Reader Submission #72 – Reiza Removing Content from Stock Car Extreme, selling it as DLC for Automobilista


This probably isn’t the news you wanted to hear. No less than two hours after our piece about Reiza’s new title, Automobilista, has gone live, we’ve already received a Reader Submission from a source that wishes to remain anonymous regarding a portion of the upcoming DLC plan for the 2016 racing sim. It’s not good. In fact, a lot of people are about to be rightfully pissed off. There is a chance content previously added in free updates for Stock Car Extreme will be removed from the default content list in Automobilista, and re-sold as premium downloadable content.

All owners of Stock Car Extreme will receive Automobilista for free, as it’s essentially the same game, but Reiza is looking at the possibility of  removing desirable cars and tracks from the game in an effort to generate additional revenue by offering them as DLC. IndieGoGo contributors from the crowdfunding campaign this summer will receive these packs for free, provided they’d donated to the project while it was active.

I’ll leave it to the anonymous source to say a bit more.


Hey James. I know you don’t have access to the Reiza forum, so here’s what you’ve been missing. Don’t mention my name or initials because it’s now a bannable offense to leak things to you. Reiza are going to take content out of Stock Car Extreme and sell it as DLC for Automobilista. So far it’s just the classic version of Imola, but things are subject to change.


This isn’t cool. Like, at all. Because at first, it’ll just be Imola. And people will undoubtedly say “stop being such a whiny baby, it’s just one track!”

Then, it’ll turn into “we had to drop historic Montreal and Johannesburg too.” We weren’t aware there was a reason for Automobilista to exist when the crowdfunding campaign was in full swing over the summer; most sim racers assumed they were crowdfunding extra content for Stock Car Extreme in the near future, as well as a new title in 2017. Suddenly, that plan was turned upside down, an entirely new stop-gap game was spawned, and backers were told to deal with it.

This is just the beginning. Reiza can’t afford too many more slip-ups like this.


42 thoughts on “Reader Submission #72 – Reiza Removing Content from Stock Car Extreme, selling it as DLC for Automobilista

  1. From: “the only possible exception of one track” to “Reiza is looking at the possibility of removing desirable carS and trackS”

    Amazing guys. You are on fire!!!


  2. Your title is not an accurate reflection of what they said they MIGHT do. However. I will say that it’s a pretty scummy move if they take anything, even a single track, out of what was released for SCE as free content. I do agree that the principle of it is wrong, and should make people take a second look at how they view Reiza.

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  3. So if now we will own two games on steam, SCE and AMS, certain can be removed from the base game of SCE to then be added as dlc for AMS, but people who already own or will buy SCE in the future, will have in the base content of SCE what you might have in the dlc of AMS?


    1. That might be the case to attract new users by providing more licensed content. Most consumers would have no idea what is meant by “Race Formula V12 at Historic Bologna!”. A more marketable feature would be “Race 1993 Imola Grand Prix!”


  4. They never thought on the possibility of someone converting the track in SCE to Automobilista? I mean, it will the be the same track. Make it easy and just release the whole thing, you have nothing to lose.

    But I will have to believe that in these DLC will be mixed content (old and new) so players can have a reason to buy the thing.


  5. Reiza “we may have to remove one track and put it back as a DLC later”
    PRC “Breaking! Automobilista to come with a single car and track because Reiza will sell all the rest as DLC!”
    Am I doing it right?

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  6. So far all dlc from Reiza has been free, the not so anonymous submitter and James should maybe have mentioned that in this article. Of course you can keep SCE on your hdd and keep the historic track as well so what is the problem.
    Reiza are not SMS and dealt pretty fairly with the community so I hope the pathetic attention seeking individual who sent this submission in feels proud of themself.
    Apart from that I hope everyone has A Happy New Year and roll on January 5th.


    1. how is that?

      Thank you for your pledge and now for something completely different.
      I didnt give them money so they could run off on a fools errand to make another version of GSCE.

      I gave them money to add content to GSCE. But now that they are seeing dollar signs and paid DLC they are all popping their corks.

      What happened to delivering what was promised and what people paid money for?


  7. Oddly enough, none of this bothers me at all. I’ve paid somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 dollars to iRacing over the years I’ve used it. Reiza has gotten 35 dollars of my money in that same amount of time. They haven’t charged one dime for any additional content. Frankly, I don’t even know how they’re still in business with that kind of business model.

    Not saying I want them to go the iRacing route, but there’s a nice middle ground between giving everything away for free (like they’ve been doing all this time) and nickel and diming you to death. They have every right in the world to ask for some money now and then.

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    1. Because they got the money from ccrowdfunding campaign, they will probably need new crowfunding campaing again in future as Automobilista is unlikely to be commercial succces.


      1. “Automobilista is unlikely to be commercial succces”

        Curious as to why you think this? I think with the new name and branding, not to mention the new content, it’s virtually guaranteed to out sell GSC…


      2. I mean when Average Joe sees Automobilista Steam store page they see game with 9 year old graphics that are comparable to what mobile games have nowdays and car list that is consist of mostly low profile stock race cars that aren’t widely known really, in comparison with AC or PCars they see shiny graphics and pictures of some of the most well known car brands like Ferrari and McLaren etc. which one you think they are most likely to buy. It might not even outsell GSC since every owner of GSC gets free copy.

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  8. suckers and their money. keep supporting these tools and this is what you get.

    Why does everyone want to be Ian Bell. I dont fucking get it. His is a big manboob child his name is shit and everything he touches is shit. Ian “taco” Bell.

    And yet every dev studio wants to be just like him and sms. WTF?

    What happened to make a great a game, polish it and stand by and support it>?
    Now it is making as much money by taking content out and reselling glitches as features.

    or hell just change the name and hope chumps buy it again. FFS what is wrong with this world.


    1. “What happened to mak(ing) a great game, polish(ing) it and stand(ing) by and support(ing) it?”

      Awful grammar aside, you’re new, aren’t you ?


  9. thanks for the correction. I spit that out fast at work.
    No not new but thought Reiza where on of the good guys(studios). Who made good content and where decent people.
    But I see money corrupts sadly. Now they have gone all Ian Bell and want as much as they can get.
    Shame since I did actually donate a fair bit to the campaigned.

    But I guess I should have expected the Spanish inquisition shouldnt I have? No one expects the DLC!


  10. I think it’s too early to say whether Automobilista will be a success. It’s also too early to say whether it will be a slap in the face to customers. If they don’t pull Imola or other tracks from the roster, if the game is a noticeable improvement over GSC and if they can pull some of the AC/PC crowd looking to get a more in-depth sim in this might a success after all.But that’s a lot of ifs.


  11. “…an entirely new stop-gap game was spawned, and backers were told to deal with it.”

    Wat? Backers were asked how they’d like Reiza to proceed and by a whopping margin, the plan that brought Automobilista in was approved.

    This blog is like the fucking Maury show.

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