BlackPanthaa Tries Out The Console Version of Assetto Corsa

While not my favorite YouTube personality by any stretch of the imagination, racing game vlogger BlackPanthaa has toned down his over-the-top antics for a rather calm and informative preview video of Assetto Corsa on the Playstation 4. Coming in at seven minutes in length, virtually every question a sim racer could possibly have in regards to the upcoming console release by Kunos Simulazioni is answered in great detail, though in some situations it may not be what PC owners of Assetto Corsa want to hear.

First up, let’s talk about the positives. The heads up display, an element of Assetto Corsa that has been completely re-designed for the console version of the game, is downright fucking sexy. Kunos appear to have taken a bit of inspiration from the semi-futuristic vibe of the Forza Motorsport series, but their own interpretation of this particular aesthetic is just as impressive. No longer do the various HUD elements feel like an Open Source project, but instead they bring the overall package together and proudly proclaim “This is Assetto Corsa!” The gauge cluster has received a much-needed revamp, the leaderboard is no longer an intrusive bar at the bottom of your screen, and even the overall information box displaying basic race info has been neatly re-organized into something more aesthetically pleasing.

Not only has the Heads Up Display seen a major face lift for the console release, but the entire menu layout has been re-built from the ground up. Blending the familiar interfaces of FIFA and DriveClub, the main menu and pre-race setup screens feature bold artwork and easy-to-read text, a far cry from the minimalist PC version where tabs, drop-down menus, and ugly yellow text reign supreme.

Unfortunately, the initial good vibes of the re-designed interface soon give way to a pretty worrying list of negatives. About a minute in, Black Panthaa notes that the version of Assetto Corsa on display in the video is pre-alpha, and that “there will be some bugs.”


This game was released in October of 2014 for the PC. Since graduating from Steam’s Early Access program, there have been three major DLC expansion packs (dubbed “Dream Packs”), and a substantial amount of free bonus content. The team at Kunos Simulazioni have made it very clear that Assetto Corsa on PC is in the post-release phase, and only a few short weeks ago outlined a very DLC-heavy plan for 2016.

So, how does Assetto Corsa go from a $60 Version 1.4 on PC, to labelled as “pre-alpha” on consoles, when Kunos themselves are advertising Assetto Corsa as the exact same experience regardless of the platform you play it on? How does porting the retail PC version of Assetto Corsa onto the PS4 and Xbox One suddenly give it the “pre-alpha” label, when the raw footage actually makes the console “pre-alpha” version look superior?

Kunos took a game that they themselves deemed finished, ported it to the PS4, and then had the audacity to call it “unfinished” during preview video, even though it actually looks better on the PS4 than the PC version that’s been on the market for fifteen months. Oops.


We now move forward into the actual gameplay. Black Panthaa shoots through half of the field immediately after the drop of the green flag, and going into Eau Rouge, crashes his car because he’s forced to swerve in an effort to avoid a group of AI cars randomly brake checking. This has been a problem with the artificial intelligence’s behavior for over a year, and it seems like it hasn’t received any attention. And despite lacking even the most basic set of skills to keep his car on the track, anytime Panthaa is around an AI opponent, he seems to overtake them with ease. He further contradicts himself by claiming the AI is so challenging, he has to push just to keep up with the rear end of the field. In the video, he demonstrates quite the opposite.

Panthaa also teases viewers about a “variety of multiplayer options and event types”, but fails to elaborate any further. With the Career Mode in the PC version of Assetto Corsa amounting to little more than “do these random themed races”, it’s hard to call this a variety of any sort when games like Forza Motorsport 6 exist and have an incredibly large following. Of course, once Panthaa mentions he got to try the game at a preview event, just like everybody else, suddenly the rumors of Panthaa being little more than a viral marketer begin to flare up again.


With each passing day, hardcore sim racers are growing increasingly frustrated over the total shift in ideology behind the development of Assetto Corsa. What was once hailed as one of the best PC racing simulators to come along in a very long time has now progressed into such a drastically different direction, PC owners of Assetto Corsa are now playing a product Kunos are daring to label “pre-alpha” when demonstrated on next-generation consoles.


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  1. Now I don’t think you can call this an exact 1:1 comparison due to the differences involved in developing a game for the PC vs the consoles. However, if Kunos means to say that the current feature set, which is ostensibly complete on the PC, translates into “pre-alpha” on the consoles…oh man is that a load of bullshit. I’ve been willing to give them a little more credit than that, and I personally consider AC to still be in beta, but I can’t tell if I’m more amused, or pissed off that they could be admitting something like this. At any rate, it’s become clear that any player, on any platform, should probably steer clear of this one as it will only bring disappointment. Game’s certainly got potential; the driving is halfway decent. However, they’ve really screwed up development and AC just feels like a confused, incomplete mess. I really don’t see that changing.

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  2. I have tried to like that Black Panther bloke ( probably because he looks exactly like a mate of mine from back in the day, who got killed in a bike crash ) but I have failed.
    The guy is a tit. All he does is spout bullshit, crash a lot and then upload his failures to YouTube. I hope that is working out for him OK, he’ll not be getting any ad revenue kicked back to him from me because I use Adblock.

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  3. Step 1: enjoy a good physics simulator
    Step 2: report bugs, they get fixed resulting in a great physics simulator
    Step 3: ??????
    Step 4: call the game simcade

    It’s pretty clear that step 3 is “James stopped enjoying racing and started enjoying trolling”


    1. Here’s the problem. It’s a game, not just a physics simulator. And as a game, it does not function all that well. It’s pretty bare-bones and lacking a lot of things. It is not a product that is in a completed state, and yet it’s sold as if it is. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done, that’s undeniable. I do think the driving is good. It’s not a revelation or anything but it’s better than some other games it’s competing against. The big problem is the racing is not good. And yet the game has the tagline “your racing simulator.” That’s a pretty big issue in my opinion, but I’m sure some fanboy has an excuse for that.

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      1. That’s the opposite of the problem “Assetto Corsa is SIMCADE and has NO SIMULATION VALUE” suggests though – the game has plenty of simulation value and has less arcade value. Although, TBH, driving a car is fun. That’s why I want to simulate it – that’s why I play AC – to have fun. The games that are either unrealistically hard (you know, ice racing, blah blah) or realistically boring (oh someone did a yellow flag? Run 5 laps at highway speeds while imaginary track marshals clean up imaginary debris. The sun went behind a cloud? No race this weekend, NASCARs can’t run on wet tracks) are not exactly fun.

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      2. I’m not into paying for iRacing so after my free 3 months ended I didn’t play it. I’m not speaking of the current state, only how it was when I played. (turn-in oversteer in a fuckin Miata? with neutral throttle/brakes? wtf did they do to the poor thing)


      3. Oh, fair enough. I know that’s not right in the real world unless you break the car with bad modifications (spacers with bad offset ratio being the most common cause).


      4. Yet people nowadays call it simcade, dumbed down etc. I agree that it lacks several features (campaign, car modification) and content to make it a console success though that does depend on how viral their console marketing can get. Hype will sell enough to make a shit product a success no matter how much people moan 3 months after release. This is proven fact based on several game releases of the past ~5 years.
        So in all this I am VERY confused. Which GAME, marketed as a SIMULATOR is truly a simulator and why? I drive cars a lot and like to push them a lot. So far AC seems closest to reality of all the sims I tried. I never drove a 60ies F1 car or a GT3 car or a GR A bmw so no idea what those motorsport vehicles are supposed to drive like, hence my confusion when seeing how good street cars are in AC. GSCE is praised a lot online for how great it is. I find feel in GSCE mediocre at best. Cars don’t feel nearly as connected to the road (for me). I really wish there was a surefire way to catalog these products and call them out based on EMPIRICAL OBJECTIVE DATA instead of the subjective, those “cars are too grippy” or needs more oversteer drivel.


  4. It’s like a cult. Modders keep saying there are issues, so you can say it’s fun to drive but to say it has good physics, is just a religion with no science to back it up.


    1. Modders have less access to raw data then devs so a lot of their work comes from guessing things. Are you sure you want to put that much faith in their guesswork?


  5. Assetto Corsa is feeling more and more like something out from Milestone kitchen than anything that Kunos had done in the past. Even the earlier incarnation of Assetto, which had far better physics than it possess now.

    They fixed the game so much that it’s sort of broken now.


  6. Console optimizations alone are enough to call a build that is three months off release pre-alpha. But a complete misunderstanding of software development is more than enough to launch you into full repetitive hitpiece and false narrative mode.

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    1. Not to mention the PS4 doesn’t use DirectX, so no matter how similar their own 3d api is (apparently it’s pretty close) the whole graphics pipeline pretty much needs to be redone. Less work than doing it from scratch since you have all the math done already, but more than enough to consider it an alpha state when they do get it running.


      1. @JesusofSims
        Quite normal since you have to give possible customers on other platforms more reasons to buy an already excisting game and give it more value for the money. Customers on consoles are pretty spoiled when it comes to content amount. You won´t win a dime with 40 cars in a racing game. Also nearly every developers who adds new platforms to their game will treat DLC on one platform as normal content for a new platform (like a Game of the Year-edition).


  7. Hahaha my nigga BlackPantha tried to to take Eau Rouge full throttle with Audi R8 street car go back to Need for Speed bro 😉


  8. Factual error: pretend journalism

    other than first corner overtake the rest of the video sees him being overtaken and falling back. At what minute does he overtake easily throughout the video?

    PRC is simcade and has no journalism value at all

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  9. Second factual error:

    The next time he takes the rouge there are no AI and an imaginary AI brakes forcing him to go off.

    The first instance his approach with AI was never going to result in him taking the corner either.


  10. Third factual error:

    The game on ps4 does not look better than PC

    Just no. I won’t justify that with a full answer. It looks good but it isn’t better its just optimised.


  11. Fourth Factual error:

    A full game on PC when ported to console will not have any bugs or be in beta phase.

    The force is strong with this delusion. Porting anything from one platform to another will involve bugs that QA fix. Hey it used to be my job so I know that’s a fact… Even between platforms of the same port there will be bugs.

    Kunos is calling what they are showing as Beta because it is that. It’s not release candidate yet.

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  12. 5th factual error:

    The tone of the video is very positive.

    James with his happy pills has somehow managed to spout the same rubbish as usual to turn the video with the exception of the UI into sounding like its a broken rubbish mess.

    James when it comes to Assetto is a glass not even half empty kinda guy.

    Completely wrong.

    He incorrectly states that the PS4 version looks better than the PC version to maintain his program of picking faults with Assetto Corsa in whatever deluded fashion he can find.

    PRC has as much journalistic value as RF2 has players in open public lobbies


  13. It is difficult to say anything about the AI just based on that short clip with incredibly shitty driving. At least the AI wasn’t shitting in their pants every time you are pushing to turn side by side with them and thus drivng off the track, which is one of the prevalent behaviours of the current PC AI. So they actually might have done some improvements to AI, but we’ll see.


      1. Lolz! Ok point me to the laser scanned version of Spa in RF2… Oh yeah there isn’t one…

        Tracks in RF2 are simcade and have no simulation value.


      2. “Lolz! Ok point me to the laser scanned version of Spa in RF2… Oh yeah there isn’t one…

        Tracks in RF2 are simcade and have no simulation value.”

        Vids from 2013 on a a very very early WIP track, that is by the way superb now, look up racerfactor tracks, but I don’t think you own rf2 cause you sound clueless, loading a 2013 vid of a wip track, also even if didn’t have a good modded spa which rf2 does, there is always Kunos laser scanned spa in rf2 if that way inclined.

        Posting random 3 year old WIP vids of AC competitors in no way fixes or hides AC’s many issues ya numb skull, just makes you look clueless and or a rabid fanboy.


      3. Really clutching at straws aren’t we, again that was a issue with track that was fixed fairly quickly after release,RF2 is without a doubt the best AI available, perfect? no, but again what has this to do with AC AI that comfortably sits with the worst AI on the (sim) market, with only really pcars competing with it for worst AI, showing videos with issue that so far all relate to issues with tracks, that again Ill mention are all fixed (not sure about spielberg vid, but minor issue as its so far off track it shouldn’t be issue for most) ain’t gonna change how bad AC ai is.

        The fact that a modded SPA in rf2, most recent version by the way, not a 3 year old WIP track,can run its AI better than on Kunos Flagship laser scanned track says a lot doesnt it, thanks for bringing that to light.


      1. Honestly, idk wtf is going on in that video above. the AI is going incredibly slowly and he constantly over-reacts with steering instead of using the throttle.

        You can certainly find bugs with the AI still but it’s pretty good overall.


    1. Actually, I had weird front splitter collision along a curb yesterday, popped the front wheels off the ground about 30 to 40 degrees instead of scraping along the top at bathurst (I had been riding over it with outer wheels for a while from too fast exit). Also, in open wheel, the front splitter intersected the rear tyre of a slowed car ahead and flipped both cars into the air towards the outside of the corner. The other guy flew over the fence…

      It was all modded content and the first one didn’t actually cause me to leave the track (was damned tricky though) and second would have broken my splitter anyways. So, not really huge problems but in different situations, it could be.


      1. I refer you hash to the post below with the traffic jam simulator called RFactor. Taken from an early build of parking

        Also please don’t use Assetto Corsa content in rFactor. rFactor can’t handle the reality of laser scan and its a bit lame when you have to go to your competitor to get a proper spa.

        rFactor tracks are simcade and have no relation to reality.


      2. Lol you sound just like my little boyfriend, that manboy and PRC spammer, pitcock_90\hex jnr\shiller prince, once he’s backed into corner with his retarded rf2 comparisons, he starts spouting stupid BS about popularity,just like you, which has NEVER been a measure for anything in the sim world.

        do you even sim brah?


      3. It’s not an argument about popularity. It’s simple facts.

        ISI charge for a ghost town that in a so called amazing sim if I want to play with my mates we all need to pay a ton of money for the privilege.

        That is retarded and stupid.

        The business model has turned rFactor 2 into an irrelevant sim and the community including modders have moved on.

        If you want to try and call me out as a sim racer you might want to just exit now. My credentials are strong and I have tried all the sims. Assetto wins for me. You will say I’m deluded and I will counter with you are retarded. You will spout something and I will launch Assetto and join a public server and have a bunch of fun races and forget how dumb you are.

        After that I will join my own dedicated server and race with my mates for hours laughing at some of the ridiculous arguments on here while we have fun and chat about how one of my mates gets lessons in a real car from a GT3 driver. Strangely enough he doesn’t think of Assetto as too simcade to play.

        Assetto is so far from being broken in the way it is being portrayed and that is fine with me. I was happy enough when it was just me that enjoyed it but now all my mates enjoy it too. We won’t weep when you shout about how good AI is in rFactor 2 or how good your modded Spa is. We’ll be too busy enjoying the real deal in Assetto


      4. You can try call me an idiot. It won’t stop you being a retard.

        Hash by now I think you realise that posting time relevant arguments isn’t something that PRC embraces. We are here to discuss in a deranged manner with no basis upon facts. That’s how reporting here works and that’s how commenting here works too.

        If you are too slow to grasp that fact I’m sorry for you.

        ps. Feel free to counter with any non fact based comment. It doesn’t usually stop anybody here.

        Care to address the 5 points that I made about the factual inaccuracies in the original article?


      5. Who are you addressing? me? where do I say ac is a “simcade”, I can’t speak for james but that tag line in the PRC site, seems to me was added as that was spammed in every article by a idiot of a AC fanboy in a attempt to drown out legit conversation, so James saved him the trouble, lol but boy its made some grown men cry, thank AC loudmouth fan adn weirdo Pitcock_90\hexjnr\shiller prince for that.

        “rFactor 2 into an irrelevant sim and the community including modders have moved on.”

        Lol yeah “irrelevant”, isi only powers 90 per cent of race sims around,and no doubt will power a ton more with rf2 engine, plus have huge experience working in the commercial world of racing, really irrelevant, what modders? there’s barely a mod worth having thats in AC exclusively, and if there is good luck racing it offline or even online that hosts nothing but gt3s adn ripped forza mods for teh mad drifts bro, the only ppl that think rf2 is “irrelevant” are irrelevant ppl to sim racing.

        I find far better and “relevant” races in rf2, just this weekend in pup open servers Ive raced with average number of ppl around 15-20, with inline6 mod, group c mod, F3 historics and some NASCAR, far better choices then GT3,g2 and gt3’s with only mods being run, are forza ripped “drift” servers,now what was that you were saying about other games content?

        You clearly enjoy AC, yet what you spout about rf2 tells me you either dont own it, or bought it and dont have a clue how to use it,or are desperately trying to shut down criticisms of AC by very desperately adn IMO stupidly pointing out “irrelevant” issues in other titles, thats pretty much a definition for fanboy, doesnt matter how much you enjoy fucking around on your server with mates, it doesnt effect the now well documented issues by other sim racers that do care about AI,lack of “racing” features and setup\physics issues oh and the bad netcode which living in NZ now all about, yet AC is only sim where have major issues with connecting to euro or even US servers, adn even if I do its terrible.


      6. rFactor 2 is FLACCID and has NO STIMULATION VALUE

        Look it’s simple. rFactors business model is broken. The public racing servers are on life support. It’s easy to see.

        You get more variety in AC public so I don’t know where you are looking.

        ACs net code is actually really good now for high pings but I imagine you might not have tried it recently.

        I’m happy you had some fun races that were relevant to you. It just turns out most people think paying £60 for to a lifetime sub is irrelevant.

        Working on your previous argument with ISI powering most sims… Doesn’t that make it less sim due to its popularity? Or in this instance you ignore that stance?

        I’m sorry you haven’t found any good mods for Assetto that are exclusive. I’ll trust you on that as rFactor uses mods to bulk up its content including stuff like the exclusive laser scanned tracks which obviously are not due to rippers.

        Just go back to rFactor. The player base needs you. Right now somebody is waiting for a server to populate alone because you are here.


  14. I think this should be done more often. Instead of reading his shit in silence, shaking our heads in disbelief, we should just call out all the bullshit. “James” really needs to be checked into a mental institution. It’s getting worse each day.

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  15. Let me see this straight. James complains that AI supercars brake at eau rouge and call it shitty for doing so. Then blackpantha doesn’t break at eau rouge and goes flying into the wall ahead.
    Logic doesn’t compute.


    1. Blackpantha only overtook easily a part of the AI at race start. After that it was actually challenging. He mostly got overtaken by AI than the opposite. James, you need to review the part with the audi r8 race at spa and get your facts straight.


      1. If rFactor got ported over to console do you think we could finally get a full public lobby? Also would it include a pay per race model or a lifetime DLC pack?

        ISI winning by charging for ghost town online play


      2. General gaming population is by the most part,fucking retarded, RF2 low numbers is reproducible over every genre, the more hardcore adn the more simulation= smaller player base FACT.

        In fact you can pick up the best simulations by looking at player numbers, the less the sheep and retarded man boys play, generally speaking the better the simulation, you can just about rank all modern race sims starting with most popular,pcars, as least realistic, whats the second most popular “sim”?


      3. Announcing the saviour of sim racing and undisputed winner of the best sim. World Truck Racing

        max concurrent players in the last 24 hrs is 4.

        Way more sim than rFactor by your reasoning. Solid argument. You’ve won.

        You are full of it,thats a fucking retarded example and reveals you as a typical young cunt these days, you sound like one of my dim witted 17 old labourers when trying to justify some stupid point they dont have a clue about.

        Hop on the DCS world forums and tell em how shit their sim is because War thunder outsells them by a huge margin, you would be laughed off the boards, yet here in sim racing land stupid fucking arguments and “graphics comparisons” are the norm.

        AC is coming to console, give up your PC and stick to that, consoles have games perfectly tailored for ppl like yourself, you will no longer have to deal with poor selling top of the line PC simulators like DCS,RF2 or steel beasts.


      4. Hash so you are factually incorrect again.

        Trying to predict my age by your reasoning is once again incorrect. I’ll ignore that.

        I won’t be selling my PC because my sim runs independently of retards like you.

        You made a retarded relation between sim value versus popularity and it’s just wrong. Football manager is the deepest football sim out there and it has the biggest player base. I called you out on the fact that you are wrong to make that relation. Your reasoning is incorrect.

        Stop feeling so butt hurt that finally your lack of reasoning is finally getting called out.


      5. Nothing wrong with my reasoning,it was a general rule, not the unbreakable laws of physics you seem to be making it out,hence my age reference you argue like my children taking extreme angles to every point I have.

        You also conveniently left my very good example out, go to DCS\Steel beasts\ARMA forums and tell them War thunder\world of tanks\COD\battlefield is so much better sims because they sell so much better, in every genre you find the same, the best simulation real to life adaption that are so good they are commercially used,

        Football manager is a moot point,its a management game, that unlike other sims (flight\race\soldiering}, doesnt have “lite” or arcade versions specially designed for idiots with a short attention span, if someone like EA released a highly watered down idiot proof version with shiny graphics and a marketing campaign, then FM would suffer in buyer numbers.

        The very fact you even brought numbers into it says it all really.


      6. Edit(fucking word press)

        in every genre you find the same, the best simulation real to life adaption that are so good they are commercially used,sells vastly smaller numbers then others.


      7. If EA did what? Oh they did…

        Numbers actually do come into it. I didn’t bring up sales numbers. I brought up active players. Racing AI is inferior to human players. When rFactor has such a low public server population numbers really do matter if you can’t get a decent race.

        I also try to enjoy RaceRoom and no matter how hard I try it doesn’t tend to get more then 3 people in 1992 DTMs. The numbers actually affects my ability to enjoy the game. I have all the content for that game yet I still struggle to get a full race.


    2. “If EA did what? Oh they did…

      Annnnd this is what I mean by arguing like a child, EA, ubisoft the fuck cares,you choose to miss the point I was making again on a technicality that really has nothing to do with the point.

      The rest of what you said, yeah good points, unfortunately the sims that are measurably better on almost everything when compared to AC and pcars, are also measurably the worst populated.

      however this still doesnt make sense for you to bring it up in a article about AC console previews, what has rf2 got anything to do with this or ACs issues, its not even in same league as AC, you better off comparing to pcars, the same ppl playing that on console will be the players of AC on console.

      Instead youve randomly started posting RF2 bug finding vids on modded content some as old as 3 years,complete and utter insecure fanboy is what you being, what the actual fuck is your problem,whats it got to do at all with this article?

      Are you also denying AC AI aren’t the worst around and have a major issue(since launch been same on this one corner as well as countless others) on one of the few tracks they have and are in dire need of major attention?

      If you think you are somehow superior because you dont race AI (you cant anyway on AC) then why the fuck you commenting on AI for, if dont play them ya demented cunt? I have kids, a job, and my mates “play” down at the local pub so offline is important to many sim racers.

      I understand that young fellers today play nothing but MP, but Im old school, my social life takes place away from a computer, my mates use computers for tax invoices and job quotes, not playing silly games (like I do) or “socializing” on servers.

      Do you play Pcars by the way? what’s your thoughts as this is far better populated than AC, maybe Pcars should be your goto?


      1. Once again you start trying act like I’m some kid with no life. I have a job and a life.

        You stated that if EA did something then Football Managaer wouldn’t be where it is now. I merely pointed out the error in your reasoning. Popular doesn’t mean less simulation value.

        To state that RF is more simulation value because of less numbers is just stupid.

        My point stands that any Joe can pick up AC and get a full server with a mixture of types to play. No need to bring friends or rely on AI. If you prefer to race AI then yay for you but it really is inferior to human racers. I also race AI sometimes but that’s merely when I want to chill out and its not as bad as you think.

        I also own Pcars and it’s not my cup of tea at all. I based that on the feel of the game not on numbers. The same way that AC feels better than any other sim I have tried. You may disagree but that’s life.

        I bring up RF2 because in every article I see here about AC people state how feature incomplete AC but these same people don’t acknowledge that ACs biggest feature over RF2, Game Stock and Race Room is the fact you can actually get a race. It’s an empty argument to say AC is a hot lapping sim when actually when you try to do real races online in the competition it’s like turning up to a track day after everybody has already left.

        Finally you bring up Assetto’s lack of tracks… So with base content the laser scanned tracks exceed RF2 easily. Then adding modded tracks you have a multitude of tracks. If you can’t find many tracks to race then once again I’m sorry for you.

        I posted the old videos with random bugs because this is the same jaded and half baked attention that is paid to complaints with Assetto.

        Regarding the physics and setup bugs you mention. I’m aware of the debate currently in progress and personally the game still feels head and shoulders above everything else.


      2. Disagree on EA comment, but small change.

        pretty much agree with rest,except point on numbers and AC is the best sim,but I wouldnt argue that ppl have their choices as fave, Im not some hater of AC, its a decent game and had my moneys worth, and yes without a doubt one of its good points is busy MP, (not for me outside of oceania though), I was never arguing any of that, just pointing out posting random rf2 vids aint proving anything,and doesnt help any argument you have against articles.

        If you disagree with articles write a user submission about how you think they are, im sure james will publish it, or you can throw it up on enougher site what eva,spamming irrelevant videos of a title not even mentioned in article, which is about a console preview of AC,wont help AC either rebutt or fix what evas been brought up


  16. Black pantha is an ass.
    I remember when he revisited project cars.
    A super car chasing view and controller full throttle. Crash a few times. And it’s shit.


  17. There is the possibility for unique bugs on ps4. It’s x86 but still not windows OS and dx layer.

    Anyways, I’m surprised the HUD has been reworked. Updated shaders aren’t suprising. they JUST updated the PC version’s shaders, too. The PC version looks better than it used to, though the ps4 shots appear to be running more carefully tuned HDR and other general post processing. You know, the things that most ‘sim racers’ turn off.

    I don’t really care about the HUD. In fact, I would rather see the PC version retain the modular, customizable structure it has now, even if it means a generic look.

    Anyways, I put in some laps in the flat6 last night. It’s a fun drive but you can thrash the hell out of the cars and never pay much penalty in temps. Meaning corner to corner, the average driver is more consistent. That’s why it yields good races, it’s easy to drive because the tyres are consistently transferring heat like god damn aluminium.

    I think it drives pretty nicely as a generic car (tram-lining on the straights a bit and odd under to oversteer transition, it seems to hop or judder when weight and steering transfers over midpoint). It’s no rear-engine Porsche, that’s for sure.

    Frankly, it reminds me of AC with the older, less dynamic models. There’s little in the way of tyre management, you can do an insane drift through a corner and barely lose pace.

    I think it’s interesting that a decidedly more forgiving tyre model implementation is so popular with the rf2 online community. I also think this is opening the door to rather exploitive tyre pressures, among other things.

    At this point, I would rather not see so many servers running this mod. It’s really missing out on rf2 simulation at it’s best and I don’t think it’s ready for multi-class at all yet. Allow time for patching, at least.


    1. Actually, the HUD still looks fairly modular. I expect we will see HUD changes on PC pretty soon. The current time gap bar is annoying.


  18. Reader submissions are actually good stuff 90% of the time. It’s just reporting on anything that clueless loud cunt says is stupid.

    A guy that can’t drive can’t review a sim. Period. How can that shit channel grow in Youtube?


  19. All you cunty little fucks complaining & shit … wtf the fuck are you here in the first place? You do realize all your whiny little cunt soreness just makes him sit back and smile. He gets a rise out of you salty little fucks pissing your panties. Seriously, wtf are you all y’all here for? Just to get hot & bothered and complain? Then, you’re the mother fucking pansies here … cuz James owns your fucking asses. YOU is da bitch, mang. Fucking sad fucks. Go the fuck away and chill the mother fuck out, bitches.


  20. Another bullshit-article which shows that you guys have no clue about game development. No matter how finished a game was on one platform. Developing it for another platform with completely differen API will lead to pre-alpha, alpha, beta and gold like any other game in development.
    Also, claiming that you never liked BlackPatha unlike now that he has Assetto Corsa-material just to make another bashing-article with very low journalism-value is just lame.

    You should stop posting stuff by this Black patha-idiot.


    1. 18 month, AI still shit. Yep we need 6 degree in physics, engineering, programing, art, mathematics, journalism. To conclude the game is shit.


  21. You know, im probably one of the only people on the planet that is both too poor to build a decent tower to sim race, yet still actively follows the sim racing community, mainly to stay in touch with where things have gone since i last took part(2005ish with Nr2003) but also to stay in touch with where its heading. I console game, little cheaper, differant experience but one that has purchase overlap with my gf, who actively enjoys gaming as well.

    I fondly remember the days of d/l’ing schemes on Masgrafx and scouring the web for new tracks to dump in my folder and experience for the first time, running solo and scraping by with 30-40 (or less if it was the GTP and a high detail track) and loving how inclusive the community seemed. Lots of ppl wanting the same thing, acurate and fun sim racing experiences.

    Today though, the development environment has shifted, thanks in part to the pre-order obsession, micro-transaction revolution and apparent early access mis-uses. Now adays, gaming, of all sorts, aracade or sim, has suffered from the use base’s acceptance( to varrying degrees) of broken games. Look at games like SimCity and Battlefield for instance, major, high grossing releases that launched broken. Ppl loved the hype and signed on the dotted line months prior to release, guranteeing the publishers and developers revenue well in advance to the pony-up window of post release. We are to blame as much as they , the developers and publishers are for bending over and falling for the shpeil and hooplaw. Its sad that developers can get away with selling broken games, but sadder still, that we continue to vote louder in favor with out wallets than our common sense. Don’t swallow the hype, stop supporting bad and/broken content, and lets hold these status quo developers to it. If EA can be bent to the customers ear eventually, why can it not work on the sim side? Is the user base somehow more predisposed to bad decisions? I hope not….


    1. So say that people wouldn’t be pre-ordering and hyping those games like sim city and battlefield, at release it would still be the same.
      If people were getting hyped up for simcity/bf, is because the past games were good enough to justify the appeal in the next installment.
      Customers aren’t actually to blame for buying those bad games when they thought were gonna be good. Because they couldn’t know, so instead the dev company is misused their chance of getting a good game out and cashing in, as well as securing the reputation for a next game in the series. Now instead people will be reluctant for the next game in the series, now the dev company has to prove again towards customers their game is really good, so to build up the good reviews again and thus getting sales.


      1. The real problem is pre-ordering. There’s no reason to pre-order a game; it’s not like they’re going to run out of copies. Anyone who does that is just putting money in the developer’s and publisher’s pockets, leaving them with no reason to actually make a good product because the masses are dumb enough to pay for it before anyone has a chance to see if it’s any good. The customer is at fault for pre-ordering because they could have just done what intelligent people do and wait. But no, some people just have to have it the very second it’s released. I understand the desire for instant gratification but the consequences outweigh it I think.


      2. I disagree, I believe it has alot to do with how the market now works and I’ll explain why.

        If I’m selling a car, say, a Corvette, and you, as a Corvette fan (for the sake of the argument at hand) have been pining for one, they are “your” kind of car, and you are currently in the market for said type of vehicle, would you judge it to be wise to show up, sight unseen and drop the asking price down and sign the title prior to knowing anything about the condition of said vehicle simply because you REALLY REALLY want a Corvette and “know/hope” its as good as you’d dreamed? Would you let your exuberance for purchasing something you hope to be good overshadow not only common sense, but better judgment? Where, inside of the above buying mentality is the safety net? The assurance that not only the purchase is sound, but that the car did indeed live up to your expectations?

        Would a buyer like that NOT indicate to a seller a strong predisposition to buy?

        So at that point, would said seller/salesman still feel compelled to mention ALL of the vehicle’s current conditions/flaws? Or would he shut his mouth, scrib “as-is” on the title and cash the check?


  22. It really depends when the game is doing the pre-order. For example a week/month before release. If masses of people pre-order it in that time range, they aren’t really influencing bad games being developed. At that point in time the game is basically finished, they are just working at small bugs and issues.

    Even if no one pre-ordered sim city or battlefield, the game would have been the same at release as if everyone pre-ordered it. But it really depends, lets say masses pre-order a game half a year before release, then the story is another. Although in this day and age (on steam), you can refund games at max 2 hours played in 14 days. So you can simply wait for reviews and then decide how much you’re gonna play of it and then refund.


  23. What your not getting from what is being said is that, with pre-ordering, post release updating (largely in part to the emergence of internet console gaming) as well as fanboyism/trollism, we create a culture of acceptance around bad and/or broken games. If you were to look at the last 10 years in gaming, at-release quality has dropped in proportion to the acceptance of post release updating regimes. We accept the idea nowadays that we buy first and they finish later, but we are now at the line between the promise of a quality end result and the reality in front of us. If we voice our concerns and things don’t change, then the burden is really on us to vote with our wallets.


      1. Thats why its more important than ever to fiscally penalize companies and individuals that piss in the faces of they’re own consumer base. Customer satisfaction only means something if we, the consumer, don’t relagate our own argument as useless by saying one thing and doing another.

        I was gifted PCARS without knowing about Ian Bell. It wasnt until , funny enough, i found this site that I became aware of his antics and views of the people who purchased the game his studio developed. But, let me tell you, had I known then, what I know now, and had I known my gf was set to drop $70+ on that unfinished heap they’d have gotten none of that money. I refuse to support people/products/companies that fail to realize that WE are the market, and its not they’re place to pre-dictate to us what OUR expectations are. If the development cycle is too long for feature implimentation, maybe don’t promise gold and deliver brass. Of course, in a perfect world we would all vote with our brains and refuse to pay full price for partial mechandise but obviously we need help saving us from ourselves. Patronizing developers with fanboyism and trolling each other does little to help anything, and really only dilutes the entire situation.

        It really comes down to whether or not each of us is fine with being a consumer lemming or not. The longer we keep dumping money into those coffers, thinking things eventually “have” to get better, the more time we lose to the apparent new era in gaming, the “Broken” era. I refuse.


    1. I’d pin it more on ‘now’ culture; if you can play the game unfinished ‘now’, for a lot of people that beats waiting until it’s actually done.

      Some portion of games are self-funding by releasing tech previews (within the driving genre BeamNG, SpinTires, Assetto Corsa have had this) to convince people that they’re working on a worthy product. This lets them have a medium sized budget without a large studio guaranteeing the funding.

      Whether you want to buy in on it is still up to you, but if nobody does, they’re just not going to get made at all. It’s not really “if not for preorders, there would be more complete games” – it’s “if not for preorders, there would be less games period”.


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