GTR Evolution Mod Released for Stock Car Extreme!

GSC 2016-01-10 13-34-20-78

What started out as a goofy late-night project ended up being good enough to release to our readers here at Originally beginning life as an official Expansion Pack for SimBin’s Race 07, GTR Evolution was deemed by many as the spiritual successor to the legendary PC racing sim GTR 2. Featuring three classes of modern GT participants, a high-quality rendition of the Nurburgring Nordschleife, as well as a DTM-like fantasy series based on then-current WTCC entries, virtually everybody who bought Race 07 also bought GTR Evolution.

GSC 2016-01-10 13-31-02-31

As Race 07 is powered by the same engine and file structure used by ISI’s rFactor, members of the sim racing community eventually got around to converting the selection of GT1 cars from GTR Evolution – dubbed GT Pro due to the lack of an official series license, into rFactor so they could be driven by a wider audience of sim racers. A few weeks into 2016, Reiza’s Stock Car Extreme still proudly displays its rFactor roots among other modern sims, allowing us to easily extend the lifespan of obscure mods some may have forgotten about.

GSC 2016-01-10 13-32-31-92

So what’s different? We grabbed this mod from TrippTeam’s massive rFactor mod archive, and used grumbel’s rfactortools to quickly get the mod into Stock Car Extreme. From there, we cleaned up every single car file to ensure there were no sloppy naming errors, probably the most tedious part of compiling this mod. To take advantage of the new per-car steering lock and rotation settings introduced into version 1.52 of Stock Car Extreme, we inserted the necessary lines of parameters into the Controls section of each individual vehicle HDV file. Finally, we adjusted the cockpit vantage point to be much more user friendly; your eyes are no longer planted in the back seat, staring down at the Motec display. The end result is a mod that is slightly dated in terms of visuals, but every bit as compelling to drive as some of the newer GT3 mods.

GSC 2016-01-10 13-33-07-79

If you’re a big Sports Car Racing fan, you’ll feel right at home in these cars. Even though these beasts were first released to the public for a different sim all the way back in 2008, the driving technique required to be successful isn’t an entirely foreign concept. Sim Racers who have sunk many laps into popular GT3 mods will find a large portion of their driving style carries over, though there are a few subtleties that make these cars a worthwhile addition to your Stock Car Extreme install. The increased power allows the rear end to slip and slide a bit while under acceleration, but it’s never entirely out of control. The top speeds have increased on some of the longer stretches of each track, but with speeds eclipsing 270 km/h, the distance needed to slow the car down has also increased.

As a word of warning, the default setups are a bit garbage. Drop the ride height and soften the springs for an infinitely better feeling car.

GSC 2016-01-10 13-31-43-96

Due to the lack of an official series license, the artist formerly known as SimBin were required to take a bit of a creative approach on the list of cars available, leading to the inclusion of fictional GT1 variants of popular supercars in place of Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini. Over 40 liveries are included in this mod from the original GTR Evolution, spread among nine different cars:

  • Aston Martin DBR 9
  • Audi R8
  • Chevrolet Corvette C5R
  • Chevrolet Corvette C6R
  • Chrysler Viper
  • Gumpert Apollo
  • Koenigsegg CCGT
  • Lister Storm
  • Saleen S7R

GSC 2016-01-10 13-34-11-12

You can grab GTR Evolution Version 1.1 for Stock Car Extreme here:


13 thoughts on “GTR Evolution Mod Released for Stock Car Extreme!

  1. The Simbin guys messed around quite a lot with the physics to get the cars more balanced (GTR2 vanilla leagues were Ferrari F550 festivals), especially the suspension on some GT cars is really far from reality IIRC. If you wanted to try do the GT1 era cars justice, use the GTR2 physics and balance from there.
    The things RACE did better was actual improvements to the tire model and the FFB.


    1. I’ve read the same thing about the Ferrari F550 in GTR 2, and I recall back in the day during a hotlap competition on NoGripRacing, the top chunk of times were all Ferraris. After people got familiar with the game, a whole bunch of public lobbies ran the NGT cars instead, which warranted much closer (and balanced) racing.

      We’ll probably tidy those up and release ’em next.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. After a an evening driving this crap absolutely agreed not worth the download. Way inferior in all aspects to any of the original GSCE stuff and far better GT mods on just about every sim platform. In fact fire up GTR2 or even the original GTR Evolution and they too are much better than this offering. I think it’s a time for quality mods after years of garbage mods…


  2. Great! Thank you.

    What i really hope is that someone could convert “Jyllandsringen” from Simbin’s STCC 2 to GSC, i think is their best track (for gmotor 2), since it seems difficult that they gonna include scandinavian tracks in R3R…


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