To Ensure a Smooth Online Experience, Only European Residents Are Eligible

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In a few previous entries here on, we’ve taken a look at RaceRoom Racing Experience as a competitive online racing platform, and how the various bugs, glitches, and shortcomings may affect the results of the 2016 DTM Winter Cup in Sector 3’s newest racing simulator. Citing everything from basic online server stability issues, to hot lap challenge exploits that serve to undermine the credibility of the qualification process, the future of the competition is anything but optimistic as Elimination rounds are set to begin in a few short days for the sim racers who qualified for the lengthy knockout ladder.

The gameplay experience they have to look forward to leaves much to be desired, as the last online event I participated in using R3E was basically a complete disaster. To summarize, the guy starting in fourth lagged through the entire field and wrecked all of the leaders including myself as his car violently warped through the front of the pack. Upon things settling down, the DRS functionality in my car wasn’t available, as despite being less than a second behind the car directly in front of me, the race results routinely glitched on a per-lap basis and said I was 95 seconds behind the race leader, who was named as the driver currently residing in fifth place. It was pretty bad, but the racing itself was great once the server issues subsided. It just took a while.

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To rectify the situation regarding the overall online experience, Sector 3 have opted to not fix what’s wrong with the multiplayer aspect of RaceRoom Racing Experience, but instead disallow everyone except Europeans from competing in the Knockout rounds.


With 96 drivers advancing on to the second half of the competition, this causes some major problems. Two of the top ten drivers overall are effectively disqualified through no fault of their own, and a whole bunch more will be left out of the festivities as well when examining the overall leaderboard. With RaceRoom Racing Experience already lacking the sizable following found in other online racing sims such as iRacing or Assetto Corsa, intentionally leaving people out because you’re afraid your game will break is an absurd move, to say the least. Why not just fix the game? Is that too much to ask?


The 2015 DTM cars truthfully aren’t too bad in a competitive setting, and once the server is finished having an epileptic fit, the raw racing action can be pretty damn good among the people who haven’t lagged out, received a fatal lag shunt, or been subjected to scoring issues. To see a developer build a massive online competition in an effort to promote their game, only to give the boot to certain competitors in fear that the game simply won’t hold up, is all kinds of wrong.

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24 thoughts on “To Ensure a Smooth Online Experience, Only European Residents Are Eligible

  1. 😦
    Hopefully this is only temporary while they try to improve their netcode.

    They should be able to provide reasonable latency and consistency internationally.


  2. This is symptomatic of the problems facing Sector3. While they have little trouble keeping the production line of new content going apace, they lack (by their own admission) the resources to develop and fix the core product. As a long-time follower of R3E it’s a little frustrating to see a product with such a wealth of good content and potential being stunted by a ‘feature lite’ base game that has little to offer over-and-above the competition.

    Long story short: I wouldn’t put my hopes on an issue like this being rectified in a timely manner.

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  3. just wana say that they are currently fixing some of the problems. it just isn’t going to be instantaneous as they are quite big.

    saying “instead of fixing the problem” 1 implies there is only one problem and also implies they can fix it before the start of the next round.

    well its not great. i can completely understand why they did it and ill just play another game for a while until it is fixed to some degree.


    1. They are “fixing” for more than three years. What a joke. This is going to nowhere. But wait!!! There are a bunch of new content coming soon!


  4. haha finally, Europeans are always paying more and always get the short end of the stick. Not anymore, this is our rise, this is our time men, strike down the broken pricing systems which always make us pay more. For the land, for the people, for sim racing we cant lose.


    1. Booohooo, lucky your not in Ozzy or nz, take those issues and x by a 100, still we got hot women,hot beaches and shit hot weed, so can’t complain too much, in a way ozzy/NZ is teh ultimate combo of european and US culture with a unique pacific twist, keep ya DTM champs, we prefer racing v8 family sedans anywoo.

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    1. Some people reported him but the devs said that they have no indication or proof that he is cheating so they can’t do anything. Maybe he’s gone straight, but I don’t know, once a cheater always a cheater me thinks..


  5. Why not just fix the game? Is that too much to ask?

    I like your site here and some of it is amusing but I think you could be saying this about every game out there.When a multi million dollar game like Forza which is very stable has multiplayer issues why do you sim guys expect so much from much smaller software companies?

    At some stage you should come to the realization that all the racing games are so complex now that the glitches and faults are going to be part of the game.Even if some of these games generate bigger budgets and employ more people it is likely now with the proliferation of racing titles that there simply is not a large enough group of talented programmers.

    I am a console racer but I have been thinking about moving to a sim setup for racing.Your not very constructive criticism of all the sim titles on PCs makes me less likely to make that move.Are all the games really that bad?


    1. No sim racing game is actually bad. But if you want the game in a sim racing game, you won’t find what you find on forza or gran turismo, maybe not even on games like Grid. Sim racing game is all about driving and racing cars. To an extent, games like forza and gt are too. But here you practice a lot more with one car and some tracks. You don’t go from car to car. Here in sim racing all cars and tracks are available from the start, you don’t have to play the game to get access to that.

      For example a person can spend 1000 hours in a sim racing game and 10-100 in a game like Forza, or even Driveclub. And a person from console racing can spend 10-100 on a sim and 1000 on a forza or gran turismo. You can indeed enjoy all normal racing games and sim racing games. But here in the sims the driving experience is better with a wheel and pedals. It requires more knowledge about the car limitations and about how you can go off track or hit another car/walls for not driving properly. That’s when you push it of course, cause you can drive just fine in track day style without worrying.


  6. From the time of Race 07 the developers were fast to add cars and tracks but didn’t make changes to the core game. I didn’t expect the issue will be fixed.


  7. How does restricting this event to players in Europe mean the game is broken? It’s a policy intended to reduce the number of lag-related issues which can happen with the best net-code. Even iRacing is careful to ensure US players don’t race an EU servers where possible. It doesn’t mean the net code is broken, it just means they don’t have to have to deal with a bunch of incidents caused by racers with high ping


    1. Of course it can theoretically happen. Problem is, a little bit of comparative testing shows that RF2 can handle high latency and even packet drops much better than R3E. Same with rf1 and GSCE.


  8. Problem of European only for comps lies with Raceroom AG and not Sector 3!!

    The netcode needs to be improved however any decision to limit region comes from RaceRoom AG and not for any other reason.

    Article is a load of horsehit apart from the netcode needing work.

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