Wall Riding is the newest exploit in Sector 3’s DTM Winter Cup

RRRE 2016-01-19 16-46-18-56

With exploit setups and little in the way of track boundaries now common knowledge, the previous handful of online leaderboard competitions within RaceRoom Racing Experience have been frustrating to say the least. No longer a test of driver skill, the online challenges in Sector 3’s Free-To-Play title have descended into madness, with top sim racers from around the world finding creative new ways to break the game in their quest for dominance. As someone who plays R3E on a regular basis, this has been disappointing; with virtually no online activity aside from weekends during European hours, leaderboard challenges are often used as a temporary substitute for those seeking human competition. And at the moment, they’re instead a science.

MilkyCompetition 555 X0j25SkY8caydjNIttmOWDXbm9oHqgpc-main_banner

Intended to be the premiere online competition taking place within R3E throughout the winter of 2016, is the officially licensed DTM Winter Cup – a hybrid of hotlap competitions and elimination races using the 2015 DTM expansion pack. Now, with problems already plaguing your average online server in R3E, the outlook for the elimination process in a few weeks isn’t too bright to begin with, but we’re at a point where even the qualification portion lacks credibility.

The fifth round of the time trial phase takes place at EuroSpeedway Lausitz, a massive complex reminiscent of most major American ovals with an infield road-course. Both the start/finish straight, as well as the backstretch make use of the exterior oval circuit, with a thick concrete wall readily available to punish you for your mistakes and scrub off speed. But with the concrete wall so easily accessible in two specific heavy braking zones, you can intentionally rub the wall to significantly reduce your braking distances.

RRRE 2016-01-19 16-44-21-18

Yes, you read that right. Taking a page out of the book of techniques required to be successful in Project Gotham Racing 4, there is no penalty for slamming your car against the wall in two heavy braking zones to grab an extra chunk of time that you wouldn’t have found previously. While wall-riding is prevalent at many temporary circuits in R3E such as Bathurst and Macau thanks to an abundance of concrete barriers, the situation at EuroSpeedway Lausitz is a bit different. This exploit is affecting what’s supposed to be a premiere competition organized by the developers themselves, and I was able to climb into the Top 25 this week by being that asshole who found something.

r3e lausitz

To drill home how much of an advantaged I gained by being a wanker and slamming the car into the wall, this was my first time ever at this circuit, and some of the dudes ahead of me are either known cheaters or well-established aliens.

RRRE 2016-01-19 16-45-39-48

Hopefully, Sector 3 will crack down on these numerous issues with the competitive aspect of RaceRoom Racing Experience in the coming weeks, before the final eliminations are set to be contested. As it currently stands, there’s simply too much that can go wrong and piss off a whole bunch of people who have invested long hours into qualifying for the DTM Winter Cup. From the extremely liberal track boundaries during hot lap competitions, multiple issues in head-to-head races that sometimes see the wrong car placed on pole, and now the ability to wall-ride without punishment, it seems as if everywhere I turn, I’m finding something wrong with this sim.


48 thoughts on “Wall Riding is the newest exploit in Sector 3’s DTM Winter Cup

  1. So after how many years, gMotor’s damage modeling is still garbage. Huh, who would have thunk it.

    Is anyone even remotely close to simulating what actually happens when a car hits a wall (hint: bad things) other than iRacing?


    1. My thoughts exactly. Sure, iRacing’s damage model can be wonky at times, but at least it forces you to actually drive properly, unlike rFactor and Race/GTR/RaceRoom. I remember back when I was on rFactor, the amount of corner cutting and ridiculous kerb usage… Nevermind being able to ram into people with no damage to either party. Crazy.


      1. Guys, on the leaderboards and in time attack competitions there is no damage. I mean… it’s turned off. So even if damage was ultra realistic it wouldn’t matter 😦 . Maybe they should turn it on?


      1. This is true!
        Once I was racing pcars my car fell through the road and then vaulted into the stratosphere at the speed of light!
        The resulting damage to my car was higly realistic.
        Good thing Ian Bell is such a noble character who would never be involved with shoddy unrealistic software.


    1. Maybe Polyphony Digital too (they only do that for seasonal events, license tests, and Sierra Time Rally). I mean look, during last days of GT5, hacked cars were dominating “any car” seasonal time trials.


  2. So the game doesn’t have any laptime invalidation features then?

    Forza has had “dirty lap” indicators since Forza Motorsport 3 which would stop this immediately. If you go off-track, cut a corner, slipstream another car or make contact with a wall, the game invalidates your lap.

    It’ll still show up on the leaderboards, but clean laps will always be above dirty ones. A driver who sets a 6 minute laptime that’s clean will always be ahead of a driver who set a 30 second laptime by wallriding.

    It’s a good system which keeps the leaderboards fair for the most part, and in addition to that you can download the ghosts of top laptimes and view their lines/telemetry.

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    1. It does, but I think they need to be adjusted. In the open source shooter Nexuiz (now Xonotic) they managed to get rid of wall hacks by having the server compute and send the clients just the opponents they COULD see.

      What if this could be applied to sims? I’m thinking of taking the input from the client, computing the physics and sending back the reactions and positions of other cars. Sure, it would require much more powerful hardware to run a server, but what could you do to cheat? Does anyone know what exactly the dedicated server does? Does it just get the positions of all the cars and relays them?


    2. “So the game doesn’t have any laptime invalidation features then?”

      There is one. I play only single player, but you don’t get a lap time if you cut the track in challenges, qualify or practice mode. In races if you do mild cuts, you can get warnings first before getting flagged for penalty or then outright stop-and-go or slow down depending how you choose in race setup, if you make something drastic. On those tracks I typically drive, it seems to work pretty well. I don’t know if there are holes in some tracks which allow track cutting without a penalty, as I try to drive clean always. Devs have done updates for track penalty logic for time to time. Last one was for Monza, which actually had too harsh cut track logic in one turn.

      I think the problem described in the article is mainly due to the poor damage modeling of the game and you don’t get penalized of riding the wall, which would normally wreck your car. Cut track logic doesn’t work when you lean to a wall which is just on the side of the track.


    1. When you enter real data to rFactor 2, it works like real life, it’s not the case for Assetto Corsa, you always have to use workarounds and substitute models 🙂


  3. This wouldnt happen in Pcars because Pcars is amazing and the best thing since sim racing was created back in the summer of 2014.

    Also Ian Bell would personally stop this because he is a great man and an inspiration to us all.


      1. rf2 features mixed class road racing with ultra GUESSWORK dynamics, an immersive MONO sound environment and MEH graphics…rFactor 2 is DEAD , rf3 is never gonna happen!


  4. When you enter real data to rFactor 2, it works like real life, it’s not the case for Assetto Corsa, you always have to use workarounds and substitute models 🙂


  5. I would guess they have a system to deal with this, possibly temporarily disabled.

    It’s too important to overlook and it seems that unpenalized pace from collision would have been noticed/ a problem from the start. That’s one of the most basic exploits and has to be resolved early on.


  6. watch the car coming off the kerbs, seems any kerb any track two wheels on the off track side of kerb get pulled around and projected like a missile. Oscher is really good for it. sucks you in a propells you away like a rocket ship.


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