Reader Submission #75 – A Word About the Reiza Campaign

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Happy New Year everybody, and welcome to 2016! I know hasn’t started the year off on the brightest note for some of you, but a reputable rFactor modder who wishes to remain anonymous has shared some insight on a story James posted on New Years Day about Reiza Studios. After James’ article criticized Reiza for elements of the Sim Racing Bonanza campaign that appeared to be dishonest, we’ve received a very long Email supporting those feelings. As a third party who was originally skeptical of the angle James chose to cover this story from, I will re-analyze the information with these new findings and see if my opinion changes.


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If you decide to publish this, please erase any information that might identify me. I don’t want people to know who I am. Sadly, there is nothing which can be considered 100% proof, so this submission may be useless for you, but still. I received the information I’m about to tell you from a fellow modder, and he had a chance to take a look at what Reiza were doing with Stock Car Extreme before the IndieGoGo campaign became a big thing everyone wanted to give money to.

There is something wrong with Renato’s answers in regards to certain dates he’s mentioned when asked about the implementation of rFE. When the rFE Weather Plugin was still fairly new, I was personally approached by a guy from rFE asking if me and my team were interested in becoming an official “sponsor” of the plugin, by making our mod natively support it. After an internal debate, we decided not to work with the rFE team because it would not benefit our mod in a way that would justify the effort needed to implement it. Not to mention the tracks themselves in our track pack would have needed extra work to be compatible with the plugin. We just didn’t see the point.

I do not recall when we were approached by the rFE guys, and I can’t check because I’ve since changed my email address and can’t find the conversation I had with the rFE dev. I think his name was Marco, and the conversation was between late 2013 and mid 2014.

What I do remember, is that at the time I still had Windows 7 on my machine, and I was about to switch to Windows 8. In one of the emails with the rFE guy, I directly asked him about Windows 7 support for the plugin. He told me they were still actively working on it, but development was very slow because of both how Windows 7 worked, and how rFactor interacted with it.

You may think I am rambling and that this has nothing to do with Reiza. It does.

If the developers of rFE were still struggling to work on their mod for rFactor in 2014 due to Windows 7 causing unforeseen problems, how were they able to work on Stock Car Extreme in 2014 as Renato claimed? They were struggling just to implement changes on their own work due to problems with the operating system, but somehow they have no problems on a commercial project? I guess you could say that since rFactor and Stock Car Extreme are the same thing, working on the former and then converting the plugin for Stock Car Extreme would have been fairly easy for them, but still… In my honest and simple opinion, something is not right. But nothing matters anymore, as the whole team either disbanded or simply disappeared because there haven’t been any updates in over a year.

My friend and I talked about the whole Reiza-rFE connection only once, and when we did, according to him it was very fresh news. Which means that the first version of the Reiza-rFE partnership came in the Spring or Summer of 2015, and not sometime in 2014 like Renato said. 



Of course, some of this is pure speculation, but it still puzzles my mind when I consider the dates. Reiza says they stopped working with the rFE team in 2014, yet in the summer of 2015, my trusted friend told me that the rFE-Reiza partnership was fresh news, and said it was rFE at work in the video published on July 10th, 2015.

To be fair, I don’t think Reiza meant to act in a bad manner and keep secrets from the community, but for some reason they didn’t publish any information until recently, when users started questioning the need for Automobilista other than the license problem.

It’s like they are not even trying. I mean, if there weren’t any problems (and if the whole situation surrounding all the different plugins used was legit) why did they wait until the last few days when you guys started stirring up drama left and right, and myself and others on NoGrip did the same? Why didn’t they reveal all of this sooner?

Then you have The Lonely‘s reply, where he literally told someone to fuck off. That’s Ian/Stefano level right there. But if the two mighty studio heads know their games are broken and feel the need to go out and insult users who ask questions, why would The Lonely do the same? If everything we wrote on NoGrip was just a bunch of bullshit, why did he overreact like that? That’s the sign I’d focus on. If you have nothing to hide and if your work was all done as you’d advertised it, you don’t need to get so defensive on a public forum by insulting your own potential customers.

Look, I’ve known that guy for years. Not personally, but as a fellow modder. His name, and especially his work, were always attributed to top-notch quality in the rFactor community. He was a track maker if I recall, so it’s no wonder why the Stock Car Extreme tracks were so good. He’s worked for ISI as well, so his background is legit. But to lose his shit that way? Something’s wrong here.

Sorry if I derailed again, so I’ll travel back to the main topic of discussion.

If there is something shady going on behind the scenes, I don’t know. What I do know, is that if you advertise a product and part of it was not 100% made by you, you have to put the original author’s name right there, either on the main poster or somewhere else the potential customer can easily go and read by himself.

Using the rFE Plugin example, it doesn’t matter if you reworked 99% of the code by scratch. If the original work is still based on something made by someone else, that person or group of people still deserve credit. And in the Automobilista advertising posters, as well as the crowdfunding thing on IndieGoGo, Reiza fails to mention the authors of the various plugins their work is based on. There is nothing to be ashamed of in writing “Dynamic Weather and Track Conditions made possible using heavily reworked code and assets based on rFactor’s rFE Weather Plugin Modification” – and so on for everything else.


As I’ve said previously, I don’t think they meant any harm with this, but it sure as hell backfired on them. And if they had nothing to hide, they could have crowdfunded things more openly without having people running around wildly on NoGrip angering The Lonely.

GSC 2015-04-25 16-23-49-55

I think it’s finally time I weigh in on the debate, since apart from one comment in a previous post, I haven’t said anything about this matter. Iit’s probably a good idea to give the readers a different and unbiased explanation of everything that happened.

First of all, let me explain some things before I go into the actual content of this submission. As I wrote in my comment, I initially disagreed with what James did about the whole Indiegogo thing. I say I initially disagreed because now, knowing the whole story, I am leaning more towards agreeing with James.

At first the problem for me was that I didn’t understand why exactly James did this, and I only saw it as pointless shit-stirring, the way many of you probably saw it as well. After the publishing of the article and the overwhelming negative response to it (way more negative than usual), I talked with James about it again and only then did I begin to understand the whole picture; It all started with him reading the NoGrip thread and wondering if there was any substance behind the accusations and – if true – what implications this could have, or would have had, for the Indiegogo campaign of Reiza. He researched the ToS of several crowdfunding platforms just to get a basic understanding of what you can and can’t do. After having done this research and having read the NoGrip thread James concluded that Reiza might have infringed upon Indiegogo’s Terms of Service. James wrote an email to Indiegogo to tell them about his findings and whether Indiegogo could tell him if Reiza had done something wrong or not.

And this is where everything went downhill: Indiegogo answered and said that they will investigate the claim, however they will not let James know of the outcome of the investigation, no matter whether Reiza was guilty or innocent. Initially James had planned to write about the matter after he received a definitive answer from Indiegogo, something which was impossible now due to Indiegogo’s secrecy about the outcome of the investigation. Left with no other choice other than not doing anything, he started writing up an article about what he had found out so far and that he had reported his findings to Indiegogo. He failed however, to properly disclose in the article that by doing this he wasn’t out to hurt Reiza just to stir shit up, but to satisfy his curiosity. The headline and the article themselves were worded quite aggressively which made it seem like this time he had an actual vendetta against a developer, where actually the opposite of it was true. I think we all know what happened in the comment section, when finally Renato from Reiza publicly replied in the comments section in order to explain things and put everything into perspective. All of this has culminated in this Reader Submission and my subsequent answer to this submission.

As our anonymous reader tells us, apparently there is a slight discrepancy between Renato’s statement and the insider information that our reader has supplied us with. At first look, it might seem like Renato has told an outright lie, as he publicly stated here on PRC that they had an RFE guy work together with them in 2014. This coincides with the statement of the user The Lonely over at the NoGrip forums who states that someone worked with them about 18 months ago – just after our reader was apparently approached by the RFE guys to work together on their mod. Now, in the private Facebook conversation between Anon and his friend, we learn that apparently Reiza hasn’t been working together with the RFE guys in 2014, but actually in 2015. This obviously is a direct contradiction to Renato’s and The Lonely’s statements about their work together with RFE.

I however have a different theory. When the two Reiza guys mention that they worked together with someone from RFE in 2014, The Lonely also reports that after working with them for a short time, the guy went AWOL (absent without official leave), meaning the guy simply disappeared without ever replying back. This could have several reasons, such as him losing interest or – and this is another one of my theories – the guy worked on this with Reiza without the knowledge of the rest of the RFE guys, so he either got cold feet or someone found out and forced him to cease all communications with Reiza. What I think happened next, is that even though Reiza’s main guy from RFE left, they still wanted to have all the features of the weather plugin, but this time they had to go through the right channels to get what they wanted. Whether Reiza knew that the sole RFE dude was working with them “legally” or not is not up to me to decide, but they knew that this time they had to officially license the plugin with the RFE guys in order to be able to use it in their sim, or straight up hire some of them to work for Reiza.

It probably took them a while to gather the required funds to do this (they are Brazilians working on a very tight budget after all), so by the time the crowdfunding campaign started, the people working on the weather plugin had already been well-integrated into the team working on GSCE.

Now, if my theory is correct at this point, then officially the weather plugin isn’t something that they just fed into their platform anymore, but actually either a licensed product added to their code or a whole rewrite/continuation of the plugin, now officially worked on by Reiza employees and implemented into their engine.

If this is true, then Reiza did not breach any ToS paragraphs of Indiegogo (to my understanding), and what this whole ordeal yielded was both a lot of hate for PRC, but also shed some light onto the internal workings of Reiza.

In my opinion, Reiza could have been more open about how they implemented their features, as this would have prevented a lot of the outfall that our articles generated. Some of the things mentioned in this Reader Submission don’t play any role at all in my eyes, such as the whole Windows 7 thing. Just because it didn’t work properly in rFactor it doesn’t necessarily have to do the same in GSCE. They are, after all, two seperate games with different file structures and code (demonstrated by the fact that you can’t simply use an rFactor1 mod in GSCE without some changes to it), so it might just be that the plugin can easily be coded to work without any issues in GSCE under Windows7, but not in rFactor.

The issue with not properly disclosing who has done the work is also solved by the fact, if my theory is correct again, the RFE guys officially work for Reiza now, so no special mentioning of RFE will be necessary, just like any outsourced cars for Assetto Corsa done by MAK-Corp aren’t really credited to them as long as they are official content. As long as you own the license to it, it doesn’t matter whether you actually did the work yourself or had someone else do it. If Reiza owns the license to the weather plugin now, they don’t have to disclose where they got it from, as this is how these deals work.

To conclude: Do I still think James was wrong to inquire about all of this? No, I don’t think so anymore as all of this has shed some much-needed light onto everything. I still think however, that the way all of this was done could’ve been done in a different way, with less aggressive wording from our side, but also a more honest and friendly approach from Reiza employees, because as our Anonymous source said, simply telling someone to fuck off is straight-up Ian Bell / Stefano level of communication, something with no publisher should strive towards to. I really hope that readers who get angry with us about all of this will not turn their back towards us, and maybe someone from Reiza can contact us to confirm or deny my theories about what happened so every doubt that arose can be erased.

Auf Wiedersehen


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  1. What I find interesting is that you say “just like any outsourced cars for Assetto Corsa done by MAK-Corp aren’t really credited to them, as long as they are official content.”

    Actually, they DID receive credit. For Project CARS at least.

    So I see why our Anonymous guy said “why can’t Reiza just have a little sticker that says “credit to these guys for X”? as you can see above with the Mak-Corp pic, it’s not entirely difficult.


      1. Proves the point the modder was making even further. During the crowdfunding campaign, why couldn’t Reiza say:

        “We will be rebuilding the popular rFE Weather plugin from the ground up for our next title, using the help of integral community members to bring you the best possible implementation of dynamic weather conditions, track surfaces, and tire behavior.”

        The ToS of most crowdfunding campaign sites require this level of transparency.

        Why did they instead say:

        Up until now, we had only been able to add new functionalities to the game with plugins & code injection – a time consuming & often troublesome way of doing things. The main goal of this campaign is to boost the development budget for the existing games in order to develop them further: adding new features, producing even more cars & tracks, and establishing a structure for online racing for these titles.

        And then tell the guys who brought this up to “get the fuck out of here?”


  2. “Someone told me this and now I’ll tell you, but I want to remain anonymous because it’s legit” (looks like that kid stuff where one tells another a sentence and when it arrives to the last one it is totally changed, and funny)
    “This is pure speculation”.

    Then Renato said:
    “The guy has not done any work for us for over 1 year now though, and his method is *no longer relevant*.”

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  3. It’s not the article that will drive people away from the site it’s the unrelenting negativity and selective reporting.
    I always took the sub heading of the site to be ironic and don’t think it’s a bad thing to have an alternative viewpoint, but I wish it could add something positive to the sim racing community occasionally.

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    1. It’s been said in the comments, but ‘mountain out of a molehill’ is pretty much spot on with these latest articles.

      One little detail gets dug-up by James, which before 2016 no one, repeat NO ONE, cared about, especially not the campaign-backers.

      Yet with nothing better to do he dives right into the legal BS just to stir shit.

      Seriously, no one bugged him to do this, yet here we are with article X on Reiza. He claims to have no issue personally, yet personally (according to Sev) has extensively researched this matter…

      If he applied the same effort to pursuing legal action with iRacing, him and Sev might actually be racing by now.

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      1. “If he applied the same effort to pursuing legal action with iRacing, him and Sev might actually be racing by now.”

        I actually put a lot of effort into trying to get myself unbanned from iRacing (including calling their fucking support phoneline), but they didn’t want to listen.

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  4. So what’s the conspiracy now, GSCE will leave out the RFE plugin creators’ names in the credit roll?

    It’s completely normal for a company to hire people to do the work that they promised. No different for kickstarters; if they promised 10 new cars and can get the models for cheaper by outsourcing (whether the model already existed or not is irrelevant, only if it’s good enough) why wouldn’t they?

    Of course when the actual update comes out it’ll name the people who they ended up hiring… but generally until the work is actually complete they won’t know exactly who’s going to do it all.


  5. Serious question: what if Reiza deal with these guys do not include their names in credits while URD and Mak Corp (both groups live from doing this stuff at some point) do?


  6. This will be my last venture in this sorry place, as by now it´s obviously the sole goal here has nothing to do with “getting the story right”, and it´s all about stirring as much trouble as you possibly can. Were that not the case, you could have consulted me rather than relying on reports from “anonymous sources” who have no inside knowledge whatsoever. My email is right where. Obviously that´s not in the agenda and doesnt suit the narrative.

    I´ll state this clearly:

    There is no RFE code in the current v1.52 of SCE – all of the plugin code went out with v1.50 and the previously existing features have been redone in the codebase itself. I say again: there´s 0.0% of RFE in SCE and AMS.

    If you guys were actually serious and have done any research (since you can´t bother to consult the actual developer who happens to be right here taking the time to correct your nonsense), you´d have found the name of the RFE developer is Iñaki Lopez. You would also have noticed his name features in the credits in all releases of GSCE from V1.15 (from march 2014) to V1.38 (from august 2015), during which time we were using his code injection plugin (which didn´t feature weather, tire damage or any of the things RFE was actually famous for except for DRS).

    His name does not feature anymore since v1.50, because he not only stopped developing for us, but went AWOL suddenly leaving us without the source code for the stuff we had paid him to develop for us. For v1.50, we had to code everything he had made for us again directly in the codebase, from scratch.

    So again: there is no trace of RFE in SCE v1.50, nor there will be in AMS. We did create videos featuring time damage / pickup using part of the WIP graphical code he had developed for us in the campaign, but that´s merely a representation of a feature that has now been re-developed natively and considerably more in-depth.

    When I alluded to “existing 3rd party solutions” for AMS in my previous post, it had nothing to do with RFE. Why on earth would we pay 6 figures for a source code license and continue using an external code injection plugin to develop new features? Obviously if there was any intention on getting to the truth of the matter here, you guys would have asked yourselves that very obvious question to begin with. This is ignorance combined with bad faith, which is a very bad, libelous combination.

    So now we have a new project coming up featuring over 500 man-hours worth of programming for new features, general improvements and bug fixes relative to the codebase in SCE, but we´re being forced to explain to some gullible users who believe this place is actually serious that no, we´re not just bundling up rF1 with a bunch of plugins that are already out there. And no, we should not have said that in the campaign description – we should have said exactly what the campaign said – we now have the source code, and can do things further and better with it than just developing features externally.

    And in case you haven´t realized already, no this is not “friendly” – there´s nothing you folks are doing in here to ourselves, and to this community in general that warrants a friendly attitude . Stop spreading lies already.

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    1. Why are you so defensive? I think you misinterpret my post. The whole time I was trying to defend your actions because as it seems to me you were screwed over by this Iñaki Lopez guy and then had to improvise.

      I suggested you hired the other RFE guys (which is why there was ~12 months between Lopez leaving you and the anonymous source saying you were working together with RFE guys), but instead you simply continued to work with what Lopez had left you with.

      I never stated that you were still using RFE code, I merely said it is one of many possibilities. Also I never said that you crowd-funded on Indiegogo to buy one single plugin, no one in their right mind would pay $100k for a weather plugin. I think everyone here realises that that money is to pay salaries, buy licenses (to cars/tracks) etc. I actively said that GSCE is very different to rF1, and I specifically mentioned mods not being easily interchangeable as an example for that.

      It seems to me your reply is more directed at the previous 2 posts, because if you would’ve read my post correctly you would’ve seen that I a) made many assumptions you just explained are actually correct (Lopez bailing out for example) and b) defended you from some of the accusations that James made (ie. that you went against the ToS of Indiegogo – I actually said that in my eyes, even in both outcomes that I theorized about, you were still in the right to do what you have done).


      1. I was indeed replying to the comments, and while your article is milder it does include wrong or misleading information you could have easily clarified, if that was really what you were striving for. I know you´re not running an actual “news” blog here to subject yourself to proper reporting standards but if you´re just going to be firing out the articles with whatever speculation you can assemble irrespective of the veracity as you clearly are doing, you need to be prepared for some people to start fighting back.

        It´s easy to say oh dont be defensive and just have this cold professional detatchment from it all – spend hundreds of hours and invest your own money into something and then see how easily you can not take it personally when some people decide out of the blue to start slinging crap in your direction. Even if just 20 people out of 20k are misled by what you´re saying, that´s 20 people too many. I won´t have it.

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      2. You two should start practicing being grown men and apologize already, excuses & explanations “What you were trying to do” are misplaced as everybody with half a brain clearly sees what exactly you are trying to do.


    2. Renato and Reiza are scammers collecting money from the communnity so they can release rFactor 1 with mostly recycled content for the 4th time. I’m glad that the author of this website decided to act and reported this matter to Indiegogo.


  7. For some reason everyone read this as if I was trying to shit on Reiza, while I was actively trying to defend them for whatever they did? I specifically stated every time that these are just theories of mine and no matter which of those was right, I would give Reiza the benefit of the doubt. Readng comprehension was apparently lost at some point during the past weeks/months/years by many people.


  8. My brother’s father’s uncle’s cousin’s granddaughter said Reiza were cheats. Her name is Luanne, but please don’t put that in the article. Christ Almighty, it’s Weekly World News here now.

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    1. Page views, man. It’s all James seems to care about now, like how he constantly tries to mention the “250,000 unique visitors” in most articles now


      1. Well 250,000 people just saw the equivalent of goddamn high school gossip. Sev, did you ask the guy if he was still dating Becky? I heard they did it and now Becky is pregnant. The “source” will now have to quit high school and take another part time job at the grocery store wrangling grocery carts to support his child since Becky is now pregnant and Reiza stole his rF pluigin.


      2. bigknob, I still value innocent until proven guilty, and not the other way around. If you would have read this article you would know.


  9. I’ve got a few ideas since you all have now gone from video proof of sim racing flaws and actual data to gossip and hearsay items. Make it a sim racing gossip site. You can do articles on what the Forza team wore to the Video Game Awards, perhaps maybe a “who wore it better” the Codemasters team or the Forza Team. Perhaps a “Cooking with Gregger Huutu” article, or perhaps even recipes like Ian Bell Peppers (a true recipe for disaster), Reizasagna (don’t worry the recipe is copied from somewhere else), or even S3Spaghetti. Maybe some scandalous articles on the Assetto Corsa Copy/Paste guy. The possibilities are endless now.

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    1. Yeah that’s really the line that has been crossed here…

      I mean, MAYBE ISI uses baby goat blood during ritualistic coding sessions… It might be aliens, too.

      Whatever they’re doing, it has a dangerously powerful influence over Hash and clearly needs to be investigated asap.

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  10. I know this is not a professional news page, but it’s not that hard to contact the people you are trying to write news about and ask them for clarification. It gives you additional information, maybe even information they didn’t actually want to give you or, in this case, tell you that your story is not what you think it is.

    In this case it’s not a story about Reiza downloading a free weather plugin and taking 100k for it (LOL, the ignorance. Why don’t more people download that wonderful thing and rework all the tracks they want to run in rFactor in an afternoon and then it works perfectly?), it’s a story about a past effort to implement additional dynamic effects in GSC that didn’t come to frution and has little to do with anything Reiza is working on currently.

    I know Sev took a more rational standpoint in his article (now with less clickbait™), but even he didn’t think about contacting the developers which would have yielded valuable information that should have been in the article, not confined to the comments section. Instead we get some hearsay from a guy whose friend of a friend (no joke, read the article for that delicious source) contacted PRC.

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    1. Renato said he was done with PRC in the first article, why would we bother contacting him? I know they are not iRacing, but after my first email inquiring about my ban they straight up ignored everything that I sent afterwards. Not gonna go through the hassle and not getting any results back.


      1. He literally replied right in this comments section. I pretty sure he’s angry, but he also seems to want to share his point of view here. In any case, you should at least have asked him to comment and then write in the article either:
        A) What his comment was
        B) That he declined to comment

        Shooting a message to a guy who can easily be contacted through WordPress, Racedepartment, eMail .. couldn’t possibly have taken longer than writing this article. I’m also pretty sure you can’t be banned from Game Stock Car^^

        Though tbh this criticism is more directed at James, whose responsibility it would have been since he wrote the first piece on the topic. It’s difficult to understand why someone who claims the rFE plugin can be “downloaded & installed in about five minutes” can’t be bothered to write an email asking to comment. Wouldn’t that take even less time?


      2. Yeah, he replied here after he said in the first article that he was done with PRC and this whole thing. And as I said before and also said in this article, I agree with most people’s opinion that HOW James approached all of this wasn’t the right way to do it.


  11. Dear Sev, James, PRC,

    You have seriously fucked up big time! Dragging REIZA through the mud was one step gone too far for the sake of page views! I hope you are satisfied with what you’ve done! Unjustifiably damaging the reputation of one of the most transparent and honest publishers out there but dragging yourselves in the process as well! With these past few articles you have shown your true face, and I’m quite sure that most (if not all) people belonging in the sim racing community have understood the amount of absurdity and silliness found in your articles! We will probably never take you seriously ever again – well said by many a sim racer! PRC is the worst form of Fox (selective/twisted) sim News on the net and run by pseudo intellectual page view whores! And to think I used to like this site – it makes my stomachs turn!

    *An apology to Reiza and your readers would be very nice and will go a long way to restoring our faith to this site and anyone behind it!


  12. PRC is always complaining about publishers´ reactions to criticism. But now, they are doing the same way.

    PRC, you were WRONG. You are just looking for a honourable way out.

    There´s no other way out that apologies to Reiza, and move on.

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  13. Maybe it’s time to just draw a line under this and move on. There’s no point in dragging this out any longer as doing so will only damage all sides.
    Being an iconoclast seems to be as tough a job as being a game developer.

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    1. This is probably the right call. As I’ve said previously, many thanks to the Reiza guys for not losing their marbles, and setting an example for other developers to follow when speaking with certain portions of the community.


      1. Reiza will release rFactor for the fourth time and it will be major commercial failure as expected, they will be begging for more money on Indiegogo sooner than later.


      2. Fuck me…all the balls to talk about how other people behave under criticism, and how the “criticism” you mention so often is actual BS and isn’t constructive at all for a Dev…and now under criticism yourselves, you just shy away and don’t man up and actually admit you fucked up. Just like these devs you want to see do the same.


  14. I haven’t seen you or Empty Box mention it, but is the transition to AMS intended to push people into registering their keys on Steam? That seemed like a standout to me, you’ll get it free but only easily if you own the game on Steam. I wonder what portion of users are still on the standalone… I am because lazy, if I installed it on steam I’d need to reconfigure this and that.


    1. Keeping it Steam only is easier for Reiza to support, it was one of the reasons they are doing this.
      But what you say you need to reconfigure? Most tweaks aren’t made with folder path so I’m sure most stuff you can just copy and paste.
      But the main thing: you don’t need to install SCE from Steam. If just has to be in your game list, you can continue to use your non Steam SCE after AMS is released, one of Renato posts said non Steam SCE keys will reactivate

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  15. PRC went from being kinda interesting read to full on filth by the course of 2 articles. The sim community has its issues for sure, and because it is so small (as James has stated many times) it needs encouragement and constructive (!) critizism.

    What James did here, puts him in the same booth as Ian Bell during his forum rants.

    Jeezes, grow a pair and apologize to Reiza asap.


  16. We need more critical thinking on these simulations…

    Too many fanboys sucking up has led to disgusting attitudes from the developers..

    Thankyou for thinking critically, even if a bit emotionally from time to time…

    The community needs more voices like yours…


  17. Not sure why some people haven’t realized it yet.
    This blog is about:

    – Put shit on that game trying to gain some traffic (you know flames gains more kids than sweet words..);
    – Transform everything into a troll-fest;
    – Being ignored by the most… and when it happens;
    – Switch to the next target and start again;

    But the sims are going to finish.. GSC was just another victim eheh.


  18. Guys, just admit the screw up. This article kind of does that, but does not really do it.

    Reiza were very clear about their doings, and the support they got shows that.

    This is clickbait (it is the third article in how many days?). We all enjoy a good rant, that is why we come here to read your stuff, but this is getting old, and it will end up hurting your reader base eventually.


  19. Spanking well deserved.
    To think the sim racing world deserves a Sun front page every day is a bit far fetched.
    There might be better things to do than to bite on small companies that do their best to deliver a good product, even if not perfect.
    The sim racing world is so small that everyone needs the feel to piss on the neighbour’s grass, it really is toxic.
    Don’t waste your talent on insulting people that jeopardize their life on bringing you their product.
    If you don’t like the product, forget about it.
    If you like it and want it to get better, bring supportive criticism.
    If there really is a story behind something then bring it on.

    If you want to shit on people with hear-say, here goes your backlash – take note.


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