IndieGoGo Investigating Reiza Studios


Dubbed the Sim Racing Bonanza, the IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign launched by Brazilian Developer Reiza Studios throughout the summer of 2015 was a smashing success. Raising $107,000 in an effort to bring much-needed technical improvements and additional content to the aging isiMotor racing sim Stock Car Extreme, virtual motorsports enthusiasts across the globe generously provided a hefty portion of financial backing to the boys from South America in 2015’s feel-good story of the year. However, a technicality in the Terms of Use may land Reiza Studios in hot water – as IndieGoGo have confirmed to that they are investigating the Brazilian developer to ensure their campaign adhered to the strict Terms of Use set by the popular crowdfunding website.

GSC 2015-04-19 04-48-02-54

To many sim racers, it’s no secret that Reiza’s latest and greatest title currently available on the market, Stock Car Extreme, is little more than ISI’s 2005 release rFactor with many community modifications built into the default install alongside a heavy dose of South American cars and tracks. Reiza have done little to mask this little nugget of information, as just by opening the root Stock Car Extreme folder, one can see that Reiza have neglected to even change the names of certain files correlating to community modifications. Most sim racers, myself included, don’t mind that Reiza is selling a “Greatest Hits” package of rFactor, as since we’re now in the year 2016, some of these community modifications are essential for rFactor to run on modern computers. However, the precedent has been set: Reiza is indeed repackaging rFactor with mods they themselves didn’t make, and selling it as a retail product. In some cases, even the original Readme.TXT files have been included.


Now, given Reiza’s very real and demonstrable pattern of bundling community modifications into the default Stock Car Extreme package, we move onto the goals for Reiza’s Sim Racing Bonanza. Among the massive list of promised content and enhancements, featuring Stadium Super Trucks, an early 2000’s Formula One Entry, and a RallyCross variant of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, is the goal of “Dynamic Weather & Track Conditions.


Oddly enough, like the aforementioned Force Feedback upgrades, refined graphical effects and extra Heads Up Display elements, a free community modification already exists to implement Dynamic Weather and Track Conditions into an isiMotor sim. It’s called the RFE Plugin Series, and can be downloaded & installed in about five minutes.

We now venture to, where a small but important thread exists discussing the announcement of Automobilista, Reiza Studios’ upcoming racing sim set to be launched in the first quarter of 2016. This new sim is said to include virtually all of features and promises made during the 2015 IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, but users at NoGripRacing aren’t buying into the hype as much as other sim racing communities have been.

User JeKoCZ claims to have insider info regarding the development of Automobilista, and in response to another user expressing doubt over the integrity of Automobilista, states a trusted friend confirmed the dynamic track and weather effects Reiza claim to be developing are instead an rFactor mod anyone can download and install in five minutes. While it’s just one aspect of the massive crowdfunding campaign, and these are currently just allegations, we’re looking at a potential scenario where people essentially threw six figures at Reiza Studios to download a free rFactor mod, insert their own tweaks, and pass it off as this mammoth development project that needed a significantly large budget to complete.


After lengthy critical posts dissecting the integrity of Reiza Studios, an employee of the company, known on NoGripRacing as “The Lonely, tells those critical of Reiza to “get the fuck out of here.”


Now, we tie everything together.

I personally think Stock Car Extreme has been a wonderful sim racing-related purchase (it’s what we use for our official league), and I’m both excited and skeptical for the upcoming title, Automobilista. It will be interesting to see how Reiza handles releasing the same title with marginal improvements for a fourth time, but I know at the end of the day the positives will offset the negatives.

But when you operate any sort of crowdfunding campaign, you’re playing by a very strict set of rules, and it’s why people tend to avoid these things to begin with. Sites such as Patreon, Kickstarter, and of course IndieGoGo all take various steps to prevent dishonest campaigns from getting off the ground. In the case of IndieGoGo, an entire team is tasked with overseeing campaigns from a human perspective. Now, the rules among these three sites, while all worded in different ways, are pretty simple in principle: You can’t raise money to create, sell, or distribute a product you yourself didn’t create. In some scenarios, this isn’t even legal, and you can get in a whole bunch of shit if you get caught.

What does this mean for Reiza’s crowdfunding campaign from last summer?

If the above allegations are true, and there’s a large chance they may very well be given the other community mods they’ve liberally included in the default Stock Car Extreme install, it is against the IndieGoGo Terms of Use for Reiza to raise money to “develop” Dynamic Weather and Track conditions if they are simply tweaking and repackaging a free rFactor mod anyone can Google and download for themselves in five minutes.

Only time will tell how this all plays out. Welcome to Sim Racing in 2016.

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  1. I notice you didn’t include Reiza’s reply to the dynamic track and weather accusation. Some pretty selective Fox news style reporting in this article James.

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    1. Thanks for your post kenpat. Now I need to know what Reiza said about this, cause I was about to eat up PRC’s story, since apparently I’m only informed about what they want to inform me.

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      1. If you’re familiar with any of the “stories” here, you soon realize that the context for responses that make people, usually devs, look bad, is always left out. Have someone called a douche, lazy, a liar, dishonest, a money grubbing cheat etc over, and over and over, then ask them a somewhat normal question and watch them react. Not react solely to the somewhat normal question, but also in the context of the 10 pieces of flamebait that preceded it, and now you have a response out of context that makes the respsonder look bad. Then add to that misrepresenting people’s quotes in the hopes that no one is smart enough to actually understand english with all it’s subtleties. Then add to that simply leaving out the follow up responses, sometimes apologies, sometimes explainations, that change the context again of the original response.

        This is the worst kind of blog or journalism on the internet. Not so outrageous that it appears obviously fake, but just skirting the edges of the truth enough to look legit, when it’s nothing but. It’s not reporting as it’s advertised, it’s witch hunting. It’s laying a trap and poking and prodding someone until they fall into it. It’s allowing others to do the work of flamebaiting and antagonizing while you sit on the sidelines waiting to pounce on anyone that dares to appear human and have emotions. It’s not having a clue about what is involved in running a large business with dozens of employees, or about the complexities of creating a game of this nature, or the tradeoff between making it financially viable and making it perfect.

        Having said that, I’m sure there are some kernels of truth here buried in the muck and shit they are surrounded by. The really sad thing here is that there is some potential for being a really good site for racing enthusiasts to inform themselves of all sides of the business and each game but the goodness is lost in the shamefully incomplete reporting and the completely biased and hateful person that runs the site.


  2. They’re investigating Reiza because…you reported them. I mean, you write like you’re trying to be a legitimate capital-J journalist, but you’re literally making your own stories and reporting on them yourself.


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  3. Look, I understand you have some criticisms about this game and that’s fine. I do too. I’m not a fan of how that crowd funding thing went down, not at all. I’m honestly not sure what to think of this stopgap release but it doesn’t leave me with a good feeling. You want to report them, fine, I don’t have a problem with that either. But it’s a wee bit disingenuous to say “oh Reiza’s being investigated”…when you reported them. And you post the proof of that right at the beginning. I mean, come on. Could have been a little more tactful on this one. You guys can and have done better work than this.

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  4. Hello there!

    I´ve been pointed to this merry place in this early sunday morning as something that might “warrant my attention”. I´m not sure I agree that it is, but since Im here I guess I´ll take the bite and disrupt the narrative by sharing some relevant information and thoughts about the topics at hand.

    Firstly regarding the latest attempt at generating controversy, we haven´t been contacted by Indiegogo regarding any “investigation” – I´d guess that´s because firstly, the campaign is already closed; secondly the backers (the people who actually would have a right to make any demands) are almost unanimously in support of what we´re doing and have backed us every step of the way; thirdly, those who have disagreed have always had the option to get a refund. Precious few have taken the option so far, but this being what it is – a collaborative campaign for willing participants – we´ve always made clear the door is open both ways.

    I suppose the writer is not in that mix, but a couple of suspects out there are intentionally sticking around so they can leak info and cause some trouble if given half the chance. That´s par for the course. Hopefully they find the excitement to be worth their money.

    Now with regards to our choices regarding development – despite running a blog about games you don´t seem to have much of a grasp about how the business of game development is run, so I´ll try to clue you in with some relevant info: There´s nothing remotely questionable about doing what we have done, before or now, by buying / licensing (not just taking) existing solutions to cut development time and risks. It is in fact common practice

    If you look into the realms of simracing only, licensing 3rd party solutions is done often: Simbin (when they were both Sector3 and SMS) did the same as us licensing ISIMotor source code for the games and stuff like EmotionFX for driver animations; Iracing recently licensed EAC for their anticheat solution, and PopcornFX for their particles. Even ISI´s sound module is developed by a third party (Miles). Same for AC (fmod), so on and so forth.

    We have ourselves indeed taken a number of 3rd party solutions, either from other professional developers, or from developers within the community, quite simply because they were already there and did what we wanted it to do and worked with the technology we´d already licensed. We are doing some more of that with AMS for some things, as well as developing features ourselves when we want to do something our own way. As one might be able to guess, that´s kind of the point of paying the figures involved in a source code license.

    The guy who developed RFE also worked for us professionaly over 2014 – at the time we did not have the source code for the engine and injecting via plugins was the only way we could add extra features to the existing products. He wrote code specific for us, most of which doesn´t relate to RFE plugin. The guy has not done any work for us for over 1 year now though, and his method is no longer relevant.

    Ultimately, when we take an existing 3rd party solution, these things happen:

    -We get to add a feature or solution that would otherwise cost us more time:

    -the developer of the original solution gets some compensation for his hard work and in some cases the only incentive to continue (because let´s face it, developing mods to the community quickly becomes one of the most thankless hobbies one can have);

    -The userbase gets such features quicker (and in some cases features they would never make it in otherwise, certainly not for free). In cases like Realfeel, it also benefited the original rF1 userbase who got an updated Realfeel by Techaed with the features we had requested, which otherwise they would likely never have gotten.

    Scandalous right? But that´s how things work – it´s not meant to be the developing equivalent of a dick size competition, this is about doing the best product possible in the least amount of time for the least amount of money, otherwise you can´t survive in this tiny, sour little market that is simracing.

    You know I kinda liked PRC when this first popped up – a cynical approach to simracing news and to all of those who took it so seriously seemed like it could be a fresh, piss-taking way to tackle it and keep developers honest. Unfortunately it very quickly became this BS tabloid thing, constantly looking to spin any silly topic into a major controversy for another clickbait article. I personally find it quite a silly way to spend one´s time, but I guess jerking off gets old after a while and doesn´t fill one with the same sense of self-importance.

    Fear not though, as we intend to continue doing things exactly as we find fit – taking existing solutions from whoever is willing to license them, jumping from one odd game name to another, doing confusing shifts of plans to hopefully provide you and your readers with our share of material and entertainment. No such thing as bad publicity they say…

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    1. Pretty much summed it up. Licensing is the most normal thing in the business world. No need to reinvent the wheel everytime. 99% of the time engineering means adjusting existing solutions to specific applications. That’s just product development.
      It’s used for simple and complicated stuff alike, for packaging the microwave noodles I eat after a hangover as well as for gearbox in my car.

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    2. The original post has none of the hostility and ‘dick talk’ that your post has. I’m glad there is someone pointing out what is going on good or bad. Every damn sim developer is so defensive when they can take the front foot and explain that ‘we are paying/licensing x mod/person as part of this new release’. Easy! Have a look at Paradox who incorporate good mods into their main releases without swinging their dick around like a fucking idiot on the third-party blog. Just saying.

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    3. This article has probably been the first topic where I disagreed with James upon whether to write it or not, as my opinion on this was that you (Reiza) didn’t do anything wrong and that what you did is legitimate practice. You writing this confirmed what I already thought about it, and even if I had been proven wrong, it’s not like anybody complained about this in the first place.

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    4. These kids can’t even read patch notes. Definitely not worth your time and you have very few people here that are legitimately interested in simulation and apparently none of them have applicable real-world knowledge, even though they claim otherwise. Just take a look at their setup ‘rules’.

      Also, people are re-using code!?…it’s almost like that’s not how ALL software has always been made…For the record fanboys, baby jesus ISI does the exact same thing in more ways than Miles sound engine specifically.

      James, plan on finding all the free rf1 mods that Reiza has just ‘tweaked and repackaged’ and putting it together for us? It’s so easy and simple, right?

      Vehicles, tracks,… the entire package is just standard rf1 mod quality, eh?

      Please, don’t play stupid so often and quickly. Again, this is all free and you still have GSCE to play with on days when you’re feeling spectacularly ‘particular’ to the point of registering on certain spectrums. Or dirt 2 Daytona on dolphin emulator.( Know what I love? wooden tyres and incredibly outdated console graphics with obvious mesh pop-in. Hey, it has wedge adjustment! It’s a real sim!)

      If you don’t like it, who the hell should care? You didn’t give them any money to continue working on their idea of what a simulator should be and any obligation to you as a consumer was fulfilled long ago.

      As has been said many times, the backers voted in favor of this plan very favorably (I think it was >80%). The alternative? GSCE with less content/features and more fragmentation while waiting for dx12 progress.

      We get this while we wait on dx12 (probably only 1-2 people working on it, the same with basically any developer studio, the base rendering engine implementation is usually handled by 1 or 2 people only), who the hell can reasonably complain about that when it’s free for them anyways AND represents better value and a more attractive package to new customers? Reiza can work with their new license from ISI while the rendering dev(s) do their thing.

      The short-sighted (and malicious) ignorance….Credibility can’t get much lower.

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  5. People who made plugins listed in the article above are not nonames in the world of rFactor and if something would be done illegally I would guess that they’d raise the storm themselves. If RFE is doing weather plugin for them then it means they get paid for that or have some profits from it.
    Also Reiza is selling packages with rFactor mods since their first release so I guess slowpoke is strong in this one. If work is released under certain license (for example GNU GPL) it can be redistributed and modified even with commercial use in mind as long as author’s wishes are respected – original readmes that are left intact can be such a wish. None of the listed plugins present license info so you can’t jump into conclusions. It’s good that there’s investigation about legality of the project – there always should be such investigations, but informations presented in the article suggest that they are digusting thieves thriving on other’s work, when there’s no proof and no final verdict. Very poor article, and typcial “big-journalism”

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  6. While I’m flattered of appearing in an article, my “insider source” was proven to be right as the mighty Renato himself confirmed it few posts above this. Dynamic features are/were indeed based upon rFE Weather plugin.

    In my post you’ve screencapped, I wasn’t very clear (And I’m sorry for that).

    My point was that at the time I got told about it, very few people knew that Reiza was going to do that. Or actually, they showed a little teaser video, but very few informations about it.

    The video showed an opel wheel car who drove around doing weird stuff to show tires getting dirty when going out on grass and similar things. I was curious about it, because it looked fairly similar to the rFE Weather plugin, but I needed proof. Didn’t want to spoil anyone’s party, but instead wanted to satisfy my curiosity. So I asked around friends and fellow modders of mine, and one of them (Who worked with rFE developers in the past for his own mod) told me that it was actually the rFE Weather in that video. Just a different (And, sadly for rF1 owners, never released) version of it. This friend/modder plan was to wait for things to develop further, wait for it to live with a SCE build and try to either replicate or convert everything straight back to rF1. I should still have the conversation stored somewhere, I could search for it and mail it to you James, if you want. But if memory serves me right, it was from 6 (Six) months ago or something like that.

    Now, I honestly wish Reiza guys all the best with their games.
    But while SCE (Or AMS) is worth the money they ask for because the content list is good and the features included are good, it’s a great deal only for the average simracer new to this kind of games who never played rF1. Because in reality, there is a cheaper alternative (And amost free). That alternative is called rF1.

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    1. Please show me your GSCE comparable rf1 base. I understand what you’re saying, but I suspect you are severely discounting the extra polish in GSCE that you do NOT get from 99% of modded rf1 content.

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  7. I honestly don’t know what to think. I only stumbled on this blog a few days ago and I’m still trying to figure out what is what.
    I pirated GSCE a week ago ( I NEVER buy software with out testing it first. An hour long demo isn’t enough, although it’s way better than what most devs offer – nothing ) before I was aware that it contained 3rd party content from rF1 modders.
    But the thing is, I don’t see the modders complaining they have been ripped off, so I’m guessing that a better way to refer to them would be as freelancers. Whatever the details of their relationship with Reiza are, they seem happy enough with it.
    I really don’t want to bother with integrating and configuring plugins myself, I just want the fucking sim to work reliably out of the box. Which it does, so I’m going to buy it before the Steam sale ends.
    I suppose I’ll get called a fanboy now, but I hadn’t even heard of GSCE over a weeks ago, or rather I’d heard of the title and thought it was some stupid NASCAR console game.
    Anyway, that’s just my two pennorth worth, I’ll still keep reading. Not least because you guys are irreverent and funny even when I reckon you’ve got the wrong end of the stick…


  8. From a post on the RFE official forums YEARS ago :

    It has been a long time since the latest news about the F1 2014 project and a lot of things have happened in this time. The naked truth is that nothing has changed since we started the project few months ago, however it does not mean the development has stopped. I’ll try to describe shortly what has happened and what decisions have been taken, in an attempt to clarify the current project status.

    During the project start we created a group of skilled persons with certain specific roles. It was clear for me (and here I mean: ilo) that this time we could not face the problem as we did in the past. The current RFE status has required all our love and time, not just on design and programming, but also in rfactor modelling and packaging. I think it is important to notice that we are not modelers, we have very very limited skills in 3d modelling, but also lack of rfactor internals skills (at least in the past, this point has been improved a lot since then). Even with those ‘limited’ skills we were able, through trial and error to get everything sorted and working, but I think a few cases could demonstrate the whole path: How is it that we show different gmt files for each vehicle, if we (should I say ‘I’) have not certainty of what does LOD mean? How could we make the drying line behave propperly if we (shoudl I say ‘I’) didn’t even know what is a mipmap?

    Beleive it or not, the start of RFE was very hard, and the time spent to get it working was 5% programming, 5% packaging and testing, 90% researching what all these rfactor internals are and how do they operate. Part of this research was struggling with the executable internals and structures, but we also had to work on the mod tires, testing with different gmt options, testing different shaders to make reflections appear, etc..

    From my point of view, afford any future development using this approach is a mistake. There is a lot of really skilled people in this forum and the resources are limited (time more than any other), so we have to maximize our job and be more effective. Despite the fact that we could have started doing everything again, that would not brought any results in short term. So, yes, I keep saying, I need this help to worry only in programming, and not having to deal with other topics I’m not so skilled. But..

    I don’t know the reasons, I’m not going to search for guilties, I think I have enough to carry with my owns, but the group didn’t work. A lot of conversations and requests have been sitting in the forum, stalled for weeks or months. We have to be honest with ourselves, and despite the continues efforts of Marco to make the group rolling, it was just another silent forum. As I say, I don’t know how much of this is my fault or not, but complaining about it is not going to solve the current situation.

    – We have asked for a mod. Actually, I asked for a mod, but not just the mod files: I asked for a mod and the modeler to be involved in its advance, so we could test things and could implement whatever changes we had to. At this point we don’t have the commitment of any modeler to work on this.
    – We have asked for help in modelling the new functionality and rules too. but everything seems to be ‘stalling’. Ideas are floating around, but nobody seems to have the courage to sit down, think about them and write something that I could use to implement it.
    – Some of these request have already been published outside of the F1 2014 forum, and no, nobody answered, so stop thinking that it was because of the people involved in the group.

    Definitely, my opinion is, that we have asked for help, but yet we are alone. I have the feeling that everything has to pass over my hands again, but I know this is not going to be the way to confront this new project. Lets be honest, as I say, I don’t want to do all the job, the group seems to be too much silent and people outside of the group does not showed their likes to be involved neither, despite the expectations. All this laziness is very frustrating 🙂

    Do any of you have an idea on how to get out of this situation?

    Just to be fair, there is a special remark I must do. I’d hate to say names here. There have been well known efforts by some people in the group, people that really loved and understood their ‘roles’ that have done a great contribution to the project. These people is expected to be considered as part of the RFE Plugin Series for sure, and probably you will identify them in a short future as being core members of the project if they want to.

    So, more about events happened in the past. Two months ago, maybe three, ReizaStudios contacted us to integrate RFE into their GSC 2013 title. After several conversations the focus of the development was moved to this exactly F1 2014 stuff. Reiza had a development budget and he wanted to invest it in this RFE F1 2014 features.

    It has nothing to do with the fact that all this F1 2014 stuff has not advanced in this time, I think I have explained the reasons above.

    So, what is all this about ReizaStudios and GSC? They offered a small budget to complete the development, they offered their help on 3d modelling, shader development, vehicle packaging, testing, etc.. Basically they offer an alternative to the current ‘stalled’ group. Another important think is to mention that the development is not going to be of their property and will be released as part of the RFE Plugin Series. However, there is a ‘but’: they just want a small period of exclusivity.

    I have to say at this point that Marco was never aligned to this kind of agreement (about the exclusivity) and tried to convince more times than I can really remember about it.

    On one hand.. No help, no vehicle, no modeler.. we could finish this project by the end of the year in these conditions.
    On the other.. ReizaGSC, help, vehicle, modeler, whatever, we could not include these new RFE stuff for some time.

    Whatever I do we will not have this published in RFE for a while.. It has being a difficult situation for me for a long time.

    But there is a chance that we could at least have everything finished, and that means going with Reiza at this point. During some time there was no any decisions about it. Now it is time to say that it is my only responsibility: I said yes to ReizaStudios even if Marco made me reconsider this option almost daily.

    What is going to happen?

    well.. I’m going to go ahead and get everything working, that means that the F1 2014 project will finally see the light, under certain conditions.

    Some of the features will be first implemented but they will be first published for GSC Extreme. Reiza is not interested in having everything modeled and they have a clear focus on what is interesting for them.

    In the meantime we continue with our internal implementation for RFE and our internal tests, so modders will be able to adapt their mods to the new changes, however none of this will work on multiplayer or race sessions, just to make sure any dll leak does not affect the possible agreement with ReizaStudios.

    Once this exclusivity period is over, we will repackage the new features in the RFE Plugin Series and make it public for download. By that time all relevant mods would probably be updated so users will not have to wait to enjoy it.

    Now, if you ask me about it, I would say ‘thank you ReizaStudios’ for giving us the boost this project needs, but you might have other thinking different than what I have. It is up to you and I respect any possible opinion about it.

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    1. Link to the thread:

      This is not breaking news. People knew about this for years. It’s never been a big deal until JUST recently. Who gives a flying fuck about any of this?

      I have to say, if that first picture is real, and Austin really started this whole fiasco with Indiegogo and Reiza, then I’m pretty fucking disgusted. I’ll more than likely be withdrawing from the PRC league on R2P as well if true.

      Reporting on shit you hate in the simracing world is one thing, this is different. It’s just gross.

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      1. So basically Reiza gave some money and technical assistance to the RFE team in return for a period of exclusivity, after which RFE would be allowed to release the updated mod to all rF1 users. Is that the gist of it ?

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        1. That is definitley the gist. Granted, this post is from early 2014 so things could have changed since then, but it doesn’t seem like it/ Looks like RFE development was stalled and Reiza basically revived it with a cash/talent injection.


  9. I am subscribed to /r/shittykickstarters and noticed lots of shitty crowdfunding projects (rebadged stuff made in China and bought from Alibaba, etc) are from Indiegogo instead of Kickstarter, due to Kickstarter’s more stringent originality policy.

    That being said, this blog post is now on /r/shittykickstarters.


  10. No hostility in original article, you mean other than the suggestion we stole other people´s work and ran a scam campaign? Which is irresponsible, and you know, kinda libelous (if we´re going to get all litigious about it like the original article proposes)? You might want to review that sweetheart.

    This is how things work, if you´re going to make an accusation you better be well equipped to back it up – the onus is hardly on the accused to kindly explain how he didn´t do anything wrong… Ignorance of the topic at hand is hardly going to hold up as a valid defense. But hey, at least we´re using real names and owning up to what we say here, which is more than can be said about you “Snub”.

    Mind you I´m glad to have come here to set the record straight and keep things reasonably light-hearted. Even though this kind of thing can be a PITA, my business is too small and this is of too little actual consequence to actually bother doing something about it. If he keeps this up though – making false allegations / accusations and helping distribute illegal conversions etc someone at some point will take action and then whoever is writing this might be the one to learn about the harsh world of real consequences. And that would be a pity, as the guy actually seems to be a good writer.

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  11. In all honesty i know what Austin is doing. Its not gonna win him any favors or fans but in the rules of reporting he cannot have a bias towards anything except the truth which is what he is looking for. I dont full heartedly agree with this article but im glad he was somewhat honest with us by putting email up first.

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  12. I am all about consumer protection, Kickstarters need more regulation (see SMS) so I’m curios to see how this washes out. Like it or not this is called transparencey


  13. I enjoyed this read, and thought it was particularly well written, and extremely professional as well.

    For those that say it is dishonest to say they are being investigated, and not disclose who reported them, it is clear you are biased. Reports are, or can be made in private, in an incognito way. It is not right to attack someone because they reported another, just because you like the person who is under investigation. The investigation will mean nothing if they are innocent, wont it? So what are you worried about? Things will go on as normal, if what you believe is true, and the developers are completely innocent of making profit off of others hard work, without disclosing it. If not, the truth will go out, and they will most likely be fined a lot of money.

    Honestly, After reading the devs’ response on this page, all I can think of is ‘Geez, what a baby.’

    Here you are on this impoverished blue Earth, you get to make money off of other peoples hard work, and all you can do is exult disgust with your choice in development genre of gaming (calling it ‘sour’?), and spending the time to attack an innocent reporter for reporting the truth, just because you yourself don’t like what is being said?

    Gaming is about passion. Your supposed to create something you can be proud off, not sit there as someone who profits off of others work, and do so whilst being in disgust with anyone who doesn’t kiss your bee hind. Who do you think you are? In this world where vultures eat starving babies, where kids are snatched by the Mafia to be abused, where people get their heads chopped off by crazy adherents to lies and deceit, to sit there, and spit out such self pitying teenage girl crap, that anybody who reads it will think to themselves “YEAH! I agree with that guy!”

    Because I have news for you; They aren’t thinking that. They are thinking to themselves “We’ll see what the investigation holds.” And that is it.
    They don’t give two cents if you are unhappy with your career choice, or your inability to program your own systems.

    A real developer would not sell another developers game, and then act like such a douche about it. A real developer would take an interest in how it works, so they can understand it much better.

    This article has clearly given you a GREAT benefit of the doubt, I can tell that just by reading it. What is the Title of the article? ‘Investigating Reiza Studios’ not ‘Reiza Studios are guilty, hang them all!’.
    If anything, it seams it went way to easy on you, with the writer admitting that he is a big fan of the games that you work on.

    There is a big difference between using a library of code that is open, and using stuff that just happens to be on the internet. It is a legal minefield that can cost you a lot of money, if you live in a country that enforces certain copyright laws, and software protection laws. You can get away with it though, if you live in the Middle East, China, North Korea or Russia. China favours industry over individual accomplishments. Russia a bit, too. I think North Korea and the Middle East have other things on the plate to worry about over successful personal enterprise though.


    1. This is one of the most ridiculously composed arguments I’ve ever read here, mainly because it’s obvious that you haven’t actually understood anything that was discussed.

      “There is a big difference between using a library of code that is open, and using stuff that just happens to be on the internet.”

      There’s absolutely zero evidence that Reiza has ever just ‘used stuff that happens to be on the internet’.

      ” A real developer would take an interest in how it works, so they can understand it much better. ”

      Huh, yeah, maybe that’s why they invested in purchasing a source license for said ‘other developers game’, instead of the more standard license that allows you to modify a pre-compiled binary and re-sell the product. They have always had this license, that’s why GSCE exists as a commercial product and ALSO why ISI offers the license…

      “Gaming is about passion,…” What the fuck are you even saying here? Entire paragraph of pointless nonsense to support a wildly extended ‘argument’ based on you’re highly limited grasp of modern simulation development?

      It was a waste of time for James and Reiza and the article contains a good number of factual errors. Just because you don’t know any better doesn’t make you correct.

      Liked by 1 person

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