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Last night, we here at ran a story regarding the IndieGoGo campaign by Reiza Studios to raise money for the development of their upcoming racing simulators during the summer of 2015. A roaring success which raised $107,000 in a little over a month, my own questions in regards to the integrity of the campaign prompted me to contact IndieGoGo myself and ask for clarification. Now for starters, I like Reiza’s products, I’ve purchased Reiza’s products, and our official V8 Supercars league is run with Reiza’s products. I don’t actually want these guys to fail. I simply had questions regarding the crowdfunding campaign, and made that pretty clear in the inquiry Email I sent off to IndieGoGo. It’s essentially a short version of the article published last night. Same links, same screenshots, just dumbed-down so someone who isn’t a sim racer can understand things easier. I don’t want bad calls being made, but the entire email boils down to this question:


I don’t have a problem with Reiza integrating community mods into the base install of Stock Car Extreme and other isiMotor sims they choose to release in the future. It’s beneficial for them to do so, as rFactor requires certain elements that the community has created since the game’s release in 2005 to run on modern hardware. But as I’ve said last night, sites like IndieGoGo, KickStarter, and Patreon all have very specific rules regarding the content you’re allowed to raise money for. As a quick summary: the content you’re creating has to be yours, and if it isn’t, you have to at least disclose what you’re doing to potential financial backers.

For example, when I read the description of the Sim Racing Bonanza back in the Summer, Reiza made things sound like they were developing all of these new features in-house after “years limited by a hard-coded platform” and stating “we had only been able to add new functionalities to the game with plugins & code injection”, hence the six-figure budget required to get everything up and running:

campaignNow, how many people would have still rushed to raise money for development if Reiza had come out and said they’re simply bundling a bunch of free rFactor mods together, as they’ve done in our comments section?


The major crowdfunding sites typically want you to raise money to create your own thing, and design their Terms of Use around that concept. They normally do not want you raising development money to take someone else’s thing and make your own adjustments to it. Nowhere on the information page does Reiza say they will be using the money raised in the campaign to download and improve rFactor plugins, nor do Reiza say they will use the money to obtain commercial licenses for said plugins. They instead imply those days are over, and they’re going to do everything themselves.

This is why I emailed IndieGoGo in the first place, as what Reiza is doing is beneficial for sim racers, but technically not what these sites normally allow, and I’d like to have someone check that over. After an automated “your ticket has been received” Email, a rep from IndieGoGo by the name of Brian sent me a notification that Reiza’s campaign is under review a few days later.

Renato from Reiza Studios graciously typed a lengthy response to the original article in our comments section, so we’ll throw it up here in full to ensure everyone is able to see it and it doesn’t get buried by that guy spamming Imgur links regarding a different game:


Renato’s response is friendly, and answers many questions with the utmost of confidence, so before we analyze what he’s written, we should thank him for taking the time to speak to the community in a mature and thoughtful manner, considering recent events on other public forums.

The first thing I’d like to draw attention to, is that Renato has shared with us the fact that people are indeed leaking legitimate information about the development of Stock Car Extreme and Automobilista. In his words: “a couple of suspects out there are intentionally sticking around so they can leak info and cause some trouble if given half the chance. That´s par for the course. Hopefully they find the excitement to be worth their money.” This gives a bit of credibility to the postings on NoGripRacing.

Second, Renato admits that Reiza have been using community modifications in their products, and they will continue to do so, stating “we are doing some more of that with [Automobilista] for some things.” Again, most sim racers (myself included) will be happy with this, as it’s beneficial for the overall state of the product, but from an IndieGoGo standpoint, raising money to compile rFactor mods might conflict with what IndieGoGo allows as per their Terms of Use.

The description of the campaign says Reiza requires a fairly large budget to develop additional features after years of being limited by a hardcoded platform, but Johnny SimRacer doesn’t need any budget to find, download, and install the same plugins that Reiza is advertising as “new features” which allegedly require a bunch of time and the community’s money to develop.

Third, Renato indeed says “The guy who developed RFE also worked for us professionally over 2014 – at the time we did not have the source code for the engine and injecting via plugins was the only way we could add extra features to the existing products. He wrote code specific for us, most of which doesn’t relate to RFE plugin. The guy has not done any work for us for over one year now though, and his method is no longer relevant.” From what I understand, they were indeed using the RFE Plugin to simulate dynamic track conditions, and the guy behind it also helped them in other areas of the product not relating to RFE before taking off. Again, more credibility is given to the rumors on NoGripRacing.

As a sim racer, I don’t mind the use of community mods in a commercial product for the sole fact that it improves the end user experience. However, with Automobilista being a re-release of Stock Car Extreme with extra content and a few new features, clearly running on the isiMotor engine and not being in development long enough to see massive changes to the game engine, there is a very large chance Automobilista is using some element of the RFE Plugin in the same manner it uses RealFeel, SRPL Shaders, and the GID Plugin.

And if this is indeed the case, this might cause problems with IndieGoGo, hence why they are now reviewing the campaign. Crowdfunding platforms are designed for users to pitch in money to help create a new thing, not compile and tweak rFactor mods while calling it “development.” Again, from a sim racer standpoint, I don’t mind paying $30 for rFactor with a bunch of the best community plug-ins baked into the vanilla install. Ultimately, IndieGoGo decides what to do – if anything – from here. The future is a giant question mark.


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  1. No offense but if you didn’t donate to the campaign, why do you give a damn? . The folks who donated don’t seem to mind. This is just someone attempting to stir up shit.

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    1. “This is just someone attempting to stir up shit.”

      This shit stirring is starting to be a lot more interesting than sim racing itself. Who needs games for entertainment when we have PRC and hilarious dev dudes like Bell and Stefano doing their own shit.

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      1. I think it’s interesting how we can publish random ramblings sent into us as “Reader Submissions”, but the moment we actually ask questions and attempt to do any sort of background research, people lose their minds.

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      2. Wouldn’t Reiza paying the mod/plugin creators to further add stuff (as done with the RFE Plugin), be just what they said in the fundraiser? With regards to further developement etc.
        They certainly don’t download the rF plugin/mod, put’s it in their game and that’s it.

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  2. James has officially become the very ‘witchhunt’ sim-racer he despises.

    None of the backers care, none of the 3rd parties seem to care – or if they do, they aren’t bothered enough by it.

    No one asked James to do this, It also appears no-one really cares, so what are we left with?

    James leading his very own ‘witchhunt’, for god knows what reason.

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  3. Really man… go get a job to fill your time. Each article you write it gets worse and when you are proved to be just a troll you write something else trying to defend yourself. This is too ridiculous mate..
    It’s not like anyone was fooled with all this, a simple double click on SCE folder would show you all Reiza was doing. For God’s sake…


    1. This was a good article, not only because we got a great answer from a developer but because said developer have a fair assessment of PRC. It has become more tabloidy as of late, to the point where I feel there’s an agenda behind some of the news reported.

      I don’t mind reading about other sims and what they are doing right/wrong, but let’s keep it just to the facts please.


    1. It was never anything other than that from the beginning.

      Actually, I think it started out with decent intentions, but James realized he wasn’t getting enough page views doing straight up reporting


  4. You know sim racing community is actually a sad place.
    When people found out about Lolcamera they asked Riot Games to hire its developer so we could have that idea in League of Legends. They even offered a job but the guy did not want to live in US and he was more interested in security systems than gaming development.
    But in simracing hire people that did 3rd party addons is seen as a bad thing.
    What the hell xD


  5. So it’s ok as long as he doesn’t attack your sim of choice (it’s mine by the way) , no one is safe from PRC wrath. Can they stand up to the scrutiny? We’ll see.


  6. You made a mistake in running that article. Trying to bring a different viewpoint to sim racing is one thing but stirring stuff up when you were just wrong about it and then passing it off as news is poor form. I’m disappointed.

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    1. I’ll second that. Jumping at every straw of information and multiplying unfounded rumours and/or misinformation is not quality journalism. And here I thought you guys were trying to stand your ground and not get compromised by hype and potential blackmail. Well: within these two weeks it seems you have been successfull in deconstructing most of your once earned reputation. And how did that happen? Simply by letting other people take advantage of your platform through “reader submissions” without much reflection and/or thourough verification.

      It is a bit sad, since a few times already you guys have brought us some genuinely useful and well-written articles – and if not: well presented oppinions.

      For future “reader submissions”: maybe it would be advisable not to chase the clock when re-releasing those. Sometimes: the best journalistic service is to withold information until it becomes actually relevant.

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  7. This is more BS, mate. Some of your articles are good, and I will keep checking the site. But this “story” has nothing.

    If there is one dev that is open with the steps they take, is Reiza. No one seems to feel cheated by them taking code (paying for it) and then adapting it, and improving it to fit better.

    Aside from that, these are hardly the only additions to the sim the campaign was for, and even more, anyone can ask for a refund. So there should be no issue at all on that front either.

    We all get the nature of the site, and we enjoy the tabloid, but on this, there is just no basis at all.

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  8. This is gone really too far. Criticism is good but this is ridiculous witch-hunt. Recently I have removed this website from bookmarks and now I’m leaving this page forever. It’s pathetic.


  9. Just because they haven’t commented on anything else doesn’t mean they haven’t read anything else, dumbass. Anyway, I’m out, too.


  10. Would dealing the issue like there was a GPL violation make the issue dealt better or worse? Although RFE weather mod isn’t GPL.

    And by the way, I’ll keep fishing here until the inevitable article critical of GT Sport is out.


  11. I think it’s pretty awesome that in the past twelve hours since we first started talking about the integrity of Reiza’s IndieGoGo campaign, a flurry of users have flooded our comments section with really basic posts telling us how they’re done visiting our site, or we’re crazy, or [insert ad-hominem attack here].

    Now, I use the word “awesome” for a reason. With admin controls, I can see that a whole bunch of these comments come from IP’s with no prior activity on Even the guys who genuinely disagree with what we write on a consistent basis have fairly extensive post histories… But this time? Suspicious to say the least.

    Someone is just a tad upset.

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    1. I have been reading this blog for as long as it exists and I couldn’t disagree more on this one though. The backlash has little to do with upset. This story has nothing behind it is all.
      There is no theft of intellectual property nor is or was there dishonesty about Reiza’s intentions regarding third party licensing nor is ther any abnormal or unusual business practice.

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    2. Well, I’m one of them. Classic that you would then try and attribute this to someone doing dirty work.

      The fact that I come back to read responses to Renato and I see another poor article above it, just really makes me laugh. I was expecting some sort of genuine retraction or something like that. Guess that’s just a bit much for this place.


  12. Interesting the level of hurt i see. People get mad over an actual legitimate terms of use on a website that your suppose to use for creating and sharing ideas so you can make it a reality? Shoot if thats the case i should steal peoples ideas throw it out as my own and let the money pile in! Excuse me…


    1. Nope, you’re not alone. I’m a backer too and this nonsense about reusing old free plug-ins is beyond me. Nowhere in the campaign did I read or agree to throw money at them so they could reuse ancient stuff I can download for free.

      Refund plus done with Reiza sims. Bye.


  13. This kid is an attention whore.
    He is attacking everyone in this community.
    I seriously believe this site is the prime reason why kunos guys act like they act right know.
    This asshole keep posting shit and peoples eat it up without questioning anything.


    1. Go read Stefano’s twitter, dude is always angry about some shit.

      According to him we are destroying things by asking why the game isnt finished for 2+ years.

      He’s also an edge lord fedora master.


      1. more from fedora king


      1. No but he deserved any criticism that comes his way, just like Ian Bell. They both have decided that the consumers are idiots for disagreeing with them.


  14. Please James, Tell us why should reiza recreate a feature from the ground instead of using an already available code as a base?
    Why is it a bad thing that now they can integrate a plugin into the game instead a 3rd dll solution?
    Why they should create a minimap from zero instead of integrating the plugin?

    Reiza now doing the same as many big company do with for example linux. They use their time and money to develop a project further for their game and it is beneficial for everyone (reiza gsc/ams players, rf1 players)

    You conveniently left out the comment where the plugin developer said they can’t do shit without reiza help.

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  15. I`m not sure if i want to be part of a pathetic community like this anymore. It seems that more and more people don`t even give a shit or even have a passion about racing, simracing and motorsports in general, but more about stirring up drama and destroying this scene from the inside out.

    I sure as hell would know for a fact that if i would be a developer thinking about developing a simracing title, i would probably be putt off by the toxic community and go develop something the crowd would actually appreciate instead of destroy…


  16. I for one think it’s great to have someone who looks into these things. Sure, the articles will inevitably stir shit up, but my personal opinion is that there are too many “sunshine-blue-skies-cute-baby-sheep-simracers” out there who don’t question shit. Now Renato could answer these questions without issues and that’s the main point of beeing questioned.

    Also, kudos to Reiza for showing that you can use your keyboard for other words than “idiot”, “monkeys” “shut up” and your mouse to click other stuff than the ‘me-lika-da-ban’ button.

    For the faint hearted: un-bookmark this site and return to the Reddit simracing comments section. I heard of an upcoming post about AC implementing 100+ new cars AND the ability to map a key on your steering wheel to shift up. #reinventingthewheelsimulator2015…


  17. I’m in at a level 5 pledge (mostly for the 2016-2017 new DX12 powered sim) and couldn’t give less of a shit about this supposed issue. Reads like you didn’t donate a single cent so why do you care how Reiza do their work?

    Big deal if Reiza use third party mods – people who created them are getting paid so what’s the problem? The end user wants a sim that works, who gives a fuck if new features consist of various plug ins when the end results are sublime.

    RealFeel is a godsend for FFB and SCE would be a lesser experience if it wasn’t used; SweetFX improves the graphics and anti-aliasing at a fraction of the cost to the frame rate compared to the awful Yebis post processing garbage Kunos and Milestone both use. Shaders have been worked on, art work has been improved, sound files are miles better than the stock ISI stuff and the physics and tyre modelling has been fettled or improved by Reiza. Doesn’t read back like a whole load of nothing going on..

    People claim SCE & AMS are little more than rFactor mods with a few community mods injected in; perhaps you should watch a few of Niels videos or read the Area 51 development forum to see that claim is utter shite. Of course you would be able to so if you’d contributed to the funding 😀

    One last point – since when has an unnamed & Unknown “close friend” been a valid source of information? Tales straight from his arse is a more valid source of information…even a random post from Reddit carries more weight than some gobshite on NoGrip.

    Renato gave you a response which you wrongly see as validation of your argument – sad thing is this blog WAS a way to cut through the PR bullshit when pCARS employed its investors as viral marketers; it’s now become a “let’s make a mountain out of a molehill” drama fest. About time JF or Sonat pulled your press credentials from R3E too.


      1. With good reason; bullshit replaces fact and lies become truths.

        Try the same approach in life and see how long it takes before you are called a lier and told you are full of shit.


  18. Keep on keepin on, James. Excellent articles. Yes Renato, its very common what you do for game developers. Buying an engine or plugins, editiing it for your needs. But it doesn’t change the fact that you tell people you’ll do everything on your own, while you simply don’t. If it’s not a big deal, why you masking it? You lied about DK2 Rift support in your campaign, too. We all hope for you to release great products and you are the only guys that seem to really care about true simulation besides ISI at least, that’s why you reach out to guys like Niels Heusinkveld. I have a lot of sympathy for Reiza because of that, but everything within limits. I found Renatos response very nice until the last part. Just unprofessional. How can you present yourself so low while writing such a great text beforehand. At least James was so professional to ignore that part.

    James just asks questions, nothing more and gets bashed for that? Y’all just pathetic in the first place… this world is going more insane every day…

    Yesss, sir! Stirr that shit up good. Those devs can’t handle their psyche, loving it.


    1. Renato and his company are nothing but bunch of lying scammers, I bet they will have yet again new crowdfunding campaign this year so they can release rFactor 1 for the fifth time with few community plugins and filters glued together.


  19. I like your blog, I literally spent several hours reading all the old posts after I first discovered it a few days ago. I just think you are wrong on this one and have refused to recognise that you are in a hole and should stop digging. I’d post this under my own name but I can’t be arsed to find out how, and no-one would know who the hell I am anyway.

    If you want to do some investigative journalism then find out what has happened to the VirtuaLM website, their download page redirects to some shitty company who make all that bloody terrible ” bleep bleep ” electronic dance music, and I’d like some tracks now I re-installed GTR2.

    Yours, sincerely, the guy with the Spanish IP address :-)))))

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      1. at least the fucktard is asking good questions most of the time. Whereas the rest of media keep sucking devs dicks.

        There is a reason I dont trust any review of a game in the media.


  20. Ok, so objective and unquestionable facts about the Indiegogo campaign are presented…. And you all flip out and claim that this site is now Fox News level. This is PCars level Stockholm syndrome all over again! In other modding communities, this kind of dishonesty for raising cash would see you burned at the stake. Backers might not care that they are getting a repackaged game+mods, but the point is that it’s being sold as something completely different. malfeasance from a tiny racing dev is the same in my eyes as EA or any other company trying to scam you out of your money


  21. Kudos to Reiza´s staff for reacting as grown ups and replying in a civilized way instead of INSTABANNING EVERYBODY, and kudos to James for daring to run this story even if SCE is one of his favourite sims.

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    1. Renato lost his shit towards the end. Still leagues above Bell and Kunos, but he also sounds like a prick and can’t handle criticism.


  22. If you run a company and let one guy with a blog get under your skin to the point that you can’t keep a hold of yourself as a professional then it’s maybe time to go do something else. If I acted like that in my office then I would need to apply for foodstamps within a hour. Why even bother, it’s ONE freaking blog.

    And if you as an avid simracer (or in life in general) buy into everything you read and can’t make your own decisions then it’s time to wake up.

    I won’t bother with Kunos and one reason beeing their (un)ability to handle criticism. Same thing goes with Project Cars and their lovely boss. Of course you get frustrated, so do I in my work dealing with customers but I keep it behind closed doors. And no, a beta forum is not a place to have your tantrums. It’s outright childish.

    Or is simracing a religion of some kind where some (powerful?) people can choose who can say what and when they can say it?


    1. I don’t think they’re half as annoyed as you make them out to be… they’re just not mincing words when they kick the trash out of their forums. It’s pretty easy to see why James leaves out the actual posts that gets people banned (it’s more fun that way) but in my opinion almost all of them have deserved permabans. They’re pretty much the equivalent of that guy who keeps spamming the comments here.


  23. Everybody complains about dividing the community then the Devs ask for extra money and create closed forums for their contributors leaving out their previous customers. Then complain when somebody leaks (who woulda guessed that would happen) I think Kickstarters are as bad for our hobby as anything out there. Start small build it, if it’s good, they will continue to support it. Chances are better than not something will go wrong with pre-investment, under promise and over deliver not the other way around.


  24. So… you’ll happily throw a small studio you like under the bus but when iRacing throw all kinds of stunts in their terms of service you leave it be ‘to benefit the racers enjoying iRacing’.

    Well ok then. Whatever floats your boat.


    1. When we published all the stuff about iRacing’s ToS, a large number of people shat on us and said we were talking out of our asses. My email is freely available, and not one person out of 250,000 unique PRC visitors was able to say “I can help you take things to the next level because I have the knowledge you need.”

      Six months later, suddenly we were right to poke holes in iRacing’s ToS and should have pursued legal remedies?

      How will this stuff with Reiza be viewed in six months?


      1. If they do what they said then it will be good.
        In my view it’s a patch but you flip shit…

        It is a patch.
        It is a patch.
        It is a patch.

        Free for you. Free for everyone who own the game.


  25. Is the iRacing ToS still rifled with very questionable statements? If yes it should still be something pursued irrespective of when you published the original article?

    All I am saying is why go and view all the ToS on indiegogo now? After everyone has paid and is happy (at least in the case of the vast majority) happy with what we’ve paid for. It is also worth pointing out how in the indiegogo this SCE content (Now in the form of AMS) was a form of reward for raising suitable funds and that the end goal was a 2nd (now 3rd) title not using plugins and instead being built from a base state on a licensed engine with the Reiza crew doing the coding? Now I could be slightly out on a few points there but the points still stand. I was always under the impression that what we are now getting in AMS were the rewards and that the campaign itself was for a separate title where Reiza would be coding in many of the features internally?

    On top of that the use of plugins, 3rd party or otherwise, has been something everyone has known about up to this point. It’s not been done illegally to this point and that is unlikely to change to or have changed recently. Companies use 3rd party assets whether it be graphics objects, plugins or small amounts of code all of the time. Surely the use of legally sourced 3rd party plugins is no different?

    Should this all come to something and Reiza get screwed (cheers for being the arse that caused it in advance should that come to be). Would you say that it is possible that Reiza could then release AMS through early access on steam and through sales of an alpha or beta state title gain the funds to continue with the second project as originally planned?

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    1. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

      Though, I expect them to re-use (and probably improve) any relevant IP than can be applied in the 3rd title. Honestly, It would be stupid not to. It’s their legal (and logical) right, there’s absolutely no proof that Reiza has ever used unlicensed or unsanctioned code in their titles.

      It would be like expecting ISI to re-develop some of the base logic in rf2 simply because we figured out where they licensed it from. Oh Christ, ISI uses qt client, better go start complaining until ISI re-releases their launcher on a platform that I can’t identify.

      Most of the technical features should be directly relevant. Kept as-is, things like the dynamic track condition shaders would probably be the harder part of implementation in the 3rd title rather than the actual logic.

      But of course, they are moving from injection to actual source access. At some point (probably right from the beginning), working without source access became a giant hindrance and nuisance. That kind of thing can get really messy very quickly and you often hit show-stopping bugs that actually aren’t that hard to fix…if you simply have access. Without it, then you might just have to stop working in the direction that exposed the bug and move on to something else. Or struggle with work-arounds and still maybe never be able to fix it.

      2nd title: AMS, actually about the new engine license more than anything else.
      3rd title: dx12/multi-surface

      Combining pre-existing IP into something new or simply improved is the basis of invention… All modern software works this way, it’s also how civilization works. Indiegogo’s terms clearly mean selling copies of something else and GSCE is not a simple copy of rf1. Reiza is fully compliant with the ToS by a huge margin.

      Oh no!


      Look, another one! This guy is just putting together the ends of cables everyone already has and then selling them as pre-orders! This is not unique, he’s obviously re-using pre-existing IP with relatively minor changes. Plus, I’ve seen cables that offer the same and greater modular functionality as a singular ‘unit’.

      I would go file a report, but indiegogo sent that out as their headliner promotion recently…So yeah.

      Obviously selective interpretation of indiegogo ToS is a waste of everyone’s time.

      ” I simply had questions regarding the crowdfunding campaign, and made that pretty clear in the inquiry Email I sent off to IndieGoGo.”

      It sounds as if he’s simply asking if instead of making an accusation. Still not excusable for borderline unfounded accusations. I really don’t know why any of you would be surprised that a developer (or anyone else) would tell you to ‘fuck off’ for that.

      Not sure where you kids actually live, but talking shit like that to people you don’t know doesn’t come without repercussions in the real world. How terrible someone told you to fuck off for being obviously being a little bitch.


  26. James and the crew keep up the good work
    This is the number one sim racer site for me – most of the other sim sites are simply press release disposal platforms. I don’t always agree with what PRC write but they do spend a lot of time and effort making their point. I love the freedom of speech concept and therefore let them spew forth – sometimes their stuff is frown inducing and other times downright hysterical – whatever the case reactions abound and that for me is what makes this place unique.
    I look forward to 2016 packed with PRC scoops!

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      1. But he’s right though. A grown up adult (?) going around public boards picking up fights and stirring up dramas with simple users? Yeah. Right. Praise Kunos.


  27. I used to like PRC until James attacked REIZA for the sake of views! Horrible mistake on your part James, having a blog about sim racing games you should have known that REIZA is one of the most straightforward and honest publishers out there! Using them to get page views was a terrible misstep! If one reads both views including Renatos reply, they’ll realise how you deliberately spin things out of proportion and/or use selective text to back your arguments! I don’t know about how the others feel about this, personally I’m very disappointed in James and PRC.. No objective sim racing sites anymore..


  28. Renato is a fucking scammer collecting over 100 grands from community so he can release rFactor for the 4th time with mostly recyled content and few community plugins glued together, he is laughing all the way to the bank.


  29. The whole ‘digging through iRacing ToS’ was a good article, people (supposedly) were contacting you to share their concerns in that matter prior, and it was interesting to see the details come to light on a subject end-users were more-or-less split on.

    But these ‘Reiza are scammers!?!’ articles show me you must have little else to do right now. (Wasn’t there a SuperV8 race to cover ?)

    There was only 1 troll (that I recall) at RD, way back at the campaign start, who complained about similar shit and even did the whole “imma reeepurt chu” drama, email screencaps and all. It was funny to watch as Renato also showed there was no-ground in his claims as well.

    Seeing the ‘claims’ a second time, and knowing the Reiza51 unanimously supports Reiza and their decisions & general ‘roadmap’ of development, I doubt this will affect anything.

    If it does, congratulations – instead of taking down iRacing like many commenters asked you to pursue, you took down Reiza, one of – if not the last of the good developers in sim-racing.

    Which nobody asked you to do.

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    1. “Taking down Reiza” would be counter productive for them aswell as they have their own interests into keeping the game away from these kind of things (The V8 league). But what if there is some truth behind everything that is being reported? What if not everything is as it should be? Why admitting and mentioning that 3rd party plugins were indeed a part of dev builds and what the features planned for AMS are “just” reworked code from those very same plugins and other stuff afterwards, if they could (And should) have mentioned it in the crowd funding campaign?

      Why would developers such as The Lonely overreact on NoGrip and publically telling people to go fuck themselves if they did nothing wrong? We are now used to daily meltdowns by Ian and Stefano because they know that deep down in their bank accounts their games are broken. While to be condemned, at least their disgusting behaviour towards their own paying customers is “justified”, because they have to try and fill holes here and there and try to not to scam themselves like they did with the communities. But Reiza own employees? What do they have to fear if everything they did was 100% legit? If everything they have done was exactly as Renato stated then, after all this drama winds up, they’ll come out on top with a shit ton of free positive advertising. But they’re handling things in ways which in some cases are on Ian/Stefano level, which is very shady and very low.


      1. Following the same pattern:
        Why would it be true?
        Why should we believe on what is being said (especially when selected quotes are always kept away in almost every article)?
        Why can’t people be mad for being called thieves when they actually paid for everything that is being used? *and nothing has been hidden tbh, a simple visit to the SCE folder in your PC shows it
        Why see someone mad for being called a thief as “afraid”?
        Just like we can’t believe 100% of what one side says we can’t believe 100% of what the other side is saying either


      2. So compiling a set of 3rd-party addons, while requesting and compensating their creators for certain adjustments, integrating them in a meaningful way and providing essentially a fully-working, one-click-install environment for the users of their game cannot be considered “work”?

        On another note: they haven’t released any of the advertised scratch-based content yet and a “concerned individual” is already complaining and sending off his complaints to PRC who are happy to beat the crap out of this “thin air” saying: “hey this was a user-submission – we don’t take credit”

        that is actually living the blog-title “The worst site you could possibly visit for Sim Racing news.” to the letter. Because: there was no news to begin with.

        So you’d think reviewing code and making meaningful, constructive changes to it and have a product release-ready happens in about half a year? I’d call that expectation a little optimistic, to say the least.


  30. I’m fairly ambivalent toward PRC and what it stands for but all I would say is pick your targets more carefully in future.

    I appreciate this is a blog orientated around opinion more than news, but some of these ‘articles’ are transparently click-bait: low on facts, high on ‘controversy’.

    No need for daily articles if they have no worth, such as this ill-advised attack on Reiza. Keep your powder dry for those who truly deserve investigation.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Only those who publically say “fuck you” to their own customers.
        Renato is not one of them, he didn’t say “fuck you” in public to anyone. Other employees on the other hand..


  31. PRC went from being kinda interesting read to full on filth by the course of 2 articles. The sim community has its issues for sure, and because it is so small (as James has stated many times) it needs encouragement and constructive (!) critizism.

    What James did here, puts him in the same booth as Ian Bell during his forum rants.

    Jeezes, grow a pair and apologize to Reiza asap.


  32. He’s not wrong about no pr being bad lol. I bought the game off steam last night when I saw it for $23. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet but I can say with 100% certainty I never would have bought a game called stock car anything were it not for this article.


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