Reader Submission 73 – The Assetto Corsa Fanaticism Continues

2016If you haven’t heard the news by now, Kunos Simulazioni posted a lengthy blog post earlier this morning, outlining their 2015 calendar year as well as giving Assetto Corsa owners a pretty detailed preview of what’s on the horizon in 2016. Not everyone is happy with the announcement, as I received a Reader Submission from Sir Necrophile before I even got a chance to sit down and read the initial blog post. Given the contents of Kunos’ letter to the community, it’s understandable why himself and others are upset not just with Kunos, but the community surrounding Assetto Corsa.


Hey James. As I’m sure you’ve seen, Kunos have made a lengthy post about things to come in AC in 2016, and the Reddit fanboys are out in force even though the post brings no mention of:

  • The ability to jump the start
  • Rolling starts
  • Planning pit stops rather than playing a mini-game in the pit lane
  • Timed Races (even though they’re bringing an Audi Prototype to the game!)
  • Official Leaderboards (can they really release a console version without these? it would be laughable!)

It also talks at length about how the physics won’t be sacrificed for consoles, and that the console version will in fact focus on the driving experience as its main selling point. It doesn’t even mention artificial intelligence improvements in the future at all! Do they honestly think console players will be satisfied purely by the driving experience when they’re driving round an empty track using a control pad because the game has nothing else for them to do?

Going back to the Audi R18 Prototype, not only are they introducing an LMP1 car in a game that doesn’t support timed races or rolling starts, but you won’t actually be able to have a WEC-style race in single player because we all know what happens to the AI when you try to run a multi-class race. It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to get some good screenshots as examples!

Despite these outrageous omissions, here are some choice quotes I’ve seen on Reddit about this blog update:

  • “Assetto Corsa never stops to amaze me, the only racing sim I play and will ever play.”
  • “I fucking love Kunos, they do a great job communicating with the community. I’m so happy the game is becoming such a huge success for them.”

Who cares? They’re a business, and you’re their customer! I don’t celebrate when McDonald’s posts a profit regardless of how much McDonald’s I eat!

  • “I’m just overwhelmed. WOW.”
  • “And pit stops! I’m so excited for pit stops!”

Someone is outrageously excited that the game is going to have pit stops in Single Player. You shouldn’t need to get excited about a game, which was released as feature complete in August 2014, adding a feature two years later which all serious racing games should include by default! Holy shit dude, seriously, these people!

This is not well formatted or written, I’m just rambling and baffled by these people and this incomplete game. Is it just because it has pretty graphics? It is very disheartening, I just don’t understand how people can keep throwing money at more cars, more cars, more cars when the actual game itself is barely functional. As you have said in the past, I guess it’s because they’re not actually playing the game, they’re too busy taking screenshots of shiny cars or recording videos of themselves driving a slow lap on their $4000 wheels to post on YouTube. Hardware fetishism is something that’s been bothering me recently too, I’m a pretty competitive racer on a DFGT and I see people talking like it’s basically impossible to drive competently on anything less than an OSW because they’re “uniquely sensitive to input lag” or some such bullshit.

sddefaultI read through the press release/blog post earlier today, and I wasn’t impressed. Maybe I’m just a cynical cunt and will never find joy in these kinds of letters to the community, but it was essentially an elaborate DLC announcement with nothing of real value. Now, I don’t mind the principle of DLC, I think games like Project Gotham Racing did it right, but the last thing Assetto Corsa needs is more cars and tracks; especially after it was proven the team at Kunos are simply copy/pasting data from one car to the next.


There are a few prototypes coming – which we’ve known for a while – but no option for a timed race, nor can the AI handle multi-class racing. There are multiple DLC packs on the way, but currently no way to join an online room unless you own every last piece of content. Pit stops are planned, yes PLANNED for a future update, but don’t look over there at the guys saying it’s ridiculous for a racing simulator NOT to have pit stops, look over HERE for another shiny new DLC pack. Oh, can’t use the DLC word too much, better thank the community for riding our dicks and mention the next-generation console release.

Meanwhile, the modders who were supposed to carry the game into 2016 and beyond on the PC version are instead poking fun at the lackluster physics model on public forums.


And as you’ve mentioned above, no hint of AI improvements. No hint of changing the button mashing pit stop mini-game to something more logical and practical in a competitive setting. No safety car, but F1 cars are on the way. No rolling starts, but a nearly complete GT3 grid. A completely pointless drag racing mode is available, but you can’t pick the color of your car online unless you’re personal friends with the server host. 

I no no longer understand the praise this game receives. Assetto Corsa ships with less features and content than the “simcade” console competitors like Forza, Gran Turismo, and Project CARS, yet is deemed this highly sought-after PC sim that is somehow above the aforementioned titles. Guys love to boast above the online popularity and the huge modding community, but how many of these users are kids like SlapTrain running around in shitty Grid 2 Nissan Silva rips on tracks built in Google SketchUp?

It’s X-Motor Racing with a bigger budget. Why anyone would willingly continue to support these guys is beyond me. Kunos are about to ship a PS4 game in 2016 without so much as hotlapping leaderboards or competent AI, and somehow people are eating this up because they’re straight up cucked by a group of sim racing developers. After the masterpiece that was Forza 6, and even classic odd-ball titles like Enthusia Professional Racing, nobody aside from the die-hard apologists will accept this. The backlash from all but the most diehard of Assetto Corsa fanboys will be incredible, and while IGN Italia will praise this as Italy’s Gran Turismo (oh wait, they already did, reviewing the game while it was still in beta), your average PS4 owner will wonder what the fuck he just bought.


39 thoughts on “Reader Submission 73 – The Assetto Corsa Fanaticism Continues

  1. what confuses me is that kunos left out the fact that they bought minorating, basically its a service that tells troll crashers to fuck off.

    also how did you get that screenshot of the BMW, thats hilarious.

    I always take their end of year announcements with a grain of salt though, they did stuff they didnt talk about last year and they also failed to do a number of things so thats quite a grey area.

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      1. But I don’t see it as buying it. Every person can add minorating to their own server. But maybe there is some collaboration between kunos, rackservice, and minolin.


  2. Assetto Corsa is going nowhere fast. The game is pretty sparse and that’s the way it will remain. More DLC is great, I guess. But I somehow doubt they’ll actually be able to make this thing into a satisfying racing sim by the end of 2016. For a game that has been “complete” for a year now, it sure feels like there’s a lot missing. Kunos will not fare well on consoles, even with the dumbed down handling that they are so adamant is a myth.

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    1. Enougher thing about console release, is as James pointed out, is a vast amount of the populism in AC is from young fellers driving their fave jap cars from (insert one of the many games AC modders rip) and these “Quality mods” drift circuits.

      Non of this will make it to console in any way, there’s not going to be a million car mods on youtube for AC punters to browse through like its a Gran turismo garage, they will have what they are given, which going off AC you tube vids isn’t no where near as popular as the mods (ripped or not).


    1. Like you wouldn’t be a fanboy from another game we shouldn’t mention. Do people from AC go and hate on other sims? No; even if some, not on the proportions you guys hate on AC.
      Why you do all this, because you envy AC’s present and future potential? Maybe you should use more your time playing your favorite game if AC isn’t. But you do spend more time talking about AC than playing your other favorite…


      1. Dammit, you saw right through it. Yes, that is exactly why we think AC is shit, because we envy it. I also think you are shit, because i envy you driving it.


      2. You indeed envy all the people who are able to use and race in the sim daily/weekly, while you sit here talking about the game saying there are other games much better, but the reality is you’re not using any of these games, even the ones you say are much better. Or if you use them, you’re not racing there as much as you say the game is good.


  3. The Audi R18 e-tron DLC could be so good if they release a laser scanned Le Mans 24hr circuit DLC!!

    Oh wait, no it wouldn’t, because you can’t drive at night time in this game either.

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    1. Maybe will happen maybe not, but I think probably they are securing some licenses for a next game with a better graphics engine, and there we can fully use those cars.


  4. Enthusia on PS2 is a gem even considering the flawed car unlocks and repetitive races. It was a game that taught me car balance and grip limit better than any other sim for years to come. I still go back to it time to time to experience that again.


    1. You can have any racing game with realistic car dynamics, but once you sit behind the wheel with that car, it doesn’t mimic the real life car like a sim racing game is capable of.


  5. This proves that I was right all along, Assetto Corsa is a broken simcade and Kunos are nothing but a bunch of scammers.


  6. Austin this needs to be a new banner for the blog “PRC is for losers that has nothing more productive to do than spend the first hours of the new year to spam more angry nonsense” Attribute that to the great Lord Kunos


      1. he will fucking commit suicide when the bigger majority of people start fucking with his social accounts. he is so fucking depressed.


  7. It will certainly be an easier sell to people who only own a ps4 as the only “sim” they currently have is project cars. Microsoft on the other hand has racing locked down with the main forza series and the horizon series both of which are just absolutely fantastic games exorcism if you have invested in the unquestionably expensive Xbox one force feedback setup. I just don’t see a half assed game selling well to Xbox racing fans as they know they have been spoiled with excellent titles for about a decade now.


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