The Complete Coverage of Stefano Casillo’s New Years Day Meltdown

Just when you thought the new year would bring a bundle of optimism to the genre of sim racing, we instead flip to January 2016 on our miniature Taylor Swift calendars to see Stefano Casillo of Kunos Simulazioni calling those unhappy with the current state of Assetto Corsa “losers.”After a very mixed reaction to the end-of-2015 blog post by the Italian developer, users on RaceDepartment promptly blasted Kunos for focusing too much on downloadable content while omitting to flesh out the game around it. The critical discussion of the popular Italian PC racing simulator proved to be too much for Stefano to handle, as he jumped into the fray by claiming those critical of the game are simply losers with nothing more productive to do.

losersThe irony may be lost on some users, so I’ll bring you up to speed: Kunos began the Christmas Holiday season by implementing very strict moderation rules on their own official forums, ones intended to curb hostility, end personal attacks, and extinguish the rather toxic environment that had spawned over the previous year. However, outside the boundaries of their own forum, they have no problem stooping to the same level they claim to be above.


The thread, which can be read in full over at RaceDepartment, continues on with Stefano continuously taking shots at in a non-direct fashion, claiming our site, which has routinely leaked genuine insider info about their product, is “cancerous”. He then goes on to say “it’s no surprise every developer avoids users like the plague” – referring to their own customers. Again, ironic, as Kunos Simulazioni run a community beta program, allowing several prominent sim racers a chance to beta test upcoming builds of Assetto Corsa and form connections with the developer team on a personal level.


Of course, Stefano’s multi-post tirade doesn’t end there. RaceDepartment user DewCrew88 uses the presence of Stefano on a public forum to inquire about certain aspects of Assetto Corsa, and some of the answers are rather shocking – especially for a game that will land on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in a few short months. I’m chopping things up for readability, but you can read his answers HERE in full.


Stefano says the ability to select the color of your car for an online race in a hardcore PC racing simulator is a “minor feature” and “isn’t worth the hassle to improve”, but only a sentence later admits the whole thing was messed up from the start because of how the entire multiplayer component was built to begin with. In short, they made a bad call, and it makes you as a customer ponder what other bad calls they’ve made along the way.

DewCrew88 also asks about the constant physics updates, only for Stefano to tell him that every version of Assetto Corsa is a step forward. This nugget as info comes even as our boy Sev is seen in the thread a few pages earlier openly saying he believes the physics in Assetto Corsa are being simplified for a console release; this claim is backed up by Virtua Simulazioni team members finding bug after bug while in the process of creating third party content.



The hits just keep on coming, as Stefano then sets his target on Virtua Simulazioni member Qazdar Karim. After Karim asks when the coding livestreams will be back, Stefano immediately says Karim will be blacklisted from being able to watch and/or comment when the streams commence in the future.


The users at RaceDepartment don’t take very kindly to these responses.


Stefano then makes an effort to bow out of the conversation, claiming it’s a losing battle and that there can be no dialogue between Kunos Simulazioni and the community. Keep in mind, this is after he entered the conversation by stating all those unhappy with Assetto Corsa are losers with nothing more productive to do. Prior to joining into the discussion, the eight-page forum thread on RaceDepartment had been full of users critically dissecting the game, and worrying about the game’s future given the heavy emphasis on DLC, constant tire model revisions, and lack of features that come standard many other racing sims.


But it’s not over. After Qazdar Karim references an all-encompassing physics information PDF Kunos promised to release, one which would greatly benefit modders when figuring out how to accurately reproduce their car of choice within Assetto Corsa, Stefano claims this PDF doesn’t exist, calls him crazy, and tells him to get help.


Ten minutes later, Qazdar finds the exact YouTube clip where Stefano explicitly talks about this physics PDF.


The following is a transcript from the video referenced above:

  • One interesting thing that I’ve started to do… It’s going to be a slow process, but eventually we will get there… I’ve started writing a documentation for the INI file(s) in Assetto Corsa. So, explaining exactly what each parameter is doing, and that’s something that will appear on the forum soon, because it’s something that I also need as a way of clearing up the INI files.

So not only has a developer shown up on a public form and called his customers “losers”, but now he’s outright lying and trying to label random modders as “crazy.”

Now, the worst part of this whole New Years Day meltdown, is that we’ve seen this before from Kunos. First, Stefano has deemed his audience to be “retarded monkeys” during a livestream of a coding session.

retarded monkeys

Next, after people find flaws in the AI that basically prevent any sort of meaningful multi-class racing from occurring (a big deal with the inclusion of many GT-spec cars and the newly announced Audi Prototype in Assetto Corsa), people are told to “work with the software, not against it.”


And lastly, people reporting more issues with the game’s dreadful Artificial Intelligence are deemed to be suffering from psychological problems and told to find a doctor.


While Ian Bell over at Slightly Mad Studios had become notorious for his harsh, derogatory forum posts towards his own fans after the disastrous release of Project CARS, sim racers believed the team at Kunos Simulazioni were a developer they could respect and trust with the future of Assetto Corsa. After today’s tirade, it has become apparent that in less than a year, three of the prominent sim racing developers have displayed they simply can’t take criticism, and each of them will lash out at their own customers in their own special way.


79 thoughts on “The Complete Coverage of Stefano Casillo’s New Years Day Meltdown

  1. Apparently this guy think Ian Bell is a good role model. Why can’t these guys just not say anything? Why are they even on these boards? Don’t they have anything better to do? And if they have to say something at least be mature about it. If people on the forum are dicks it doesn’t solve anything by being a dick right back. It just looks like a studio head who is immature and can’t control himself. And I don’t like to give money to that kind of person.


  2. “While Ian Bell over at Slightly Mad Studios had become notorious for his harsh, derogatory forum posts towards his own fans after the disastrous release of Project CARS, sim racers believed the team at Kunos Simulazioni were a developer they could respect and trust with the future of Assetto Corsa.”

    Certain sim racers can’t show respect about the devs and doubt everything. But then demand respect and devs should do them all their asked favors and suggestions. Seems legit.

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    1. Still me posting;
      For example when kids treat their parents as shit all their lives and then say “mommy daddy can you pay my universities fees pretty please” lol


    2. Why can’t the devs just be the bigger people and just not engage the trolls? That’s the adult thing to do. People who are disrespectful like that are looking for recognition and these idiots Stefano and Bell give it to them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Trolls were people that provoked and disrupted discussions not so long ago. Now it’s someone that doesn’t agree with a game developer. The Obama era adults, ladies and gentlemen! The barely left their diapers.

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  3. I can’t believe we all thought highly of this dev team. This has gone so far off the rails in the past 6 months, friendships ruined and community divided over a game that is basically still at early access functionality with more content.

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    1. Sure is disappointing isn’t it? SMS and Kunos might as well be the same people at this point. Immature behavior and incomplete games does not make me want to buy anything else these guys put out.

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    2. I still think highly of them, because are passionate about cars and tracks simulation. Some people change their opinions too easily, depending who has the most convincing words.

      Too much melodrama in sim racing.


      1. I change my mind based on the fact that they straight up said they are not adding basic features to a game that’s like 2 years out of early access.

        Their words, nobody else’s.

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      2. By basic features you mean without them the game is unplayable? Well, the game is playable in all its modes. You can confirm by the game activity numbers.


  4. I’m rather uninterested in further DLC for AC so the new 2016 announcement wasn’t very interesting to me, but that kind of witchhunt and crucifying was uncalled for. I agree it would be better for everyone, especially the devs, for them to not engange in that kind of thread.
    I actually agree on SOME of the issues the accusers keep bringing up like how you have to own every single piece of DLC to race on a GT3 server in a vanilla car on a vanilla track and tyre temps not working properly, but:
    A) Some of these “issues” brought up were just excuses to bash, like the bumpsteer guy who claimed the values were not realistic at all when in fact they totally are
    B) The difference between a troll and a critic is not just the validity of his complaints, but also the way in which he brings them up. Politeness and willingness to discuss calmly and seriously without excessive use of hyperbole are king here.In that regard I honestly had expected more from most participants on both sides.

    Happy new one.


    1. totally agree!

      I would say that peoples’ heads seem to have needlessly heated up way too much around this. Guys cool off for a moment!
      It would help, too, if I could read James’ criticism in the form of one piece per argument. This stretching out the same argument over three seperate pieces gets tiresome. And just for the record: it does not add to the heft of certain facts to mention the same exact fact three times in a row without adding any real beef to it.

      As for Stefano’s alleged silencing of critical voices: “meh!”. It is his forums. Should the topic discussed by those guys suffering from those actions bare any reason at all, they will continue to be discussed – if not on the official forums, then maybe somewhere else. The internet is big enough for all types and topics. As has been proven in the last few days, again, by the folks publishing this blog.


  5. It is PCARS all over again… it has everything, from a game selling itself as a sim only to fail misserably at simulating anything, to a complete imbecile as a boss.


  6. Sweet, I am saving even more money. I swore to never give another dime to Shitty Mockery Simulations and now I won’t give any more money to Kinda Simulationi.


      1. I generally buy all of them to support the developers and the genre in general. Two developers now have proven themselves not worthy of my support.


      2. What have they done for not being worthy? By answering to certain users in a tone you didn’t like?
        That’s your choice then.


  7. If you guys think AC isn’t a sim, that is simcade, arcade, or whatever derogatory name you want to call it, go try out Ferrari F40 S3 vs Mclaren F1 GTR, at Mugello or whatever track you like. And pick yourself the F40 S3. Pure joy and extreme challenge.

    And guys, put your thoughts in order. This is a comparison between a simulator game and a semi-sim game.

    And this is sim vs sim (though AC’s cobra has lower specs than rF2’s specs, with the former being quicker. So do mind these two cars aren’t identical, one is cobra semi-competition, and the one in rf2 is street car):

    ps. mind that these videos are from many months ago.


    1. What really really annoys me the most about these video “comparisons” is there is no data at all displayed, input data should be minimum,the sims shown offer many other types of data outputs, that are far far more interesting then what amounts to some graphics comparison.

      Also lap times, setups used and even Tele data of runs for DL, the vids have clearly had some decent editing so shit like this should be easy, these videos are largely useless eye candy vids.

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      1. Then prove through data or through some sort of simulation concepts behavior analysis that AC isn’t a simulator.

        Yes, I know what you said about the heating model. But that isn’t news. Kunos decided to develop more on it than how the heating model was before v1.3, so now is still work in progress. No sense trying to pick on that, since devs are working on that for further updates. The more valuable discussion about tyres will only happen when the work is done or almost done, since we don’t know the things to change from now until that state.


      2. You didn’t comprehend what I was saying, im just saying comparing “sims” like this is boring and useless, at the very least display pedal output display(that all sims have), I’m not trying to pick on anything, just be far more interesting if it was in video too,ESPECIALLY if you are gonna post it, and say, see, the same.

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  8. Dude you missed the best part… Qazdar Karim, aka misterbeam, got banned from the AC forum as a result of that RD thread

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      1. Classic move from Casillo. What an hasshole. Same story of NetKar, “with me or get banned”. Fuck off Kunos, fuck off Kunos simulazioni, fuck off Assetto Corsa. They are the cancer of simracing community. what an asshole it’s incredible


    1. AC sucks, people who agree with it will agree it, there is no point to keep repeating the same post over and over again.

      AC is a broken promise, glad that we still have other choices: rF2, R3E and GSCE

      Maybe just add some funs here, when you placed the wrong AI file to a track, you will see how real the AI’s physics are…


  9. let face it, the he say is wrong as devs, but you guys wrong too. On the thread you more like give some more tantrum than constructive critics.

    Okay I hate KS too for not bring some feature or AI sometime still trying too kill me but I still enjoy the game because they improve the game by time to time. Just compare AI on 0.6 (or 0.4) with 1.4 you will see the big difference although the racing line isn’t good.

    But remember every sims is game no matter how you look that’s just game, you guys need more chill and go out to somewhere.

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  10. Guys, please don’t be so negative about Assetto Corsa dlcs. If they stop doing them, we lose a good source for 3D models to be used in real simulations. This goes for pCARS dlcs aswell.

    Please think about the poor real simulations. They deserve good models too.

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    1. No need to import the boring cancer from those games into poor real simulators. It is like donating clothes to Africa making sure there never will be local clothing industry.


      1. Nah, real simulations still have some good “clothing industries” after all these years. BLT for GTL, VLM for rF1 and 2, ES for rF2, etc. AC and pCARS conversions are just a welcomed plus.


  11. What’s the problem here, guys? This guy built his product, why does he have to be answerable to his users? Make your own sim if you want to do it better or prioritise different aspects of the game.

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    1. Let me get this straight: if I preorder a car that has been advertised to have features A, B, C and D and upon receiving it, it only has features A and B, C works partially and D is non-existent I just have to suck it up because the carmaker doesn’t have to answer to his customers?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If that’s what happened, that sucks. But yes, you do just have to suck it up. If you’re unsatisfied with the end product, file a chargeback and spend your money on a better product.

        Whining gets you nowhere.


      2. But that’s not what happened. You were promised A, B, and C. They work fine, but you bitch and whine about not having D because you want it.


      1. If you want to dictate development priorities, then yes – you should build your own. Otherwise, you have no say in development priorities at all.


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