Stock Car Brasil Expansion Pack Released for Stock Car Extreme


As Reiza Studios move towards an all-encompassing racing simulator with the release of Automobilista set for the first quarter of 2016, NoGripRacing user lobisomem hasn’t forgotten the roots of the Brazilian Developer. Compiling four additional seasons of Stock Car Brasil liveries into a 170 megabyte skin pack, the download contains both seasons featured in the original Game Stock Car release by Reiza that failed to make the jump into Stock Car Extreme due to licensing issues (2010 & 2012), as well as two additional seasons created by Vitor Souza (2009 & 2011).


While Stock Car Brasil understandably isn’t popular outside of South America, the series manages to attract massive grid numbers complete with promotion and relegation between the two main championships. Designed by Dallara and powered by a NASCAR Nationwide Series-spec Chrysler V8, the cars are intended to be inexpensive and durable, as Brazil’s economy puts auto racing teams at an immediate disadvantage.

Those looking to turn their Stock Car Extreme install into a small encyclopedia of Modern Brazilian Touring Car racing can download the livery pack over at Registration is required to download the file.




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