Is the V8 Supercars World Tour Already in Trouble?

GSC 2016-01-09 12-09-41-79

Kicking off shortly before Christmas Holidays, the V8 Supercars World Tour was intended to bring the readers of together on Saturday afternoons to drive a car some loved so much, they paid extra for it, twice. After a summer-long crowdfunding campaign saw the Holden Commodore V8 Supercar become the poster child of Reiza Studios’ future projects, the obvious next step was to create a platform for people to race this thing competitively. As many pointed out to us, pickup racing simply no longer exists in this genre, because the majority of sim racers prefer organized league racing.

So, we created a league. There would be no entry fee. There would be no need to sit down and paint yourself a car. There would be minimal downloading of third party mods. It would take place on a website where detailed statistics and moderation would be taken care of by someone other than us, to ensure we weren’t simply banning people we didn’t like. The fast guys would be encouraged to share setups publicly, so new drivers could get a handle on these cars with a competitive setup right out of the box. There was virtually no effort required to sign up and race. In fact, our guide to getting started on Race2Play was so slick, one guy actually criticized us for discouraging people from spending money on the site, just because we knew people would see Premium Membership and get scared at what that meant.


For the first event at Suzuka, we had 35 entrants, more than the maximum amount of cars Race2Play allows on the grid to ensure server stablilty. Yet when it came time for the event to begin, only fifteen drivers showed up. We chalked this up to a very real mismatch error that prevented a large portion of drivers from joining the server. The next week at Kyalami, again we dealt with a mismatch error, and again we were only able to pull in fifteen drivers. Yet both races played out exceptionally well. No intentional wrecking, great battles all throughout the field, and everyone who showed up agreed it was worth the 90 minutes they set aside for Stock Car Extreme that weekend.

However, today at Barbagallo, we only managed to bring in nine drivers.

GSC 2016-01-09 12-08-47-44

It’s obviously a confusing scenario, especially as the series is set to begin a month-long trek through prestigious North American circuits. With Mosport, Road Atlanta, Road America, and Portland composing the next chunk of the schedule, the series is instead seeing a gradual reduction of participants. In fact, out of the twenty five drivers who have started a race in the V8 Supercars World Tour, only four of them have attempted all three races.


To throw an even bigger curve ball into the mix, according to our League webpage on Race2Play, 94 drivers have seen our site advertise this league and said “yep, I’m in.” However, only 26% of them have bothered to come out for a race.


I’m puzzled. When this car first dropped on the masses, a flurry of YouTube videos and comments advertised this car as the definitive version of a Holden Commodore touring car.


The league isn’t going to be cancelled or shortened to accommodate the much smaller than expected grid size, but it is definitely frustrating to see the hypocrisy of the sim racing community at play once again. Everyone has no problem throwing copious amounts of money at a crowdfunding campaign just for one car that EmptyBox makes a video about, but when it comes time to actually race the damn thing, less than ten people show up, and only five or so can last the entire hour without stuffing it into the wall.


Sadly, we are not the first series to struggle with participation numbers, as Andy Graydon’s Showcase Sim Series was forced to cancel their V8 Supercars season after just one event, citing multiple factors contributing to the low turnout.


Am I missing something? Is it suddenly trendy within the sim community to brag about how much money you’ve donated to a company, and then not actually play the game?

GSC 2015-12-26 11-37-00-19


57 thoughts on “Is the V8 Supercars World Tour Already in Trouble?

  1. I saw some commenters say after your BS regarding Reiza that they weren’t gunna race in the league.
    Guessing the lack of grace shown by you in even admitting you ballsed up and not offering a retraction maybe confirmed it for those guys.


      1. Staging a protest for an online racing league, when the articles written on have absolutely nothing to do with how the league operates or the on-track action itself (a third party handles the whole thing, we essentially paid to host a server), is proof that sim racers would rather dedicate time to message board spats than actually play their sim of choice. By checking out individual race histories, it can be demonstrated that some members joined Race2Play exclusively for the PRC V8 league, and are now intentionally benching themselves from racing altogether for meaningless brownie points among fellow forum users. Maybe I missed the memo, playing games has taken a backseat to talking about games?

        Now you’d have a compelling argument if, say, we were tracking comments left on here to the individuals behind them, and handing out secret weight penalties or something else to commenters we’re not fond of, but we aren’t. We can’t. We don’t run the show, we just paid for it.

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      2. Hilarious that it seemingly doesn’t make sense to you.
        Much the same as not having a bit of integrity and being decent enough to realise when you kinda effed up doesn’t make sense to others.

        I’m not a driver in the league and I don’t own any Reiza stuff, just quite funny to see you dress down the devs when they screw up, then watch the same happen to you, while you conduct yourself with similar pig headish-ness.


  2. >Am I missing something? Is it suddenly trendy within the sim community to brag about how much money you’ve donated to a company, about how much you hate AC, Pcars, iR and how arcade they are, and then not actually play the game you shill for?

    There, fixed it for you.


      1. I’d be surprised if the Reiza article is responsible for the league’s participation falloff.

        I bet it has more to do with how difficult V8SCs are to drive.


  3. Some recent articles here probably did quite a number against yourself & your efforts in the public-eye.

    I had typed-out much more here, bringing up that ‘James-association’ mentality and my perspective on looking into another league after /OVGT3/, but now… I don’t think PRC is worth the effort.

    A small comment here & there on what happens in 2016 from now on is all I’ll probably bother with.


    1. I participate in this league because it probably is the only chance to race the V8s with more than two other random people on public servers (perhaps Aussies have a league of their own, but the timezone sucks). To me, the Reiza’s Holdens are one of the best sim-race cars ever made; they are a tremendous pleasure to drive. True, they are quite demanding and do require you to be smooth and precise, but this only adds up to the fun. Plus the engine sounds. Plus the fact that the races have so far been really clean, a huge difference from the usual open-servers mayhem, which may come as a bit of a surprise given we’re just a bunch of random guys from all over the world. But it does seem to work. OK, Barbagallo was a bummer but I hope it’ll get better as we move on. BTW – you don’t have to be a top driver to enjoy this league. I’m slow, I’m usually 2-3 secs or more a lap off the pace, but I don’t give a damn.

      And I don’t fucking care that it is a PRC-based league. James/Austin is right about many things and even if he isn’t, he’s entitled to his own opinion. If you prefer to waste your time spamming and moaning about some fucking associoator or like shit rather than have fun racing, then may the fuck be with you.

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      1. After a lengthy-reply like that, I’d have to say “wast(ing) your time spamming and moaning” applies to you more than me.


      2. @Antoher Chris: Sorry, my post wasn’t meant for you personally, it’s just that it was the last post on the page at the time I was writing mine and I thought the “Reply” button was just reply to everyone.

        While I am aware of your regular presence here (mostly due to the fact you’re one of the few with a regular name and pic) I rarely read more that several first comments under the articles; since 90% of them is just the same old shitstorm not worth my time I only give them a cursory glance, so your posts, however factual and accurate they may be, simply slip my attention. Therefore the “you” pronoun I used in the above post was a plural “you”, not a “you” aimed at you personally :). Sorry for the miscommunication. It was aimed at all those sad wankers circling like vultures every time an article gets posted here.

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  4. I think given some of the pieces you’ve run lately and the backlash to them, it’s not entirely shocking that people don’t want to associate themselves with the league anymore. Note that this is not necessarily a reflection on what people think of the game, but of what they think of your work the last couple of weeks.


  5. TBH the schedule was marginal for me (I don’t wake up that early on Saturday normally, though it’s not like ‘6am’ or something) and the events I did show up for (week 2 & 3) were kinda meh. I’m not saying it’s your league, just that maybe this league format in general is not for me unless it’s on a more polished system.

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    1. Im inclined to agree with this…Only thing is that i work graveyard so i get off 30 min before the races that are at 8 starts but it takes me 30+ min to get home


  6. Do people really take this site that seriously, it’s fun, it’s a hobby, it’s a fucking video game. Get over it and race somebody. Fuck.


  7. I was thinking about it, but then I looked at the entry list, remembered that I don’t like the track, and said “fuck it I’m not getting up at 7 AM for this”. Yes, not entering because there aren’t enough entries.

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  8. I love V8 Supercars in real life – they are awesome pieces of kit with ballsy drivers and legendary racing. Beasts being tamed by real race drivers. Probably the best tintop racing out there.
    But in the Virtual world I have yet to drive one ( and have tried iRacing, rF2, GSCE versions) that is a pleasure to drive. the pretend V8 Supercars understeer like crazy, feels like driving a bus and is a handful to complete an hour or so of racing.
    Some cars which are great in real life suck when they become pretend race cars – and I will stick my neck out and say V8 Supercars fall in that bracket – sure you need to know your stuff to get good consistent laps, but they are no FUN to drive.
    On the other hand GSCE has the Brazilian Stock Cars that are great to pretend race with – maybe the choice of car makes your league undesirable….


    1. 1) You’re a pretend race driver and most likely not any good, of course you struggle to complete a race
      2) If you are willing to put a little time into your hobby i found these cars to be very rewarding
      3) Lower the front anti-roll bar and tell me this thing still understeers
      4) Brazilian Stock? They’re almost on rails, only the new lancers are more boring than this

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      1. 1. Not really have been doing this since GPL days with one hour or longer online races – was also A-License on iRacing – but yes struggle to complete a full race with V8s and yes I suck
        2. Alas I only have an hour a day (maybe a few more on some weeknds) because I do work, have a website, a marriage and two kids – and I do spend more time on rF2 – IMO these days Flat6 is best thing in simming
        3. Will try the suggestions you and others have kindly made
        4. Some very good racing I have had with AI and Brazilian Stocks – all the other GSCE stuff (plus add-ons) does not compare IMO
        5. You sound like an Ozzie sheep shagger 😉


  9. Wait, are you telling me a league whose audience are people who spend all their time complaining about sim racing isn’t taking off?. Color me surprised.


      1. Maybe most people drive rF2 offline and many are not on Steam – but agreed even the public servers are deserted – AI is better than most humans in rF2 so better to drive with them. They don’t talk. they do their shot with little fuss – and if they beat you, just reduce their asses and instead of being Luca Badoer of reallife simming you can be the Ayrton Senna of your pretend race world. Oh yes and AI don’t cheat like their human counterparts.


  10. I think there’s a number of reasons, probably timezone, appeal amongst other things and, yes, because of ‘that’ Reiza article you did. I know you don’t understand why people would sit out of a series just for an article, but I’ve been a fan for maybe a month and I thoroughly enjoy this site and even that article rubbed me the wrong way. Yes, Reiza are using rFactor still as a base, but I feel rather than go to the fund page and supposedly get their campaign investigated, you should have actually asked a dev about it and got some answers there. They don’t bite y’know, I’ve had some great messages with Reiza devs and they take any question and crticism.

    And before anyone says it, no, I’m not a Reiza fanboy. I’m a PRC fanboy if anything and I hope this series does get more members and entrants.


  11. The thing with the V8’s is that they’re hard to drive hence people quit after they realize it looks much cooler on the TV than it is to pretend race them. Compared to something like GT3’s they don’t turn, don’t brake and require delicate throttle application. I love to race V8’s, and have done many races in them (several were 3 and 6h races), but they’re undeniably harder to drive than your average pretend race car which I think is one the the defining factors of lower fields.


  12. Haha! Karma is a bitch huh? You spend all your time moaning and shitting on every sim, and then you blame it on the community when (surprise surprise) no one wants to race with you.


  13. Despite all the hype before the update, no one seems to enjoy driving the Super V8s.
    The number of servers running the Super V8s says it all.
    Stock Car V8: 21
    Copa Petrobras de Marcas: 20
    Mitsubishi Lancer Cup: 17
    Super V8: 5

    Or to put it another way.
    Servers that run easy to drive cars that make you feel like a driving god even if you have no skill at all: 58
    Servers that run cars which require a minimum of skill: 5


  14. I’m going to try to make the Mosport race. I signed up for it. If for some reason I don’t make it, don’t hold it against me. I have a newborn baby girl and she likes to throw a wrench into my sim racing plans often!


  15. I signed up for the league and was planning to race over winter break but plans changed and I couldn’t race on race days. Going back to school so I’m missing the rest of the races. Hopefully the turnout gets better


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