Cash Grab Corsa


To start things off in true self-masturbatory fashion, a few months ago we ran a story here on regarding the impending console release of the popular PC racing simulator Assetto Corsa. Citing insider information from an individual whose identity we’ve revealed by name in previous articles, we broke the news that Kunos Simulazioni were not looking to make an impact on the console gaming scene, but rather “establish the brand” with the help of 505 Games as a publisher. Our insider revealed the ultimate goal for Kunos Simulazioni in 2016 was not to shape Assetto Corsa into a complete title, but to generate enough revenue to ensure the brand’s survival and generate financial stability for the next project – Assetto Corsa 2. Obviously, people weren’t happy to hear this, as the hardcore sim racers among us have already written off the title. On the other hand, Assetto Corsa owners from the complete opposite end of the spectrum couldn’t care less if a hypothetical scenario arose where cockpit view was removed for AC2, speaking volumes about the supposed “sim racers” supporting this title in the first place.


Some sim racers, including us here at, believe Assetto Corsa lacks in several key areas compared to other serious driving games alongside it. As someone who purchased the title mere hours after the initial version was released as an Early Access title, it was unfortunate to hear that progress on the game had essentially taken a back seat to a constant barrage of DLC, and an impending console release that is sure to disappoint those who’ve grown accustomed to the massive worlds supplied by Forza, Gran Turismo, and to a lesser extent Project Cars. While a rather large group of people blasted these “unsubstantiated rumors” when we first published them, Stefano Casillo’s comments on RaceDepartment earlier today all but confirm Kunos Simulazioni lack the budget to flesh out the game and bring it up to par with other modern racing sims, and the focus will indeed be on reaching into the customers’pockets.

Your ProductStefano’s comments today are much more respectful and courteous than his previous outing on RaceDepartment a little over a week ago, though they contain just as much unsettling info. Kunos are simply not concerned at the fact that Assetto Corsa lacks many features and functionalities seen in other offerings such as Stock Car Extreme, RaceRoom Racing Experience, or rFactor 2, as the mindset is to merely develop a game better than their last outing – Ferrari Virtual Academy. To bring you up to speed, Ferrari Virtual Academy was a $15 time trial competition, featuring four cars and three tracks.

This mindset is especially strange, as the last development team to operate with this ideology quickly faded away from the spotlight. The Gran Turismo brand was once a highly respected line of racing games for Sony’s flagship home console, but as Forza Motorsport established itself as a serious competitor despite only appearing on Microsoft systems, both Gran Turismo 5 & 6 were blasted by fans for failing to improve in many critical areas. The most obvious display of Polyphony’s lack of desire to put out a compelling product  was displayed in the car roster itself; a majority of the 1100+ cars found in the latest iteration of Gran Turismo are merely re-touched Playstation 2-era car models, while Forza featured an entire livery editor inspired by Photoshop. As a result, Forza has only grown in popularity, while the best days of Gran Turismo are almost surely behind them.


Now, in response to RaceDepartment user DewCrew88, Stefano admits that the Kunos team simply do not have the budget to flesh out the areas of the game that many of the diehard sim guys believe require attention. This quote below is something that I believe confirms the intentions of Kunos throughout 2016, a plan we’d leaked a few months ago. After a New Year’s Eve press release adding up to little more than a list of DLC to expect in 2016, Stefano has openly confirmed the budget of Assetto Corsa doesn’t allow for much time to be spent adding any requested features – even if they’re integral to the long term survival of a racing sim. You can easily draw the conclusion that with the abundance of current & upcoming DLC, as well as the admission of the small budget preventing any substantial work from being done on the game, the quest for the almighty dollar is fueling the direction of the game’s post-release support.


To drill home how much they are relying on DLC in the upcoming year, I’ve highlighted all mentions of DLC in a portion of the New Year’s Eve 2015/2016 press release. No less than 40 cars are teased, while the ability to an execute a pit stop in an offline race – something a game would be laughed at excluding as far back as fifteen years ago, is “being worked on.”

I mean, seriously. A game with the tagline “Your Racing Simulator”, but no pit stops? Oh, don’t talk about that, let’s drool over the massive list of upcoming DLC that you’ll have to pay for if you want to continue to race online, as there’s currently no way to join sessions unless you own each piece of DLC the server is using:


It’s extremely easy to break all of this down to the very core, and the harsh reality may be upsetting for those once expecting big things out of the title: Assetto Corsa is more or less finished, and the upcoming bombardment of premium additional content, as well as the console release in a few months, is to ensure the long-term financial stability of the studio. For those unsatisfied with Assetto Corsa in its current state for any number of reasons, it’s safe to say there won’t be an effort to turn things around.


69 thoughts on “Cash Grab Corsa

  1. gonna have to disagree with you on this one James, i think you know what im gonna say but im gonna say it anyways, artists dont make new features, the physics modellers also doesnt make new features, i imagine they can add a few things here and there but still you get the point. As a game developer im gonna side with Stefano here and its not in favour of sim racing, fans want content, we all saw what happened with Project cars, sold a metric ton of copies especially on consoles, cars matter a lot in that respect. Its the conflict of interest scenario, everyones most favoured dev is currently reiza, their good will has landing them 13000 sales. I agree with some of the stuff you say but this time its a no from me.

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    1. Already said the same at least 5 times myself… James doesn’t really like to retain any information that challenges his viewpoints (or limits his ability to wildly distort reality).


  2. That click bait sensationalist title.

    Why you say the game doesn’t have pitstops when it has for Multiplayer, just not for single player yet. So is not fair to pass the idea that it doesn’t have at all.


  3. Yep, I see it as that’s what they have prioritised, content. These licences are expensive, so I do think that’s where the focus has been. Both the licences and getting the talent or contracting people to create it.

    You can’t call that out as flat out wrong, especially if they have decided that’s what their target audience wants. And we’ve seen it does pay off.
    Forza and GT sold heaps based on solely that as far as I can see. Career progression to a point, and a massive amount of cars and tracks.

    I mean, that’s not what I want, I’d rather see a few less cars and more features but that’s my opinion. Brake temps, plz…


  4. Great piece, hit the nail on the head.
    Kunos gone totally console, damn that really really sucks.

    So sad to see Kunos going down this route, utterly disappointing to say the least.
    Not only will AC not beat SCE, rF2, iRacing, R3E. AC will even get left in the dust by Forza. Who’d have thunk…

    Physics are getting more and more simplified, copy-paste etc. Tons of features are still lacking. MP is crappy at best. AI is awful since day 1.

    It’s a good thing there are other proper sims out there.
    This title has gone down the shitter, that’s for sure. Yikes.

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    1. thunk? lol, is thought.

      And secondly, you’re just speaking out of your ass. I dare you to prove the physics are simplified and not realistic or don’t correspond to the cars. If MP in AC is crappy with plenty of daily populated servers, then I don’t know what to think of other sims that barely have 10 people in their servers.


      1. ps. this is the live server list. Even right now at 1-3am in Europe people are more interested to play Multiplayer in Assetto Corsa than at the peak hours of those other sims you keep shilling.


      2. Nope, most servers are in pickup mode. Booking mode is only used for leagues who pre-book spots for the signed up players.
        Just use the website above or the in-game server browser and you’ll see how many there are with booking filter disabled.


      3. That’s why Assetto Corsa is a simcade for idiots and shills.
        Its audience doesn’t care about flag rules or accurate physics. They just want to chill around and they’re the ones shilling this broken game the most.


      4. Those and races at silverstone with zonda r, races at brands hatch with several cars like ford escort, gt3, road supercars. Gt2 races at mugello. Toyota, bmw, abarth races at vallelunga, zandvoort, brands.


  5. There’s one reason why this isn’t just a cash grab or only focusing on DLC.

    When they created the game since 2011-2013 (before it arrived to steam as early access), they already planned for it to not have those so fought hardcore-basic features. And back then they didn’t have expectations to make this a very successful game, just a simple sim racing game where the focus was the cars simulation and laserscanned tracks. And I doubt back tthen hey said we won’t do any features that exist in past games because we will only do dlcs. Many people want new content, so dlc is the only way to pay for the costs of license and development of new cars and tracks.


    1. the flip side is to react to the situation. i know coding is hard as all hell, its my job after all but lets take minecraft for example, that exploded, notch took feedback from the community and implemented that feedback, the issue AC faces is it caters for so many types of racers so im not too sure about which fans they are placing preference on.

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  6. Make no mistake, for those of us who bought this game in late 2013 when it went out in early access, its current state is really disappointing. I continue to be baffled by Kunos’ strategy in releasing this thing on consoles in such a state. Do they really think they can compete with Forza or GT? That just isn’t going to happen even if Assetto had the features and polish those games do; in its current state they have to delusional, or maybe just downright stupid to think they will have any serious impact on the driving game market on consoles. People will just keep playing the series to which they’ve grown loyal. And why wouldn’t they? I find nothing “fun” about AC as a sim racer, and I can only imagine how dull someone who plays Forza will find it. Furthermore, we all know serious sim players won’t jump ship to consoles, so what’s the bloody point?

    Recognizing that they have limited resources, why would they push forward with a product that isn’t even finished on one platform? If they had a product that actually leaves one with a good impression, then Stefano’s plan might make sense. But if you release shit, you can’t build on that because your name is tarnished in the eyes of the consumer. If they think the first game is bad why would they give you a second chance? I can’t wait to see the reviews when this drops on consoles. Stefano needs to be knocked down a bit and that will surely do it.

    The thing to do is to stop supporting these idiots, they are no different than SMS. Stefano seems to be another histrionic child just like Ian Bell. He does not deserve your support. And his game, I must say, is perhaps only slightly more realistic than PCars and has much less to see and do. What a nightmare.

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  7. Lol another clickbait article. can you do more better?
    Inb4 somebody will say me AC fanboy again lol.

    You need more creative about your article.


  8. “Stefano says he can’t develop every feature in the world and there is no set of standard features for sims”

    Those red highlights contain more free official content than will be released for rFactor 2 this year.

    “it was unfortunate to hear that progress on the game had essentially taken a back seat to a constant barrage of DLC”

    You still haven’t played the 1.4 update at all, and this is the 8th article since then.

    >plays rFactor 2, shits all over the stock car physics on 4chan
    >doesn’t mention that at all in his update news article, doesn’t approve comment pointing it out

    >doesn’t play AC for a month
    >writes 8 articles, comments about an update he’s never played, analyses physics of cars he’s never driven


      1. Your comment is valid for all the other sims, except iracing and maybe pcars. If you hop in AC for public racing there are servers with people in that aren’t drift or track day.
        The time when you see more populated drift servers is when Europeans are in bed and USA/Canada is at evening/night. And there are plenty of drifters in usa and canada, so is kinda their “fault” for more drift servers than normal racing. But even with that, I see servers with normal cars and tracks for usa/can time zones.

        The problem is that only iracing has good racing during usa/canada prime time, and since James is banned from iracing he can’t find any other sim to race in cars and tracks he wants and with people in. So basically James is blaming all communities, especially the one from AC, for not doing what he likes. #letaustinbacktoiracing

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  9. Good responses from Stefano in answering some pretty obvious questions. I have to say though this article is quite disappointing and lacks any real journalistic integrity.


    1. But of course. PRC complains about marketing gimmicks and cash grab. Then complains when the lead developer is honest about their decisions and the compromises they had to do since AC started being developed to this day, and about their close future plans for the game.


    2. And more than that, PRC is complaining that Kunos has been honest during early access about what to expect for 1.0 and onward. Yet PRC and certain haters put in their heads that the game should be this and that and not how it is. Get it together guys. Why do you forget the company behind the game never promised their customers, things you see in games from the past you found to like, and now think a game without that is unworthy.


  10. So what their saying is we gonna make some money and in 3-5 years (probably what it will take) They will have a complete racing sim 🙂 cool I’ll reinstall it then and see.


  11. What is funny is that Stefano patiently is trying to explain how software development works, and that choices have to be made, and somehow that is presented here as a “cash grab”.

    You may know a lot about simracing. Not so much about software development.

    Kunos have a clear focus on what makes their product special. It’s why after a bit of GSCE I quit and launch AC as I just enjoy the drive so much more. Even if it doesn’t have a pitlane speed limiter, or timed races.

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  12. To bring you up to speed, Ferrari Virtual Academy was a $15 time trial competition, featuring four cars and three tracks.

    Three cars actually, the 2010 season car, the 2011 season car (complete with DRS and KERS) and the Ferrari 458. The Nurburgring wasn’t even available in all cars due to licensing. Initially there was only one car and one track. After Alonso won the drivers’ championship they reduced the price.

    It was nice, but time trials only can just go so far. I’d say it was mostly a spin-off of netKar Pro. netKar Pro would be their best product before Assetto Corsa.


  13. I liked AC for the first 30 hours of gameplay during the early access and was expecting a lot out of it. Yeah, it was kind of fun to hotlap for a while with it, but then I got bored with it. I don’t understand why fanboys have the constant need to defend AC for lacking very basic features. “Kunos didn’t promise this or that bla bla bla”. Well, I sort of just for example expect some fucking flags on any modern racing sim. It is just so basic thing that it just needs to be there. I would ridicule dev that would advertise in their racing game’s early access page that their features will include amazing things like flags and SP pit stops. So stupid…

    It is easy to agree that AC is popular in the simracing scale of things. It is just so baffling to me and I don’t understand why. I uninstalled AC around 1.1 and since then have tested the new updates just to see if it has improved. No it hasn’t, unfortunatley and then I uninstall it again. Basic features are lacking and AI is still a total mess after how many updates to it. And I don’t even get the fanboy praise of the fun driving. To me AC doesn’t even feel good and the car handling is mostly awkward or just simply boring. On the otherhand the whole game is boring and lifeless, so it sort of goes hand to hand there.

    To me AC is the Goat Simulator of racing sims: there is very little to do in the game for the price, it has bugs and missing game features, but at the same time it is popular and sells like the hot potato. Popularity really isn’t any guarantee of quality.

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    1. If you didn’t really play since 1.4, then is kinda your fault. Netcode big time improvements, made racing more interesting and technically better with online players.


      1. Bloody hell, please stay off the internet. Yeah, it’s definitely his fault that AC is boring, lifeless and missing features. He didn’t even drop a single word about netcode, which is still utter garbage way below the standards of 10 year old sims.


      2. Another review of a clueless person. Maybe you’re not clueless, but utter trolling. If AC is so boring and so bad, why you guys from other sims gonna comment on every article about AC. Is that you’re preferred sim is actually boring and can’t make more than a race every two weeks? You don’t see so many senseless comments in articles about other sims, especially if coming from AC players, because we simply don’t care about your preferred sims. And apparently you guys don’t care either, you care more about hating AC, Pcars, iRacing than spending your time with the game you guys constantly shill.


      3. “If you didn’t really play since 1.4, then is kinda your fault. Netcode big time improvements, made racing more interesting and technically better with online players.”
        I’ve tested every single major update of the game since I stopped actively using it around 1.1 and removed it from my hd. It’s just that AC just doesn’t “stay” on my HD permanently. I will continue testing it in the future too, but I really don’t expect it getting anywhere or improving much.


      4. “Another review of a clueless person. Maybe you’re not clueless, but utter trolling. If AC is so boring and so bad, why you guys from other sims gonna comment on every article about AC. Is that you’re preferred sim is actually boring and can’t make more than a race every two weeks?”

        Well fuck you, mate. Ad hominems right away from the fanboy. I have criticized every other major sim here and elsewhere and also given appreciation where it is due, although I comment here quite rarely. And this was AC topic, so why not? It is a fact, that all of the major sim products ATM have some strengths and all of them are also acking in different stuff. It is also true that all of them can be enjoyed. It is just that I find AC the worst of the bunch by far and I also find very little something that pushes it above the others in any specific area. Perhaps the amount of mods would be one of it strengths, but then again I have enough good content (either official free/payware DLC or community mods) for the sims I use actively (R3E, rF2, GSCE, nr2003), so that is not something that lifts AC specially high in my books. I don’t need 300 cars or 100 tracks of varying quality to my HD. Most of my racing is also against AI and AC is just ridicilously bad there even after all the updates.

        I have no particular hate or love for any software. Perhaps AC is just so dissapointing and I expected more out of it as it showed a lot of promise in the early days. It is of course not a big loss that it is useless to me, so in that sense discussion of the topic is also useless and in the end I couldn’t care less how it will evolve in the future. I still find discussion about the qualities of these sims interesting, after all it is one of my hobbies. It is still baffling why some people like you need to get so fucking defensive and butthurt of other’s opinions. I couldn’t care less if you critisize R3E, rF2, GSCE or whatever. It simply doesn’t have any effect on my enjoyment. People being in love with their sim of choice and getting butthurt for them makes discussion about the subject worthless and stupid.


      5. I know you are a troll when talking about AC. Because you used the same troll line when describing AC like the pitcock guy from steam forums described rf2, as the goat simulator of the sim games.


  14. Horncuckle is the secretest of secret sources. I’m surprised he’s still a beta tester since I’m sure he had to sign an NDA and he NDA’ed all over this page in the early days. Breaking an NDA should now be known as “horncuckling”


  15. This retarded commentary about Assetto is getting very boring.

    Anybody who keeps chiming in about how they played AC in early access and now are disappointed- woohoo for you. I’ve played since Oct 2014 and I still enjoy racing, not driving. Racing. Surprisingly if you’re not a retard you can enjoy real racing. I have no idea what you idiots are doing but I get the feeling you are the same people that would complain about Microsoft word not allowing them to do professional graphic design because it was missing “core” features.

    I play what I have in front of me and have fun rather than crying over all the missing features I think it has compared to something else.

    Let’s talk about the number 1 core feature that is missing from RaceRoom – players

    Now talk about features all you like but I don’t care how “complete” your chosen game is if when I try to race it I get a ghost town.

    Let’s talk about iRacings core missing feature – a realistic business model

    I tried to get into iRacing and all I got from my subscription was what felt like a paid demo with a massive paywall around it. Want to race the Ring? £30 please. That’s a good feature and definitely not a cash grab

    RFactor’s missing feature – an open community. Want to race within a community? £50 please for an online subscription. Due to this anybody actually racing in RFactor is doing it inside leagues cos otherwise they won’t pay for the ghost town.

    I’m done with this Assetto bashing. Try the alternatives, I have. The grass is not greener on the other side.

    Assetto is not feature complete but one of the most important features is which is a vibrant community full of players and mods. If you guys want to get into a circle and shout about how good your chosen game is then good for you, but your opinion is not fact. Facts are I have tried the competition and in my opinion Assetto is better. That is not based on last years subjective historic view but a current view of all the other platforms have to offer.

    Is my opinion fact for you? No. But I’m not some sim newbie and not some casual player. My choice is Assetto.

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    1. “I play what I have in front of me and have fun rather than crying over all the missing features I think it has compared to something else”

      But you are still crying over the people who are bashing AC’s poor features and other sims not being any better? Seems a bit hypocritical, but perhaps that’s just me. Why care so much about other’s opinions and just have fun with what’s in front of you?


      1. I have them all in front of me you retard… So I’m not hypocritical at all.

        I choose Assetto because it’s better for me.

        Better because of the community and the experience.

        Better because every other game I have played so far feels worse in one way or another. The difference seems to be that whilst I happily play a “broken” Assetto missing features a load of sim toffs feel the need to constantly tell us how rubbish it is instead of playing their chosen sim.

        I don’t get involved in this stupid argument usually because I’m busy enjoying the games I have that I don’t need to come somewhere for validation that I’m right or wrong. After this conversation if you tell me another sim is better and that I’m wrong I won’t go away crying or get bitter. I know Assetto is better for me. Full stop.

        I mean look at the dumb idiots that choose to post on every single thread here about how rubbish AC is and ask yourself the question would you really buy a game on their recommendation? Their mental derangement makes any statement they are trying to make so valueless.

        I’m the stupid guy that spends actual money on the sims to try them all and make up my own mind.

        Let me tell you a story. It’s true.

        I’m the guy that reads about Pcars and that gets hyped for Pcars. Previously I was into Forza and before that Gran Turismo.

        I made a PC for project cars and played Race 07. I bought Assetto after Pcars got delayed. I feel in love with Assetto big time. It was meant to be a stop gap. I got Project cars and after a few days was back to Assetto. My disappointment was huge. Assetto was meant to be rubbish compared to the future: The future was Pcars. It wasn’t.

        Since Assetto i have bought and tried all the sims, but none feel as good as Assetto.
        Even the ones that feel close are missing an open thriving community. If we want to talk about cash grabs let’s talk about Rfactors online model. That’s a cash grab and worse than anything Kunos have done


  16. IMO Kunos is only giving what he promised.
    Is it bad? No and yes.
    No because well… it is what he promised.
    Yes because… well, he calls it a simulator, you either try to simulate or you are building an arcade. But instead going for it he keeps the “hardcore sim racer” bs excuse. And this is what made me more disappointed with AC. If I saw he saying this before buying I’d never have dome it back in the early access days, too bad Steam won’t refund me.


  17. Talking out of your ass again, James?

    just purchased rfactor2 and tried some single-player “racing” with ISI-NSX-R on Bathurst…
    …winning combination, for sure (if you like counting dents and dive-bombs)

    But… …it’s probably just me not capable of configuring the AI to be any good, right?


  18. Very self-masturb article, without a doubt. You can interpret his statements however you like.

    You can pretend that a perfect, James masturb worthy title is going to appear. Apprently, what you can’t do is address the ridiculous amount of technical illiteracy you spouted a few days ago?

    What is that, 10+ times you have been flat out wrong about AC and here’s some wild bullshit again…

    All from the kid who never wanted AC to update their tyre model from the initial release…. You really care about simulation accuracy!


      1. Yea …. and they are doing it only in private why exactly?

        Stop lying everywhere or you may actually start believing it yourself and get completely lost in what’s real and what’s not. And what will sim racing community do without your “investigative journalism” 😀


  19. “To start things off in true self-masturbatory fashion”


    I should’ve stopped reading there… but I do get what “Kunos” is saying about this not-existent ‘standard’, and have to agree with Mangal here.


  20. Thanks James.

    Thanks for keeping the retards away from AC. Online play has become so much better since you started your crusade against my favourite racesim.

    You see, only dumb people with no ability to form their own opinion believe what you write, and that’s good. They rely on you to provide them with “facts” about something which they know nothing about. It doesn’t concern them enough to go searching for the actual truth, so they’ll just believe any old trash, so long as it’s controversial, negative and full of shit. Neither does it concern them that they look as stupid as you, because, well, it’s the internet.

    In case you haven’t realized yet, it’s these same dumb retards who spoil online racing for everyone else. And you’ve been banned from iRacing I see. Hmm, I wonder why.

    So please do continue with your public melt down. It’s very entertaining to watch a [semi] adult spewing so much hatred and bitterness toward a $40 game. The fact that you need to tell so many lies and distort the truth so much just adds to the entertainment value.

    We look forward to further documentation of your spiral into the clutches of delusion.

    Normal people everywhere.


      1. Does being media manipulative, sensationalist, making biased and distorted claims ever get boring? Of course not, because simply reporting news is boring, speculating and making skewed claims is ever more interesting.


      2. It was already an obvious thing, especially after the rest of the community got to try the public game. The reviews were quite mixed, mainly the ones saying well were the ones involved in WMD.
        But that doesn’t give you valid future articles.

        The last one for example was a complete meltdown on PRC’s side. Because there’s a very valid reason for certain cars to share similar suspension xyz points on a 3d map. Even cars like audi r8 v10 and huracan supertrofeo. I’m sure you read the various post on that article refuting what you said.


      3. Of course he’s read them. He will even read the official response on the official forum before writing his ‘blog’. But the responses don’t conform to his negativity so he deliberately omits them. Look up “Trolling 101” for more info.

        And James, for your ‘ad hominem’ comment; you’re now digging deeper into the realms of hypocrisy than ever. Or are you trying to distance yourself from your own comments?
        He was speaking on behalf of his company and “the vast majority of AC users”.
        You may have a handful of disciples here on your ‘blog’ but the vast majority of us AC users who know the facts of what you write, also know that you’ve yet to string together an entire blog without lies, deceit and distortion of the truth.


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