Re-Discovering Race 07

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With all of the time I’ve invested into Stock Car Extreme over the past year or so, a racing simulation which can best be described as an improved version of rFactor, I’ve almost entirely forgotten about a near-identical game already residing in my steam library. And I shouldn’t have. Race 07 by The Artist Formerly Known as SimBin is just as good of an offering as what Reiza Studios or Sector 3 have currently brought to the table, and the base game is just five dollars. Using the trusty isiMotor engine which powers many different modern racing sims, it looks the same, feels the same, drives the same, and it’s a fraction of the cost. Using some extremely simple graphics tweaks, and taking ten minutes out of your day to re-configure your profile from the ground up, suddenly Race 07 doesn’t feel like it’s nearly a decade old. And unlike some newer titles, I’m not aimlessly browsing message boards shitposting the night away, waiting for a future update to implement functionalities that should have been there from the start. If I want to run a full race weekend in the rain at Monza – or even an entire Championship – I can.

Built as a follow-up to the highly successful one-two punch of GTR 2 and GT Legends, Race 07: The WTCC Game put the World Touring Car Championship in the spotlight, while offering a multitude of expansion packs to flesh out the list of content as the title grew older. The entire SimBin package on Steam currently retails for $45, including many DLC packs which serve to compliment the vanilla Race 07 car & track list with a hefty selection of additional licensed content. Despite a reliance on mostly fictional liveries, everything from modern GT cars to amateur open wheel cars are represented, with some interesting surprises in the form of street cars akin to what Assetto Corsa offers.

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Adding to the stellar list of official content in Race 07, are two extremely impressive mods I’ve found on the TrippTeam archives. A handful of diehard sim racers have taken the time to convert the entire selection of cars from both GT Legends and GTR 2 into Race 07, fleshing out what’s an already impressive title with the crop of vehicles from SimBin’s previous offerings. As GTR 2 and GT Legends clearly show their age when installed onto modern computers in 2016, it’s nice to have these cars available in a newer SimBin title, with very little lost in translation. Running laps at both Zolder and Road America in a multitude of different vintage GT entries, this is GT Legends as you remember it. The same can be said about the vehicles taken from GTR 2, as they feel much more at home in Race 07 than they do after we’d converted them to Stock Car Extreme.

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Are there any readers that still actively dive into Race 07? As sim racers discover newer titles like rFactor 2, Stock Car Extreme, Automobilista, and RaceRoom Racing Experience, often you’ll see older titles like Race 07 or GTR Evolution take a back seat – especially in league use. Even the guys at Realish Racing are preparing to migrate from Race 07 into Stock Car Extreme, but as I sit here running laps in SimBin’s older offering, I’m finding it really doesn’t feel as old as the title implies.


29 thoughts on “Re-Discovering Race 07

  1. you’re right, Race 07 definitely doesn’t feel 9 years old to me… which says more about today’s sims than it does about Race 07, I think.


    1. It actually says more about the platform software and hardware. In fact more about the software. Directx11 is a technology from 2008/09. Is too heavy compared to how the hardware is nowadays. Probably dx12 is the savior for devs about performance and quality increase in their games and for the users.


  2. Have you checked out the Power And Glory mod for GTR2 ? it’s basically fucking awesome if you like classic cars. Even if you don’t like classic cars it’s still good. You can run 24 hour races ( saving while in the pits ), with weather thanks to GTR2 and the physics of the cars is very believable.
    I actually owned two of the cars featured in PnG ( road versions of the RS Capri and Escort ) and they handle in the sim a lot like I remember them. Except my Capri didn’t have a Cosworth GAA, just a 160hp OHV V6…

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  3. There’s no competition for GTR2/GTL – Brickyard Legends Team cars, P&G3, EEC GT3 3.0, SuperGT from Team B. B., LMRT mods and many others really keep those two alive and well today

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  4. Nice article James good to remind people of how good these older games are.
    Funnily enough I ran a race using it last Monday. WTCC 2014 at Autódromo Termas de Río Hondo, AI was as good as latest games excepting rF2. I really don’t mind the graphics and the driving’s fine. Like the post above I think P & G on GTR2 is brilliant, its graphics are okay, I just tend to forget them once I’m driving. With some great mods like Super GT 500s and all the features one could wish for it seems a shame that so many people have abandoned it and Race07.
    By the way I do enjoy SCE it has spoiled me for any other games open wheelers.
    And yes I do own all the current titles but really only play R3E online.


    1. Because Race 07 and rF2 came out at the exact same time.
      Oh no, wait, they didn’t. LOL thought you had a point there, my mistake.


      1. Race 07 is a 9 year old game so i would expect it to be pretty much dead at this point, but instead it has more players online on a daily basis than rFactor 2 or GSCE hahahaha 😉


  5. I did buy it, but like GSC (formerly; since it’s in active dev. they did fix this) and other isi sims, configuring my DFGT to match the ingame wheel required a degree in steering-lock-ology, getting the buttons to work was impossible (RACE07 cannot read the DFGT’s downshift paddle for no obvious reason) and triple screens were out of the question so it came down to “which do I like more, an incomplete sim that doesn’t let me use my steering wheel and triple screens properly, or an incomplete sim that doesn’t let me race at night”. I picked the one where I can actually see the other drivers.


  6. I have it in my Steam library and what not i was the kid that used to play Gran Turismo quit playing Sim Racing for ten years plus and found SimBins port of Race07 on Xbox then sold it when i found out that Race07 was better. Long story short i have it and have been thinking of doing the R2P league for it.

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  7. Race 07 remains a solid introduction into PC sim racing and it’s still supported by Sector 3! Apart from the wheel range defaulting to 270 degrees, everything else is great from the FFB to the changeable weather and a great car and track roster. Then there are the mods! Many are dogshit however there quite a few that are sublime.

    If G2A do have the complete SimBin package for $20 (it’s also a Superstars Bundle quite often), any self respecting sim racer should buy it and experience one of the last complete sims.

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  8. Great sim, i put it in almost 400 hours over the last years. And every expansion worth the price, specially STCC ones with their awesome tracks.

    And yes, it has a lot of wonderful mods, rain (beautifully implemented), championships, decent AI…

    But what Race07 lacks is a great online, i mean netcode was really poor compared to Rfactor.


    1. I’ve put 500-600 hours into it. Wonderful! I still race it from time to time with a friend. While not perfect (even this one has some bugs) it is definitely a wonderful sim and has so much to offer.

      How about some random races with this one over at R2P?


  9. While losing patience and interest in iRacing fast, I’m thinking of trying Race07. Is there a decent NASCAR/oval mod by any chance? I don’t have the time to mess around searching for old links that no longer exist so some pointers in the right direction would be gratefully accepted.


  10. I stopped running Race07 (was my go-to sim for a good while) mainly due to the less than ideal netcode. Lots of disconcerting sideways movements and weird rotation, making close racing less than comfortable. The tracks are generally more angular and less accurate, too. Haven’t tried it since the subsequent update(s).

    I also recall the tire model allowed excessive pushing, though maybe I’m mistaken/ it has changed since then (~3-4 years).

    Also, either I’m missing out on major mod activity or forgetting a major feature, but there’s no debris pickup. I think that’s a pretty critical feature for simulating races accurately these days.

    I feel like rf2 covers most of the same bases and has a stronger core, though it less complete as a game than race07. rf2 is a more complete tool however. The Bathurst 12h mod is an awfully good package for racing action.

    That said, I think I’ve spotted some issues with the 3PA track. It seems like there’s fairly significant bump exaggeration in specific areas. Funnily enough, lap time comparisons still seem to work out okay, mainly because you can go on suicide attack without the penalty of death and really get comfortable with the limits.


  11. Didn’t do race07, but reinstalled my rfactor and loaded up historx mod after seeing this, far out its sublime and unsurpassed, just nothing like it in modern sims, just bloody gt3’s, boring, bring back the men making machines.


  12. As you say, us lot at Realish Racing used the game up until recently. We moved from forms to PC 2 years ago and Race 07 was the sim we chose. Cheap, full of content, able to run on a toaster. Over 1000 hours later, 5 seasons of racing in everything from the STCCs to Formula Masters and it’s been a right blast. Still worth a play every now and then.


  13. Bought GTR evolution when it first came out. Played it until the cd cracked. 4 or 5 years. Then I bought race07 on steam and all of its expansions packs. Bought GTL because someone said I gotta get it. Awesome fun. Then project cars came out. Put all others aside once wheel was configured properly. Bought all the expansions for that game in hopes that there would be a series to download instead of the crappy one car here and there business. It got really shit really fast. Started playing race 07 and GTR2 a year ago and haven’t seen nor care to play any others anymore. Oh and BTW I was a SCGT fan for years before GTR evolution. Race 07 and GTR2 are the best at their game, most complete race games out there.


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