Boats on Ice – The Flat 6 Mod for rFactor 2

rFactor2 2016-01-16 17-22-32-01

“Come on Sev, we’ve almost got a full grid! You should totally sign up for this”

“Nah, that mod is garbage. It floats around when you’re on a straight. Like a wheel is loose or something.”

Released to a near-unanimous level of fanfare, the first EnduRacers mod for rFactor 2, the Flat 6 Series, was considered to be a turning point in the lifespan of ISI’s flagship racing sim. Until the launch of the mod three short weeks ago, diehard rFactor 2 players struggled to find a mod they could use as an example of how good their favorite racing sim can be when it’s firing on all cylinders. With MakCorp amounting to little more than fancy render showcases on VirtualR, ISI’s official releases inconsistent at best, and URD’s fantastic Endurance GT cars locked behind a paywall, the lack of one really good mod that everyone could download and race together caused rFactor 2 to become a shadow of the game that preceded it. There was simply no must-have third party content for the game, when the original title could offer sim racers everything from the 1979 Formula One Season to Off-Road Trucks at this point in its lifespan. As a result, rFactor 2’s popularity dwindled, something that can be seen in all its embarrassing glory via the use of SteamCharts.

Suddenly, one late December evening, EnduRacers dropped the Flat 6 Series on us. You didn’t have to look at the screenshots, read the release notes, or watch videos from people like EmptyBox showing off the car in all its glory. Chances are, if you had rFactor 2 installed, you’d already clicked the download button. Used by countless competitive online leagues offering real cash prizes, the EnduRacers Flat 6 Mod is regarded as one of the best and most accurate rFactor mods ever. And now it was available for rFactor 2.

But is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

rFactor2 2016-01-16 17-23-22-02

Restricting a majority of the setup options and offering you over 50 different liveries to choose from, these cars both in real life and within rFactor 2 are essentially a spec series. You’re allowed to change minor shit like the ride height, steering lock, brake bias, and rear wing angle of attack, but how successful you are during each race depends a large part on your driving skills. This plays a large role in the popularity of the Flat 6 mod: you don’t need to be a setup whiz, or even familiar with the garage menu at all to be competitive in most online servers. But with so much of your success relying on sheer driving skill, it only makes the flaws in the Flat 6 mod for rFactor 2 stick out that much worse. You can’t dial out certain unwanted characteristics by running fucked up values, because there aren’t really any values to adjust in the first place.

A couple weeks ago, there was a public lobby run by REVS SimRacing UK featuring the full Silverstone layout. During this open session, I was able to refine the baseline setup I’d built, and had an extremely satisfying battle with the top three drivers until I was taken out by a guy re-joining the track at the wrong time. To my surprise, I was more disappointed at how the car drove, than having my race ruined when I was on pace to catch the leader.

In a straight line, the car floats and wanders around as if I’m playing Need for Speed Shift 2: UnleashedThat’s not good. In the corners, I’m able to hold the most ridiculous of slip angles with ease. That’s also not good. Spending time putting in additional laps at both Lime Rock and Sepang, I just couldn’t figure out what people saw in this car. How people slammed Shift 2 Unleashed for handling like “Boats on Ice”, yet praised the Flat 6 mod for being one of the most realistic mods ever… Dude, these people are completely and utterly clueless

Yet the racing was so good, I signed up for an event with the car on Race2Play at Mid-Ohio. Even though the physics were nowhere close to realistic or even logical, the racing a semi-fixed setup not-quite-GT3 sports car produced was out of this world. An hour prior to the start of the event, we had 33 entries. As we progressed to Qualifying, we indeed retained the maximum of 28 allotted participants. This doesn’t normally happen on Race2Play.

rFactor2 2016-01-16 17-13-20-31

There were at least four or five aliens in the room, which lead to some seriously extra-terrestrial lap times being recorded in Qualifying. Running the chicane layout of Mid-Ohio, polesitter Ricardo Ferreia dropped a blistering 1:20.9xx on the field, while I was able to click off a 1:21.0xx and found myself second on the grid. Maciej Bekas and Nico Barclay were starting behind me, turning this race into something iRacing have given the nickname of “Top Split.” Every good road racer on Race2Play was in this race, and actively trying to beat the shit out of every other good road racer.

And that’s the best possible environment to find the shortcomings of any third party mod. Not when clicking off laps by yourself for a fancy YouTube video, but when competing at the highest level. If you’d like to try the exact setups I used for the event and see if you can match the low 1:21 pace required to be competitive in Qualifying, here you go.


While I can’t sit here and make a snide self-masturbatory remark over ownership of the track record, being only a tenth off means I was more likely than not running the optimal line at maximum attack. Here’s turn one at Mid-Ohio from my vantage point during Qualifying, with the footage of a real life Porsche Cup Car at Mid-Ohio chilling out in the top corner of the screenshot. See a problem? While we’re both in the same gear and traveling at roughly the same speed, I’m literally turning right to go left.

Yo, that’s like, not good. Oh well, maybe I just did one of those crazy, balls-out entries and drove it in as deep as I could? Plus, the track is slick as fuck from almost 30 cars actively running practice laps for almost two hours prior to the qualifying session. Maybe it’s just really slick on that section.

kek 2

Oh, I’m turning right to go left again? Well, maybe I was really flying and had to counter-steer? I mean, I did just come over the crest of a hill while under power, and catch a portion of the concrete patch. Maybe the car broke loose, right? And I mean, maybe it’s hot out? And the track is super slick. And maybe it’s because of my sway bar settings?


Okay, no, this is a problem. You’re literally driving this car sideways for a good portion of the lap, as if we’re on iRacing’s notorious Old Tire Model. It bares no resemblance to any competitive in-car footage on YouTube, under the exact same race weekend conditions. The rFactor 2 Flat 6 mod is just not accurate, driving like a cross between Shift 2 Unleashed and Grand Prix Legends. I mean, it’s fun as hell because it’s this really weird controlled semi-drift, but after seeing countless sim racers praise this mod for it’s realism… Yeah, no. This isn’t even close. If y’all like this kind of driving models, Shift 2 goes for like ten bucks and there’s a shitload of wild street tracks and car customization. Just look at this shit: I’m so fucking sideways, the inside front tire is picking up off the ground while I’m counter-steering.

rFactor2 2016-01-16 17-16-30-17

However, despite driving like the bastard offspring of Slightly Mad Studios and Electronic Arts, a beautiful thing happens when you put a bunch of talented sim racers into a car that handles like ass: The racing is absolutely fucking awesome.

rFactor2 2016-01-16 17-24-24-82

Maciej Bekas snatched away the lead from polesitter Ricardo Ferreia only a handful of laps into the event. Ferreia would be out of contention from the race on lap four after a botched entry to turn nine, reducing the list of potential winners to three aliens. For the first ten minutes, Bekas, myself and Nico Barclay ran nose-to-tail, never more than a second or two apart from each other. If somebody hit a rumble strip at the wrong angle, you immediately picked up a few tenths and saw the gap disappear.

When a lapped car plowed into Barclay, running in third place at the time, the stage was set for a battle between myself and Bekas. Over the span of 30 minutes, I knocked the gap between usdown from 1.5 seconds multiple times, but could never complete the pass when I got alongside him. The cars were too evenly matched. And even though we were sliding around like a poor Slightly Mad Studios game, it was controllable enough to allow for  a moment where mere pixels separated us. If anything, this is a testament to the superior netcode of rFactor 2 compared to other, more popular racing sims.

rFactor2 2016-01-16 17-34-10-90

Of course, before being forced to take up road racing due to the permanent ban from iRacing, I was a short track oval racing guy, so you start digging into the bag of tricks you’ve developed over there when rFactor 2 displays the five minute warning.

rFactor2 2016-01-16 17-35-24-05

And I took a page from our lord and savior Risto Kappet on the final lap.

It didn’t work. Maciej Bekas took home the win in what was probably the greatest race ever held on Race2Play. All hail Maciej.

rFactor2 2016-01-16 17-29-10-88

So we get to that part in the article where I’m supposed to offer some sort of conclusion on what was discussed, but determining how to wrap this all up is a bit difficult.

This is one of the worst, most unrealistic cars available for rFactor 2. From a pure physics standpoint, you’re not going to learn anything from driving this, and it’ll probably fuck up your technique if you’re racing several different cars at once. It is downright hilarious to see these so-called hardcore sim racers praising the EnduRacers Flat 6 mod, because this car is no different than something you’d find in Shift 2 Unleashed. In some corners, you’re turning right to go left – sometimes manually inducing these mammoth nonsensical slip angles. On straights, the car floats around as if you have genuine wheel damage. My rusted-out Dodge Dakota with front shocks that desperately need replacing has more composure if I take my hands off the wheel – and that’s on the notoriously messy Alberta roads.

But by some act of God, the racing this car produces is absolutely phenomenal. The first four drivers were separated by two tenths in qualifying. You don’t have to be a genius to build a setup, because there’s basically nothing to adjust. And since everyone is playing by the same awkward set of physics, a scenario doesn’t arise where one guy with karting experience walks away from the field. Had Barclay and Ferreia not received heavy damage, we’re looking at a situation where four cars could have potentially finished within two seconds of each other after 45 minutes of racing. That’s fucking crazy.

As a result, the EnduRacers Flat 6 Series mod is not only the best mod you can possibly download for rFactor 2, it’s also the worst.

rFactor2 2016-01-16 17-32-31-55


104 thoughts on “Boats on Ice – The Flat 6 Mod for rFactor 2

    1. Don’t feel too bad. Hardcore sims are not for everyone. The lesser coordinated people like yourself should stick with pseudo sims like AC and Pcars. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and it’s no reason to lash out at better sim racers or proper sims. I am sure you can have a lot of fun struggling at the rear of the pack in PCars with the AI set to 80%.


      1. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Driving in rf2 isn’t hard. Is just pedal down and there you go. You can try it in the demo, there’s no risk coming out of corners with the c6r and formula renault 3.5. Even more when you use the rubbered track preset.


      2. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. Driving in rf2 isn’t hard. Is just pedal down and there you go. You can try it in the demo, there’s no risk coming out of corners with the c6r and formula renault 3.5. Even more when you use the rubbered track preset.”

        That’s POPPYCOCK


      3. Say hasn’t got a clue, then admits to playing only demo,lol, and apprantly can 100 per cent throttle the corvette and f3.5 in turns, while other clueless ppl claim its deliberately too hard,priceless…

        “Is just pedal down and there you go.”

        Maybe take the aids off? otherwise your xbox controller accelerator is stuck at 25 per cent?or you actually playing Pcars and thought it was rf2?


  1. Holy shit thank god someone else said it. I think this mod drives like shit, too. I thought I must be crazy with all the praise it’s been getting from the community, but I just can’t stand it. It does not feel good, and is not fun to drive…


  2. >Compare your steering input to a real life lap when that real life lap is over five seconds slower than your own
    Well jeez, I wonder why they look different? Cars might not be perfectly realistic (and I don’t know how realistic the rF2 Mid-Ohio is) but the main chunk of this article is complete bollocks.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Excuse me *five seconds slower than your own AND on the shorter layout of the track
      You could have picked something else about the car to talk about how it’s inaccurate, but you talked about this? Also you have no way of knowing if you’re matching your personal speed to the speed of the car from that video, because you can’t see the real cars speedo in any way. Are all the articles on here this bad?


    2. Agreed.This guy slags off the physics and then reports about ultra-close racing. Implying the drivers are shit because they race well with shit physics?
      Very confusing. Porsche Cup real life cars are exactly about few setup tweaks as possible, ultra close racing and not that easy to drive on the limit.Incidents aplenty in every race.
      The very fast and effective Porsche Cup drivers are young guns with huge balls and great car control coupled to fantastic racing skills, not for gentlemen drivers with auto-everything who have GT3 as their playground these days.
      Good read but cool thing about this site we can come on here and tell them they are wrong…


      1. try an course in reading-comprehension. lesson 01

        he said the race was “ace” despite the cars driving in a way that is nothing like the real thing. Remember: the real thing has a huge pendulum-weight behind the back axle and nothing much up-front. So: sustained massive slip-angles? Really!?


      2. Yup, the basic driving characteristics are wrong. James isn’t using completely quantifiable points of comparison but I still think he’s correct.


      1. @James

        Great article!

        If you hadn’t just enjoyed such an epic race, I imagine the review would’ve been singularly caustic.

        Nonetheless, it’s the experience we remember, not the quality of the tool, and this race sounds like it won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

        I also hope you’ll continue providing multiple perspectives, and counter arguments, etc. in future posts, especially those with an “investigative” perspective.


    1. Me neither with T500, but overall I can’t really say how realistic it is or not. I agree that it seems to be quite prone to slides and is sure fun to drive.

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  3. I think this article alone just goes to explain why a lot of the modding community doesnt want to mod for rfactor 2. Yes i understand that it is so incredibly realistic however there are just so many values in the physics parameters that for some of them it is damn near impossible to find a value for, hell i can bet you that some teams would not know the answers to some of the physics variables.

    Ultimately that leads to guesswork which modders dont like doing because the physics guys pride themselves realism as they should considering how close they get. The issue is for rfactor 2 so many things are guess work so you are left with what the physics guy thinks is right.

    Of course this is what the car could be like in reality, it could be alike the oreca flm which has no steering wheel feel at all for some reason.


      1. Where’s ya spam? you dont wanna drown out comments in this one? wonder why?

        You cant even play rf2 what you talking about, you run GSCE at 15fps.


  4. Without the feedback of a real Porsche GT3 driver, it is impossible to state the car is one thing or another. Unless it’s the Dorche 991 for AC which is little more than data ripped from Kunos made cars with an EA sourced body.

    The moders who created the flat-6 mod are a group of enthusiastic people & not a team of experts. Same for the DRM revival mod and power and glory mod which all use educated guesses.


  5. If you go and say this on VirtualR, people will come and harass you.

    The mod is nowhere near to being garbage, but the original rF1 version of the Flat6 is better than this.

    Can’t wait for them to release the new models so that I can convert them back to rF1. lol


  6. I think the article answered the question it asked: It’s a popular mod because it produces exciting racing.
    Now will they make it more realistic/fix it in the future? Probably, might take a while though. But there’s no reason not to have some fun sliding around in the meantime. As a sidenote, increased FFB smoothing in the controller menu helps a bit with the floaty feeling on straights. It’s not a fix and it doesn’t alter any actual physics of the car, but it makes the wheel less jittery on the straights.


  7. I feel the same. This mod is way overrated for some reason. When I drive this mod I keep hearing a haunting voice saying “weak floaty assetto corsa physics”. Would you be interested in comparing this to the RF1 and SCE version?


  8. Had one alien in ISR server tell me to drive em like the skippy’s, which is of course a fantastic comp car, but there’s no doubt about it,you drifting this thing almost entire lap if driving fast,brake Bias makes big difference on how soon it breaks out under braking.

    Saying all that even if the drifty’s feel epic, you watch TV replay, they look legit as, but yeah watched a few onboards now, definitely not counter steering almost every corner no.

    there’s a slight irony that PRC claims not very realistic yet this sole mod has pulled a lot of Pcars\AC fans into rfactor 2, maybe they just love unrealistic cars?


    1. No, it’s sim racers in general. There’s this idea that the more difficult a car is to drive the more realistic it is. Modern cars are extremely stable, but most mods don’t really show this. Go drive the P2s from the Enduracers’ mod in rF1, they slide all over the place. It’s all about high degrees of slip angle, despite the fact their actually downforce cars that are pretty much planted through everything but low speed turns. There are also many people who like the idea of “artificial difficulty” in their sims.

      Enduracers fucked up hard with the Flat 6 mod, most of the things ISI added to punish super aggressive driving, things like crazy slip angles and overheating the tires are simply reduced to almost nothing in the mod. In regards to feeling like a boat, they had to greatly reduce the FFB effects so people with gear driven wheels (DFGT, G27, etc.) didn’t get violent vibration when they had flat spotted a tire. This actually comes from someone within the beta testing group. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be true.


      1. “drifting” and “powersliding” isn’t difficult though, its a different style(unrealistic in a lot of cases) you getting realism and difficulty confused, its no more difficult than keeping a “tight” driving realistic car on race line,its worth noting the Cup cars unlike GT3 have no built in ABS or traction, maybe it’s this the modders are trying to convey.

        Tyre wear works well too in mod,I was racing ISR server with exact same combo as Race2play at same time as race in article, I was midfield with a high 1:23 (solid 3-4 secs behind aliens) i ended up taking some faster guys at end (1:22 guys), because they had destroyed their tyres, you can tell the difference between young fast guys and steady experienced fast guys big time.

        Also this Idea about “sims too hard just because I cant drive it” thing is dragging on too much, these sayings are from the days of GPL etc when so much was against you, it seems to of been picked up traction again recently with Pcars\AC release, back then race teams weren’t putting their drivers on sims, they are now, and the software is often very similar or even the same as what we get, the difference is the enormous rigs making up the “feel in the butt” that is the major thing missing form sims, if you had 1:1 realism on a sim, the sim would still be harder than RL, without all your senses.

        Normal ppl cant drive top tier cars effortlessly, this myth that “anyone can drive a F1 car, just not fast” is just that a myth, look up Chris Harris attempt at a F1 car and DTM, also top gears F1 attempt, they could barely get around track, and they are hardly lacking experience.


      2. Lol hash…

        Absolutely no one has ever claimed an f1 car is easy to drive. Just keeping up enough speed to keep heat in the tyres alone is more than even an experienced racer can handle without prior experience in high downforce open wheel.

        Perhaps you’re confusing the concept of f1 being easier than it used to be. Does not mean it’s easy.


      3. I was responding to a person again claiming some sims (rf2) are deliberately to hard…

        “Absolutely no one has ever claimed an f1 car is easy to drive. Just keeping up enough speed to keep heat in the tyres alone is more than even an experienced racer can handle without prior experience in high downforce open wheel.

        Perhaps you’re confusing the concept of f1 being easier than it used to be. Does not mean it’s easy.”

        Perhaps you misread, you said exactly what I was trying to say, as top class open wheelers is often where people stop and think “this sims deliberately too hard” when they are just ruddy hard to drive, if you are struggling to get around track in any modern day sim, its not because the sim is “deliberately hard”.

        Also on mod comment, its unfair to rf2 to say many rubbish mods, I believe AC is as much if not more hit and miss, the URD mods for example are just rubbish on AC compared to rf2 especially high downforce PX’s, and that BTCC mod, of course the honda going to be better, however you assertion that its vastly superior to the mod is wrong IMO, and are very similar, which makes sense as the honda would of been used as a base, and they all share same tyre model as honda, you can pick it apart sure like any game or mod, but overall it does a great job at representing BTCC (FWD Touring) in sim.

        Group C
        IFS 3
        Williams F1
        F1 2013 (now with CPM, chassis flex coming soon and will be upto ISI 2012 car standard)
        Latest FVR V8’s ( issue with too much tyre wear, but awesome nonetheless)
        Ferrari challenge
        f1 92 (91 too but thats basically a rf1 conversions, still fun)
        Audi TT Cup
        Seat Cup
        redone Megane CUP
        SCES Mod
        Apex GT3

        This isn’t even mentioning other mods that may not be top tier but certainly worth a blast if like series,
        Fiat Abrath
        RCM CUP
        Celica WRC 92
        Touring car legends
        Corsa cup
        Le mans series 2013

        or some of the very awesome tracks we have now are really shining or the fact that rf2 holds the keys to the only possible “official” NASCAR and Indy outside of iracing thanks to very good Skins (On RD a complete stock car skin set just been released), and with AI.

        PPl that think rf2 “lacks” quality mods are either clueless,have their head up their arse, and\or are just unreasonable snobs, for every 1 issue you find in any of them mods, I could find 2 in some of the recent “sims”, that have far more resources than your average passionate modder, RF2 modding is alive and well,the only major disappointment is DRM, which IMO is wasted completely on AC platform, but ill still be playing it,maybe.

        However if i was modding Id be getting pretty sick of the negativity from many entitled “sim” racers (mainly as a tool to insult your least fave sims), for free shit,devs are paid pros that deserve as much criticism as their bank account can handle, modders in different group and I for one am very grateful, as they get nowhere near the praise and thanks they appeared to get with earlier titles.

        Ive noticed a distinct dive in attitude to modders\mods (all genres) since the xbox generation found their loud obnoxious entitled mouths(not that im saying thats you),its no wonder at all some modders are pushing the “paid” scene.

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    2. Also not sure why all the “hate” on Makcorp at the end of day they produce free content, they can announce they landing on moon for all I care,Group C mod is worth credit alone, and the IFS3 is a solid effort,love how they get a solid FFB without causing clipping, if they produce nothing else so what? no need to lynch them.


      1. Their Group C mod is garbage. Anyone could make something which looks pretty by buying 3D models made by other people and claiming them as their own.


      2. ‘all’ is too strong.

        The majority? Yeah, the majority definitely have all sorts of issues. For example, remember the touring car mod you mentioned? It’s a good download for free without a doubt, but the cars are severely lacking in realistic driving behavior. They just feel weird and do not stack up to ISI content or the very limited best of rf2 mods. Once you got used to their very generic and unengaging driving feel, putting in laps was like running on autopilot and if you did happen to go completely insane, saving it was no problem, as it feels soft and funny and doesn’t really have much bite. You can do basically whatever you want with categorically broken suspension settings and never really get penalized.

        In the end, ISI’s civic feels a hell of a lot better, leaving me little reason to drive anything from the actual mod.


    1. We all know that rfactor 2 is not a maintsream titel what is funny with it ? And what does it have to do with the mod flat6 ? Hahahaha = that u have project cars and f1.


    1. What the fuck are they doing?

      This looks like fudging to deal with other issues that they haven’t been able to resolve. I think the curve choices are more a result of working around problems rather than the root of the issues themselves.

      I can’t think of any other reasonable explanation. As it is, it reminds me of SMS model and gamepad friendliness.


  9. Look at this photo. It shows tire heat vs grip graph. The more heat, the more grip in Flat6. They made it on purpose to gain grip during sliding. It’s noobproof.
    The other graph shows URD mod and that’s how it should be done. But in those cars few people are really that fast and a lot also spin trying!


    1. That’s just the beginning, here’s how ISI’s thermal degradation works. You can overdrive the fuck out of the Flat 6 without worry, where with most other cars you have to be careful and drive with care.


      1. Flat 6 still has 5% more grip when it’s used up it’s tire memory units. Not only that, you can go long at certain temps. Mind you, the second curve from a URD car is actually the same used in almost all stock ISI cars (Bar the Stock Cars, those might be different.) It can matter quite a bit in longer races, where the Flat 6 just lets you slide around for longer because the drop off isn’t as great.


      2. Hmm, yeah, that’s going to be more forgiving.

        My guess is that they can’t really figure out why the cars behave the way they do, so they fudged the curves a little to deal with heat issues.

        If these guys input ‘good’ data and received an unexpected result, it might take a while before they figure out the necessary workarounds outside of the tyre model (aside from typos/bad data, suspension/alignment fudging is in order) Then, the curves can be returned to realistic values for the compounds in question.


  10. Haha this mod car has ZERO simulation value yet most rFactor 2 fanboys praised how great and accurate it is when it was first released HAHAHAHAHA


  11. And therein lies one of the biggest and most ignored issues in the sim racing community – everyone has such a warped view of how cars actually drive that only a mod that drives like a Lotus in iRacing is praised or respected. Everything else is “simcade” or some other bullshit.


  12. Just so you know, car specific Ffb absolutely solves the straight line problems you mentioned in your writeup here. And by car specific, I mean going into the tuning section of the car/livery you select and adjusting the power steering option. Don’t know if you tried that. Secondly, you did not once mention that ARB adjustments can be made. That helps as well. If you’ve done all of those things, AND lessened the rake of the car (hint: rear engine, it’ll be oversteering enough as is without much rake) and it still feels wrong to you, well then I’d say fair enough. I help do league tunes across several sims and didn’t find it to hard to get this car feeling great.


    1. Used alternate FFB offered in the tuning menu.

      Had both sway bars attached.

      Shouldn’t be able to drive a Porsche GT car like a Sprint Car. You only need to check the tire graphs above to see something is fundamentally wrong.


  13. Most rFactor 2 mods are ABSOLUTE bullcrap with low quality 3D models straight from 2006 and physics without ANY simulation value HAHAHAHA


    1. You are a class A fucktard Pit_cock, I never heard so much shit spewed on forums than what comes outta ya shit filled mouth, all that setting up proxies, screen capturing,spamming and posting, so you can share your wisdom? you need to buy a console, throw your piece of shit rig out and stick to NFS and codemasters games, thats where someone of your high intelligence and witty one liners belong.


      1. Whjo the fuck is this pit_cock you keep tALking about ya sillyt little cunt, shut the fuck up i plAY what i want. rFactor 2 is DEAD


  14. Rfactor 2 is the worst sim ever made. Fact! Pcars is the best sim ever made. Fact!
    If you dont agree you are a retard. Fact!
    Only retards play Rfactor 2. Fact!
    Gods of sim racing play Pcars. Fact!
    About the flat6 mod. Its the worst mod ever made. Fact!
    If it was in Pcars it would be the best mod ever made. Fact!
    The fact it is in Rfactor 2 means it isnt that good. Fact!


  15. I was lucky enough to do 5 laps or so of silverstone as a passenger in one of these driven by a pro driver. The experience was absolutely insane and the feeling that most stuck in my mind was how the car just felt glued to the road. Yes there were small slips going over bumps and kerbs but nothing like the major backend floating around that this mod portrays. I would say the carrera cup mod of SCE does a much better job of portraying the real thing.

    So in my mind this mod is not very accurate, but is it fun? absolutely!


  16. I know it’s gonna be a pretty unpopular opinion but I think of all the 911’s I drove in sims the iRacing Ruf Cup is by far the closest to how I’d imagine a rear engined car is like to drive. Get the angle just over the treshold (which is low to begin with) and there’s no saving it. The frontend feels light and understeery as it should and when you keep it pinned into the corner you can just feel the rear slipping slightly but still remaining grippy from the sheer weight of the engine. In all other mods/sims this effect is unnaturally simulated by this floatyness, hence the boat like feel to them.

    I’ve asked on the forums a few times and a few real life Porsche Cup drivers spoke fondly of it, saying there isn’t much between the sim and real life counterparts. If only it would get a proper badge/interior treatment…


    1. “The frontend feels light and understeery as it should and when you keep it pinned into the corner you can just feel the rear slipping slightly but still remaining grippy from the sheer weight of the engine.”

      This is sorta like the ruf rt12r in AC, though it is a sports car not GT3 race car like in iracing. But in the case of AC changing the wheel alignment and aero degrees will transform the car into more manageable, even though at default is still pretty much good to drive on race tracks.


      1. The ruf rt12r in AC is also a good example IMHO, though at 100% boost it’s a turd. Anything more than 50% boost and you can feel the chassis is not able to handle it (too much flex)

        For the record, regarding iRacing I was not talking about the GT3 Ruf. I meant the Ruf Cup which corresponds to a Porsche GT3 Cup car (so no ABS, no TC, just pure balls to the walls action)


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