There’s a lot that was cut from Need for Speed 2015

Releasing to mixed reviews and less than stellar reception from longtime fans of the series, the spiritual successor to Need for Speed Underground 2 sunk in price almost as quickly as it arrived on the shelves. Uninspiring gameplay, a rough framerate, and lack of customization options sent many diehards Need for Speed back to the games of yesteryear, utterly disappointed with the product advertised to re-capture the magic of previous entries in the series. Now that the game’s been out for a few months, and the main Reddit community surrounding the game has descended into downright pessimism, we’ve managed to find two videos documenting a few features left out of the final release. YouTube user JLF Gaming has put together a couple of videos documenting the vast array of parts, features, gameplay elements, and even graphical effects advertised in previews that failed to make it into the retail version of the title.

The discoveries are pretty interesting. Decals have gone missing, certain parts can’t be accessed by the player despite appearing on AI cars, sections of the map have disappeared, a brand of rims confirmed by the developers to be in the game are notably absent, and a livery appearing on the box of the game is nowhere to be found. After Ghost Games claimed the retail release would look better than the previews, the downgrade in graphics is easily demonstrable by lining up two comparison videos side by side, which JLF Gaming does for us.

After multiple disappointing aspects, it’s no wonder a large modding community surrounding Need for Speed Underground 2 exists.


16 thoughts on “There’s a lot that was cut from Need for Speed 2015

    1. with watch_dogs it happened that they downgraded the pc version too, to not make it look too good compared with the consoles version.


      1. But with Watch Dogs they were dumb enough to just disable stuff in the config.ini and leave the needed files (Or at least 90% of them) inside the game. Eventually modders managed to re-upgrade the graphics back to E3 standards whitin a week after release.


    2. Very weak. Usually new consoles offer performance equivalent to a good gaming PC upon release but with the PS4 and XB1 they were so far behind it was obvious these machines were underpowered. Being based on mid-range GPUs from 2012 wasn’t going to cut it.

      Developers will hit the wall early with these consoles.


      1. Honestly don’t think so, at least not for properly optimized first party games. The amount of processing power you can extract from limited hardware if you know how to optimize your shit is huge compared to our relatively not efficient PCs.

        However, most developers will probably never go down this route and prefer to program with their butts and optimize with piss and pretend it’s the best they can do


  1. the stickers were due to people pulling out after having seen the game and not being satisfied with how their product was portrayed. to be clear honda wasnt even going to be in this game till really late in the development cycle as well.


    1. The biggest thing that made me get a refund for this game might seem silly to others but I felt as though it was a big detail missed by the developers and still to this day hasn’t been fixed. The Acura RSX Type-S has the right body kit and wheels, but many don’t realize that while the game claims it has the 200 horsepower with a redline of 8000 rpm K20A2, it actually has the base model RSX 160 horsepower with a redline of 7200 rpm K20A3. While they may not have screwed up any other cars in this fashion, I feel as though this is a big oversight. When I buy a AAA game I expect them to at least be able to use google. This game had a lot of potential but there wasn’t much support from the developer to improve the game.


  2. Cut content is a common things. rFactor 1 had a whole bunch of tracks which never officially made into the game, but were still available on ISI site for grabbing. They were 3 or 4 ovals such as Charlotte (Which included an excellent road course aswell).

    But this NFS is just garbage anyway. Its only hope is that modders eventually will start dicking around with it, but it’s unlikely.

    And NFS:U2 is still the best. If only there was a possibility to completely change the entire map with something else, it would have been even better, but at least new cars are welcomed.


    1. It would be impossible to mod Need for Speed when it hits PC early this year.

      Past Frostbite-powered games seem to be unable to be modified, aside from no HUD/camera angle mods on NFS: Rivals.


      1. But that won’t prevent us from grabbing the 3D models for conversions to other games. 🙂

        All those garbage games have 1 and 1 purpose only: organ donors for simracers.

        I’ve seen a lot of models converted from the latest NFS games and I’m quite confindent this will have the same fate. And with all those fake widebody crap (How to ruin a 1974 Porsche 911 with Rocketbunny crap 101), it will be like heaven for the drifing communities of the underground communities (Communitiesception) we have.


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