Reader Submission #77 – The 2016 iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona


Yet another “World Tour” event on the Simulation has descended into chaos, with multiple server issues and software bugs plauging what is supposed to be one of the biggest online racing events of the entire year. Today’s Reader Submission comes from Anthony P., who has done a fantastic job chronicling the sequence leading to the sub-par experience iRacing users have dealt with today.


As has seemingly become the norm, another major iRacing event has resulted in major issues. A day before the event had even begun, iRacing members were debating the likeliness of the website having problems. As you can see from the poll, not many had faith in the site.


As was expected, iRacing went down for many users. This led to hundreds of drivers who had been practicing for weeks not being able to register for the race in the 30 minute window that was allotted. Threads began to flood the iRacing forums: 


iRacing finally addressed the community announcing that another race would start a few hours later, followed by the advice “join early”.


With that issue finally resolved, what else could go wrong? Well aside from the official race broadcast featuring a common bug that resulted in large swaths of the track being devoid of any lighting, the race was once again ruined for dozens of users due to other iRacing bugs.


The Corvette C7 Daytona Prototype is a relatively new addition to the iRacing lineup. Despite being on the service for over four months, bugs were never fixed with the cars damage model. A light tap to the car, which could result in minor cosmetic damage and change nothing about the cars handling or speed, would commonly give it a black flag. This forces the driver to pit in and take repairs within 3 laps or be disqualified from the race. As it happens, not only was this bug featured in the Daytona 24 but another bug that resulted in black flags not being cleared on repair/pit-in. This didn’t just set teams back a few laps but was outright kicking them out of the race. NASCAR Whelen Modified driver Dalton Baldwin took to the forums in anger.


iRacing were aware of the issues with the car, and announced that they wouldn’t be making any changes to the DP over a week before the race.


That has to be the end of all the bugs, right? Roughly 11 hours into the race, drivers were no longer able to join the race session in order to execute a driver swap.

As a few keen iRacers pointed out on the forums, this exact issue had existed 6 months prior during the iRacing 24 Hours of Spa.

This led to many drivers being unable to join the race until the issue was resolved and missing scheduled driver swaps. There is still no public post from iRacing addressing this issue. It’s currently 14 hours into the (originally scheduled) Daytona 24 race and things have seemingly calmed down. However to add insult to injury, one of iRacing’s newest features, dynamic tracks, don’t seem to be functioning properly as marbles aren’t forming on the track. 

When is enough going to be enough?

iRacingSim 2012-01-18 00-23-13-65

It will never be enough. You’ll be called a troll who deserves to be removed from the iRacing forums, and if the staff are bored enough to pursue this option, you’ll lose your forum posting rights indefinitely. iRacers who were once friendly to you will now claim you have an irrational vendetta against the iRacing developers, and label you mentally ill on a variety of message boards for daring to imply that the 2016 iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona was anything but a smashing success.

But in all seriousness, I know when I ran the 2.4 Hours of Daytona back in 2013, we had similar problems. I remember the servers went down right as the initial sessions kicked off, but not everybody lagged out, so some users were able to run in sessions with a total of four cars, reeling in massive iRating gains like you wouldn’t believe. As a result, the hastily scheduled alternative sessions screwed some people over, as they hadn’t planned to be at their computers waiting for iRacing to fix their shit all Saturday afternoon. A recurring theme that we regurgitate throughout iRacing articles on, these hiccups were somewhat acceptable in 2013, but three years later, it’s frustrating even as a bystander to see it all go horribly awry. You have these hardcore fanboys running around the various sim racing forums proclaiming the gospel of iRacing, only to see this so-called unparalleled online functionality come crumbling down at a critical moment.

It’s definitely cool to see them scheduling these massive events, but given their absolutely horrible track record when it comes to World Tour events, you’d think something would have been done about this by now.



27 thoughts on “Reader Submission #77 – The 2016 iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona

  1. Finally something that wasn’t incredibly biased and stupid.

    Might have been because there was a lack of aggression from the author, and more of a disappointed tone. Good stuff.


  2. It’s working fine now, but yeah, the initial signup issue (still….) and the mid race problem where they didn’t set the track for the next day preventing people not already in the server from joining as there was no track selected were just… ugh.

    Regarding the marbles thing, it’s because iRacing insists on having “auto-clean marbles: ON”, which basically makes them almost impossible to show up. Blame oval racing I guess… If you have that off, marbles show up plenty.


    1. There’s no full course yellows, how are they being cleaned?

      Also there’s apparently a cool ass bug with how the game tracks minimum driver participation threatening to DQ everyone tomorrow morning.


  3. iRacing is a broken mess with ridiculous setup exploits that has no simulation value. It’s a joke. iRacing is just a investment cult, weird promises become a warped reality in the minds of the people that have put so much effort and money into iRacing and they will defend it ruthlessly and against logic.


    1. Weird comment. 🙂 If I hated something, I would not use it for two years. As for me personal, the 8 years I have been using iRacing it has been the greatest value for money of any sim. As stated before.. There is so much choice these days. I am sure iRacists will find something else to like, and hate.


      1. 2 years cuz of that iRenting begging Plz come back 5usd promo.HAHAHA..but i decided last year it was not worth it..bye iR . i wont miss u.


  4. obviously they need to make it more expensive so they have more funding for better servers! iRacing is the best!!! I wish they would charge me even more for this shit!!!!!!


    1. no they need to get devs in that really know what they are doing,not just jack of all trades types,either that or the one pulling the strings need to go


  5. The meatball bug doesn’t just affect the DP, my BMW team was DQ’d for the same thing yesterday…fucking bullshit.

    Also the article didn’t mention the endless amounts of posts from people complaining about framerates/stutters leading up to the 24. I have a VERY good computer, can play all games maxed out at 80+ FPS, but during practice for the 24, my FPS were dropping into the 40s. I ended up having to reduce a bunch of settings to get solid FPS, but even then, I got the dreaded stutter that SO many people have this build. Luckily, I only experienced the stuttering in the 24, but a lot of people have been experiencing it everywhere.

    I’ve been on iRacing since 2012, and this is the absolute worst I’ve seen it. Literally half the time I log onto the website, some portion of it doesn’t work, or is so goddamn slow I move onto something else because I get tired of waiting. This, on top of the FPS/stuttering issue, the bugs, and now almost silent iRacing staff, has made me want to leave the service. The only reason I still log on is my sub is paid up through the end of this year. I refuse to buy any more content though, including the ERMAHGERD Nordschleife, which also has it’s own bugs/issues (4 minute loading times, stutters because iRacing doesn’t know what LOD’s are apparently).

    It’s kinda sad. iRacing is my favorite sim. Sure it has some quirky physics, and it’s expensive as fuck, but the convenience of the dedicated race times, a large user base and the matchmaking based off skill makes for a truly exhilarating experience. I can (well, could) hop on at any time on any day and find a race, a race that will be competitive, and that’s why myself and others like(d) iRacing.

    I can’t wait for the shit show coming in March when the DX11 build rolls out, along with the new UI. I should probably start stocking up on popcorn now.


  6. Damn, that does suck. To be fair, it’s only really means that iracing shouldn’t be used as a serious competitive platform until some things change, even if iracing runs the events.


  7. good article james,there was also a an issue that happened as soon as the clock turned 12;00.
    cant remember if it was drivers being kicked from the server or what.
    also dalton wrote an epic post titled the steady decline of iracing,there were numerous longstanding veterans venting there disgust at how things had gone.
    by the way the enitire thread got deleted not long after someone posted something along the lines of.
    iracing is ten years old or so now,the new build has made the code show its age,with 65% of n2003 code being ported to iracing,i wonder how much is still here causing problems.
    i have seen this quoted this 3x now and 3x the entire topic/thread has been erased.
    i have done 1 race in 6 weeks because of the huge fail the latest build is,there are many who cant even run a test session.
    i5 4690k 16gb ram evga gtx 970 ssc,and above cant run the sad case that is iracing,the code is written by monkeys end of.
    they are living off there marketing,drawing new customers in by adding new feature,which by the way either dont work of cripple the entire service,who in the right mind test something and fully knowing it will degrade the service still implement it.
    this is the start of the down fall of iracing,i have called it,they now only care about quantity not quality.
    oh and the fanboys,what said pathetic lives they must live,they quote stuff like what do you expect when the servers are trying to cope with 4000 people at once,iracing is by far the best in every category,no other game comes close,yet when i say wow,i have played war thunder for over a year now,and at any given time there are 35000 people on it,on weekends its over 50000,yet i have never seen it go down or degrade once.
    its pathetic.i for one will not pump anymore money into it unless theres big changes over there.
    love this site,great work guys.


  8. According to session statistics,, 2171 drivers took part in the Daytona 24H race. I can count, 13 quoted bitchings, and will give the benefit of the doubt that maybe 100 other posted something negative in the shown pages of the posts and actually drove in the race. I’m being super generous here, because the actual number of individuals complaining of issues is probably close to 30 in total. Let’s just round off to 100 though.

    If all of those complaints are legitimate (user didn’t do anything wrong), that would mean that 5.2% of all participants got screwed, or simply 94% of the participants had no complaints.

    I wonder why iRacing is still in business… maybe because it looks at numbers, not retarded speculation.


    1. You know if one person got screwed multiple other people got screwed with him because it’s a team endurance race, right retard?


    2. How many of 2171 finished the race within 5% of the leader? Should be easy to look up and would give a way better idea of how many people managed to complete the event.


    3. a member did the calculations yesterday and it came to just over 25% of all participants got fucked over by iracings glorious code


  9. Officially iracing are a bunch of useless, hopeless, spineless, dickless bunch of CUNTS!!

    When you cannot even make valid observations, in an innocuous way, about long ongoing issues with their shitty excuse for a game… and I won’t even give it the courtesy of calling it a simulator, it’s a broken piss poor excuse of a game…

    AND they edit, remove and CENSOR whole conversations on one of their YouTube videos… ??



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