NGT Revival Mod Released for Stock Car Extreme!

GSC 2016-01-11 19-09-10-02

While the nostalgia goggles tend to paint SimBin’s GTR 2 out to be a title nearing absolute perfection, the landmark sim from 2006 wasn’t without a few minor hiccups. Striving for the utmost of accuracy when faithfully depicting the 2003 and 2004 FIA GT Championship seasons, SimBin modeled the ProDrive Ferrari F550 Maranello featured within the extensive roster of cars to be every bit as dominant as the real life counterpart. GT1 fans loved the impressive attention to detail SimBin had taken when translating the attributes of the real-world car into a hardcore racing simulation , but this quest for realism took its toll on several competitive online leagues using GTR 2 as their sim of choice. With no way to add weight penalties or other miscellaneous restrictions to keep the F550 Maranello’s performance balanced with other cars in the class for the sake of a level online playing field, the majority of sim racers both in public lobbies and serious leagues essentially turned GTR 2 online races into a spec Ferrari F550 racing series.

As the game grew a bit older and sim racers began experimenting with the support classes offered in the vanilla GTR 2 install, many public lobbies and leagues alike made the jump to the NGT class of cars. Featuring smaller powerplants and less aerodynamic assistance, the slower NGT cars often produced much better racing than the lopsided GT1 contests where 80% of the field were in the championship-winning ProDrive entry.

GSC 2016-01-11 19-11-26-31

As with our GTR Evolution conversion posted on the weekend, we consulted the TrippTeam archives and used grumbel’s rfactortools to quickly get the mod into Stock Car Extreme. To take advantage of the new per-car steering lock and rotation settings introduced into version 1.52 of Stock Car Extreme, we inserted the necessary lines of parameters into the Controls section of each individual vehicle HDV file. We also adjusted the cockpit vantage point to be much more user friendly and in-line with other modern sims; your eyes are no longer planted in the back seat, staring down at the Motec display. Unlike the Race07 GT Pro conversion, the models from GTR 2 don’t look all that dated. Stock Car Extreme’s lighting and SRPL-based shaders do a surprisingly good job at maintaining the fidelity of the car models, even though the source material will celebrate its tenth birthday this year. Lastly, we’ve mandated the use of hard compound tires in the event this mod gets circulated among a few different online racing groups like our IZOD IndyCar Series conversion did last year

GSC 2016-01-11 19-12-27-12

The cars struggle to reach 250 km/h, so they’re a tad slower than modern GT3 cars, but the forced hard compound tires give each car a tangible edge to how much you can push. For those who really love the idea of GT3 spec racing but just can’t keep up with the speed, these cars are right up your alley. While the car selection is dominated by a huge list of Ferrari 360 Modena and Porsche 996 entries, the Nissan 350Z and TVR T400R offer a pair of “non-conformist” options. In my own testing sessions, the cars all produced roughly identical lap times and top speeds, with the Porsche driving in a much more realistic fashion than the recently released Flat 6 mod for rFactor 2.

As the source material is quite old, there’s a chance you may need to fiddle with your FFB settings if you’re not satisfied with how the cars feel by default.

GSC 2016-01-11 19-14-08-75

A trip down memory lane that isn’t as dated as the source material implies, if we get a warm reception to these cars, we’ll throw up a public server for our readers with short 15 minute races on the most popular vanilla Stock Car Extreme tracks.

Download the NGT Revival mod for Stock Car Extreme here:

Download the Force Feedback/Tire Fix here:


24 thoughts on “NGT Revival Mod Released for Stock Car Extreme!

      1. Yeah, This guy apparently had a hard on for James.

        He probably sits back, waits for a new story to be written, jacks of while reading it, then slaps himself for blowing his load too fast. Decides that he’s gonna post this shit to get back at James for making him blow his wad too soon, but can’t think of anything else due to his low iq, so he just posts this picture.

        I don’t think he even knows what it says, he’s just posing the first thing he could find after his mom helped him search Asseto Corsa in Google.

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    1. Its the same AC groupie (steam Pitcock_90, Youtube metal sucks, hexjnr\shiller prince here) or it was, at this stage, probably a copy cat there too,PRC really set him off after AC was allowed to be criticized here,(he was ok when PRC was virtually shilling AC) James mentioned those fucking NASCAR\NR2003 retards (SRD?) which COULD be the copycats, but I also know that Pitcock is a big NR2003 fan too, so he could be one of those SRD (STD?) fucktards.

      Will give this a blast, very interesting claim that the Porsche drives better then the Inline six mod, definitely intrigued as been on that car non stop since release, and if there’s a better driving version it must be the best Porsche out there at moment.


      1. Tbh not a professional on Porsches in any respect (unlike the entire race sim community that all seem to own porches), and Im fairly naive on how they are supposed to handle, however Inline 6 mod you can most definitely feel that weight on rear axle really distinctly especially taking away a lot of downforce, and with that, assumed it was pretty close, im gonna have to have a porsche drive night, SCE porches v ferrari and APEX gt3 porches, see the difference.(GTE porches different kettle of fish with better weight distribution so apparently doesn’t handle like your traditional Porsches).

        But yeah wow you opinion certainly goes against almost everyone’s (including rf2 haters) on saying inline 6 mod handling like shift, just out of interest and so I can try and compare, in your opinion whats thee goto Porche mod?


  1. “In my own testing sessions, the cars all produced roughly identical lap times and top speeds, with the Porsche driving in a much more realistic fashion than the recently released Flat 6 mod for rFactor 2.”

    Roughly translates to, “I can abuse the physics like I usually can in rF1 and GSC”. And I don’t even like the flat6 mod much outside of racing.


    1. But that’s a physics-engine problem, not a mod problem. You can abuse the physics with literally almost every single mod because it’s an underlying physics problem.


      1. You can shift the brake balance way backward for super-late braking. Under real-life circumstances you would loose the rear everytime (and it happens in rF as well), but in rFactor you can instantly catch the rear with a quick stab in the throttle. Doesn’t work like this in real life


  2. Thee FFB doesn’t feel as good as more ‘modern’ mods because the .TBC (tire) files don’t have an entry for Pneumatic Trail. I think this is because the tire files are straight from GTR2 which used an older version of GMotor. If you add the line “PneumaticTrail=0.0000050” to the end of each compound, front and rear both, the FFB feels much better.

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  3. Great mod, though I do have a problem with the sounds when I drive them. I can’t hear anything else other than the car’s engines, track kerbs don’t make rumbling noises and collisions are muted.


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