The Birthday Post


As is a small sim racing blog (with a very big following) run by three guys sitting around on Teamspeak after hours, we don’t actually have an official Facebook, Twitter, or even an Email address. Maintaining multiple social media accounts just takes too much damn time, even with the built-in WordPress plugins that automate that sort of thing. Spawned on this very day one year ago during a dreadful platter of NFL Playoff games, the idea behind PRC was to become a trusted source of sim racing news with as little work on day-to-day maintenance as possible. In short, I didn’t want to spend all my time clicking around on the internet or assign others to look after certain social media pages; we wanted to be able to play the games we’re talking about as much as we’re writing about them.

Of course, the big numbers the site attracted during our reports of the on-going Project CARS disaster, not to mention the flurry of comments we received from the SimRacingDesign cyber-stalkers after making their antics public, and lastly the apologists rushing to defend iRacing from our very valid criticisms, brought out some extremely interesting characters for the world to see. About once every two or three days, somebody leaves an absolutely mind-blowing comment on one of our articles that make us keel over in laughter – or question our own sanity. Part of the fun of giving everyone anonymity is that people don’t think before they speak, as there aren’t any consequences for saying something stupid, leading to downright comical results. Yeah, we’re well aware that our comments section can be a total shit-show. It’s free entertainment. We aren’t in the position to be surprised by a new PRC article while on the shitter at work, so we needed a way to make the site fun for us.

And avid reader FMecha has began documenting the truly baffling and bizarre comments of PRC on the Twitter account pretendracecars.txt. This is the closest thing you’ll get to an official Twitter feed, so for all the guys who feel it’s necessary to get their news in under 140 characters, give this account a follow on Twitter. Don’t say anything stupid in our comments section. It’ll end up here. You’ve been warned.


I was really hoping to write some sort of first birthday entry to celebrate 365 days of Pretend Journalism, but there is no way I can adequately measure the impact this little site has had on the sim racing community. It has been an absolutely crazy ride so far, and we’ve got confirmation there’s much more absurdity on the way – beginning with our logo adorning the side of a very prominent iRacing entry. With almost a million hits and 250,000 unique visitors, I can now say the experiment of combining TheDirty with VirtualR was a smashing success. And I’m happy the abnormal way this site covers issues has inspired other publications like RaceDepartment and SimHQ to take a more critical approach at certain stories, rather than just regurgitating press releases. As someone who used to read SimHQ back during the days of their seven page odysseys, it’s extremely neat to see the website I once took inspiration from, now take inspiration from what’s written on here.


I’ll leave the bulk of the birthday party festivities to the “Wild West” below, as we’d love to hear from you guys on what your favorite article has been since we started this whole thing up last year! And last but not least (seriously guys, don’t let me upload a random NASCAR 15 picture when there’s more important shit to post), here’s the full gallery of banners seen during our contest from a few months back:




45 thoughts on “The Birthday Post

  1. Wow, my name on a twitter feed..i can’t believe it. Finally some fame.

    God i hate this website…

    But i keep coming back…it’s like a train wreck, i can’t look away.

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  2. What a special day for all of us. I’m getting all emotional and shit.

    I think this is the right moment to share those pictures you guys have been holding on to of Associator being gang raped by 3 BBC’s

    Liked by 1 person

      1. yes that not me, that little twat Pit_cock, anyway hash’s real response was…

        Luckily you follow NFL which has plenty of downtime to do something, if you had been following a real mans game like rugby, youd never of had the time to make PRC, so lets all who enjoy the sim racing equivalent to a dockyard pub, rejoice in how lame NFL is.


  3. My favorite part of this website is I’ve just noticed that “Assetto Corsa is SIMCADE and has NO SIMULATION VALUE” seems to be permanently plastered at the bottom of every comment section…. Brilliant


  4. Shitty Corsa is shit and has no gameplay value, I logged about 20 hours since early release and regret that steam didn’t offer refund at that time


    1. Thank Christ that Valve implemented Steam refunds so everyone who wasted $85 AMERICAN DOLLARS on rFactor 2 + online pass just to see list of EMPTY GHOST TOWN servers can get their hard-earned money back.


  5. Looked at the twitter and noticed I was wrote the comment that was posted first on the twitter… Can’t prove it but thank you :’)


  6. Well done! I’m glad I stumbled across this website. It’s great to know that something as straight-forward as racing simulation as fucked up beyond saving like everything else


  7. Now that they’re archived for posterity can you ban the comment spammers? I know, freeze peach and all that, but it’s tiring trying to find the real quality shitposts in the comments when I have to scroll through so many posts that are just shit.


    1. Lmao that was forever ago. I’m sorry you’re so concerned about hating on rF2, but to anyone else reading this, it’s a great sim and not as dead online as you’d think.
      rF2 has improved a lot recently and is well worth the purchase.


      1. rFactor 2 is not even close worth the $85 asking price, online is ALMOST DEAD, game lacks content if i don’t count few GUESSWORK mods, graphics are mediocre at best but performance is still low with full grid compared to games with SUPERIOR graphics..


  8. rFactor 2 is a soso, easily extendable with rip contents sim racing guesswork that offers the latest in vehicle and race customization, meh graphics, ghost town multiplayer and the height of sim racing guesswork. It features mixed class road racing with ultra GUESSWORK dynamics, an immersive MONO sound environment and again MEH graphics…ptuii


    1. Silly little boy, you run Game stock car at 15fps, stop wasting so much time posting childish “garbage” and get a fucking job ya lazy cunt, maybe then you can get a decent rig and play rfactor 2 on more than 8fps, some friends wont hurt your life either Pitcock_90, also liking your own video of AI in GSCE at 15fps ain’t cool brah, you need ya meds.


  9. I used to go to a restaurant where all the staff would yell across the room at each other bitch and fight, yell their orders to the cook. It was totally ridiculous and the place was always packed. It got to the point where if you made a comment how uncivilized it was you would become the outsider. Just go with it and laugh and nobody’s life will change.

    Real developers just laugh at this shit and it makes no difference in sales. PT Barnum says “If you wanna draw a crowd, start a fight” Stand back laugh and Enjoy – Happy Birthday


  10. I hope you’ll celebrate with Ian Bell tonight while eating a delicious steak in a 5* restaurant sea-side while admiring the beautiful Ferrari he rented just for the 4 of you (Although to fit 3 people + his huge head inside a 458 will be a challenge by itself) and laughing at the Assetto Corsa peasants because Assetto Corsa is SIMCADE and has NO SIMULATION VALUE.

    Happy birthday motherf*ckers, wish you 1000 of these celebrating articles.


  11. Happy Birthday, you magnificent azz-holes!

    May I look forward to seeing more coverage of the autism that infests modern racing games and communities today and more meltdown hi-jinks from Ian “Shut Up You Idiot” Bell!


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