Reader Submission #74 – Sim Racing on MotorsTV, and its Quite Impressive!


When we think of Sim Racing broadcasts, it’s usually not something that’s comparable to the League of Legends championships you see held at Hockey Arenas in the United States. With anywhere from 50 – 200 viewers, even the private IndyCar Series on iRacing suffers from the same problems all sim racing streams do – bored commentators, unexciting racing, and zero personality. It’s more of a third party promotional effort for the game at hand than anything else. However, the boys at Realish Racing have not only managed to build a fantastic broadcast team with races that are worth watching for the production value alone, tape delay versions of their events have made it on to actual television. Realish Racing member PJ Tierney has sent in a fantastic Reader Submission chronicling the group’s rise to success.


Hi PRC crew,

Despite being a console racer (focusing on Forza Motorsport 6 currently) I’ve been following your blog for the past nine months or so. I appreciate the fact that you called out SMS on the whole Project CARS debacle, as I wasn’t aware of such glaring issues with the game otherwise. Anyway, I digress; time to get to the point.

As you may know, there are still a few clubs out there that use Race07 as their main title. One of those is a UK-based club called Realish Racing. I raced with the club when it was console-focused (there were Forza Motorsport 3, Forza Motorsport 4, F1 2011 and Gran Turismo 6 championships before the club moved full-time to PC racing) and they’re a good bunch of people.

Anyway, since moving to PC  and Race07, the club has put a lot of focus into how its championships are run, and their hard work is paying off as footage of their events is now being shown on Motors TV in the UK each week. If you’re interested in seeing some of their races which feature full race graphics and commentary, recent seasons can be found on their YouTube.

Their next season sees them move from Race07 to Stock Car Extreme. More info on that can be found here.

As a side note, one of the club’s strongest features is their comprehensive wiki. Each driver, team, race and championship has its own Wiki page which allows people to document their racing history with the club. Some members have competed in over 300 races, and the pages can get quite detailed. I wish more racing leagues and clubs had a Wiki like this, it’s much more effective at displaying event information than a blog, forum or Google Doc will ever be.

Anyway, I figured I’d send this mail as it’s a bit of a feel-good story for the club, and shows how a dedicated community can flourish. Keep up the good work with the blog, and ignore the fanboy wars in the comments ;).


Due to an increased caffeine level and holiday hours at work allowing for a slightly different bedtime, I ended up binge-watching two or three events. I don’t usually do that, even when Maple’s team is running iRacing Pro or Peak series races, I’ll be playing guitar or some shit and just sort of have the race on in the background. That wasn’t the case here.

The first thing that stood out to me is the production quality, as usually you don’t see that with sim racing broadcasts. The commentators seem genuinely excited to be covering the event, the graphics packages is slick and features very smooth transitions, and there’s a pretty big emphasis on giving each driver a tangible personality. Even though in the videos I watched, there was one guy walking away with the championship, I was able to learn a bit about each driver and why I should care about how their race went.There were no gimmicky Orange Zones where drivers weren’t allowed to pass to ensure a clean start, nobody was getting penalized for slight contact… It was a product, a performance, and not just a race being streamed.

Even though the Surfers Paradise races I’d watched descended into wreckfests (it’s understandable, walls tend to do that), I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time or could be doing something better. I was comfy as fuck snuggled up in bed, and was pretty entertained by a virtual race. It’s no wonder these guys were able to get on TV – there was a tangible effort put into the production.

It’s definitely something that iRacing should sit down and study, because if they’re dead set on turning officially sanctioned online racing series into something bigger than a private NR2003 league with massive prizes, this is the template they should follow. Guess it’s time to paint my ass a car and join in with the rest of you!


16 thoughts on “Reader Submission #74 – Sim Racing on MotorsTV, and its Quite Impressive!

  1. We’re pretty proud of what we do over there and the quality of racing and the community feeling is pretty unique. I’m happy to be a competitor at RealishRacing.

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  2. The Realish Racing boys have done a great job. I followed the whole of the Australicars season on Motors TV here in the UK and was impressed with the production quality and entertaining racing on show. You can tell these guys are serious about their racing but having fun comes first.

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  3. you guys are gronky. iRacing is simcade. made up their entire tire model. based on someones ‘input’. yes let’s ignore an actual scientist but believe some nerdy programmer.


  4. I’ve watched a few of their races on YT, it’s great to see people having fun and enjoying themselves. Maybe if more in the simracing community did that instead of moaning and sniping at other sims it would be a far better community to belong to.

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  5. Sorry, but its nowhere near as good as the BSRTC … which PRC slagged off for no good reason a couple of months ago.

    Then again they’re using iRacing… 😉


    1. Considering James and I are banned from iRacing for either criticising the game or literally dindu nuffin, I say it’s only logical that iRacing receives very little coverage here in terms of leagues.


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