. They also had no plans to develop anything at all until they tried the leaked mod and were disappointed by how it drove – until that point they were very much looking forward to the official EEC release. Also that chap was just being modest – the 650s was very well done.


      3. A mod is being kept private only for testers (more drivers were even accepted in the group to speed up the process) and then it is made public by another group that knew the thing would be public once released and then the said group would be able to make their own physics if they wanted to. Literally nobody was going to complain about changed physics as long as a bit of respect was shown.
        For me this is stealing. But what can be expected from a group that think they can do physics better than ISI themselves and behave the way they do in 4chan, to be fair what can be expected from any group that actually use 4chan? xD
        Someone with comon sense wouldn’t do this. Just my 2 cents. It’s past now so whatever.


      4. Considering that EEC ripped copyrighted models from other games without gaining permission or crediting them, I don’t think they’re in any position to complain about stealing when another group of people take a beta of their mod and start changing it for their own personal league use (4chans version was only posted for the rest of the internet to see due to PRC stirring shit). They were so disappointed at the state of the EEC late beta version that they decided there was no point waiting for it to be v1.0 before forking it. But as you say, in the past now.


    1. 4chan version is still stuck in development hell at version 0.7 – dev team took a break from working on it so the finalised tyres and suspension aren’t on most of the cars yet.


    2. I can answer my own question.

      For those interested these cars are really easy to drive, like, REALLY easy, but often satisfyingly so. It’s much easier to catch and hold a slide than the 4chan version, and these cars are less likely to shoot off in the other direction upon the car straightening up, iRacing style.

      The tyres have a lot of grip, arguably too much, but having never driven a real GT3 car, I can’t say if that’s realistic or not, and the tyre heat seems fairly normal, although these tyres get hotter quicker than the 4chan tyres do, and are much more sensitive to camber and toe adjustments, as well as curbs and sideways action.

      Speaking of the setup, I threw on a generic “Go fast” setup and the cars I tested responded well to it, so the car’s physics are somewhat grounded in reality.

      The force feedback is meh, it’s not awful but it’s not ground breaking either, it’s simply good enough, but the same can be said for almost every ISI based mod.

      Overall, it’s a good mod, it’s sufficiently different to the 4chan release to justify a download, even though you can tell the two mods are related. This version is significantly easier than 4chan’s effort though, I can match my lap times I set in the 4chan cars without really trying, and with a little bit of effort I’m over a second quicker, so take from that what you will.


      1. Yeah I went and drove both the cars after posting that original reply – EEC cars are easier to drive, but there are still some weird, simple bugs in the FFB that are just not there in the 4chan version. 4chan version is a bit of a wilder ride, due to less grippy tyres so that’s personal preference. For a 1.0v, I’m a bit disappointed in EECs pack, it still feels like it’s only at RC stage and the physics feel grounded in reality, but simplified. For instance, you can turn driving aids off entirely and not lock the brakes at all, and have no trouble planting the power of the GTR down. Like you say, the two mods are different enough that it’s worth trying them then keeping the one you like most. Haven’t tested the balance between cars in EECs version though, that was a point 4chan’s version struggled on a lot.

        > these cars are less likely to shoot off in the other direction upon the car straightening up,
        I think that’s a problem existing between chair and keyboard – my crappy overcorrecting was taking cars into the wall in EEC just as easily as the other one. Although the grippier tyres help a bit obviously.


    1. Yeah, what I figured. Big mods like this, 99% of the time are made in a hurry with no care. Might as well play Forza, it’s be just as “realistic”.

      “But I can finally drive a 911 GT3R !”, he says… Even tho it’s got the underlying physics of a generic whichever car they copied from..


      1. And I bashed Kunos for it too. Sure in some cases data is unavailable, but those mods are just bare bone minimum, and they all drive like crap.

        But I guess they don’t pretend it’s all that accurate either, so it’s k. Just not my cup of tea.


  5. People who are shitting about where the models actually do come from, have no idea how much work still goes into each one of them for a proper use in a simulation.


    1. Yep. I wish these people would simply get the car from another game and put it in SCE so they can see how well it will go and how good it will look…


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